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General Discussions / Travel in Japan
« on: March 19, 2017, 10:44:58 AM »
In about 2 months we will be spending more than a week in japan. Actually first we will be in hong kong and will bet to tokyo from there. Then its three nights in tokyo then three nights in Kyoto before heading back to tokyo to return to HK.

So besides the usual suggestions for good parks and events, etc I have questions about getting around in Japan.

We are using narita airport. Is that airport hooked up to the main metro/subway line that services the whole city or is it seperate? If i buy a rail pass will it work on the metro as well as the high speed rail between cities?

I know zero japanese but my +1 is fluent in Chinese and can read some of japanese kanji. Will that and the prevalence of English be enough for us to get around?

The Helper Monkey / Selling PS4
« on: September 15, 2016, 11:24:37 AM »
Is there a way to sell a ps4 that has PT installed on it safely?

General Games / Life is Strange
« on: January 23, 2016, 01:43:31 AM »
Bought the disc version and I love it. Decent tropey kind of characters, good music, cool time travel, and good voice acting for the most part. The graphics are good because of the environment detail and lighting but wow some of the characters look bad up close. Its like Ken and Barbie face.

If you like Telltale like stuff its worth a look. Or Degrassi

It's that time again! Your Humble Horsemaster and good buddy has a digital copy of a movie to gift to a fellow RPGfanner.

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Oh holy night!

General Games / Detroit: The Game
« on: October 27, 2015, 03:01:57 PM »
Play as Kara and share in our story.

Trailer looks very promising. While I loved Heavy Rain I didn't play Beyond Two Souls. I'm sure a lot of people didn't because I heard that game was an embarrassment. (I will probably pick it up to play for giggles).

Video in the Kotaku link

General Discussions / Ways in which you save the world
« on: October 19, 2015, 01:20:51 PM »
If it's yellow I let it mellow
If it's brown I flush it down

General Games / Yoshi's Wooly World
« on: October 19, 2015, 01:15:56 PM »
I got this and it's so cute it hurts.  Just adorable cuteness cutting into your soul. It is a lot of fun, but I'm early on.

General Games / Grow Home
« on: September 15, 2015, 09:21:16 AM »
It's free for PS+ right now and it's a charming and fun game. It's short, so it'll be a good balance to all the huge games, and it is a simple concept. You control a little robot that lands on an island and has to propagate a giant plant up 2km to get back to the spaceship. You do this by hopping, then rocket packing, and then gliding around.

The graphics look like if PS1 era graphics were high res and colorful, super good looking there. It's a lot of fun to hop around and grow the plant out to remote floatin islands and explore. Plus the achievements are easy and fun.

The game also does give a dizzying sense of height that few games have provided.

It's fun! It's cute!

General Games / Axiom Verge
« on: April 22, 2015, 10:36:05 PM »
Color me surprised that there's no thread on this.

It's a metroid style game, and the art style certainly does not hide that. It's full of fun exploration, great music (crank the bass please), interesting weapons and great boss fights.

I'm about 3 or 4 bosses in and I'm taking my time going back over the map. As on par with the genre you get new abilities in various forms that allow access to previously unavailable areas.

It's not too hard but there are hard modes and a speed run mode for those people too. It's on PS4 but will be coming to Vita soon. Don't hold your breath for a PC or Xbone version.

General Discussions / Crazy Good Club Nintendo final hurrah deals
« on: February 02, 2015, 12:40:22 PM »
If you have any Club Nintendo Coin left here's what you can get.
Wii U Titles

Yoshi’s Island: Super Mario Advance 3 - Wii U (200 coins)
Super Punch-Out - Wii U (200 coins)
Golden Sun - Wii U (200 coins)
F-Zero - Wii U (200 coins)
F-Zero Maximum Velocity - Wii U (200 coins)
Ice Climber - Wii U (200 coins)
Volleyball - Wii U (200 coins)
Tennis - Wii U (200 coins)
Pinball - Wii U (200 coins)
NES Open Tournament Golf - Wii U (200 coins)
Ice Hockey - Wii U (200 coins)
Golf - Wii U (200 coins)
Clu Clu Land - Wii or Wii U (200 coins)
Baseball - Wii U (200 coins)
Wario’s Woods - Wii U (200 coins)
Urban Champion - Wii U (200 coins)
Dr. Mario - Wii U (200 coins)
Donkey Kong 3 - Wii U (200 coins)
Mario Bros. - Wii U (200 coins)
Super Mario Bros. - Wii U (200 coins)
Super Mario Bros. 2: The Lost Levels - Wii or Wii U (200 coins)
Super Mario Bros. 2 - Wii U (200 coins)
Super Mario Bros. 3 - Wii U (200 coins)
Super Mario World - Wii U (200 coins)
Yoshi - Wii U (200 coins)
Balloon Fight - Wii U (200 coins)
Kid Icarus - Wii U (200 coins)
Zelda II: The Adventure of Link - Wii U (200 coins)
Metroid - Wii U (200 coins)
Pilotwings - Wii U (200 coins)
Wrecking Crew - Wii U (200 coins)
Excitebike - Wii U (200 coins)
Donkey Kong Jr. - Wii (250 coins) or Wii U (200 coins)
Super Metroid - Wii U (200 coins)
Punch-Out!! - Wii U (200 coins)
EarthBound - Wii U (250 coins)
Dr. Luigi - Wii U (300 coins)
NES Remix - Wii U (300 coins)
The Wonderful 101 - Wii U (600 coins)
Wii Fit U - Wii U (600 coins)
Game & Wario - Wii U (600 coins)
Wii Party U - Wii U (850 coins)
Wii Titles

Zoda’s Revenge: StarTropics II - Wii (200 coins)
NES Play Action Football - Wii (200 coins)
Art Style: Cubello - Wii (200 coins)
Doc Louis’s Punch-Out - Wii (250 coins)
Mario Golf - Wii (250 coins)
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (250 coins)
Starfox 64 - Wii (250 coins)
F-Zero X - Wii (250 coins)
Super Mario 64 - Wii (250 coins)
Paper Mario - Wii (250 coins)
Mario Kart 64 - Wii (250 coins)
1080 Snowboarding - Wii (250 coins)
ThruSpace - Wii (250 coins)
Super Punch-Out - Wii (250 coins)
Pilotwings - Wii (250 coins)
Super Smash Bros. - Wii (250 coins)
Mario Tennis - Wii (250 coins)
Eco Shooter: Plant 350 - Wii (250 coins)
Snowpack Park - Wii (250 coins)
Excitebike: World Rally - Wii (250 coins)
Mario Party 2 - Wii (250 coins)
Super Mario Kart - Wii (250 coins)
The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask - Wii (250 coins)
Fluidity - Wii (250 coins)
3DS Titles

3D Classics: Twinbee - 3DS (150 coins)
Super Mario Land - 3DS (150 coins)
Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins - 3DS (150 coins)
Kersploosh - 3DS (150 coins)
Nintendo Baseball - 3DS (150 coins)
Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters - 3DS (150 coins)
Metroid II - 3DS (150 coins)
Tennis - 3DS (150 coins)
Golf - 3DS (150 coins)
Donkey Kong - 3DS (150 coins)
Mario’s Picross - 3DS (150 coins)
Radar Mission - 3DS (150 coins)
3D Classics: Xevious - 3DS (200 coins)
Ketzal’s Corridors - 3DS (200 coins)
Sparkle Snapshots 3D - 3DS (200 coins)
Looksley’s Line Up - 3DS (200 coins)
WarioLand II - 3DS (200 coins)
Punch-Out - 3DS (200 coins)
Mario Golf - 3DS (200 coins)
Donkey Kong 3 - 3DS (200 coins)
Brain Age Express: Arts & Letters - 3DS (200 coins)
The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening - 3DS (200 coins)
Sakura Samurai: Art of the Sword - 3DS (200 coins)
A Kappa’s Trail - 3DS (200 coins)
Tokyo Crash Mobs - 3DS (200 coins)
Brain Age Express: Math - 3DS (200 coins)
Donkey Kong Jr. - 3DS (200 coins)
Brain Age Express: Sudoku - 3DS (200 coins)
3D Classics: Urban Champion - 3DS (200 coins)
Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again - 3DS (200 coins)
Chibi-Robo: Photo Finder - 3DS (250 coins)
Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move - 3DS (250 coins)
Dillon’s Rolling Western - 3DS (250 coins)
HarmoKnight - 3DS (300 coins)
Fluidity: Spin Cycle - 3DS (300 coins)
Crosswords Plus - 3DS (600 coins)
Brain Age: Concentration Training - 3DS (600 coins)
Super Mario 3D Land - 3DS (600 coins)
New Super Mario Bros. 2 - 3DS (600 coins)
Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D - 3DS (600 coins)
Star Fox 64 3D - 3DS (700 coins)
Paper Mario: Sticker Star - 3DS (700 coins)
Kid Icarus: Uprising - 3DS (700 coins)

List courtesy of gameinformer

General Discussions / Home theater sound
« on: November 30, 2014, 01:26:25 PM »
So about 2 years ago I dropped some nice coin on a very nice 50" sony tv. Picture is fantastic and I love it. Problem is... speakers on TVs are passable but when I wanna crank music or movies/games it just doesn't cut it. I don't want to blow my windows out and I'm more interested in good range than blaring audio.

I see there's a lot of things like soundbars and such out there. In fact, my brother has a soundbar on his tv and I actually was fooled, I thought he had surround sound. The thing is his device was made specifically for his tv and in fact it fits right under the tv and snaps in place.

Does anyone have any exeperiece in home audio?

With the holiday sales I was gonna jump on something.

Anime, TV, and Movies / Movies that make you cry
« on: November 25, 2014, 10:23:07 PM »
Ok tough guys and ladies... time to admit at what big softies we all are. I'm a pretty emotional guy, quick to anger, quick to smile, and quick to bawl my eyes out at a movie.

For me, a few come to mind. First, Stand by Me. This movie holds up well, especially for males, I think. It's hard to explain, and even though I had a crew of friends when I was younger my true life friends didn't show up until I hit high school.

The part that kills me in Stand by Me is when he tells what happens to Chris.

The other movie is Braveheart. Yeah I know it's a ridiculous Gibson movie, but when his friends watch him die at the end ... shit I lose it. I've never seen the redheaded dude in any movie but I'm sure him and the Irish guy are bit players in a lot of UK productions. Anyway... the emotion on their faces hits home.

I teared up in Interstellar...

I'm sure there's a whole litany of movies but I can't recall them all right now. ...

Night and Fog probably.

What movies caused you to become an emotional heap of quivering and sobbing flesh?

Anime, TV, and Movies / Marvel Super-Thread
« on: October 29, 2014, 11:02:39 AM »
So they went nuts and announced 9 new movies yesterday to be release over the next few years.

Here's what we're getting in addition to the already announced Avengers 2: Ultron:

Avengers Infinity Wars parts 1 and 2
Cap'n America 3: Civil War
Thor 3
Guardians of the Galaxy 2
Captain Marvel
The Inhumans
Black Panther
Dr. Strange

The only one I'm not tickled by is Black Panther, because I don't know anything about the character. Would a guy running around in a cat suit be fun? mayhaps


General Games / Alien Isolation
« on: September 15, 2014, 08:56:33 AM »

General Games / Fibbage (made by the You Don't Know Jack people)
« on: August 29, 2014, 01:37:58 PM »
Played this game at a friend's house last night and it's a fantastic group game. It's simple as hell but brilliant. You download the game on the console (we played on xbox one) and each person uses their phone to go to a website. You join the game lobby through the phone, super easy.

So the game will ask a question and each player will have to type in a "lie" that's close to the answer. After everyone types in a lie everything shows up on screen and you vote for the one you think is the right answer. You get points for picking the right answer and points if people pick your lie.

It's fun, games last about 10 minutes and you're ready to go for another round right away. And alcohol makes things better, as usual.

Here's a screengrab of what usually happens

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