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Single-Player RPGs / I'd like some recommendation
« on: January 13, 2012, 01:18:39 PM »
Hello! I'm new here, so i'll make a quick presentation before asking my question. Im a man, 20, live in Canada and obviously like RPGs a lot!

Recently, I decided to get back into RPGs (especially old school JRPGs) because I find newer games too short and too easy, thus making them boring. So basically id just like some new ideas and suggestion from this commnuity.

To give you an idea of what I like and to make sure you dont suggest me a game ive already done, ill list every rpg that ive done so far on every console and a quick review on it. (well, ill probably forget some but you get the point). I currently own a PS1, DS XL, Gamecube and Xbox 360.

PS1 :

Wild Arms 2
Chrono Cross

When I had this console, I was too young to fully understand RPGs so I played these one but never finished them, they are all on my "To Do" list

DS :

FFIV : I loved this remake from start to finish! I like challenging game and that one was something toward the end!
Golden Sun 3 : I liked every game of this series, although a bit too easy.
Chrono Trigger : Im currently on that one, pretty good so far although a bit too easy
FFTA 2 : Im on hard mode and still too easy, but only 8hours in so maybe thats why.

To do : Dragon Quest IX

Game Cube :

Tales Of Symphonia : Loved it! The dialogue were funny and the combat were addicting.
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles : That game was soo bad honestly..


Lost Odyssey : One of my favorite RPGs on this console, loved the story and old school battle system
Tales of Vesperia : Not as good as ToS but still a great game
Enchanted Arms : Not bad, but not so good either. I liked the strategic battle system but the frequency of combat was way too high
Oblivion : 150 hours of game time, do I need to say more?
Skyrim : 80 hours in so far
FF XIII : I liked the story, graphics were awesome, but I wasnt a fan of the battle system. Id say a decent game.
Dungeon Siege III : Cool action-rpg but way too short (12 hours to finish a "rpg" wtf?)
Dragon Age : I loved the first one but the sequel was awful.
Fallout 3 & NV
Star Ocean TLH : Horrible
Infinite Undiscovery : Horrible
Eternal Sonata : I only played 4-5 hours and didnt really get into the game.
Mass Effect : Decent games, but I think a bit overrated.

TL;DR : I like challenging RPGs, awesome soundtrack is a must, need at least a decent story, strategic turn-based combat system or fluid action real time is ok. Graphics isnt a must, if the art design is great even on a 16bit technology (like Chrono Trigger) I dont mind.

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