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Single-Player RPGs / New Sakaguchi RPG teased for Xbox One
« on: February 22, 2014, 12:58:42 PM »
UPDATE: False alarm -

I still don't have an Xbox 360 but Lost odyssey looks very appealing to me, it's one of the reasons I will even bother to get one at this point(alongisde Tales of Vesperia, Witcher 2(my pc cant handle it at a stable framerate, xbox 360 is locked 30 even if with lower visual fidelity.) and some other multiplats like Bayonetta).

Discuss away, is the possibility of something like this appealing to you guys? I had zero interest on the Xbox one, now I have close to zero interest.

Edit: June 10th, the day of Microsoft's E3 Press Conference is a Tuesday, that's why that tweet is somewhat significant.

First of all I want to echo my feelings on the subject:

Onto the actual news now.


"First, I appreciate from the bottom of my heart to the users who played 999 or VLR. Thank you very much! I have received the messages of encouragement or cheer from many users so far. I am really glad and happy. I offer my deepest thanks!

Well... I guess you have been curious about ZE3.

In conclusion, unfortunately, I have to say that it is difficult to realize it "at this stage" yet, although we have done all we can. If possible, I'd not like to inform you of the news like this. But I decided to reveal it honestly. A lot of budget is needed to make ZE series. We have to persuade the managers in order to obtain it. The managers know that ZE series is especially valued by many users outside Japan. Some of them think that they want to make a sequel just as we wish. But, "in Japan", 999 and VLR are in the red. They are not selling more than people think.

I'm so sad, but all the companies exist for profit-making purposes. If the profits can't be expected, naturally, the project isn't approved. We were not able to present a convincing reasonable basis to the managers. Of course, I can declare with confidence, "The next title will certainly get into the black!" However, it's not considered that the word have credibility. It does not become the cause of green light.

I am very sorry to all the users who are expecting ZE3. I feel ashamed of my own inadequacies. BUT! please remember. I wrote "at this stage". If the situation changes, ZE3 might be capable of being realized! I still haven't given up. For example, if the title which I make next bring about a good result, the wind might shift to another direction. Or, if someone with executive ability (financer, producer, publisher or millionaire!) propose the investment, everything could go well. If there is an great investor who thinks "Virtue is its own reward", I wish him/her to send me a message. If you know such a wonderful person, please induce him/her to cooperate. By using Facebook, you can send a direct message to me (Although we also examined crowd-funding like Kick Starter, we figured the idea is not quite persuasive enough...) I believe there is still hope. ZE3 will definitely be released somehow, someday! I will continue to seek a way out in cooperation with Allies. So, I would appreciate it if you could wait until then. Thank you!"

General Discussions / The PS Vita is Awesome!
« on: January 02, 2014, 11:59:55 AM »
Alright guys, now that  I have been a Vita Owner for about 2 months I feel like sharing my experiences with this wonderful handheld. At this point I think it's a must buy for any gamer. I have been playing the vita non stop ever since I got it.

Awesome things about the vita:

- Backwards Compatibility with many standout titles from the PSP/PS1 if you missed them, Ps Vita is the best way to go back and play them.

- The Screen is a joy, it's probably the best display Ive had the chance to experience.

- PS Plus offers big titles every month for free and if you are a broke University student, this is absolutely perfect.

- The library is starting to come together with some standout exclusives and definitive versions of other games.

- The user experience is fast and smooth with a very effecient  OS and browser navigation(Especially useful to look up something on the game you are
playing for example, it's snappy and provides a really smooth multi tasking environment)

- With the recent bundles and sales they are practically giving the damn thing for free (Especially in Europe where bundles with great exclusive titles like Tearaway and Soul Sacrifice and big memory cards are being sold for less than a 3DS Xl without any games.)

- The memory cards have become a non issue because almost every single bundle nowadays has a decent MC with 8-16gb of storage, unless you only buy games digitally. In that case the memory cards are a pain in the ass.

- I find it much eaiser to play games on a  handheld then on consoles. It's hassle free and it's extremely convenient and enjoyable with a good pair of Headphones for the awesome music present in some games.

- The vita Analogue sticks are extremely precise, I was taken aback by their quality. I thought they were going to be crappy and finnicky.

- Remote Play with PS4 if you care about that(I dont personally)

- It's REGION FREE!!! - This is a big point, I havent bought a 3ds yet because of the uncertainty of European ports for games like SMT IV.. This is a big drawback and I might just have to get a NA 3ds late in it's life cycle when I know I wont miss great rpgs because of buying an european unit prematurely.

- PS Plus on vita(and my extension other supported sony platforms) makes you try games you never though you would like. It's a great service for expanding your gaming tastes.

Over the course of my ownsership I have managed to acquire the following games:

Ps Plus Freebies:

Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed - Not my type of game, played a few races before deleting it, but since it was free I couldnt complain.
Uncharted Golden Abyss
Gravity Rush
Soul Sacrifice

Retail games I bought:

Virtue's Last Reward
Ys Memories of Celceta (That awesome LE)
Killzone Mercenary (Bundled in with the system - digital copy)


Rayman Origins
Rayman Legends
Muramasa Rebirth
Persona 4 Golden
Ninja Gaiden Sigma
Dragon's Crown
Borderlands 2(if it runs well, seems like a perfect game for a handheld, Killzone Merc confirms it's potential gameplay wise)
Physical copies of Ps Plus games I enjoyed(Eventually)

Thoughts on games I Finished:

Killzone Mercenary - I have only recently started dwelving into FPS games, I would have never bought this but it came bundled in with the system. I had a lot of fun with it, if you are a fan of fps games it's the best one you can find on a handheld. Impressive Graphics and precise aiming.

Virtue's Last Reward - It's hard to follow up a game of high Pedigree such as 999. It managed to meet expectations and is one of the best narrative driven games ever made, though not quite as impactful as 999 I find, still a must play but make sure you play 999 first. Vita offers the best version of the game with higher visual fidelity, audio quality and a bug free experience. The only drawback would be the less precise control but once you get the hang of it, it  becomes a non issue.

Tearaway - This is a must have game for any Vita owner and one big reason to buy the vita. It's a very creative and unique experience. With a charming and Heart warming storyline, awesome gameplay that makes great use of the vita's capabilities.  It's one of the best 3d platformers made in recent years. A very memorable game that ticks all the right boxes, beautiful soundtrack and art style aswell. I actually wasnt really digging it for the first hour or so but once the game started rolling in more and more gameplay mechanics, it was a complete joy to play from beginning to end. If there is any complaint is that it was a little bit too easy. It might not seem like much at first but it's a game that only gets better and better as it goes. One of the biggest surprises of the year for me and Im glad I bought it around the time of it's release because MM deserves all the money I paid for the game.

Guacamelee - One of the most well done metroidvania games from a pure gameplay standpoint. Awesome combat and killer pacing. Very unique setting and feel. It sounds great and it plays great.

Uncharted Golden Abyss - This was my first "cinematic" action game. It was a fun experience that sold me on the Uncharted series. Im definitely buying the trilogy when I get a ps3. Good game, nothing out of the ordinary though.

Ys Memories of Celceta - This is a goddamn system seller(as is Tearaway to a lesser extent) for any RPGFAN and one exclusive that you cant get anywhere else(unlike VLR for instance). Ys is the best ARPG series on the planet  with kickass soundtracks, fast paced combat. This game has a great story with great lore that greatly expands on the Ys Mythos that I have come to love(I know Im using great a lot). The combat and music are the sellers though and if you never played an Ys game this is as good as any place to start. Just make sure you bump up the difficult to nightmare or hard because normal can be quite easy for veterans of Action RPG's.

Soul Sacrifice - The only game on this list I havent beaten yet but another one of those exclusives that may very well be a system seller. Im currently 14 hours in(and Im nearing the end of the main storyline) and while the gameplay took some getting used to(It's Monster Hunter esque apparently and has a steep learning curve with very deep gameplay systems and tactical action rpg gameplay). I would have never tried this game if it werent for PS Plus and thank god I did. The story is truly remarkable, a heart wrenching tale with dark themes of morality and insanity. The lore and world of the game is truly remarkable and it all comes alive with the memorable score of Yasunori Mitsuda. I wasnt enjoying the complex gameplay at first so it was the story that kept me going and im glad I did because I am having one of the most memorable and challenging gaming experiences. (Both from a gameplay and narrative standpoint, it's a game worth playing for the story alone. 2nd only to VLR storywise on the vita.)

Final Thoughts/Closing remarks:

Im so glad I bought a vita, it has all the bases covered for every kind of gamer. With other great rpg's and visual novels on the horizon, the system is quickly becoming a necessity in any gamer's collection. The saying "Vita has no gaems"  is completely bullshit and if you have a 3ds you need to get a vita aswell because there are some amazing titles you cant get anywhere else. Why not get the best of both worlds?

Alright folks, that's essentially it.. I hope I didnt sound too much like a salesman xD. I truly am enjoying my time with the vita and I cant recommend it enough if you are on the fence, I have been playing it non stop ever since I got it. If there is any drawback to the platform it would be the battery life(4-5 hours at best) but since I mostly game at home, it's a non issue. Plus the charger that comes with the vita allows for USB charging on computers and shit aswell.

On another note, Im buying a ps3 next week, not a 3ds as I had planned because fuck region locking and the constant feeling of uncertainty of localizations and shit. I think worst case scenario Ill buy a NA 3ds xl by the end of the year and just import everything.

If you have a PS3 and dont have a vita and have a Ps Plus membership make sure to hoard the PS vita freebies by redeeming the free games on sony's online story through your PC browser.

Single-Player RPGs / RPGFan's 20 Top 20 DS Games
« on: November 21, 2013, 01:43:08 PM »
Similar to the other topic that was made for the top 20 psp rpg's list, let's discuss the recently released top 20 ds games from the website.
I am overall very pleased by this list though I would change the order of the games around a little bit. While I think TWEWY is a very awesome and innovative game, I personally wouldnt put it at number 1.

 Im also a little bit disappointed that Apollo Justice was chosen over Trials and Tribulations. While Apollo Justice is technically a better "Game" and actually my 2nd favorite in the series, I dont think it compares to the masterpiece of a storyline that Trials and Tribulations delivered, it was more memorable and there was more in the way of character development. I am also surprised to see FF IV above Chrono trigger, I guess it was positioned that way because of the major update they made to the game with the new graphics and whatnot(I would argue though that they are atrociously ugly 3d models, ff7 looks better than that imo.), also the game is just very slow paced compared to it's 2d counterpart(FF IV complete collection is the definitive version of FF IV imo).

My top 5 would be: 999-PW:AA:Trials and Tribulations-Castlevania Portrait of Ruin-Chrono Trigger-Ghost Trick(this with the 1 game per series restriction). I havent played Order of Ecclesia though, so maybe I will enjoy it more than PoR(I like PoR better than SOTN though)

General Discussions / HELP ME! 3DS OR PSVITA OR PS3!
« on: October 14, 2013, 02:19:31 PM »
1st world problems

SO I have 220 euros to spend! I have 3 options!

With this money I can buy:

PSVITA walking dead bundle with 4gb memory + Virtue's Last Reward

3DS XL + Virtue's Last Reward

PS3 12GB + Some game..(I already played MGS4 so maybe FF XIII, IM CURIOUS OK!)

I havent seen a topic about this yet so...
Siliconera reports that Final Fantasy VI will receive a mobile port for the IOS/Android market with enhanced graphics in the style of the earlier released Final Fantasy V port.

Damn.. I am all for re-releasing old catalog.. Im just sad that it is android/ios exclusive..
It would have been cool to see this and the enhanced port of FFV on a handheld.

Square Enix also poses the possibility of giving Final Fantasy VII the same treatment in the future. They revealed this Final Fantasy 6 earlier today to Kotaku if you are curious.

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