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Single-Player RPGs / "Mid range" quests.
« on: July 14, 2017, 03:04:21 PM »
I am working on my game
I have the story, world map and some content made.
I have the main event and the main quest laid out.
However, now I wonder how to fill the map with "middle range" quests.
What I mean is... sort of soft barriers to make the character have to do middle quests to progress.
For instance, the character needs to go from point A to point B for the main quests, but I won't let him make a straight pass. There are barriers such as broken bridges, or mountains it needs to pass.
The reasons is so the character won't finish the game in one hour, and also it kind of prevents the character from wondering into the areas with the more difficult monsters. Although I do give him some multi choice to go to areas and which middle range quests to do.

So, is there a "smart" way to plan out all those mid range quests, they decide on the pace of the character or access to resources and abilities that would be very useful in future challanges?

Given a map, how would I plan those quests?

General Discussions / Happy ending? Depressing/sad ending for CRPG?
« on: July 06, 2017, 07:36:31 AM »
Do you like when RPG games have a happy ending(hero saves world, everything is happy, there is not a lot of tragedy)?
Or do you like when they have some sort of depressing, sad, twisted or maybe happy with some tragedy?

So you can try the early initial pre alpha build here on the web(after realizing people no longer trust Execs in our age).
Arrow keys and A D to walk
Space to attack.
Mouse click to skip dialog and select yes/no.

Single-Player RPGs / Re: Modern vs Classic (Video Games)RPG approach.
« on: April 11, 2017, 10:26:50 AM »
I am not Artimicia?

Single-Player RPGs / Modern vs Classic (Video Games)RPG approach.
« on: April 08, 2017, 06:37:13 PM »
I think a lot of classic like games are missing from mobile stores like Google Play and Apple store.
I am not sure about current PC RPGs as I didn't play that many PC games lately.

The question with computer and console RPG games... how many "game aids" are good? A lot? A little? Maybe it's different for each demographic?
It's simple things like... quest diary.
Old RPGs didn't have quest diaries, you had to remember what was said and maybe write it down.
Is this bad?
Isn't it nice that you just have the quest written down for you in a diary you can easily look up? But then again, isn't part of the fun is using your head instead of following directions like a rat in a maze?
That's just one example.
Other examples might be the way the game allows you to save your progress.
Do you have a world map recorded conveniently for the player?

Basically what are the things that are good to have in modern RPGs and were missing in older RPGs just because of the limitations of the console or computer.
But what were the good things about older RPGs that new RPGs makes the player more like a "rat in a maze" that keep grinding in the game just to get the next cutscene?

I am developing a game so my friend suggested things like... instead of having to select a skill from a complex tree you could just pop up 4 choices which are randomly selected for you. Make things "simpler".
But I am not sure "simpler" or "Easy" to play is always better?

Making progress.
I have tried a new perspective.

Thanks, you are right. My question was a bit vague.
It made me realize I need to think of the story/world first.
So I found this guide which was helpful in creating the story:

I am developing a game called Miracelund(Not sure it's the best name...).

It's an action RPG but in a doom 1/Wolfenstein kind of gameplay. Sort of.
I am actually still thinking about how this game will be, I think I am more or less settled on the gameplay but there are many other things I need to figure out.
One thing is... how to distribute enemies/XP/treasure/quests.
I am sure you are pro at tweaking stats. I used to play a lot of RPGs but in a recent decade I didn't play many games at all.

So basically I need your tips and help on how to develop this RPG game.

Here are some medias to give you the feeling of how the game looks like/plays.

Single-Player RPGs / Wonder: The Evil. "Feature complete" Alpha.
« on: April 20, 2011, 03:01:40 PM »

Play Wonder: The Evil in single player. Arrow keys to move, Ctrl to change attack mode, space to skip dialogs, Enter to chat(needed in single player).
Visit the towers for hints. You attack by standing next to a monster and being in an aggresive attack mode.

Wonder: The Evil is an RPG\Rogue like game that was developed in the purpose of developing an RPG engine called "Wonder". As that, it's a very short and simple game, yet has some stragtegy and story to it.
It is feature complete, but there are still some issues. Although you can play it and finish it in single player.
The "Wonder" engine will have more feature in the future than there are on "Wonder: The Evil".
For controls and download link look at the SHORT VERSION.
Any feedback will be welcome and helpful.

Thank you,

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