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Single-Player RPGs / Never played a CRPG before, Q&A
« on: January 13, 2017, 05:55:48 PM »
Pretty much as the title states, I've gamed on console for 25 years and never once touched a CRPG. I am going to take the plunge because I love trying new things but BEFORE I do that I'd like to foster some insight.

1. Likely starting with Baldurs Gate because it just seems appropriate. However, at my disposal I also have Neverwinter Nights 1 and 2, Icewind Dale 2, Baldurs Gate 2 and Planescape Torment. What I am looking for is something with character creation and some exploration freedoms as I'm not necessarily so concerned with B-Lining a narrative at the moment. Just sort of playing around and seeing what these ol' CRPG's were/are all about. So, if given that criteria you think BG is a poor first choice let me know your suggestion.

2. I literally have NO EXPERIENCE with these titles whatsoever. That includes no knowledge of the interface, et cetera... Are these games played stictly with a mouse? Mouse and keyboard? Or, on steam, should I/could I use a Steam Controller to make it "feel" more familiar?

3.  I pose the question "What is the greatest differences between console JRPGs and CRPGs I should be aware of diving in blind."

4. How complex is the likes of Baldurs Gate? That is, can I say pick up and play on weekends? Should I even consider trying them at present if I don't intend to dedicate myself to playing every day/ super consistently? Finally, can I just jump in with my console experience and intuitively "find my way around" or would it be worth reading about/learning how to play first.   

I thank everyone ahead of time for their input. I've poked and prodded about this subject here and there before and the whispers and nudges have finally turned into legit curiosity and ambition. Nothing more valuable in the realm of gaming journalism than what I discern from this community. 

Single-Player RPGs / Squeenix' best surprise EVER!! (Adv. of Mana)
« on: July 03, 2016, 05:01:51 AM »
Just saw the news article on the front page from earlier this week that detailed, without a word of warning, the Adventures of Mana PSVita Port localization.

This is huge for me.

I am presently playing Legend of Mana and I'd be lying if I didn't say the franchise was amongst my absolute favorites. I never thought we'd see the Vita incarnation of this Adv. remake in english unless some ambitious fans took it upon themselves to turn it into a "project".


Now that I've addressed that I want to complain in a first world fashion for a moment. Ok, here goes..

WHY THE DEVIL DID YOU DO THIS TO ME NOW SQUARE!!! YOOUUUU JUST HAAAAD TO WAIT TIL I CRIPPLED MY WALLET DURING THE SUMMER STEAM SALE AND LINED UP THE NEXT ODD 2 YEARS OF BACKLOGGERY FOR MYSELF TO DROP THIS BOMB DIDJA!??? Well I'll tell ya one thing, the excessive CAPS are warranted as the symphonic hype and overload I feel is emotionally compromising right now, FER REEEEEAAALZZZ! ----(ok I'm done, back on point)


So the this thread is to lament our wallets if you are in fact in the same boat as me, celebrate the release and of course provide any hands on experience anyone might have had with the port. I'm super curious to hear if this another Mana-dud or if we really got a sprinkle of Seiken-tastic magic here.

Hey folks!! So I'm new to the Steam deal (finally doing some PCgaming) and I was gifted "The Banner Saga". I already own it on PS4 and really want Final Fantasy 5 (North American copy) for Steam which is on sale now via the Square Enix website.

Thing is, my game (banner saga) is giftable and I know I can get horn-swaggled/screwed and I don't trust anyone on the internet outside of this community. As such I figured I would throw up a post here about it in case anyone was interested.

Mind you, this deal will work out in your favor financially (The Banner Saga is 19.99 and Final Fantasy 5 on sale now is 7.99).

PM me or reply and we can work out the details.

Gaming is a sacred element of my agenda. Our gaming environments and whatnot has been something we've touched upon briefly in this community before but I'm curious to explore the topic further.

From your habitat, to your preferential time to play, to any individualized rituals or habits you incorporate I'd love to hear how everyone else "games".

I think this is interesting nowadays because there are so many options and avenues. Between platforms, portability options and hardware I imagine one individuals time spent gaming could be vastly different than the next's.

Naturally, I'll start.

ENVIRONMENT- I prefer it dark, with my television backlit and ash tray comfortably accessible (I chain smoke like a loser) sitting far closer to a large screen than any optometrist would recommend.

TIMING - I am NOT a morning dude. When I wake I will occasionally get a brief session in because I can't animate for the day ahead yet but I prefer to game late after the days work has ended. I am very active individual who travels on foot anywhere from 6-15 miles a day on top other laughable ways I abuse my physical self and NOTHING feels better to me then finally sitting after that with a controller in my hands.

COUCH CO-OP or CO-OP in general is not for me -- Never been a fan, tried some online multiplayer over the course of the last year or two and ultimately know, with certainty, I'm a single player Ninja through and through. Friends/acquaintances who game have been offended by this.

INEBRIATION -- This might be a weird one, but I never liked gaming under the influence of anything even 10 years ago when I was highly addicted and drug-addled. Anything that compromises my ability to recall my game-time pisses me off. This point can go on to include that I turn off my phone when I game and lock my doors to minimize distraction. ANECDOTE I think this point seriously was an important element in me giving up chemicals many moons ago. I filled my time with gaming I wanted to catch up on and it quickly became a part of my adult life that, dare I say, replaced drugs for me.

REFRESHMENTS -- No food or beverage while I game. It is another distracting element to me. I do however chew the hell out of nicotine gum while I chain smoke and find it vastly increases my ability to focus.

NO HANDHELDS-- Always hated em. Obviously their intended use doesn't jive with some of the aforementioned points I've made about my preferences. Nuf' said.

PERIPHERALS, HEADSETS and BELLS AND WHISTLES -- Good sound is a must for me, however I get it (headsets or speakers). My preferential controller for all things is the Dual Shock 4, which makes the best PC gaming pad I've ever used (love that I can use the touch pad as a my mouse). I can't stand motion controls or really anything extra that a standard controller.

Think that about cover it. Looking forward to get some insight into how others enjoy their game-time. :)

General Discussions / Gaming hobby hygiene and community (discussion)
« on: April 18, 2016, 10:34:30 AM »
I've been gaming, much like most here, for A LOOONG TIME. I also, much like most (I imagine), get excited to discuss and pour over news and the games that interest me.

But sadly I've come to the conclusion that modern gaming communities online, most journalism regarding the new and upcoming games and basically anything I browse is starting to detract from my enjoyment of this hobby. The problem isn't the current state of affairs per se', the problem is me and what I percieve as both spoiling and a "spoiler".

To be more concise. This is the only corner of the net I feel I can safely discuss my hobby. I can't go anywhere else without one of the following things happening.

1. Coverage of new games contains what I consider spoilers. That is, even before the games come out I end up knowing WAY more about them then I want to. This info can't be dodged either as it is strewn throughout even the most common articles.

2. Too many new games that excite me come out with greater frequency nowadays. It is a FINE TIME to be a gamer, but also hella easy to be distracted by the offerings. Its difficult to be barely out of the gate with a new title you love before seeing the next 2-3 enticing offerings ready to be released. This totally undermines immersion for me. That is, immersion is rather dependent on my ability to fall in love with and get wrapped up in the fiction I am PRESENTLY EXCITED ABOUT. Lets call this point being "a victim of over-stimulation" to be more accurate.

3. Somehow, staying current with gaming trends, news, articles, communities (aside from this one) yields more unhealthy stress and pressure that is fallaciously woven into my hobby. This has always been fun. That is why I do it. It has always been inspiring. The more I read, the less I play and more I feel it becomes about finishing a title to simply start the next.

4. (Very minor gripe) The negativity and nay-saying bums me out a bit. I can't understand for the life of me why it seems like so many people who game have nothing but complaints about their games.

5. Direct correlation here. The more I read about gaming, the less I play games.

This all once again is entirely subjective. Please don't crucify me for it. And thus, bringing me to the final point and summary.

CONCLUSION: RPGFan is the only place I feel safe with my hobby anymore. In the years that have passed, the best experiences I have had, with zero detraction or distraction have been as result of discussion within this community. Upon analysis I can't honestly say why this is. Objectively speaking, it obviously has to do with people who comprise this community so I suppose I want to give praise for the collective efforts here to keep the fictions inspiring and magical. Additionally I want to pose the question to said community, does anyone else feel exclusively loyal and safe here aside from me?

And lastly (the summary) I must express a newly crafted point of view that being exclusive to this community, swearing off the latest articles, focusing on just what is going on in my own back-loggery is what I am now terming good "gaming hygiene". To expand, good-bye to reddit, siliconera, gamefaqs, the many wiki's, youtube channels, lets plays, kotaku articles, and FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY (and my wallet) e-mail alerts on sales and discounts. I never thought intentionally turning a blind eye to large volume of that which has to do with this hobby may in fact prove healthy for it but that is precisely how I'm starting to feel.

Why I am stating all this? Has Klyde gone mad? Perhaps I have. Truth be told, this is just simply something I never really thought on before and felt like sharing.

EDIT: It is my hope that my philosophizing here spawns some talk on what all of you believe to be good gaming hygiene as well.

(Generic Example) (I always finish two games before I buy 1 new one)

So I'd love to hear a bit of focused talk on this, most precisely.

General Discussions / The "I WANT TO LOVE YOU BUT I HATE YOU" Thread
« on: February 22, 2016, 12:06:04 AM »
I recently saw the DLC/Season Pass pricing fiasco with Fallout 4 and was about to jump on it before the cost increased. I figured I'd better **MAKE SURE** I wanted to play the game since I already dropped it once.  This led me to one of the worst scenario's I encounter with some media (and the point of this thread).

In short, I wanna love Fallout 4 BUT I FREAKIN' HATE IT!! The game doesn't respect my time AT ALL. Everything takes forever in a day to do. In the time I could manage a somewhat rewarding play session with another title, I've MAYBE managed my inventory and reached the threshold of frustration here.

FO4 is a superb game (clearly) but in no way does it prove enjoyable for me personally. This bums me out because I love the idea of it. I want to be enthralled with the time I spend playing it, immersed in my wasteland exploits and not completely frustrated.

So onto the whole point of the post....

What games/movie/media do you WISH you could love, or like the idea of, that become a complete let-down when you actually try to experience them? Here a few of mine real quick.

FALLOUT 4/ (See above)

FINAL FANTASY XIII/ Not only did following the plot jar me, but XIII-2 proved causation for the only case of severe motion sickness I've ever experienced.

D-GRAY MAN (anime)/ Seemed to really be something I would be into. Or at least something I could have been really into 15 years ago. I burned myself out on anime and wish I discovered this series long before that happened.

DISCWORLD (Terry Pratchet Novels)/ What I know of the Disc and Pratchett's writing I loved. But I tried too many times to indulge this media at the worst junctures of my life and just find the thought of it too bitter by association to really enjoy.

SUBTITLES (general)/ I have always been hard pressed to enjoy any movie/show with subtitles. I tend to be a hardcore multi-task sort of dude when it comes to tv watching and movies and you sort of have to pay attention to the screen for subs to be effective. This character flaw of mine has really barred me from seeing and indulging quite a few things that looked otherwise enticing.

Mmmmmkay thats my list to get her rolling. Curious to hear what you guys wanna love but can't.

Anime, TV, and Movies / Rocky and Bullwinkle / Fractured Fairy Tales
« on: February 13, 2016, 11:36:56 AM »
As someone who never really had typical exposure in terms of cartoons, I just discovered Rocky and Bullwinkle.

This is brief and to the point. I need express mondo appreciation for the "Fractured Fairy Tales" segment of the cartoon.

Also worth noting that I am NOT a ninja who generally likes anything comedic but for some reason these things have me rolling.

A quick youtube search yields  a few fractured playlists for anyone wondering what I am talking about.

So I just finished Mass Effect 3, bringing the trilogy to a close for me. It was, by every measure immaculate. I am not here so speak specifically on ME however. More importantly, it was the type of experience I had with the trilogy I want to touch upon.

Start to finish the game bated me into caring about a world and cast in a way I'd totally forgotten about. I became so immersed in the experience that, over time, the Mass Effect reality became a frontier I eagerly awaited to explore each day. Waking up the last few months began a charade of "life agenda stuff" I needed to wade through to get to what mattered, which was slipping in Shep's shoes for the evening and working toward saving the universe. This truly began to resemble what it felt like counting down the ringing of the bells in school because it soon meant I could hop of the bus and get to defeating evil empires, dragon transformations, finding orbs to upgrade my equipment with good ol' watts and saving princesses.

That frontier, that sense of discovery in games, is something I lost touch with over time. I'm not saying I stopped enjoying games at any point, but they became "games" and something less relevant and magical the older I got.

This level of love and passion for my pass- time and hobby is a source of strength and inspiration for me. It is relevant because it enables me to try harder in real life. It enables me to translate the care I had for uniting the galaxy to defeat the reapers into more of my (less stimulating) daily life activities.

This type of inspiration is rare and while I speak with a lofty tongue I don't feel like I am exaggerating one bit with anything I've expressed here. By the same token not every gaming experience need be, nor should it be, a quasi enlightening spiritual experience (ok now I am exaggerating a little...). I am however curious as to which titles have had the largest impact on you guys emotionally or otherwise.

TL DRSo if anyone would care to share, I'd love to hear discussion and personal anecdote about what single player RPG's have become your own personal "zenith peak" in terms of immersion.

General Games / Rocket League
« on: July 17, 2015, 06:06:23 PM »
I was afraid to try Rocket League (free on the PS4 for plus members this month) after reading about it causing fan/heating issues but massive internet hype swayed me.

To begin, I suck at this game. I suck so bad, you'd swear I practiced being bad at this.

Cool thing is, game is still a blast to play that really respects my time. This week I had zero disposable hours and found the 10-20 minutes (literally) I got to turn this puppy on each day to be very rewarding. I get some random "Mega Man man soccer" nostalgia while playing this for some odd reason which is a bonus. (NOTE: THIS GAME IS NOTHING LIKE MEGA MAN SOCCER, SAVE THE INCORPORATION OF A BALL REALLY)

The support of this product by the devs, making it free, giving out free DLC as an apology for server issues, and just clearly being dedicated to their creation shows here. This is, without a doubt, a cut above for an indie title.


+Cars (no personal interest) + soccer (rather play in real life)= Pretty darn fun and enticing.
+ My ps4 did not blow up
+ Gorgeous Stadiums and Soundtrack
+ Every match is rewarding by way of cosmetic unlocks.
+ excellent "cart racy" feeling gameplay (tight, intuitive)
+ feels freakin' awesome to hit the ball, the impact physics "feel" substantial
+ time well spent, be it 5 minutes or an hour


- I hardcore suck at this so bad I won't even play online yet. Clearly this game takes time to get decent at.
- Would have appreciated a little more cosmetic control of my car such as in mod nation racers. Forgivable though.

So anyone else giving this car/soccer hybrid a spin?

General Discussions / Game Changers: The accessories that matter
« on: June 19, 2015, 03:49:18 PM »
I have had a really evolving experience recently. A hardware I am shamed to admit I have been completely ignorant to in the past has proven, in recent weeks, to be a cornerstone of immersion I cannot game without.

I speak of high quality gaming audio and headsets folks.

I always thought the notion of playing games whilst looking like I was a ground to air navigation technician with those crazy headsets was silly. Not just silly, but completely unnecessary and over the top unless your big into multi-player and chat.

I stand corrected now as I could NOT have been more wrong. 7.1 surround (even if virtual and not legitimate) by way of the Sony Gold headset has made the experience of playing a completely different animal for me. The biggest perk is how it helps enhance the escapism/immersion of the whole experience of gaming in ways I can't appropriately describe or even comprehend.

And so I ask the community now, what hardware has proven a "game changer" for you folks? With so many awesome accessories available to enhance your gaming experience available today, I am curious to hear what other people have found appreciation for. From chairs, to controllers, be them wireless or otherwise, lets discuss!

General Games / Xenoverse, DBZ game or something more?
« on: February 21, 2015, 03:15:21 PM »
So Dragonball Z Xenoverse drops this week. Now, we all know DBZ games are not games. They historically have proven themselves in recent years to be utter trash disguised as games because anything with Saiyans in it moves copies regardless.

I hang my head in a bit of shame to admit that I think Xenoverse may completely and utterly kick ass. I played the beta simply because I got an invite to it without ever even having applied, so I can at least sign off on the gameplay. That alone is enough to coax me into trying it as it felt nothing like a fighting game at all really. Super easy to grasp, no crazy break-my-controller type of stuff. Actually felt like a hair more complex than your typical beat em up but not by much.

This is all beside the point though. The reason I am posting is because I have a hunch this isn't gonna be a DBZ game at all. No folks, I actually think this is gonna be "Create a character-fighter/RPG-lite". And yes, while I just created that genre/title off the top of my head it really looks like it may be accurate. As a fan of Akira Toriyama's charmingly ugly artwork, which has captivated me since I was a kid, I can't help but be stoked.

Now watch me look like a fool in few days when the game turns out terrible! LOL

Really though, I'm intrigued with this one.

The Bazaar / PSPGO with PR Warranty at Gamestop til 2016 and more!
« on: January 24, 2015, 03:00:57 AM »
Hey hey hey folks. Looking to move my piano black PSPGo here. I am selling it based on the fact that I don't need it. I bought two, don't use either any longer (don't laugh at me!!)

CONDITION/ Like NEW. I set her up and that was about it. I will go over the details via PM to interested parties, but the thing still has the original plastic of the screen even. In other words, hardly touched.

WARRANTY/ Yes that is correct. This PSPGo comes with a no questions asked product replacement plan via Gamestop. I bought the two year warranty which is still good for another year and will provide the receipt (pictured below) as evidence though you should not need it if ever you do in fact need to replace it. I don't know if the warranty works at Gamestop outside of US as this was purchased in Pennsyl'tucky, the armpit of America.

EXTRAS/ Comes with-CHARGE CABLE-AUDIO VIDEO OUT (for TV play) CABLE- CHARGE CRADLE (for hands free set up to utilize a dualshock 3 controller via bluetooth capabilities)

SUPER SECRET OPTIONAL BONUS FOR TRUSTED COMMUNITIES MEMBERS ONLY/ Yes folks, there is more to this package. However, the "more" is ONLY available to trusted members of the RPGFAN community. I will NOT discuss this in this thread. I will however go over everything with interested buyers so long as they are in fact trusted community members via PM'ing.

Total price is 50 US Dollars for the package plus 12 for shipping. That is, 62 US dollars total. I will ship out 1-2 days upon payment. Paypal only please (in the interest of instant and simple).

Don't hesitate to inquire. I will not be waiting long to sell this elsewhere at a higher price but I've had smooth, simple and good transaction history here with the community. This is far easier than e-bay for me, and I sort of really want to use the bucks toward bills at the end of the month.

Single-Player RPGs / Citizens of Earth
« on: January 15, 2015, 09:44:20 PM »
Anyone else looking forward to the Earth-boundish release of this next week? I have hardly heard a peep about it.

A minor buzz over the last few days at some preview stuff dropped by atlus and the surprisingly low release price reveal but still it sort of shocks me there isn't more expressed interest.

The idea of a proclaimed "comedy" RPG is a bit off putting for me, but after seeing a bit previewed and feeling as though this is more a direct love-letter to Earthbound before a mere "influenced by" offering has me enticed. I am probably gonna grab this immediately when I finish something else if not day 1.

^^That is the link for the sale price but I can't help but think there are some typo's amuk in that article. Regardless the PS Plus price listed at 11.99 makes this all the more tempting for me.

The only problem is it comes out sort of head to head with Grim Fandago and thus creates a split decision for me as to what to get to first. While I admit to knowing nothing at all about Grim, the names and publishers involved make me pretty interested in that as well.

General Games / Approaching DLC. Advice/Help please.
« on: January 12, 2015, 09:48:28 PM »
This is specifically about Shadow of Mordor for me ATM, but is a problem that seems to rise in just about every game I play with substantial DLC content so I'm posing the question generally.

How the hell do I know when to download and engage DLC levels. Is there some general standard? Do I just guess? Will they only open at the appropriate point whilst playing through the title so I'll know when its OK to engage them? I never know. Checking the internet for answers only yields spoilers.

This is the biggest problem I have with the "age of DLC" and it really compromised my ability to enjoy the additional content of Borderlands 2. So how do you guys approach a game like Shadow of Mordor with like a half dozen DLC levels available for purchase without any indication as to which to buy first, what order to play them or when. I know this answer is going to be more or less on a game by game basis, but with the problem being a general one I'm just sort of curious how you guys go about addressing it.

(CASE AND POINT/ THE PROBLEM) Borderlands 2 DLC gives no indication of when to tackle them, save the level of the enemies which is ENTIRELY misleading. Some additional content would lead you to believe you should tackle them mid-game but contain big end game narrative spoilers. This has left me with a DLC-phobia. Help.

General Discussions / Obligatory 2014 Thread: Your Year
« on: December 21, 2014, 07:43:48 AM »
Alrightee, so we had one of these last year and I liked it.

Cutting right the chase, the format.

1. IT IS MY CONSOLE AND I WILL PLAY WHAT I WANT TO! (Personal "GOTY" even if it didn't come out this year)

2. PERSONAL GOTY (that actually came out this year)

3. BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT (we all make mistakes right?)

And so without further adieu, here is mine.

1. This was the toughest category for me for sure. I played a whole lot of "awesome" this year. In fact the discovery of FPS love made Borderlands 2 a contender. If you told me last year I'd ever consider Borderlands 2 as my personal "GOTY" I'd have laughed.

But here at the end of the year something a wee bit more classical blew everything else out of the water for me. Lost Odyssey totally wowed me in just about every way but ultimately it was the writing that sealed the deal. Everything that was wrong with Lost Odyssey was a complete after-thought to me in wake of the writing, soundtrack, dungeons and level of difficulty the game presented. This title was, without a doubt, not just my personal "GOTY" but easily within my top 5 ever right up with Chrono Trigger and FF6.

Honorable Mentions: Shadow Hearts, Tales of Xillia 2, Diablo 3, Borderlands 2, Child of Light

2. Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls educated me. It taught me about the value of loot, how good it feels to kill demons and also that I can really fall in love with a western RPG. I am playing this now and I CANNOT stop. It has yielded the longest play sessions I have managed it my adult game life. Anything that can compel to play upward of around 15 hours within 2-3 days deserves this spot.

Honorable Mentions: Tales of Xillia 2, Child of Light

3. My biggest disappointment has to be Atelier Escha and Logy. While it nailed compulsive crafting gameplay, it left me pretty bored in every other respect. What makes it the big let-down of the year though was the eluding to a greater differential in gameplay with the selection of Logy as the MC, that proved to be a TOTAL LIE!! Adding insult to injury was the fact that I really felt most the whole experience was a step down from last years Ayesha.

I am not saying Escha and Logy was bad. In fact it certainly wasn't the worst thing I played this year by any measure. However I think I had my expectations raised a bit too much for this one.

That is it for me folks. Your turn.

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