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A new announcement is made in the steam page of the game :

Basically you won't be able to get this amazing game anymore after the 4th September, the best PC port that SquareEnix ever made, will be gone, this really made me sad.

Single-Player RPGs / What are you favorite jokes in JRPGs
« on: August 07, 2018, 05:54:16 PM »
While most JRPGs are heavy on the drama and plot twists, some do a great job at delivering funny or amusing sketches and scenes to lighten up the mood, so which ones made you laugh the most ? of course am not asking for the games but the specific lines and quotes that you thought were the most hilarious, to give some examples for my favorite jokes:

Aramas: THAT is my greatest creation. The body of Hercules.... The fists of a Dark Karate Master.... The brain of Mahogany , A famous Witch, And to top it all off...... A HORSE WIENER!
Laharl: WHAAAAAT!!! A HORSE WIENER! NOW THAT'S DANGEROUS! everyone keep your guard up! - Disgaea

Etna: Those seemingly innocent Prinnies... It turns out they were hiding a big secret!
Prinny: It wouldn't be a secret if it wasn't hidden, dood.
Etna: When the Prinnies' evil spirits join as one, they form Pringer X, the mighty super robot!!
Prinny: Dood, we can't do that...
Etna: Here goes! Pringer Spiral Plasma Chop!...Gotcha! Pringer Aurora Triangle Kick!!...This is it! Pringer Spinning Drill Attack!!!
Prinny: Uh, dood, hello...
Etna: Next on Lovely Mad Scientist Etna, Episode 8: Farewell, Pringer X
Prinny: Dood!? You're killing us off!?
Etna: No worries! Pringer X will be reborn as the more powerful Pringer Z!
Prinny: I'm tellin ya, it ain't gonna happen, dood. - Disgaea

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