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Who'd have known right? The verdict is in, FFXI is actually a somewhat okay game now! You still need a lot of time if you want to play it though. Long gone are the days of SquareEnix's little experiment to see how far they can torture their non-japanese userbase (they have FF14 for that now). You can easily solo most of the missions even Chains of Pro-hardkore-straightedge-whatevermia. And there's even a built in windower for all your help website needs every microsecond of the way. Leveling jobs is -EASY-, making gil is -EASY- and most of all a lot of things in the game are easy to do now. You can actually solo if you want hell you can even solo hard things when you're at a high level of equal or greater level. The story for missions = decent. But because they were wasted in an mmo they're also borderline total shit.

Final Verdict.

The story would have been decent if it was reused in an offline game. 2/10 because it took the release of an even shittier game to bump this up from 1/10.

Single-Player RPGs / Giving Suikoden 5 a second chance
« on: February 12, 2012, 06:58:51 PM »
Years ago I clocked 30 some hours into this piece of turd and flung it aside with feelings of disgust and buyers remorse. Today I decided to try it again, I am a forgiving God so there would be time for a second evaluation.

The konami logo, title screen, options menu and naming your character menu were all fine and dandy. The game even let me disable voices how nice. Unfortunately it began with a cutscene. Rule of thumb, if I don't give a shit about your game how am I supposed to give a shit about your cutscene? What's this? Voices? I thought I disabled them! Voices in my cutscene and the prince making stupid faces! It's like 2006 all over again. Save me I pleaded with my playstation 2, please I beg of you. So with great haste I proceeded to mash the buttons on my controller in an attempt to skip the cutscene. Noooooo, I was stuck. Stuck listening to whatever the boring fuck was going on while my main character stood there with a dick up his ass making faces at me.

Final Review.

piece of shit/10

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