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Single-Player RPGs / Re: Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (no not X)
« on: December 13, 2017, 07:18:32 PM »
When the motherfuck do you get a fortitude field skill? It's killing me, passing all these things that I can't use or open or swim through cuz NO ONE HAS FORTITUDE!!!

Edit: So I found out I'll get it pretty soon. Sorry for the rant. Game rocks!

I've been really feeling it as well. I hate the fact that they introduce branching quests with a skill check that required two skills that I didn't have at all.

At least I've almost obtained another Rare Blade, so that Nia can have a full set at last (of course, I'm probably going to need to have the Core Crystal recharge first).
I've got about 11 or 12 rare blades now. Most of them through common crystals believe it or not. Rare blades are actually pretty aggrivating with their special requirements for leveling up and such....not all of them but a few are pushing my buttons to say the least. What annoys me most is how FUCKING RANDOM the blade is that you'll get. Rex keeps getting tanks and healers, while Nia gets healers and tanks as well. Sucks that all the ring blades are attached to beasts too...they look stupid.

I ended up spending an Override to swap the Catgirl Blade I pulled on Nia to the third Blade user since I gave Nia the Beast Core Crystal earlier (which is also Earth Elemental). Amusingly, I got that Catgirl Blade right after completing the last 2nd rank Merc Mission that uses her exclusive skill (whoops). I also now have Vess and a Dark elemental Katana Rare Blade, the latter was pulled by my third Blade user to solidify my diversity (I need only Ice now), while Vess went to Nia to replace the Catgirl.

That said,

They're fixing the map (also making Tiger! Tiger! easier; although I feel that its easy enough as is; I'd complain about gains, but then I went and made a Stage 2 run that ended up netting me both a Rare Core Crystal and about 3000 Ether Crystals, which is kinda nuts).

Edit: Welp. Had my first crash. Fortunately I had saved pretty recently so the only things I lost were some quest cleanups (my Merc Missions are (un)fortunately on hold as I've unlocked the Merc Level 3 Quest and am currently too underleveled to take it right now (as I have to punch out a Level 43 Blade user who can straight up oneshot my entire party from full once he reaches the 50% HP mark; even if I avoid it, he pretty much finishes me off right afterwards due to pumping steroids)).

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: December 12, 2017, 10:28:08 AM »
I feel that once again, Jugdral got screwed over by the years of never getting mentioned by Smash. Getting an Echoes style remake would likely do more for that setting than what SoV did for Gaiden.

As for Heroes content, they really need to do another t_t. The first one was really good, especially the part where you didn't have to be a fucking whale or really lucky to have a decent score. At least I don't feel as bad about dragging my heels in regards to some of the current content, but I'm still not looking forward to The Squad Assault/Chain Challenge Purgatory.

Banner BHeB Edit: Done with the Gheb BHeB thanks to my now, actually acceptable, Flier Emblem (I did swap my Camilla for Michalis since there were few mages this time around and he's not -Def), and pulled from the banner for a 4 star Hawkeye as my freebie (now only Soren remains my one elusive Uncommon pull), with a 4 star Cherche, 5 star Amelia, 5 star Eirika and 4 star Priscilla in tow. Amelia is +Spd/-Res and Eirika is +Atk/-Spd (ooh, so close). My one regret (other than that -Spd...) is that I couldn't have this kind of luck with the Holiday/Christmas/Winter Banner. And speaking of, I'm pretty damn sure that one of them will be Lissa.

Merry Edit 2: Hohoho! After everyone's complaints about the game lacking in Armored Units back in March, they've decided to Deck the Halls in Armored Units for Christmas. And they're Event Units, specific to Awakening, and only lasting two weeks instead of an entire month. Lololol.

Single-Player RPGs / Re: super robot wars topic
« on: December 11, 2017, 09:10:30 PM »
More games for consoles I don't own! Nadia is indeed the surprise pick (while simultaneously being kind of a "huh, you'd think it would've been in sooner" like Yamato was).

It's been building for a while but I realize that since I don't watch a lot of mecha anime anymore I basically don't have a clue what the new entries are at this point. For Z I had either never watched or never heard of Orguss, Aquarion, Daiguard, or Dancougar Nova (though to be fair on that last one I've never watched the original Dancougar either).

Well, this time G in Reconguista I know, but dropped after like 4 episodes (still on the backburner), Wataru is just the obligatory new 80s entry (feels like they'll never run out of those), I've never watched Cross Ange after hearing about some of the stupid scenes in the show, and I've never even heard of Buddy Complex.

All the new Mazingers are basically manga-only since as far as I know, Mazinger Z: The Impact did really poorly (A shame since I always like the modern take on 80s designs). Last animated Getter Robo was nearly 15 years ago too.

The newest entries for this game are Buddy Complex, Mashin Hero Wataru, Nadia and Reconguista in G. Previous game SRW V, introduced from this list: Mightgaine, Cross Ange, Mazinger ZERO and Crossbone Gundam (granted the main suit was in earlier games, but as suit only). Everything else on the list has either been in a dozen or more SRW games, featured heavily in the Z games, or is Dubine or Gundams ZZ and F91.

Orguss is fairly light but solid and has one of the most chill OPs in mecha anime (admittedly it does have a number of 80s tropes and a few hiccups on the side; I'm looking at you Sley).

First Aquarion series could be described as (or perhaps Dog Drugs?), while the second could be described as (because I also don't have a Dog Stare gif), and there is no third series (regardless as to what other people might pretend to believe).

Daiguard is basically its premise of Office Workers 9 to 5-ing a Giant Robot in the hopes of drumming up business until a proper Pacific Rim organization can form to actually save the world.

Dancouga Nova isn't as good as OG Dancouga because all of the MCs are unlikeable shitheels for the early parts and only get better later on (and really was only getting included into SRW for its token female MC to break up the sausagefests that SRW endgames devolve into, partnering up with OG Dancouga was just a nice plus for Z1).

As for the new shit in this game, Buddy Complex is about as Bandai the Numbers as you can get. It was practically assembled in a factory in Thailand and less exciting to watch than paint drying, which is why nobody gave a fuck when it was mercy killed instead of given a second season.

The only reason why I give a fuck about Cross Ange is due to the fact that they've already done it once before, and the first run is always played as straight as possible (Kallen x Hilda power hour perhaps? or perhaps that dragon chick might get to be relevant this time around?)

I failed to notice it before, but Zeta Gundam's in too. Which means another round of watching Kamille getting pissed off about his girly name yet again, which likely means that ZZ, CCA, F91 and Crossbone Gundams are Suits Only. At the very least there's no goddamn SEED Destiny this time around (although Cross Ange is effectively partially Gender Flipped GSD anyways).

Code Geass R2 was pretty weak, especially compared to R1, but its not as weak as its current SRW showings, so it has nowhere to go but up (although really, all you need is Lulu's ridiculous Command Aura shenanigans and Kallen being death incarnate).

Gurren Lagann though isn't likely to Tenga Toppa its Z3-1 showing (beyond not having Z3-2 following it; but that's as low of a bar as being a politician and not sexually harassing someone today).

And again, Nadia's a single Submarine. Even Yamato had fighter jets and a Reverse Homage to grandfather its way in, while Nadia doesn't even have fucking Getter 3 around for all of the inevitable water stages. Seriously, what even is this!? (And further, why haven't we gotten Sakura Taisen or Xenogears in a SRW yet (Seriously, a Submarine Robot Wars would be amazing just on concept alone; we already have FMP's Sub in Space; what's the harm in bringing a Blue Sub, a Sand Sub, and a Steampunk Sub, among others, along for the ride)?)

So in short, unless this cast list is actually being honest about which series is Mech Only, this game is going to be weak as hell (I can't wait to see the inevitable Japanese Highschool MC and Titty MacSP-Battery OCs).

Single-Player RPGs / Re: Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (no not X)
« on: December 11, 2017, 11:28:59 AM »
When the motherfuck do you get a fortitude field skill? It's killing me, passing all these things that I can't use or open or swim through cuz NO ONE HAS FORTITUDE!!!

Edit: So I found out I'll get it pretty soon. Sorry for the rant. Game rocks!

I've been really feeling it as well. I hate the fact that they introduce branching quests with a skill check that required two skills that I didn't have at all.

At least I've almost obtained another Rare Blade, so that Nia can have a full set at last (of course, I'm probably going to need to have the Core Crystal recharge first).

Single-Player RPGs / Re: super robot wars topic
« on: December 11, 2017, 11:23:02 AM »

New SRW announced.

Code Greatass R2, Gundam ZZ, Gurren Lagann, Reconguista in G and Cross Ange are the highlights.
Lost track on all these recent Mazingers and not familiar enough with Dunbine or Wataru to know how they'll interact.
More Mightgain and Crossbone is never bad.
Nadia's the 'what the crap' pick (and even more strangely is not getting paired with Gargantua).
And the rest are likely to be post plot/unit only (aside from Buddy Complex, which was so bad that Bandai canceled and replaced it with Cross Ange; I guess that makes it a highlight too, even if they've got to play it straight this time).

Here's to the Kallen x Ange power hour.

Single-Player RPGs / Re: Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (no not X)
« on: December 10, 2017, 11:43:35 PM »
What do you mean by markers? The little green dots that are plastered everywhere and are indistinguishable from one another?

Press X.
Select your current Titan.
Select the Landmark closest to your desired location.
Read the controls text on the bottom right hand corner of the screen (because the game does a piss poor job of actually explaining the map without making you hit up an informant; also in actually letting you navigate said map since it requires using a secondary set of controls to do it).
omg why

Its kinda annoying when you have multiple stops to make within the same area (towns namely) and you have to navigate to your current map every time you want to fast travel.

Meanwhile Chapter 4 is basically straight out of a Giant Robot Anime (so put a check in that box), but continues the theme of Poppi being the best character, meanwhile Tora's a vast improvement over Tatsu, even if he still doesn't measure up to Riki. Kinda disappointed that Poppi doesn't have or start with a Rocket Punch (because she's basically a Mazinger Z homage) though she does have a Rust Tornado variant, and she might be pulling other moves from Great Mazinger and such. Then again, I haven't played around with her elements or class yet (mostly because an Earth Tank is working pretty well for what I've got going right now).

Also, my earlier joke about this sounding like JRPG Fantasy Highlander is pretty fucking-on-the-nose so far. Most of the dialects are variations on Irish or Scottish accents, as is quite a bit of the terminology.

Also also, I've pulled two Rare Blades (both on Rex; Bird Brain and Thunder Chick), which when taken alongside the two the game gave me for free, has helped my field skill set diversity quite a bit.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: December 10, 2017, 10:38:05 AM »
Huh, Thraja survived the round. Unfortunately, I basically missed all but one set of multipliers so I barely made any Feathers last round anyways. I'm also not liking the fact that every match I've fought thus far has pitted me against at least one Bowlyn, if not two (honestly, I'd take her over a team of Reds versus a Reinhardt/Azura combo any day of the week).

At least I've been cleaning up the monthly quests, and will probably circle around to clowning Berkut sooner or later.

Taco Edit: Yep. Pulled a Takumi. Too bad he's +Res/-Atk, which entirely defeats the point of having an Archer who can face tank. That'll learn me for pulling from a non-event/legendary/inevitable 1.4x T_T unit Banner.

VG Edit: Welp. Its either going to be a multiplier win for Sigurd or I'll be on a winning team for the first time in months. Either way, I'm basically pissing away 710 Flags this round (although I've made it to Rank in Army 430 so I'm cleaning up either way). Also dunked on Berkut and his ReGHeB quests.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: December 08, 2017, 06:39:25 PM »
The Defense Seals are so goddamn good that its worth dumping the coins and badges for. Stat+3/5 Seals are also kinda useful for that extra push for things like GHeBs and such. Really, the Great Badges are going to be the main limiting factor since you also need them to promote units to 5 star.

As for my Poprocks and Soda combos, I went and gave Mist Wrathful Staff (since she's my 'other' 5 star Staffbot currently), and Boey an extra +3 Def to make up for his Bane. This enabled me to finally spend on Ephraim who can now double shit (and is about to become a proud recipient of Death Blow 3 to further complete the Blue Infantry Buff Nuke build).

I also wasted 35 Orbs pulling on the Forgeable Weapons banner to no effect (I did get a new Caeda for SI/merge purposes), on top of the 55 Orbs I dumped to pull Shiro with +Def/-HP.

As for my ongoing VG disasters, I started with Catria and am now on Tharja. Once she loses I'm siding with Faye to doom her to Sigurd/Dorcas.

Single-Player RPGs / Re: Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (no not X)
« on: December 06, 2017, 08:15:39 PM »
What do you mean by markers? The little green dots that are plastered everywhere and are indistinguishable from one another?

Press X.
Select your current Titan.
Select the Landmark closest to your desired location.
Read the controls text on the bottom right hand corner of the screen (because the game does a piss poor job of actually explaining the map without making you hit up an informant; also in actually letting you navigate said map since it requires using a secondary set of controls to do it).

Single-Player RPGs / Re: Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (no not X)
« on: December 06, 2017, 01:31:16 AM »
So bought the game on Friday and am now putting it down. Just not enjoying it.

1) ok character designs are still cringe-worthy. The NPCs have more normalish proportions and then you have this anime mutant makn character. With assless chaps and a bizarre outfit. And he's supposed to be what 12? (Guessing by his height) with a mature voice? Whatever.

2) anime tropes are so heavy and cringeworthy. I guess I kind of liked the tone of the previous Xenoblade games and this one is just hard to take seriously. I guess the camera can't take it seriously since it keeps panning over to gawk at Pyra's bewbs.

3) the battle system feels like it takes a step backwards. Arts only charge if you attack and you attack only if you stand still? No stategic placing since you're not attacking and the enemy moves just as fast... can't dodge even though the attack clearly doesn't touch your sprite. And then all these different types of combos and cancelling attacks and such? And healing sucks (see posts above about potions spawning waaaaaaaaay over there...)

4) map? It's terrible. Unforgivable in a game that is supposed to have a lot of exploration.

5) the physics are really off too. The jumping is very floaty, and the swimming floatier. It just further takes me out of immersion.

At least the settings are pretty?

1. MC's bad, but he's not the worst. Not when masked Sephiroth is out-Uzuki'ing the rest of the cast.

2. Sadly, the anime is thick with this one. One of your future party members is literally FE:Awakening's Owain. Frankly, it feels like someone stapled a Tales of Plot onto Xenoblade gameplay (but then, given the Xenowhatever track record thus far, this is essentially par for the course (Xenogears was basically a bunch of old skool Giant Robot anime plots glued together with theological philosophy 541); XBC1 was just better at hiding it (and it also took its main conceit fairly seriously which helped immensely as foresight is a hell of a plot device to run with when not bullshitting with it)).

3. I'm half way through Chapter 3 and I've only just now unlocked Chain Attacks. I appreciate the game taking its time to explain shit this time around, but its also kinda moving rather slowly (and yeah, the gameplay sucks out loud with only one party member; and you don't get a full party until mid way through Chapter 2). That said, the battle system starts earning its bread once you have Blade Combos and Art/Blade Canceling, its just unfortunate that the battle system takes so long to get there.

4. Its clunky as hell and the Directional Main Quest Marker sometimes pointing at something beyond the map you're currently on, but those are its only critical flaws. Sidequests, the Main Quest marker and NPCs all show up on the mini-map, while the Map Screen gives you far greater detail.

5. The physics were even floatier in XBCs 1 & X.

I should also mention at this point that the game is reminding me more of Baiten Katos than XBCs 1 or X.

Single-Player RPGs / Re: Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (no not X)
« on: December 05, 2017, 09:19:23 PM »
You guys are really condemming the game because it only has 1 save slot....really?
Yes.  In this day and age with large amounts of storage available (although, admittedly, the Switch is an exception), there is no reason to have only one save file for an RPG.  I consider this limitation a fatal flaw.
Well, enjoy missing out on one of the best games of this year then :/

And also Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

But yeah, there don't seem to be too many Pokefans here.

Not that I don't see their side of the story given how badly I got screwed over by a shoddy 3rd party memory card back in the dark days of the Playstation One (farewell my endgame Dragon Quest VII file; I'll see the endgame without you, even if it takes me 15 years).

The map in this game is atrocious. Just plastered little green dots on it. They didn't even bother to have icons for shops and stuff.

I've played for 5 hours and I'm not sure this game was ready to be taken out of the oven.

Welcome to the golden age of DLC.

But to view shop locations, you need to go into the fast travel menu and turn on the Shop indicators (the other indicator defaulted to 'off' are the Draw Points Collectables).

That said, the fact that the map defaults to the Goldmont's Titan select every time you open it is atrocious (and whoever decided to default it to what has been traditionally the menu button since the days of the SuperNES needs to have Chuchu sit on their head).

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: December 05, 2017, 11:12:31 AM »
In the meantime, who are you guys supporting for the upcoming VG?

I'm willing to bet that Catria will sweep the VG (Dorcas and Sigurd are too popular, tits alone wont save Rhajat, Tharja's from too new a game, Priscilla will fuck up the multiplier, and Katawho?).

To make this not just an empty quote, Katarina has probably the weakest reason for being involved in this VG, so if the Catria pick gets swamped by people trying to game the system, she's probably the best place to merc. Priscilla could've been a contender if she were the only FE7 rep this time, but she's splitting the difference with Dorcas who's probably going to roll over her (assuming she survives two rounds against stalkers). And I forgot about Sigrud's whole 'foreshadowing his own death' speech when talking to Dierdre, which is probably why he made it onto this VG (too bad his first match up is against a Red Mage). But still, the three stalkers/Avatarsexuals really sucks any potential fun out of this one already (though a Tharja-off would be mildly funny).

They really need to fix the summoning pool. Way too many units exclusive to 5* and a lot of fun skills along with them. Part of the reason everyone's running Fury/Desperation or Triangle Adept builds is because pulling anything else is up to pure luck. It's also part of why pulling pity breakers like Soren or Jakob can be aggravating even if you like them because basically every one of their skills needs to be replaced before they can be used.

I can't think of a lot of non-obscure characters left I'd want added to the game. More Jugdral characters would be nice I guess. Sigurd was the unit I really wanted to see in the game and the guy basically comes with a complete set so there's no need for me to really build him. If some Hero Fest comes along with him on it I guess I can try pulling more copies to merge him though.

I had saved a lot of feathers for an eventual +10 Effie since I was sort of planning the long game on getting a +10 armor team to relax in whale city, but with the recent addition of blessings from Legendaries heroes that makes it even more pointless. It basically means that if you want to get top-rank score in Arena, you need to have +10 armors blessed by a Legendary Hero who I'm assuming also needs to be +10 on the same team. So I figure at this point I might as well plan on either building some other units or working on something else to +10. I guess I can promote the spare Reinhardts I have and merge him up a bit more, but I'm still missing a +ATK one. Alternatively I could start working on a +10 Nino since she clears the maps that I can't just brute force with Horses.

Anyway my free pull landed me a 4* Roderick. Chose blue over red since there's an oversaturation of swords and they keep giving them to us for free.

As for VG, I'll probably go with Catria at first since she's a unit I own and don't have capped HM on, and I can cheese the mode with a level 1 copy of her.

This has become a problem for me as well as of late. Too many units who you really can't 'do' anything with. Starting with Black Knight and going through the list, there are too many units with really nice skills that are locked to them, which while it helps to define them from the rest of the pack, also means that they basically come straight out of the box set for life (unless you're planning some highly specific Meta Build, of which only Whales get to partake in), so there's no need to build SP on them since Arden's never going to replace Follow-Up Ring, nor will Arvis ever really be anything more than a Fury sporting Ploy bot, who can Red Tome on the side, and there's nothing you can Forge for them either.

Unfortunately, now with Legendaries and Forging, it feels like there's only one real option for unit modification left at this point, and its going to end with a 6th star tier. Sure, they could try to kick the can down the road one or two more times with some other stopgap, but its between updating the pool or implementing 6 stars, and the devs have been getting their harpoons pretty damn sharp over the last few months.

Especially when you consider that all FEH really has right now are T_Ts and VGs (man, remember when GHeBs used to be a big deal?). That dead space last month really drove home how shallow their current activity pool really is.

As for potential units still left for the game to implement, you still have Quan, Ethlyn & Finn with a Travant GHeB just to complete the pre-Gen 1 trifecta; you still have virtually all of Thracia aside from the Dire Thunder siblings and Gen 2 aside from Seliph and Julia; and then there's still a bunch of Roy's era Elibe left untapped and basically all of non-Ike Tellus (and dimes to donuts, Laguz are going to end up as one of the methods the game uses to kick that can while we wait for the inevitable 6th star tier).

And then there's stuff like FE Switch, Cipher and Warriors.

Edit: Voting Gauntlet is underway and so far there aren't any runaway matches this time (not that this matters given how low the Shanna x Hinoka match numbers were). Supported Catria and will probably regret it down the road, but I don't give a fuck anyways.

Also went and finally spent some Coins and Poprocks on upgrades so that I now have a fully upgraded Guidance Seal and a Summer Tiki with a +4 Def Melon Crusher+ (hopefully this will solve my two biggest issues with her, lack of natural HP and a Def Bane, and provide me with that Green Infantry Tank I so desire).

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: December 05, 2017, 02:46:17 AM »
Well, it looks like I defended my rank for 8k feathers, but it took grinding up to 155k within the final hour.

Is this the feeling whales have whenever they use their monetary gains to further sink themselves into the money pit? How disgusting.

Even more disgusting is how utterly impossible this would've been had I not have a 1.4x multiplier unit, and I wish that the devs would make it so that players can still have a 1.4x multiplier unit without needing to whale the latest banner. I don't think anyone in their right mind would compete for the top 5000 (let alone 1k) spots after this bout of score inflation.

General Games / Re: Misc. Gaming News Topic
« on: December 04, 2017, 09:04:09 PM »

Well apparently this is happening. Looks like Capcom is ready to unseal the Megacan after nearly 6 years. Jack In! Megaman.OG!

(And thank god they're moving away from fake retro again. 10 proved that they only had enough in the E-Tank for one NES style MM game.)

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: December 04, 2017, 08:57:37 PM »
Sweet Zombie Jesus! I'm at 150k and I'm at serious risk of being knocked out of the 8k Feather tier. Seriously, do not save the whales. These fuckers need to go extinct.

As for my luck on the current banner, I'm glad as hell that I held off on dropping any more Orbs on the Legendary banner. I've pulled three times and only walked away with a 4 star Tailtiu (which brings my count of unobtained Uncommon units down to Hawkeye and Soren). The game wasn't even kind enough to give me anything more than a 3 star Gwendolyn and a bunch of Shannas, Laslows, a Merric, and my freebie was a 4 star Stahl. I think I'm good on SI fodder though (I've got 8 Hinata's at this point).

And forget about the Less than Heroic units being anything less than Pity Rate breakers.

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