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Single-Player RPGs / Will any trails games be on NA ps4?
« on: April 24, 2018, 01:25:59 AM »
Topic? any of them coming out for ps4 NA

Keep this spoiler free please

also a warning. I have a P3 spoiler in last paragraph

I posted a topic like this on Gfaqs, Their responses were all top notch and very helpful. I just wanted the users take on here. Maybe some of you already posted in that topic as well :P

I wanted to know about the pace of the story in terms of flow wrt Persona 4. With 3, I really enjoyed the plot and all the aspects and its uniqueness. But I felt that the simming really dried up the story along with the full moon once a month. Felt there was not enough story interaction between the full moons unless we went on trips and other activities.

I am going to get P4 this summer regardless but wanted to know if they did a better job with tying the story in with the flow of the game.  I was really intrigued with the story since its about a murder mystery(P2 had an awesome story but really shitty gameplay) however I read that its not its strong suit and the murder investigation takes a back seat for most of the game.

Thanks for the responses.  I need to make sure I stay away from other P4 discussion as I would hate to know who the culprit is. I already read some saying it could be kenji and since (spoilers**************************one of the bad guys in P3 was the head of chair guy*****************end spoilers My mind is going to be spinning.

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