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Single-Player RPGs / Re: Fire Emblem: [s]Tree[/s] Three Houses
« on: April 17, 2019, 04:02:37 PM »
Edelgard may be the obvious choice for normies, but us queers are fully on board with Claude.

Right??  That's why I was going with Douche-mitri.  There's literally NO reason to pick him, AT ALL.  Hence, my reason for picking him.

I could shade you for being such a brazen hipster contrarian but I know deep down I'm the same.

I'm withholding my vote until I get to see what the other two starters actually bring to the table. Give us an update you cowards!

(Although I'm probably gonna go Edelgard anyways because I generally tend towards Fire Starter Types.)

Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn
« on: April 16, 2019, 01:48:45 AM »
Now that I'm done with my tour of available Famicom Disk System games, I'm back to FE1 and now on Chapter 12(~ish; I've yet to seize the castle in Ch 11). Barst has now engaged his growths and is making the dough through having double digits on most of his most important stats and nearly 30 HP to boot. Dude's the original Donnel and it sucks that he didn't get treated as such in FEH (although I'm glad he's at least in and one of the ever valuable Reposition fodder so he kinda washed on this).

Also, looking ahead through some guides and goddamn I hope I wasn't planning on using Lena as anything more than a staffbot because promotion items are really goddamn rare in this game (yes, I know they're buyable, but only so in Chapter 23 of 25). Fortunately, so are stat boosters, so its a moot point. I keep forgetting that class specific promotion items always sucked (and the DS remake going to Master Seals was one of the few legit good changes that game made).

Single-Player RPGs / Re: Your favourite powerful weapons
« on: April 12, 2019, 08:48:06 PM »
I will say, though, for classic games, even though it isn't an RPG, improving the Master Sword all the way to Golden Sword in Link to the Past always felt absolutely wonderful.
I was glad you could do the same thing in a Link Between Worlds.

Even if the methodology wasn't quite as interesting (though at least one of the required Ores was located outside of a dungeon).

Not a legendary weapon per say, but Beam Stacking was never as much fun as in Super Metroid (even though Plasma + Charge was all you needed for maximum power), especially since the Hyper Beam was an even bigger gun.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: April 11, 2019, 06:12:31 AM »
Well fuck. The writers are finally actually bothering to do something for once, and just as I'm about to drop this game like a bad habit. Doesn't help that on 30 Orbs I managed to pull both a +Spd/-Res Nailah and a +Spd/-HP Lethe (as if the game's trying to dig its claws back into me).

I really don't want to continue playing at this point (especially now that this powercreep has turned into a powerslide and the devs have gotten greedy as fuck), but I do want to see how this stupidity ends now.

Edit: Grilling/Picnic Seasonal? Sure Devs. Why not. At least its not DL and maybe you'll be cool and give Arvis an alt for this one (although the one on the left is highly likely to be Genny). PISS OFF INT SYST!

Edit 2: This goddamn game knows how pissed off I am as it let me free pull Sue off this garbage seasonal banner. Doesn't help the fact that I spent yesterday beating my head against the ever tedious GCN and its million Armor march. At least with the flier day done, all I need to do now is coast through the Infantry and Armor rounds because I hate playing them. Also lol at the T_T seals this time around. They're finally getting around to doling out Chill seals and I don't need to bother with the Garbage Day seasonal because I already have Alm and Faye.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: April 05, 2019, 09:22:16 PM »
It doesn't help that Cain has one of the worst Cav BSTs outside of Ranged/Veterans. I've had a 5 star Cain since forever ago, but he came up -Atk when he pity broke me and instead of bothering to try to fix it, I moved on to Eliwood instead. Meanwhile it took til last year's mass demotion for me to finally get my hands on an Abel, so I had no strong attachment to him either (outside of Lancebreaker fodder). As for Hana, I gave her a shake back in year 1 and have recently been thinking about revisiting her to try again (especially since I wanted to try to bring up the remaining female Myrms to 5 stars), but I spent my resources on bumping my Arena team up a notch instead, as I was nearly muscled out of tier 18 last week. And I also concur about Peri in general (she's pretty much the single worst character from Fates), but objectively speaking, she could've been Blue Eliwood had she had a weapon worth a damn prior to this (its kinda too late for her now, and admittedly her stat line was wasted on her over Mathilda who got royally screwed in FEH).

Actually, thinking about Peri reminds me of how badly squandered Xander ended up being, both in Fates and in FEH. Fates could never decide whether he was the glory seeking son of a military dictator, an oppressed pragmatist, a doting brother trying to keep his failing family together to the bitter end, or a stuffy 'Honor before Reason' fightman that manages to hold stats on par with your own recruits, and ultimately settled on all-of-the-above instead. In FEH, he's so far the only FE character to openly not side with Askr once beaten in the plot, and even goes so far as to cry foul on Askr's behavior towards plot vanquished foes. Unfortunately, he's so far the only time that's ever happened. Despite all of the potential Embla backers or units who'd just as easily form their own faction, with Blackjack and Camilla Alts, nobody's been given the 5 seconds to go "Wait? Since when does 'liberation' mean getting press-ganged into your 'benevolent' faction Summoner?" Hell, outside of that one time Xander popped up in Book 2 just to get brutally owned, he and his quandary have been a complete non-factor here as well.

But then, this is a mobage, and was doomed to plot failure from the start.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: April 05, 2019, 04:00:00 AM »
That was my impression of it. They made the changes I expected, but not the changes we needed.

Poorly describing what any of their upcoming changes actually mean to anyone aside, it looks like greed won the day as this was definitely a telling blow.

Pair-up is fucking worthless. Full stop.

Allegiance making it a ranking based system just like T_T, VG, GCN, A/AA/AR, and all the rest means it can go straight to hell. Especially since they decided to tie DFs to the rank instead of Feathers (as DFs fucks over all of the match making scoring systems in this awful game). Also, its the only place where Pair-Ups exists and fuck that shit.

The stupidest part of the demotion/banishment is the fact that while Tailtiu is now at common rarity, Sigurd has been banished to the money grubbing zone along with Ayra and Deirdre (the punchline being that Sigurd still currently has the highest BST of any cavalry unit in the game; even moreso than the Gen 3 beastformers). Another fun consequence of the mass banishment is that there's now jack all for Lance Infantry in the pool. Its now literally Shiro or bust (well unless you want to project Fjorm, good luck with her being Leg locked and all; there's also Lukas, Donnel and Oboro but they've fallen off so badly not even Oboro's refine salvages her).

Hardin is now the only Archanea 5 star left in the general pool, with the two Gen 2 Celicas being Valentia's survivors. FE9 doesn't even have a single 5 star left to its name either. Every other game has up to 3 5 stars left in the pool aside from the Fateswakening games (because of course), FE4's 4 units and the beasts of FE10 (unless of course Thea doesn't demote because fuck us).

If you're wondering where the refines were, they're here and our lucky recipients this time are Cain, Abel, Peri and Hana (note the distinct lack of anyone from the former 5 star pool). That said, I strongly suspect we'll be seeing fewer weapon refinements (especially to 5 star locked units) as a follow up to this.

I had just toppled Ryoma Abyssal last night with Gen 1 Celica despite her Atk bane because of the insanity of her refine/Lazura buffing the shit outta her. My hopes of being able to fix that bane to make future Abyssal attempts easier are basically dashed now, outside of getting lucky on a filler banner.

And yeah, the Resort sounds like a total tourist trap (I love the fact that the picture advertising it has both Alm and Genny in it).

And one more cherry on top is that AR is getting an adjustment too. Now if you're below rank 12, your Offensive Fort is automatically considered to be +4 its current strength (in case of assholes who chose not to climb to Rank 11 but are still bothering to upgrade their Defensive fortifications; off-accounts being the most likely source).

Single-Player RPGs / Re: super robot wars topic
« on: April 01, 2019, 10:39:11 PM »
Yeah, Southern Cross. There's no way they'd get in before/same time as Godzilla.

Nevermind the "They're too powerful to be in an SRW game" mecha of Five Star Stories. Or alongside Southern Cross is both OG Macross and Mospeda for maximum "Fuck Harmony Gold!".

Iczer 1 getting in without Iczer 3 is pretty bold though (although I could see it getting conjoined to SPT Lazner instead).

But Patlabor, J-Decker and Dangaioh was just twisting the knife.

Single-Player RPGs / Re: super robot wars topic
« on: April 01, 2019, 05:01:13 PM »

Our yearly April Fools. Can you guess what's wrong with this picture?

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: April 01, 2019, 04:46:28 AM »
In regards to your points towards Code Lyoma versus Princess Leja, while on paper Air Hoshido has better base Spd over L-jarn, but in reality the two are tied due to Niu's passive +3 Spd buff leaving Sky Lobster only +2 Atk and +3 Res over and -8 Def under with no help coming from Raijinto or Firesweep+. As for Sudo-Wrath, any House of Flying Daggers unit can also gain this trait (provided they're fed a fatty Ninjabbit, which is admittedly not a cheap or easy investment to make and your selection is limited to Sweaty Camilla, Bun Bun ImPalla, HiSoaka, Air (with her already better Prf) and said Ninjabbit) or bring in your resident Hauteclare users (with a bonus for a Killing Edge effect and better availability...?). And in the specific case of the Big Bro Ryo comparison to Big Sis Muspell, they basically come out even since Bonfire can do the equivalent with an in battle Def buff (like Steady Stance, Armored Strike or Atk/Def Bond) without giving up LJ's B-slot, while Legyoma has to choose either something small like Moonbow or Glimmer for a similar effect, or go big with Astra or Aether, which requires some additional heavy investments to get the most out of (the fact that Flashing Blade is Infantry/Refine exclusive continues to be hot bullshit).

Anyways, rumor has it that we may be getting another RD banner sooner than later. According to some sources, there's a discrepancy involving the id markers of the game's field sprite images. This discrepancy specifically invovles a sizable gap between Yune's and Nailah's id markers (specifically Yune's is #15 while Nailah's is #9), meanwhile, no such gap exists between Duma's and Kliff's id markers. The significance of this lies in the fact that these id numbers are ordered by game of origin and implementation within FEH. That's enough for a banner plus either a GHeB or another T_T reward unit.

And as for our Leg/Myth battles, I finally got revenge on Infernal Lazura on top of taking out Infernal Yune et all. I'm also looking at maybe reaching the 6k Feather mark at somewhere around 85k points in T_T. I've made one last attempt at filling my pokedex on this 7 day banner and got screwed by a spare Legcina with also shitty IVs instead (a choice between +Res or +Def with either fixing the other's HP bane, Distant Guard's a bit too meh to burn a potential +1 merge on and everybody and their sister has Swift Sparrow (and if it hadn't come out when it did and on the units it did, WoM would've been a hella premium skill and would likely remain so to this day)). At least I'm not leaving a pity rate behind. -_-;

You know, I might have been more amused by Feh's antics for this year's April FEH-ools (this is how you pun game; what the fuck is FEHpril Fools?) if we weren't getting painfully reminded about the continued loss of another 5 Orbs this month (and March ended on 287 Orbs, which is 3 less Orbs than last November, i.e. the worst month for Orbs in 2018; in fact we were averaging 328 Orbs a month last year and we're currently down 60 Orbs compared to where we were in 2018). At least they didn't fuck us over with the VG quests (they've actually gotten better too, less grinding the Arena and refreshing for color coverage; hell, they even went back and readjusted the daily Flags from 5 to 50 leading to a full 2000 Flags per session).

As for the VG, I'm joining team 1500 victoly feathers with Idunn. Only M!Grima stands a chance as he's only getting smoked by less than 2:1 (why am I not even remotely surprised at these numbers). Important info: The Ballot Stamina counter neither starts full or filling from zero from when you join. Instead, it starts filling from the very start of the Round so its perfectly viable to wait to start rather than needing to jump in at hour 1 to maximize voting potential (it also means that you can maximize your minimal mode interaction by only voting 6 times; with one ballot being only 5x Strength instead of 8x).

Edit: So Round 1 is over and now Round 'Forgone Conclusion' begins. At least the people on team Garon who didn't have Slime Dad back in round 1 can now fill a pokedex slot while picking a new team to back, while the rest of us gets a few orbs and to save a few Grails that nobody was going to spend as Gooron blows.

Golden Week Edit: FEH Channel incoming. Probably dissin the new mode and El Roy's Leg Blessing gimmick as well as stuffs related to Golden Week (most of which will be JP only). If we're really lucky, they won't announce any Dragilia Lost or other series' crossovers to further bog upcoming banners down with.

FEH Channel Edit: *loud wet faaaaaaaart sounds*

Single-Player RPGs / Re: Your favourite powerful weapons
« on: March 30, 2019, 05:30:16 AM »
FFT's Excalibur comes to mind. Granted its not the *most powerful* weapon in the game (and ultimately not even close as Nagarok hits 50 Atk versus Excalibur's meager 24), but built in auto-Haste is a gamebreaker in a game full of gamebreakers and 24 Atk is still solid, especially since its a Knight Sword and thus is usable by some of the most busted characters in the game.

FFVI's Atma/Ultima Weapon is another good example due to the fact that it grows with you over the game and looks stylish as fuck once it hits full power.

That being said, most legendary weapons are generally not that interesting in JRPGs either by consequence of only being the next step in a long chain of weapon upgrades (which usually comes in at a point where getting to the 'next step' is either thoroughly unimpressive or even a downgrade to more busted options like multi-hitting weapons (Uber Falcon Blades in a DQ game come to mind)), or because the game can't even start until you get it (Sword of Mana anyone?).

If a Legendary weapon is mechanically interesting in a JRPG its either because its gamebreakingly good (i.e. your example) or because slumming it with anything else was just that bad (I refer to an obscure JRPG called Sword of Hope (or Selection I in Japan) for this).

FFV's sealed weapons are a fair example of the above. Most of the 12 weapons that you get from that questline end up either being the Job's penultimate weapon, if that, or the top tier weapon in a Job that you shouldn't be swinging weapons around in the first place. Only a few of them have added effects worthy enough of delivering on their status (like Masamune's high Crit rate). Not that some of them don't get used anyways (as coming up with 8 top tier weapons for the endgame is a bit of a tall order).

Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn
« on: March 29, 2019, 02:23:33 AM »
Taking a break from FE1 because it suddenly dawned on me that I have legal access to the better part of the worthwhile part of the FDS library now. So I promptly beat out a Zelda 1 playthrough, FDS style (unfortunately I don't know how, or if I was even able, to use the Player 2 microphone which meant that I had to beat Pols Voices the hard way; as the Arrow weakness was added as a concession for the NES localization).

While I was at it, I double checked, and you can sequence break Level 8 as your first level if you don't want the Magical Key (or your second level if you do), and you can of course sequence break Levels 1, 2 & 3 due to their relative difficulty levels and lack of progress locking tools, but the rest generally need to be played in order (can't complete Levels 5, 6 or 7 without the Stepladder; can't complete Level 7 without the Recorder either due to a keenly placed Digdogger; 5 and 6 can be completed in either order though as there's no Digdogger fights in Level 6).

That was for the first quest of course, the second quest is even more rigid since Level 2 has the Recorder which you need to beat an early Digdogger in Level 4 which holds the Raft needed to get into 5 to get the Bow necessary to defeat the Gohma Boss of Level 6 while Levels 7 & 8 both have need of the Stepladder (with L8 being physically inaccessible without it); so your only options are Levels 1, 2 or 3 and eventually Levels 7 and 8 as nothing requires the Red Candle or either of the Boomerangs (and hell, you have to go out of your way for the Magical Boomerang due to its placement behind a "Grumble Grumble" Goriya).

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: March 28, 2019, 05:17:45 AM »
I wouldn't mind seeing a replaced seasonal banner with a DL one either, but so far they've been unwilling to deviate from their preestablished order (beyond adding a Hotsprings one over a second Jan banner) and I don't imagine them doing so now either.

As for Lyoma, I thought Laegjarn was the current top Red Flying Sword (what with the silliness of Niu and all on top of being in the general draw pool versus Leg/Myst locked, she just needs to inherit Distant Counter and she can flies circles around Lyoma)? If Raijinto got a refine buff though, I could see him pulling ahead of her.

My prediction for VG abuse is that people wait until they see how the first hour shakes out (since nobody gets a multiplier in the first hour), then you spend 2 or 3 stamina on the hour of your chosen team's first multiplier, and then 2 more until you reach either the 3.5 or 3.4 multiplier (whichever team gets it first), and then take a stamina dump before walking away for 8 hours to do it again until the 6.7/6.6 multiplier hour where you take your first almighty Flag dump followed by the vaunted 7.5 (or sucks to be you 7.4) multiplier hour to take your second almighty Flag dump for the round.

The stronger team multiplier effect is most likely a Same Hell buster insomuch as to prevent Same Hell from forming (unless of course your teams manage to get stuck in Same Hell in which case the change is beyond useless), but what it really does is weaken the Weaker Team multipliers' strength. Instead of having their votes stand from 310% to 750% stronger than a stronger team's votes, it'll only ever stand from 200% to 295% stronger with the effect's strength decreasing rather than increasing. Its basically to prevent cases like the Brave Veronica vs. Brave Ephraim outcome. Its also why I mentioned the 3 to 1 ratio being a death sentence to weaker teams, its not mathematically possible to overcome a 3 to 1 advantage with the new multiplier barring an influx of late joiners, feather mercs and serious shenanigans.

And with that all said, I agree that its an overall improvement just by reducing the participation mandate from 30 minutes per vote to 8 hours per vote, but also need to mention that it just goes to show just how fucked up the VG has always been, and always will be, that something that so grants such an easier to leverage action could be considered an improvement without the need of quotation marks to denote sarcasm.

As for my VG banner pull, all I got was another piece of Brash Assault 2/Fury 1/Hammer&|Smite fodder.

Now that I think about it, I'm sure as hell glad I didn't waste my Skyloft Dew on that added 50 Stamina over the season transition. Not when the game is doling out these AR whale friendly banners. The sooner I get a tier 5 Offensive Fort the better.

Datamine Edit: Welp crap. Yune has crappy Spd and Gen 2 stats which means that Bunroncia is almost straight up better outside of Chaos Named and Aversa's generally better at mass debuffing anyways.

As for my pulls, I did the best I could but sadly no Yune for me (I did net a spare Eir though so I could try for a doubled up Light Blessing for my next climb attempt, +Atk/-Def for maximum minmaxing, a third Eir will eventually fix this one's IVs). Also pulled a spare Lewyn with shitty IVs (I'll see what I can try to inherit both Special Spiral and Swift Sparrow off of him onto Sonya for maximum nuking shenanigans), and a spare Brave Celica also with shitty IVs (but I haven't merged my first Belica yet so my current one gets some extra Def, HP and Spd). Also picked up a spare Ares (my first since his original banner before it turned out that he was the demotion instead of Lene) and my first Legault (now only Reyson eludes my grasp on full Uncommon coverage). Unfortunately, because the Ares I got has good IVs, Vanilla Celica's gonna have to continue waiting for maximum Brazen, moreover, Legault didn't which means I have to wait for a good one of him to come along as well.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: March 28, 2019, 03:01:10 AM »
I've been grinding some of my CC backlog just in case, but this is a pretty ridiculous set of units and I don't have nearly enough Orbs. Yune to deal with AR tier 21 dogshit; W!Mia, Ophelia, Lewyn for solid units, Brave Lyn and Celica and Spoopy Myrrh for merging shenanigans, and Drunk Kagero and Lyoma to fill a dex gap/+8 D.Flowers. A good way to end a dry month.

My beef with the Dragilia Lost thing is that I really do hope it stays entirely on their end. We absolutely do not need the devs to have even more excuses to continue not giving FE5 a proper banner (nevermind some of the other neglected games like Archanea or deeper Tellius/Magvel coverage). Hell, it took over 2 years just to get FE6 one and if DL idiots start showing up, next there'll be riots for the TMS fuckers (I'd rather have a Smash Bros crossover before the TMS losers) and the few FEW/Cipher OCs to show up as well. And on top of that the 3H Club is basically guaranteed at least two or three banners to get a solid base for them going (with a couple of seasonals because the Three Housekateers will be the new hotness for the foreseeable future), and there's likely an FE7 banner in the works (Louise's commanding CYL3 rank + Pent's solid performance bespeaks a high probability of one in the near future), plus the ever likely Fateswakening banner (because they aren't all in yet) which means there won't be another opportunity for FE5 until Fall or next year even (given how dire late Fall/early Winter gets) assuming the game even makes it that far.

TL;DR: If DL does show up, I'm dropping the game.

Meanwhile, the next VG is villains' week (oh hey, a VG where I have everybody, woot). BTW, don't forget they changed the rules.

Edit: Looking at it. First they're offering a multiplier to stronger teams now as well (only goes up to 3.25x and starts at 1.10x), and second, they changed the participation from every 30 mins to a Stamina system which looks to be slightly more scummier than it originally was. They're also requiring that you have a Friend List at least 10 friends deep for maximum points (lmao).

The short of it is that rather than needing to vote on several multiplier hours to burn your Flags while guessing when a where a Same Hell might strike, you can now effectively do it in two shots per round (+2 to get rid of that excess 130 Flags). The stronger team multiplier just means that weaker teams (anything weaker than 3 to 1) are now turbo fucked and exist purely for Feather Mercs.

Single-Player RPGs / Re: Persona 5R teaser
« on: March 23, 2019, 11:38:45 AM »
And so Pi5S is still potentially in the cards.

Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn
« on: March 22, 2019, 01:34:49 AM »
In older SRPG haps, I continue with my FE1 playthrough. Currently on Chapter 8 where the game finally starts to bear its fangs. Although I have a blessed Caeda who's puttin' in work. Funny how she doesn't even need a busted Prf to bust ass at this stage of the game as long as she can proc her Str/Def growths once or twice (she's got more than enough Spd to double thieves with a Javelin). Marth is of course incredibly busted in this version, but that's par for the course given his utter lack of competition and just the game's general design (he'll be less busted when I start having to drag him all over creation to pick locks and visit villages). I'm still using Axe users despite losing most of their relevancy by this point, but I can start phasing out the rest of the starting losers like Draug and Gordin next chapter. I should probably use Wendell more, but I don't want to bust the game too hard right now (also, I haven't been able to find any new magic tomes for him nor Merric up to this point, although this also changes by now).

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