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I recently won a bundle of five videogames on ebay of which the main items were Tales of Destiny and Radiata Stories. Anyway, I ended up with Final Fantasy XI Online Treasures of Ahi Urhgan for PS2. From what I've read, it sounds like it's an expansion pack and that I would need the main FFXI disc in order to play it, but I also don't have PS2 internet connection and I question how many FFXI players would still be playing FFXI on the PS2 for me to interact with. So my question is: what else would I need to buy in order to play this Final Fantasy XI Online Treasures of Ahi Urhgan for PS2?

Thank you.

RPGFan: Forums / How Friendly is this Place?
« on: July 21, 2011, 08:51:39 AM »
What I mean is, it sounds like some rules are strictly enforced and that sounds great (like the spam, unmarked spoilers, and illegal activity rules), but I think the most important rules have to do with being nice to each other and the posts about rules barely mention (but do in fact mention) no flaming. I guess the best way to pose the question is, which of the following sample posts would be met with effective-enough discipline to stop such behavior...

(after someone asked for help in winning a game)
"Only and idiot wouldn't realize... [proceeds to explain something in a game]."

(during a disagreement between two people)
"[after making a counter-argument]... You couldn't be more wrong. I mean, seriously, you're making a fool of yourself."

(after someone asks for feedback on an indie game/script/etc. they're working on)
"It's awful. You should just give up... [does not proceed to give any detailed/helpful feedback]."

Basically, do any of the terribly mean yet subtle things that go unmodded on gamefaqs and, IMO, make the gamefaqs forums a terrible place, go unmodded here?

Thank you.

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