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Single-Player RPGs / Your favourite Dragon Quest game
« on: November 12, 2019, 02:48:52 PM »
Well here's a long-running classic role-playing series I'm sure a lot of us have played. I'm interested in knowing the community's top picks for this beloved series.

I was a latecomer to the series starting with IX for the DS back in 2010. I was instantly hooked finding myself carefully investing in skillpoints, crafting lots of great gear in the alchemy pot, questing and having a good time with the class system. Other games would soon follow.

The next entry I played would also happen to be my top pick, Dragon Quest VIIII Journey of the Cursed King. In terms of presentation I really liked the cel-shaded graphics for a PS2 game and the orchestral soundtrack( if we're talking international version) was such a joy to listen to. As for gameplay I really enjoyed most of the dungeons(i.e. dragon graveyard), boss fights, unleashing high tension during tough fights,concentration on a small cast of characters, recruiting monsters and the fact just like in other entries you're curiosity to explore pays off big time. Similairly to IX, I liked crafting powerful gear such as the mid-game demon spear or reaching just the right amount of skillpoints in a character notably mp reductions for hero. While I don't think it has the best story in the series it was nice and simple to follow. Lastly, I do hope to check out the 3ds edition one day to check out the extra stuff added.

I recently played Dragon Quest 11 s and it did pose a serious contender for the top spot. Peps and forginging felt like proper evolutions of tension and alchemy pot. The cast was likable and balanced. Very overwhelming in terms of content and it awesome to visit past locations in DQ games.  Hits most of the right notes in crafting a classic style rpg.

So far I've played some form of 3-9 and 11. I do hope to check out some of the spinoffs one day especially the monsters series as I really liked recruiting monsters in 5 and 8.

Single-Player RPGs / Your favourite powerful weapons
« on: March 29, 2019, 09:02:24 PM »
The first topic I created when I joined this website was dedicated to the nice weapons you get at the early portions of the games we play. Now I want to hear about games on the opposite side of the spectrum, the busted, legendary and overpowered ones.

My top pick would have to be Forseti from Fire Emblem Genealogy of the Holy War. In this entry holy weapons provide enormous stat bonuses often at a grand total of 30 unlike most games where its about 5. The +20 boost to speed and +10 skill ensures that the wielder will activate the adept and critical skills quite frequently. The huge boost to speed amplifies the avoid stat to the point that some enemies will not even bother to attack the Forseti wielder. I've lost track of how many enemies particularly bosses were one hit ko'd by this weapon. Lastly, the weapon triangle advantage against thunder is also quite helpful since many enemy mages use it and several major antagonists specialize in it.

I look forward to hearing eveyone else's picks. I'm sure you guys can think of superb and even more op examples.

One game design choice that I've always found cool and unique is the omission of a game over when defeated with a loss of funds in some rpgs. I'm interested in knowing what people think of this form of game design. Do you like this feature or do you prefer standard losses such as a game over or a return to a checkpoint?

Personally I've found a lot to enjoy from games that feature financial penalties. The Dragon Quest, Pokemon, Golden Sun and Shining Force games rank as some of my favourite rpg experiences. The monetary loss can be severe if you've accumulated a lot of funds and in some cases could be worse than a game over. Lacking a game over doesn't necessarily mean the game is devoid of challenge. For example in Shining Force 2 I often struggle and lose during my first attempt at the Kraken battle in Shining Force 2 before becoming victorious. Keeping experience earned ensures that not all of your efforts were in vain and that things might fair better in round 2. Finally, in some cases I don't have to rewatch cutscenes before important moments such as boss fights.

Additionally I have one more question to ask. I'm interested in knowing what was the first game to use this feature? I'm aware the Dragon Quest series is infamous for featuring it and has been around since the mid 1980s but I can't confirm with 100% certainty that it was the first.

Single-Player RPGs / Your favorite basic weapons
« on: June 15, 2018, 11:21:53 PM »
Hello, this is my first topic as a member of this board.

A lot of rpgs are known for having some pretty awesome and op legendary weapons. I'm interested in knowing about weapons you like that don't meet that category but are great for whatever reason. There's three basic weapons I really like though two of them overlap with each other.

Boomerangs (Dragon Quest series): I love the fact that they hit all enemies and the way damage works(100%-80-etc). While they're not the best for bosses they do help tremendously for dealing with groups generic enemies. For the most part only the hero can use them but I thought it was cool in 7 that Gabo could also use them. Recently I did a boomerang run of Dragon Quest 8 and was able to beat the game much faster.

Hand axes & Javelins (Fire Emblem series): I lumped these two together because they serve the same purpose. Having 1-2 combat range gives a unit good enemy phase when it comes to dealing with combatants such as mages, archers and the like. There's also the fact plenty of enemies are 1 range so many of them are unable to counterattack. They do break fast but the plus side is that these weapons are often on the cheap side. I'm not sure how I feel about the big nerf these weapons received in Fates considering shurikens and the royal swords have no drawbacks.

Anyways these are my choices and I look forward to reading yours.

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