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General Discussions / Reader Survey Badges: Activate!
« on: September 09, 2017, 09:23:51 PM »
Hi everyone!

If you hadn't noticed yet, everyone who participated in our Reader Survey and gave a valid forum name, now has a new badge and special title. As far as rewards go, it's not exactly on par with a Golden Globe or subscription to the Jelly of the Month Club, but it was a simple thing we could offer to show our gratitude.

Some people filled out the survey with forum handles that have never been used - one was registered 8 years ago! But even you folks who don't read the forums or lurk still got official credit, don't worry. There were several dozen forum names that simply don't exist, so if you feel like you put the wrong name down, please post here and we'll look into it.

It was great seeing several long-standing names in the list too: You're all special, but thank you to some of our longer term members such as MonCapitan2002, Arvis, Evil Gately, Blace, and more - names that even someone like me who doesn't post often still recognized.

But not you, @Dade. You're already in the Rainbow Club, so while I CAN move you to a Survey Hero, you have to ask yourself if you're willing to give up the rainbow.

Thank you again to everyone! Even if a large percent of survey takers don't even use the forums, it meant a lot for everyone to participate, as we work to make this site even better. Thank you also for sticking with us as long as you have. I may not peek in here like I used to, but I'm happy that our community is still here.

General Discussions / RPGFan Wants YOU!
« on: July 11, 2015, 11:02:32 PM »

You may have seen this on the main site, but maybe not! If you haven't, we're looking to hire some more folks. Our last effort went exceedingly well, as it's given us the best output and biggest news staff in RPGFan's history!

We're hoping for similar success this time around, which is why we're pushing to promote this Hiring Drive so much. This time, we're seeking News Writers/Editors, Reviews Editors, and Social Media Editors. Direct application links are here, which include a basic overview of each position. I'll add a little more info below about each, as well.

News Editors
News comes from a variety of sources, such as directly from publishers, other websites, and more. As a News Editor, you'll be doing a combination of finding worthwhile news to write about, and then... writing it! If you browse our news, you'll be familiar with our typical style of news, which can be as simple as that new RPG getting a release date, or as detailed as detailed character profiles for an upcoming Atelier game.

The News team shares these duties of finding and writing stories, so there's less of a burden on any one person. We often get asked what kind of time commitment we expect, though the honest answer is "whatever you can give us," as long as you're able to contribute several times per week, and be around and active amongst the staff. News is especially demanding on time, but the more people we're able to recruit, the more we can disperse this otherwise heavy workload!

Reviews/Previews Editors
One of the most vital and well-respected sections of RPGFan is our Reviews section. We pride ourselves on our excellent review staff - past and present - and we're always seeking additional talented people to help with our perpetually-long list of RPGs to be reviewed.

Good candidates communicate ideas clearly and efficiently in writing, think critically, and can produce on average one review or preview per month.

Professional writing experience is preferred, but not required, as we have plenty of guidelines, advice, and suggestions if you're hired.

Social Media Editors
Using social media isn't new territory for us, but having dedicated people is. As much as we try to have multiple people contribute in this area, we'd much prefer someone who really knows their way around the social web to promote RPGFan and engage with... well, all of you! Our readers, and potential readers.

Ideally, we'd like to hire someone who reads the site regularly and is familiar with the titles  we cover. If you're already a forum regular too, that's a bonus, since we probably already know you!

We have more information on this position in the application itself, since this position is a little harder to pin down compared to something like "write one review per month." We're very open to new ideas in this space as well, so the duties aren't 100% set in stone, and we'd like to hear your ideas for making RPGFan more social and interactive!

That about covers it - please ask us any more questions you may have, and thanks for reading!

General Discussions / RPGFan Games of the Year 2014 - Official Thread
« on: January 08, 2015, 08:40:09 PM »

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