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General Games / FourChords Guitar Karaoke
« on: July 28, 2016, 10:56:02 PM »
OK, this isn't STRICTLY a game.  But it's software that you "play" with, and it's not an RPG, so I'm putting it in here.

As I hope you know, we staff members sometimes get free games.  Most of the games we review are given to us by developers, in fact.  (We're going to start adding a disclaimer to the bottom of our reviews for which this is true where we say "we got this free, but didn't give it a better score on that account."  And it's true.  We're just working on the specific wording to make sure it doesn't sound like one of those things people say in a weasely way.)  And we sometimes get emails from publicists about games that we don't cover.  We write them back and say "Sorry, that's not something we'd review, and we don't want to 'steal' a free copy from you, so please don't send us one."  99 times out of 100, the PR person says "no worries, thanks for writing back," and that's the end of it.

But odds are odds, and the last 1 out of 100 happened recently.  I got an email about a game/thing called FourChords Guitar Karaoke.  It's to help you learn to play songs on guitar and sing along, and it was made by a Finnish developer called Musopia in connection with a guy named Justin Sandercoe, who's the man behind the very site I recently started using to learn guitar.  I wrote the PR guy and said "Sorry, we don't cover this type of thing, but I might buy it now that I know it exists, because [the things I just said.]"  Well, he told me to keep the game anyway, and after checking it out today, I wanted to at least come here on the forums and tell you that if that sounds like a thing you might be interested in, you should check it out too.  It's pretty cool!

You pick a song from different collections in the app, and it shows you what chords are in that song, along with a looping video showing you how to play each one and a diagram of the proper finger positions.  After you're comfortable to move on, it goes into the song and does a karaoke style crawl on the left with lyrics and chords, and on the right, it shows the fingering for the chord that's coming up.  At the bottom right, you can transpose it up or down as desired and change the tempo to whatever you're comfortable with.  If you're good already, it probably isn't worth it for you.  But for someone like me, it's great.

Here's the Steam page, which has all the usual Steam page stuff.

RPGFan: Site / Don't click that Pokemon Go ad!
« on: July 17, 2016, 02:46:47 PM »
I imagine I'm not the only one seeing the "Pokemon Go Desktop" ad - if so, don't click it!  We're working to get it blocked, but it goes to multiple URLs, and we have to block each site.  If it shows up for you, paste the URL here, but don't actually click it. :)

So here's the deal - we don't review free games as a general rule on RPGFan (please don't hunt down exceptions - I'm sure you could find some if you tried).  But I played a game this developer made before, and it was kind of cool and unique and worth my time.  So I thought I'd pass along an email he sent me this week in case other folks would like to play it. :)

Void Pyramid is a post-apocalyptic RPG set in the space-faring Egyptian empire. In trap-filled halls of a deep space dungeon, you will cross vibro-blades with uplifted animals and Egyptian gods come to life.

Void Pyramid is available for free on PC, Mac, and Android. It is a complete game that is between 5-10 hours in length. It has been actively developed for 2 years, and is polished, balanced, and free of bugs.

You can view a video trailer here. Or you can see screenshots and download the game on or Google Play.

To summarize the story: "In the far future, the maniacal Prime Pharaoh rules the wastelands of Earth. Any who oppose him are exiled to the Void Pyramid. This outer space prison is populated by criminals, beasts, and mutants. No one has ever escaped, but you must try."
Void Pyramid is console-style RPG where the hero controls a single character through a dangerous dungeon environment. It has unique mechanics and a very original (and weird) setting. Below are some of the features I'm most proud of:

*Choose to be a soldier, slave, or scribe. Overcome challenges with your unique skills.

*Explore the intricately designed pyramid. Each chamber is packed with foes, puzzles, traps, treasures, and other interesting stuff.

*Develop your character however you want with an unusual but intuitive advancement system.

*Use your brawn, wits, and agility stats to kick down doors, bend bars, hack computers, haggle with merchants, dodge traps, scale walls, and more.

*Find numerous solutions to every problem. Explore multiple paths through the pyramid. Experience alternate endings. Fight optional bosses. Discover hidden treasures.

*Experience a unique vision of the future. In the space-faring future, the Egyptian empire has risen again. The Prime Pharaoh’s mutant armies oppress mankind.

I hope you will take the time to play Void Pyramid and review it (and even enjoy it). Thank you so much for your consideration.

RPGFan: Site / Forum performance issues are being looked into
« on: February 11, 2016, 01:58:34 PM »
Just wanted to let everyone know that we have noticed the performance issues on the forums these last couple of days.  I got in touch with our host this morning, and apparently they've had a power outage where their servers are.  They're working to get the issue resolved.  (Although if it's a power outage causing it, I'm not sure how much THEY can do.)

Game Journals / RPGFan Sunday Streaming!
« on: November 08, 2015, 09:20:47 PM »
As we announced a few weeks ago, as of November 15th, we're going to be streaming games for about 90 minutes each Sunday, starting at noon Eastern.  We'll have a different staffer streaming each week (there are about half a dozen of us who are planning to participate as of now), and we're planning to focus on games that are new and hot or on games that aren't out yet when possible.  When we don't have cool new stuff to show off, we'll instead bring you games that we just plain enjoy.  I'll try to keep this post updated with the upcoming schedule, although please understand that things aren't written in stone, and we may end up with last minute substitutions from time to time.

Please use this thread to suggest games you'd like to see and to give us feedback on how it's going.  We think this is going to be a fun way to spend a bit of our weekend, and we hope you do too.

RPGFan's channel on Twitch:

Upcoming schedule:
11/15 - Fallout 4 with Caitlin Argyros
11/22 - Dragon Quest Heroes with John Tucker

Multiplayer RPGs / Anyone playing Star War: Uprising?
« on: September 12, 2015, 03:21:00 PM »
I've been playing some Star Wars: Uprising this morning, thought it was fun enough so far that I'll keep playing.  I started a cartel named RPGFan, and if anyone wants to join, they're welcome. :)

I know that it's popular to not like Kingdom Hearts, but even those of us who like it anyway can agree that it can be a pretty confusing storyline.  To help, GameTrailers posted this video a few days ago. It explains the whole series to date.  It's an hour long, but the first 22 minutes or so will give you all of the basic timeline details.  (I haven't finished watching yet, so I actually don't know what the rest of the video explains.)

I finally picked up Bioshock Infinite recently and have been playing my little heart out, and I ran across an art reference in the game that I thought most people wouldn't get.  In fact, I only get it because one of the podcasts that I listen to (History According to Bob) is currently discussing the US revolutionary war.  Yep, wrong war for Bioshock Infinite's timeframe of 1912.  And if somehow it's not wrong because of time travel or alternate dimensions or aliens or evil wizards, I don't want to know.

At one point in Bioshock Infinite, you visit an exhibit about the Battle of Wounded Knee, and you see this statue:

That statue is a reference to a painting called The Death of Jane McCrea.

Jane McCrea was killed in the US Revolutionary War while in the custody of a couple of Native Americans, who were supposed to be bringing her to a loyalist camp where her fiance worked.  (That is, a camp of British supporters.)  Her death was hyped up enormously for anti-British propaganda purposes.  Here's the Wikipedia article about her, in case you'd like a little more detail.

The Battle of Wounded Knee, on the other hand, was fought in 1890, and was the last battle of the American Indian Wars.  It's also known as the Wounded Knee Massacre, and it was an ugly affair.  The US 7th Cavalry surrounded a camp of Lakota, and while they were disarming the Lakota, a gun went off.  Startled, the troops started firing into the crowd, killing hundreds.  Presumably, anyone who was actually there would not look back at it as a proud day.  Here's the Wikipedia article about it, in case you'd like more detail.

Apparently it's usually $2, but the iOS game Knights of Pen and Paper is free right now.  Some folks say you don't need to buy any IAPs at all, others say they're totally necessary.  But hey, it's free to try.  It's a game that's like playing a pen & paper RPG with your buddies, down to the graphics.  

Here's an iTunes link:

Here's a screenshot from a few minutes into the game:

Single-Player RPGs / Did/does anyone play Skylanders?
« on: March 04, 2013, 06:13:50 PM »
I finally gave in and bought Skylanders (Giants) and a bunch of guys to go with it.  It's pretty fun.  There are a lot of ways in which it reminds me of the PS2/Dreamcast era Gauntlet games, which I loved.  Is anyone else playing it?  Did anyone play it before?  I know I'm really late to the party.

Brush and Quill / Dark Pokemon comics
« on: February 04, 2013, 11:31:36 AM »
I came across a couple of Pokemon comics today that I thought were pretty cool and worth passing on. (Thanks, Reddit!)  Both are fairly dark, but they're also pretty different in tone.

Pokemon Noir - pretty much what you'd anticipate.  Like a Noir movie, but with Pokemon.  Not a whole story, just several pages.

"It's a Hard Life": a long comic with great watercolor art, made in the style of a "Nuzlocke run."  (Rules are: if a Pokemon faints it dies, only catch the first pokemon in each area, name everyone.)
The actual site is really slow, but the artist posted faster links to chapters 1-7 on this forum.

When you're done, you can find chapter 8 on the artist's own site.  It appears to be an ongoing thing, because the last page of chapter 8 was just posted yesterday.

I finished A Memory of Light today, and thought I'd like to talk about it with anyone who wants to... if anyone does. :)

But if you haven't read it, close this thread right now, because I'm about to talk about things like the last scene in the book!

I can't decide how I feel about the ending.  Doesn't seem like there's any precedent in the books for people actually switching bodies, but I liked that Rand found a way to survive.  And since he can apparently now simply will things to happen without channeling, maybe that explains it.

Since people still know how to use balefire, I am sad that Egwene didn't get a chance to teach anyone the anti-balefire she discovered... although maybe somebody could have learned it anyway.  I think she was in a circle when she did it.  I was really ticked when I tried to look up something about her in a wiki and had her death spoiled for me.  (I was on my phone, and the mobile version of the page said right at the top, "current status: deceased.")

I'm a little confused about the Dark One's status.  Definitely imprisoned in a new prison, not dead.  But was the comment that there's one black dot in Rand's eye supposed to mean that's where he's imprisoned?  Or is the prison now sort of outside the world...?


I didn't have the time to read this, but dang... it's really long and detailed.  He has lots of other blog posts on various topics, but I thought folks here might find this series interesting. :)

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