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Hello, fellow RPGFan'ers :)

  So, you might have noticed some rather wonky behavior with our forums. Firstly, on behalf of RPGFan, I would like to apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused anyone -- all of you are highly-valued members, and we take pride in providing a stable service.

  That said, our current Forum setup with our hosting provider is becoming virtually untenable. Just so the community-at-large is aware, the senior staff is convening on this issue as urgently as we can, and we will be resolving this once and for all.

  While we traverse some mildly involved technical remediation steps over the coming days  / week, your continued patience with any odd behavior on the forums is sincerely appreciated. Once we're done fixing this issue, I do daresay everyone might come out of the other side quite happy with our solution :)

<3 zergrav

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