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The Helper Monkey / Atelier games on PS3
« on: October 09, 2015, 04:36:33 PM »
Hi guys. I got a ps3 3 years ago. Seems a large portion of Jrpgs for this console are from Atelier series. I'd like to start playing them but don't know where to start. Do they have to be playd in a certain order? If not, is there one that stands out from the others that makes a good starting point? I played the first Atelier Iris way back when it was originally released for ps2, didn't like it that much, although I did finish it. I didn't bother with the others. I also played Mana Khemia, and liked that a lot better, but again, didn't get around to the second one. That's why I've been a bit hesitant to play the ps3 games, although my understanding is they are quite different?

Thanks for your advice.

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