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General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: Today at 06:22:37 AM »
IS is being mean again. Ayra shares a banner with two oldies: Eldigan and Lachesis. So she's probably the fourth and final 5* 1,4x bonus unit.

1,2x will most likely be Eldigan, Lachesis, Arvis and the T_T reward Arden.


But hey, you know how people sometimes say Arya instead of Ayra? Well, I got a 5* Tharja as free summon... Close enough....? Oh, and to add to the disappointment: she's -spd, +hp. She'll be fed to the next red mage that is either on a (flying) horse or has something like 35+ spd.

Oh, and my strategy for Arvis was: Klein, two of his wifes and Reinhardt do what they're good at. Klein and his harem would have been able to handle it on their own, but that would have taken longer. Would have been funny though. "Now, my turn." x4. ... And now I'm sad archers can't use Galeforce. That would have been hilarious.

I'm loling so hard right now. I knew there was no way they were just going to hand out someone as busted as Ayra out without a fight. The fact that this makes all four 1.4xers Focus units is just icing on this shit cake (now lettuce watch as half of the T_T's Orb rewards get replaced with Sacred Coins).

And yeah, the 1.2x bonus units are Arvis, Arden, Eldigan and Lachesis. So have fun with that if you couldn't even fish up a 4 star Lachesis or an Eldigan prior to this.

Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn
« on: Yesterday at 12:10:28 PM »
Yeah, the Pahn vs *Spoiler* fight.

I don't think you need to spoiler who you have to fight since the game literally starts out by telling you that he's a high ranking general within the Empire you're inevitably going to topple. Now subjects like whether he joins, dies, ends up as a rival who becomes King while you're fighting the monsters would qualify, or even discussing the various outcomes of whichever fight you have with him, be it one or multiple, would more likely constitute as spoilers.

Meanwhile, Suki 2's only unwinnable boss fights are with Neclord because humans are apparently a miserable pile of secrets, and you need like the entire cast of a Castlevania game to bring him down for good.

As for Suki 3, Yuber and Serah. 'Nuff said.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Warriors
« on: October 17, 2017, 10:44:06 PM »

Some details on the DLC. Each pack will add 3 Characters (first Fates, then Shadow Dragon and finally Awakening), 3 History scenarios (Adventure Mode maps from Hyrule Warriors but smaller scale) and some Costumes/Weapons/Support Options. It'll also include a JP Voice Pak for the Baka Gaijin.

That being said, there's a not-insignificant chance that the nine characters are the four nonplayable characters (Navarre, Niles, Oboro and Owain), the three Sorcerers (Gharnef, Validar and Iago), that third OC and a wild card (watch it be Ike). In fact, it'll probably work out to be Niles/Oboro/Iago in December, Navarre/Gharnef/OC the Third in Winter 18, and Owain/Validar/Wild Card in Spring 18.

A decent haul, but I'm going to wait for FEW: Legends to unlock all of that crap while getting an even better roster for less money overall.


Good job KT.

hownottomarket.jpg aside, the DLC characters have been revealed and will be discussed under spoiler tags for the sake of giving you the viewer a chance to maintain at least some semblance of hype.

Spoiler: show
Fates:Niles/Oboro/Azura, Shadow Dragon:Navarre/Minerva/Linde, Awakening:Owain/Olivia/Tharja.

In short, my cynicism was only partly correct, and there's not really any surprises either (just a bunch of characters who should've been in the base game). Also, way to keep dat 'gender balance' guys. Also also, still no Lance Horses or Armors (at least there's a second Lance Infantry to go with Oboro, and only three additional swords, and they're all probably clones as well). At the very least they're adding clothing damage to the game (even if you have to pay additional monies for it).

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: October 17, 2017, 10:10:12 PM »
Looking forward to it personally. Even though Valflame (by the way that name really bothers me now that the official translation for the Crusader is Fjalar- names being changed a bit I can handle, but the thing was called Falaflame in Japan so now its name makes no real sense) doesn't have its massive Mt from its original game, Arvis is a pretty interesting unit with his massive RES to active its double ploy effect (plus his inbuilt C slot ploy skill). If they release some more ploy skills via sacred seals it turns him in a really powerful debuff unit. That's without mentioning how he's just a really good Red Tome just on his own, and aside from allowing him ever more flexibility in a healer support role, the Recover Ring can also synergize well with the omnipresent Fury which pushes his stats even higher. He's just a really flexible unit overall (and is another nice middle finger to daggers which are still waiting for some kind of buff).

Also yeah, Ayra and Sigurd both have +5 BST like villager units do, which is pretty clear power creep. It makes it so that Sigurd has a higher BST than normal infantry despite having a pony to ride around on. That's without accounting for the fact both of them have two very powerful exclusive skills. Oddly enough, Deirdre, Arvis, and Arden all don't have that bonus BST. The only other units that have it were the two CYL winners (BIke and Bow Lyn), but most people assumed that was just a special case.

Also you guys are underselling Arden, he's awesome. Because of his guaranteed Quad it means you can make his dream come true by sticking Galeforce on him and giving him an armor march. Watch him zoom across the map and delete two units for you.

At least her name wasn't localized as Odly as poor Od's was (plus its still pretty phonetically similar to Fala). And yeah, all Arvis needs is a Spd Ploy Seal and he'll be set for Ploy life. That said, Recover Ring is pretty neat, but it does prevent him from stacking it with Renewal due to occupying the same slot (although Recover Ring is strictly superior anyways since it heals the same amount overall as Renewal 3, but the healing comes more frequently; Recover Ring on a Falchion user would've been amazing). Either way, he'll be our first Red Tome GHeB and will be a solid contender (unlike F!Robin; although the game handed out Cecilia for free a couple of times anyways so its all good).

Meanwhile, your description of Arden reminds me of that Super Thracia hack where the first stage has an Arden randomly stuck into it who basically serves as an IWTBTG trap due to possessing capped stats and instant transmission (this also suggests that somebody on the dev team was probably thinking of that very same hack when they implemented him into FEH). Also it is hella amusing that he's the one running around with the Hero Brave Sword and the Pursuit Follow-Up Ring (I want to believe that the T_T or a 5 star Level 40 speech will casually reference him getting paired up with Ayra).

And yeah, Sigurd and Ayra are basically CYL units in disguise. Hell, Sigurd even comes with all three Support Skills like Bowlyn and Bike (while Ayra trades one of those for the game's first fourth tier Special). Not to mention that those two are the ones the first two Paralogue 13 stages are named after.

Anyways, having finished up everything available short of CCs and SAs, I pulled for Dancers with the Orbs I've got but got pretty screwed on color representation (3 Red Orbs, which are only useful if I were gunning for an Olivia, and not the Dancer Festival kind). I did walk away with a 4 star Clair (there, that's all of Gaiden's/Echoes' Blue units), but my pity rate still remains at 3.75% as I dare not dive into that minefield (especially since I'm still short on Red Gaiden/Echoes units).

Curse Breaking Edit: Umpteenth time was the charm. Olivia mkII Get! I want at least one more Dancer so I'll pull again (at least I only need try for Blue and Green Orbs now). Of course she's +HP and -Spd which sucks (-Def would've been better, although she can at least live with -Spd since Dancing is her priority and she can still damage foes).

GHeB Double Edit: Beat Lunatic Arvis and got him for the upcoming T_T. Interesting side note is that Arvis also namedrops Maera, his ancestor from the Loptyr side of his family. Wasn't aware that he was aware of this particular lineage prior to the timeskip (or maybe it was Deirdre's full lineage he was unaware of at first), though maybe he took a look at his Holy Blood chart beforehand and didn't mention it during the game.

Holy Blood Edit: And done. That didn't take that long in the face of Mounted Emblem (and a fully upgraded Distant Def Seal). Didn't even need a Dancer or a Stamina Drink this time. Just a team of 5 star Blarblade Ursula with Reposition, Hone Cavalry Red Tomebreaker 2, and the Distant Def 3 Seal, 5 star Eliwood with Reposition, Deathblow 3 and Fortify Cavalry, 5 star Gronnblade Cecilia with Reposition, Triangle Adept 2 and Hone Cavalry and a 4 star Frederick with Draw Back, Fury 2 and Fortify Cavalry.

Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn
« on: October 17, 2017, 07:49:36 PM »
I know Suikoden 2 has that.

You may be thinking about Suikoden 3 (or Suki 1, but S3 has them all beat by a country mile due to the sheer number of them).

That said, Gensou Suikoden 2 has a shitload of unwinnable strategy battles (even the ones that you're supposed to win because the mechanics are jank-and-a-half).

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: October 16, 2017, 11:14:38 PM »
So I managed to pull all three of the new characters. I ended up with:
Sigurd: +Spd, -Res, Normally this would be acceptable, but I'm not sure if that works with his anti-mage role
Deirdre: +HP, -Res, Really? On a Res tank?
Tailtiu: Neutral

Ayra is a fucking monster and completely blows other speedy swords out of the water, even if she didn't have her unique speed-based special. Arvis is disappointingly not an armored mage as expected since he's his Gen 1 incarnation, but damn that's some really nice art and he basically has Renewal 4 if I'm not mistaken.
Oh Ayra stats came out? Fun let's see what she got. A unique weapon that gives her a speed based Heavy Blade...not exactly what I predicted but close enough. And a unique version of Astra (that will probably be shared with Shannon and her kids whenever they get in). I am glad that they did justice to the Sword Goddess. I'm now curious as to what Balmung will do since it going to have to match Ayra's Blade to prove its worth.

And I think Arvis is something of a combination of his Gen 1 and Gen 2 incarnations as his title is "Emperor of Flame" and he doesn't become emperor till Gen 2 (well the time skip). I strongly suspect we are never going to get armored Arvis :(

No real thoughts on Arden.

She does start with an Iron Blade, and probably ends with a Silver Blade or something since her Hero Sword becomes rather redundant to her once she promotes (since Brave weapons in FE4 ran off the Adept skill rather than just providing a 2x per hit bonus, it would've been insane if it had done that though because skill activations don't stack in FE4, which is why sticking Luna onto her children is redundant since it also doesn't stack with Astra, Adept or Critical whereas Pursuit Follow-up is passive and doesn't affect activation skills, which is the other, far lesser, reason why everybody wanted it).

I'm also not surprised that her Astra is far more powerful than vanilla Astra because in the Jugdral games Astra's damage calculation factored each hit at full strength, rather than the current version's half strength per hit (and really, Swordmasters in general were fucking insane in FE4, with the best physical offense caps out of any playable class in the game (27 Str, 30 Skl and Spd), both Pursuit Follow-up and Adept baked into it, and Swords were just that good in that game (especially with Sigrud's Silver Sword and Ayra's Hero Sword floating around; among others)).

I still somehow suspect that her stats aren't quite as amazing as her Paralogue 13-3 Lunatic appearance makes her look like (although I'm still impressed that she can nearly straight up wreck a fully Horse Emblem buffed 5 star Level 40 Camus and survive). Fake Edit: Apparently the devs straight up gave her +10 BST over comparable units, which is ridiculous in both a favoritism and powercreep sort of way (especially since they may have to do it again with the Wonder Twins).

On the upside, it sounds like Arden will be the T_T reward instead of Ayra (which makes sense given her FE4 recruitment feels far more like a GHeB set up), which should hopefully mean that the devs won't be quite so dickish about 1.4x multiplier units. Bonus points if the final T_T stage is Battle of Belhalla instead of Arvis' GHeB.

As for Arvis, it also sounds like they've also given him Atk & Res Ploy 2.5, which is kinda disappointing considering that Valflame is the single highest Mt weapon in the main series. Maybe his Gen 2 Armor Mage variant will have the Sigrud roasting Light of Judgement Tome. At least with Renewal 4, he'll be a great combat medic.

As for Arden in particular:

And as for my pulls, it should come to no one's surprise that I haven't anything to show for it (not that I have the orbs to go on any mass pullings, I'm still reeling from my peculiar luck in the PoR banner and dire luck from CYL and Nohrian Scummer banners). At least I'm basically done with Quests and Event battles between now and the next GHeB (only the Mounted Emblem Tenth Tier quest and daily crap are left and the former will get done with the month).

Upcoming GHeB Edit: You know, I had assumed that we would've gotten a GHeB for Ayra before a GHeB for Arvis. Alternatively, the other theory that both Ayra and Arden are T_T rewards sounds a bit more credible since offering Seals is a bit more redundant now thanks to La Forge.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: October 16, 2017, 07:07:36 AM »
That was impressive. Ninian not only avenged Lyn, she also won despite not being a Smash or Awakening/Fates character.

T_T: My guess is that the Black Knight was one of those rare bones Intelligent Systems throws F2P players once in a blue moon, like Camus and Xander. There's no rhyme or reason to the bonus units other than newest first. Look at the first Echoes T_T, for instance, Boey and Mae were 1.4x characters despite this being an Alm versus Celica kind of thing.

Also, the real award of Die on the Battlefield was never that Masked Marth, it was all those easy to get orb you could feed into the the all-star banner that came with it.

That and the second chance for Quicken Pulse for those who just were not able to cope with the original Tedium_Torture.

Anyways, data's been updated and apparently we're getting a sixth Genealogy character beyond the three detailed (Sigrud, Deirdre, Tailtiu), the one shown (Ayra), and the one assumed (Arvis), so who's the other guy? Yet to even post Edit: Nevermind, its just Arden to nobody's surprise (though this does begger the question; how the hell is he going to fit into all of this?).

Anyways, nothing too revelatory storywise, but Ayra did get some decent artwork (and lolArden is a fucking block; at least we've got ourselves another Red Armor, too bad competition in that slot is kinda stupidly fierce having to show up after the fucking Black Knight).

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: October 14, 2017, 07:41:06 PM »
Its amazing how much Team Ninian is trying to keep Team Corrin from snatching Victory out from under them. Suddenly, my early Flag dumping was almost too good of an idea (if only I had suspected that such teams were capable of this level of coordination earlier, I'd jettisoned all of them instead of only half; but could you fault me for thinking otherwise after that debacle in regards to Lyn vs Camilla).

Final Tally Edit: Welp. In a surprising turn of events, the clear winners actually won their final match. Congrats to Team Ninian for not being the massive fuckups that Team Lyn had been by correctly using their stalling tactics to diminish Team Corrin's time to rebuild from that last multiplier deficit. Also, congrats to Team Corrin from not being the massive pushover Teams Gaius and Camilla had been in the previous two VGs.

That said, sucks that I didn't get that final 500 Feathers, and that my early flag burnings screwed me from a solid finishing score, but now that I'm used to the idea of a constant multiplier, I still don't get why anybody would merc for feathers from a losing team. Can't wait to see what fresh hell the devs will have in store for the next VG.

To be fair, the t_t made Eliwood a 1.4x despite him being a common. But maybe that's just a t_t thing...

Its more that the devs dicking F2P gamers over with the fact that they offered a really good unit last time and thus wanting to minimize their access to him. Prior to that, T_Ts have been more about following a theme from the source game and offering highly subpar units like Clive or Tobin instead of someone kickass like Bonkey Kong. The Blazing Blade one only offered a repeat Masked Marth who comes skillless anyways, so it too stuck to the theme in regards to running Lord units regardless of their rarity. Given that the upcoming Genealogy one involves either Ayra or Arvis as the reward character, its going to be bullshit no matter which way you slash and burn it.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: October 14, 2017, 02:30:47 PM »
So the final battle between good and Corrin continues and while its possible for GalCorn to win through a well timed pair of multipliers, but I doubt team Ninian are going to let their Flags run out by then and will pull an emergency spam to belay or force the timing off. I've begun spending Flags for this round (namely because I can't math properly when my dyslexia crops up; seriously? how the hell did I come up with 12 hours to burn all my 1510 Flags?, that'd take 6 hours at most (allowing for Ninian multipliers and such)); and have gone from unranked to about 2k rank, but I'm saving the other half until about 3 hours from the deadline because I can math again. At least I only fucked up within the final 12 hours rather than 42 hours to go like last time.

Either way, I really hope the devs finally decide to shut off the multiplier during the final 2 hours. While an unpredictable upset does make things more interesting, 2 hours would do a lot to avert bullshit wins that. I wouldn't even mind it being implemented here and now just to avert that last minute upset I described above (its pretty scummy to pull a win from that, as while I think the gap between Ninian and F!Corrin isn't as stark as people think it is, its still not something F!Corrin should triumph over; plus the GBA era deserves a win dammit).

I'm guessing Arden has a fanclub since he's something of a lovable loser of the cast (and he gives you free rings and stuff!). Or maybe he's a meme to Japanese players like Dorcas is for Americans, who knows.

Also you guys are looking at the potential 1.4x characters all wrong. You can't make it something that makes some kind of logical sense like parents+children or Gen 1/Gen2. It's going to be Sigurd, Dierdre, Eldigan and Julia following the drop for Tailtiu to 4*, because the important thing is to make sure they're all 5*-locked and screw all non-whales and luckscum.

And while I really hope Arvis is an armored mage just because of how unique it'd be, it is somewhat worth noting that there's no generic mage armors in the game, unlike how generic horse archers existed before Brave Lyn showed up.

Nah. I'm pretty sure the 1.4xified units will include Tailtiu because the next T_T will hit while the Genealogy banner is still up and running and will still be the only source for 3 of the 4 1.4x units, just like how Oscar is now obtainable from the general draw pool as an uncommon unit well after seeing any potential use from his T_T. Julia will be a 1.2x member just to fool players into thinking that they're ready and to make it so that your only multiplier units are a 5 star Rare, a pair of 4 star Uncommons, and the T_T Event unit (just like how Mist was a Rare exclusive despite only being 1.2x).

And while I would love to get Adult Arvis, especially to give Armors an actual ranged option, I still suspect that we're only getting Young Arvis first.

As for Arden, it feels like the older fanbase has a thing for lovable losers like him, Wrys, Dorcas, Lot and Marty (why yes, he was considered to be the third most popular male from Thracia behind Lief and Finn, and that's with his only claims to fame being the Build Bot and the man Dagdar loved; although if August had been an option, he would have probably left everyone but Finn in the dust). The fact that the poor guy gets a kickass ring just to dissuade him from attempting suicide (which is then immediately stripped from him to dispense to one of the people making him feel bad), is considered a stalwart bro towards Sigrud, and is somebody who could potentially shack up with hotties like Ayra and Lachesis (and not ruin the former's kids at least), does a hell of a lot for the guy I would figure.

So if this rumor is true, would that make Ayra the Tempest Trial reward then? I guess that is is consistent with some of the earlier Tempest Trials, but I kind of liked facing BK at the end of the last one and also having him as the reward. Although either way it feels weird to hide the most popular FE4 female behind limited time events. You would think they would try to nickle and dime the FE4 fans as much as they do everyone else.

Also I feel like they might give Arvis his Gen 2 class because I view it as his more icon class, it is a fairly unique class (I think FE4 and maybe FE5 are the only games with mage armors? and the others that I recall are less iconic enemies unlikely to get units for a LONG time), and I don't know if they would really want to make two versions of a villain from a single game when so far the only characters with multiple versions are because of seasonal events (or CYOL).

If the Tempest Trial focuses on Gen 1, then yeah Eldigan would be more likely for 1.4xer over Seliph (with potentially a future Tempest Trial for Gen 2). Although I would not rule out the possibility of Lachesis as the fourth 1.4 multiplier since she is a Gen 1 character and is a party member unlike her brother.

I was going to question you including Arden in that list, but I just looked it up and he was third in CYOL poll...What? I am so confused by this. O.o

Also Claude should be included in the hypothetical Silvia banner...mostly because I want to see how they would handle a legendary staff.

I guess we could see Claud getting shoved in with Lewyn, Erinys and Silvia since I feel that Lewyn and Silvia work much better together (you get them both at the same time and Lewyn had a bad habit of breaking script to pair up with her over Erinys; plus pairing those two up is a hell of a lot less creepy than pairing her up with Claud due to either being distant cousins or long lost siblings).

As for Lachesis being a 1.4xer, see my comments above. While she could easily work, it wouldn't be dickish enough to have an Uncommon unit be a 1.4x unit over a Rare unit. See also: Mist being a 1.2x unit in a T_T focused on battling the BK, an event which she actually got to participate in over Nephenee, Oscar, and Elincia in the base game.

As for why Ayra's getting Event unit treatment, it does give her a little more spotlight over Banner units, especially since she's still in the new story chapters anyways. Besides, the players who miss or fail to obtain her will have to wait for a Rerun (either a ReGHeB or a t_t) to get her then. Besides, she's got to compete with Lyn now for the top Swordwaifu slot and Lyn kinda has a massive advantage over her right now.

Edit: Nice way to make an Alpha Numeric post.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: October 14, 2017, 12:27:13 AM »
I really hope Ayra is good since she is my favorite FE4 character. I remember thinking a while back that she could have a spd based version of Ike's Heavy Blade ability to make her an efficient Astra user, although she would probably need some other ability to be relevant. I feel like a Pursuit skill that gives her 4 attacks would probably be the most appropriate to her in game build (since we can't have dodge tanks), but I would not be opposed to some version of Nihil.

Random thought, when we eventually get to the FE4 Gen 1 Tempest Trial, I'm betting we'll get Arvis (so we can finally have our mage armor).

I'm betting that the rumors thus far are correct and that Arvis will be the GHeB reward (its been awhile since we've had a new one of these), in spite of the fact that Battle of Belhalla would be better as a T_T capstone stage versus a GHeB stage (Genoa would be the better GHeB, especially given the lack of buildup compared to The Battle of Belhalla Quookout which T_T seems to do better; goddamn if they got the track that plays during the Gen 1 Battle Records sequence for that stage, I'd take off Auto-Battle and put the Animations back on). Additionally, I kinda doubt they'd make Arvis a Mage Armor yet due to the fact that he isn't one until Gen 2 (which would make more sense for a potential GHeBtender).

Anyways, my speculation for stat distribution is that Sigrud is going to have 0 Res (well okay, maybe not ZERO Res, but probably even less than Bartre, Virion and Ogma have), which would be perfect given how non-existent his Res was in Genealogy (at level 30, he'd be expected to maybe have 1 or possibly 2 points of Res before the Barrier Ring and/or Tyfing.

Also, it occurs to me that the next T_T will probably have Eldigan as the fourth 1.4xer over Seliph because of course I don't have him (and would once again lock the 1.4x multiplier to those lucky enough to pull from the banner successfully or got that one Rare unit; plus it means that Julia, the T_T unit and Seliph and Lachesis would be the only available 1.2xes).

Also also, belated, but I too am surprised that Tailtiu was chosen over Quan, Lewyn, Lex, Azelle, Brigid, Ethlyn or Arden. Although, I suppose that Tailtiu being the third most popular Gen 1 Genealogy female helped a lot (losing to both Ayra and Lachesis who are both in at this point). Plus, she's kind of an odd maid out given that Quan, Ethlyn and a FE4 Finn could get their own Banner as could Lewyn, Erinys and Silvia. Also would like to see Lex, Azelle and Midir get a Banner as well just for the sake of bolstering some of the less well represented Heroes unit types like Axe Cavalry, Red Tome Cavalry and Bow Cavalry.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: October 13, 2017, 09:01:17 PM »
I feel like Finn would be a part of an FE5 banner first due to having a much more significant role in that game over FE4 (granted, he has a pretty solid role in Genealogy, but he's basically like your Fates' Felicia/Jakob in Thracia and gets tied pretty heavily in both the backstory and the main quest in rescuing Swordmaster Mom & Daughters). Plus, he got his sweet Heroes Lance to basically function as a Prf for that game (also FE5's Miracle Finn is a thing to behold).

Ayra meanwhile is pretty much going to live or die on whether or not she gets treated as a shitwrecker with some kind of custom Super Astra/gets a version of Nihil that's actually useful, or if she's basically a Hana/Lon'qu/Lloyd/Karel/Lyn/Fir/Athena/Navarre type with a Brave Sword+ as her 5 star weapon (i.e. frail unit who's lack of 2 range makes her easy to outrange and really hard to use without baiting/teleporting/dancing tactics and lacks that level of asskicking to justify the frailty or the lack of range-shadow due to Brave Sword being mediocre without Death Blow 3 and eats into her probably solid, if not overwhelming, Spd). Really, what I'd like to see from her is something like Nihil either be a B skill or a Special that specifically shuts down enemy Specials on defense or something/a Quick &| True Astra that's basically the same but quicker to charge in general/or a Pursuit A skill which would let her quad enemies if she has like +10 Spd over them (and works with that Attack Speed Seal).

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: October 13, 2017, 06:46:10 AM »
Ninian's matches have been crazy close due to multiplier shenanigans. Last match she actually got a final-hour multiplier which ended up burying Corrin M in a 6 billion point lead. I've been lucky to catch all the multipliers for Ninian so far so I got a rank over 1k for both rounds. Hasn't been that many of them though so I have lots of flags lying around for the final round.

I finished the new BHB without much issue. It's probably the easiest one so far. I'm guessing the devs were too busy trying to screw horse emblem over once again by just placing trees all over the goddamn place. If there's something that's getting me stuck, it's the new Squad Assault. Decided to put that on hold while I clear out any remaining monthly quests and the like- the SPD seal from it would be really nice to have though.

Finally, it seems the rumors were true: Sigurd is here, and holy shit did they make the wait worth it, because is he overpowered as fuck. Even if he ends up with an embarrassingly bad stat spread his unique skills alone will make him worth using. Dierdre comes with an amazing base kit and a beefed up Naga as well. Tune in next Monday to see if my good fortune the last few weeks comes back to bite me on this banner.

The final unit is a surprise addition of Tailtiu. She'll probably be pretty good like most bladetomes (especially considering the one we already have), but her non-unique skills put her as a candidate for downgrade to 4* post-banner. Of her two skills, Drive SPD would be way nicer to have at 4* than ATK/RES+2- which is probably why we'll be getting the latter.

I also spy Ayra on the map at the end of that trailer, so I'm guessing either GHB or perhaps the next Tempest?

Here's hoping that Seliph is the fourth member of the T_T 1.4x multiplier.

Not sure about my feelings about Ayra being the T_T reward. On the one hand, , but on the other hand, aside from BK, T_T reward characters have a tendency to end up being mediocre (Clive) to bad (shut up Tobin) or getting balanced by some level of bullshit (skillless Lucina). At least I don't have to stop pulling for a second Dancer (to my vanilla Olivia) since I know that my current luck with Banners need not apply.

Meanwhile, my latest pull netted me a 4 star Oscar (better never than late amirite?; at least he has a decent skill set), along with a bunch of other 4 stars (Titania, Odin, Klein) and a 3 star Raigh (should've saved myself the 3 orbs).

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: October 12, 2017, 11:51:17 PM »
So it looks like the final round will be Ninian vs F!Corrin. So now we'll finally have a match up between CYL and FEH popularity. Unfortunately, being on the side of CYL, chances are that I'm screwed (unless we have another A!Tiki x F!Corrin match up where everybody gets multipliers all match long; seriously, its like the pre-multipliers except that it punishes early Flag use).

Meanwhile, I've wrapped up the latest BHeB. Had no trouble with it until Infernal, and then only until I realized I could just say "Screw it!", and had Lancebreaker Klein/OG!Olivia combo the whole lot of them to death.

My latest pull attempt started and ended at a 4 star Jakob as the rest of the Orbs were all Red and I 'noped' the fuck outta there for the sake of maintaining my pity rate (I mean, I wouldn't mind an Ike or a Lyn, but odds are that I'd pull a bunch of 3 star Hinatas, Sophias, Firs, Raighs or Hanas or something).

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: October 12, 2017, 12:46:54 AM »
Meanwhile F!Corrin and Adult Tiki are basically in a dead heat after both teams have been ping-ponging multipliers back and forth. It'll pretty much come down to whichever team either gets the multiplier last or the team to run out of Flags last. Of course, I first need to pry those 200 Flags out of those last two quests, but nobody seems to be running a Green unit anymore.

As for my freebie pull for the Maedon girls, I managed to net myself a Minerva
Spoiler: show
(attached to a 4 star Cherche; dammit game, that's the wrong Minerva)
. Admittedly, I needed one of these, and she's +Spd/-Res which could be good for her if I promoted her to 5 stars (it won't be the greatest build, but at 5 star Level 40, she'll have 29 Spd which can be fixed well enough with skills and Flier Emblem buffs if the need arises).


If the SO3 HD remaster is anything to go by, I fully expect them to somehow manage to preserve the full disk swapping experience of the HD-DVD SO4.

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