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The Soundroom / Favorite Albums of 2017
« on: November 17, 2017, 10:29:25 AM »
That's right, I'm starting this one early. I feel that Brendan Small's Galaktikon II: Become the Storm is just fantastic stuff, and it is definitely one of my albums of the year. It basically combines the Dethklok sound with Brendan's solo space-rock sound from the first Galaktikon album, and I think it's very well done. It took a few listens for me to really appreciate the album, but now I play it at least a few times a week. You can tell some skilled musicians are behind it (Bryan Beller; Gene Hoglan: Brendan himself).
The only thing I don't like is how low the vocals are in the mix. It's honestly a damn crime, because the music is so good. Previous Dethklok albums (same producer) were mixed much better than this... Anyway, I eventually got used to it, and can appreciate it better, now that I know what he says at certain parts. Thus, it is easily a top pick for me.

Ah, yes. Final Fantasy XIII. Perhaps the most beloved FF of all time. I myself have never played it. Never even seen it in action. So much love and adoration has been given to this game over the years.... that I've decided I'm going to go in blind, and see what all of the positive hubbub is all about.
*Fellow posters Arvis and Rucks have said they will play along, so that we can bounce takes/insults/thoughts off each other. We gonna be clubbin' this game like baby seals. I encourage all to post their thoughts and opinions, as long as you don't spoil part of the game I haven't gotten to yet.
*Updates may be sparse at times, as I am a busy man most days, but rest assured, I'll get 'er dun.

So dear friends, come with me now, as I discover the wonder and magic... that is-

Final Fantasy XIII

After the uncanny valley video intro that shows me random things that are happening/possibly going to happen, I hit the title screen. I like the orchestral/piano piece. So much better than the trying-too-hard-to-be-inspirational J-pop intros in certain other JRPGs.

Playing on Normal. Let's do this.

Action-packed opening. Very, very nice. Lightning is quick to make it known that she has very few fucks, if any, to give.

Faces of Apathy

Interesting battle system. My initial impression is: "Auto-Battle"? What the hell?
I see we get rated on our battling, akin to Tales games. ...And here comes the self consciousness. The battle music is nice. Kind of subdued, but better than annoying. Gets thumbs up from my son. I assume there will be some sort of crafting or collection system, what with all of the seemingly random items gained after some battles.

The very first area in which you can freely move is a corridor. Good to see that this game certainly lives up to the hype! As we eventually take control of... Snow (I sincerely hope that's a code name), we learn there is something of an an oppressive society/group that is being fought by rebels. You get huge points for originality, XIII. I do like Snow's approach to battle: Punch the SHIT out of it. I don't know about his buddy Gal Gadot, though. Dude shouldn't be fighting if he lost a contact lens.

"Where the hell is it???"

Holy crap is Maqui a douche. He should be sent out a sacrifical decoy. Although, I will give thumbs up for Lebreau for having the foresight to wear hot pants to the battle front. This particular merry band seems to be obsessed with their own visions of what heroes do and don't do. Psh... label-dropping conformists. Things turn bad quickly for this crew. At least the stereotypical timid child known as Hope has a great day.

Not sure what to make of pre-teen woman-child Vanille. Something about her seems.. strange. The uncanniness is strong with her, too. She's not annoying, but definitley off-putting. Even her weapon is weird. Her accent is at least pretty cool.
Hope on the other hand... Wah-wah-wah lack of self confidence.

I've currently saved at a point when Hope and Vanille are trying to hide from Snow, who seems borderline obsessed with being some sort of hero to mystery woman Serah..

My impressions:
  • I get the overall feeling that this game wants to be an interactive movie. Everything is so... theatrical. It's done well for what it is, though. Squeenix knows presentation, for sure.
  • I like the initial build up of switching through different characters that I presume work together eventually.
  • I totally get what people say, in that so far, this really does seem like a corridor simulator with battles and cut scenes in between.
  • The battle system definitely has a neutered feel, but I don't hate it. I'm sure it will become more involved as time goes on.
  • I've seen this mentioned before, but there definitley are a lot of unique terms being thrown around right off the bat. It's confusing. Gotta hit up that database, for sure.
  • Despite the apparent flaws, it does feel like a Final Fantasy game to me overall. be continued.

Game Journals / Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun *COMPLETED*
« on: May 30, 2015, 10:53:40 PM »
Yeah, so. Gonna play through Golden Sun. Supposedly the finest GBA RPG there ever was (except for the 2nd, apparently). I had remembered seeing commercials for this game back when it was new, and wanted to play, but never had a GBA to do so.
I don't know of any notorious reputations this game has. Nor have I checked any reviews. Pretty much going in blind. This thread may be sparsely updated at times, as I don't have a lot of free time in my personal life these days, but updated it will be.

Anyway, now I can play this (apparent) fine game, so here we go:

The Adventures of:

That's right. It's what came to me first, and fits the allotted name space perfectly, so there. =P

See? I made the right choice.

Anyway, the adventure starts: Boner's mother, Dora the non-explorer, wakes him up and hurries him out of the house, because a big ass rock, or whatever is going to fall onto/into the village. Panic is ensuing all over. I like how Dora doesn't allow Boner any time to gather anything before leaving the house, even though she stops to ask if he has everything he needs. Pushy beeotch. That boulder better be inches away, lady! Unbeknownst to her, Boner went back to check the house after she left him, anyway. Guess she had a point, cuz there was nothing there.
Boner must make for the plaza with the other villagers in order to be safe. Away he goes. Garet joins Boner's party after Boner convinces Garet to leave his giant box of goodies behind. When an injured man asks Boner if he's going to die, Boner answers yes. What a jerk.

~Turns out the first town's name is Vane. Homage? Better be!

~ I like how the game VERY quickly switches to the battle screen. Extended "entering battle" animations can wear thin quick. I also like how battle flows, and how it's animated. Feels good. Feels fun. I do not appreciate that when a PC's picked target dies before the PC can strike, that PC won't automatically switch targets to a new enemy. That feels old school and tedious. Honestly, a small gripe for now, though. We'll see if it ends up being a factor in my losing of any major battles.

Boner runs into some typical JRPG stronger baddie types amidst the carnage. Obviously, they seem to have some association, or at least some knowledge, of the awful goings on. Boner fights them in an unwinnable battle. Neat. Usually, those come later in the game. That thar marks end of the opening.
3 years later, Boner and Garet are revealed to have been training in that time to not be such losers in future battles. After some camaraderie, their friend Jenna joins the party. Looks like we're off to the first dungeon now.

This is all I had time for today. Future play sessions should be longer.

~ During the chaotic intro, I checked every damn box and barrel in Vane. Nada. What a tease. Perhaps now there will be, now that I can more freely explore the place.
~ It's messed up, what happened to Jenna's family. (Apparent) Death by boulder.
~ Some conversations seem to be too wordy and take too long. The points being made could come across much more simply. Just a minor annoyance
~ So far, a lot of typical JRPG traits are apparent. Not a complaint. Just an observation.

So far, looking forward to this.

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