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Single-Player RPGs / Re: Tales of PlayStation(s) revealed
« on: January 13, 2014, 11:33:59 AM »
Heads up for people who may be interested:

As of tomorrow Tales of Xillia will be 10 bucks on the US PSN for ps+ users, and 19 for non-plus users. There is also a (much less enticing) sale on the EU one, where both Xillia and Graces f are discounted.

10 bucks is a small enough sum that I've decided to take the plunge.

General Discussions / Re: The PS Vita is Awesome!
« on: January 09, 2014, 08:58:15 AM »
I love my Vita...when I can charge it.  Which I currently can't.  The USB cable it came with is dead and the new overpriced cable I orded was DOA.  Seripusly, fuck proprietary cables...

After cleaning through a bunch of my stuff I found out that I now apparently have 2 vita USB cables (both of which work). So if you are still interested, and live somewhere in the Europe region, I'd be willing to ship you one if you want.

Excited for the prospect of more streaming opportunities with the whole Playstation Now announcement. Here's to hoping it won't be severly limited to first party software. There are quite a few ps2 titles I'd love to be able to play on a handheld.

General Discussions / Re: What's the haps?
« on: January 09, 2014, 08:44:35 AM »

I haven't told her how I feel since we started hanging out again. I want to, but I worry it will make things awkward and not hang out anymore. She is cool people, not just from a romantic view, but on a friend level (some people call this "Friend-zoned"). She made it clear when we last had the conversation she didn't have romantic feelings towards me, so why risk it? I wrote this on my Facebook about my predicament-

Sometimes it's important to weigh how saying something will make you feel versus how it impacts another person. Even if what i want to say is truth and makes me feel better if it makes someone else feel bad is it worth it? If there is the possibility that they won't take it well, even if it isn't negative, is it worth saying? Is my relief at getting something off my chest worth making another person uncomfortable or unhappy, when all I want is for them to be happy, are my feelings more important? If I say yes does that make me a narcissist? Or does it make me human? Does it make me a martyr if I don't say it and struggle and suffer with my feelings? Which is better? To be open and honest for my own sake or to struggle and push the feelings down for theirs... I don't have the answer and I probably never will, but I am judged regardless.

So part of the problem is we stopped hanging out for awhile and then she texted me and wanted to hang out again, so I am all sorts of conflicted. Also, since her, I have compared everyone to her, and no one measures up. It's not that I intend to, but she just has all the check marks on my mental date list checked off, well, except for the wanting to date me part, of course.

Well, based on my own experience I'd say:
Whatever you you do I'd advice you not to hang around her acting as if you are her friend, if you are not actually ok with friendship being the only thing you get out of the relationship. Personally, I don't think you are doing her or yourself a favour by hiding your feelings for her if that means the friendship is built on false pretences. From what I have seen, this is sometimes what happens when the whole "friend-zone"-dilemma comes up.

I had a situation where I was hung out with a guy and we had a lot of fun together, but there was never any prospective romantic feelings. After some life stuff changed we didn't hang out very much anymore. One day he shows up unannounced at my house with a plushed toy and a bunch of cds that he hands me and then takes off without wanting to even talk to me. Later I find out that he had blocked and removed me and my boyfriend (but noone else) from facebook, and when asked about it he said something about planning to delete his profile, despite us being the only people he removed. To this day I have no idea what his deal was, but I am kind of pissed that whatever his problem was he never felt the decency to at least tell me about it. My boyfriend thinks he may have had feelings for me, but it doesn't really make sense to me as he NEVER said anything that would indicate that.

General Discussions / Re: What's the haps?
« on: January 06, 2014, 10:27:45 AM »
I kind of feel like making a short visual novel to show people's latent psychopathic tendencies.

Maybe I should learn Renpy for that. As far as I know, Renpy is pretty easy to figure out.

If you are interested in that sort thing I'd recommend "The psycopath test" by Jon Ronson. It's a pretty light non-scientific take on the concept, but it's a quite funny and interesting book.

Single-Player RPGs / Re: Bravely Default: Flying Fairy
« on: January 04, 2014, 04:47:19 PM »

I've seen comments like this before regarding the "fanservicey" costumes and the thing that is clear to me after seeing them, is that Nintendo did the right move to come out and treat their audience like children with content that is not even harmless in the first place.

Not entierly sure I understand what you are saying here; I'm assuming the double negative is not intended and you find the costumes to be harmless? In which case, we agree.

Even if the censorship is minimal, going all 90's with this kind of censorship on a RPG nowadays is something that I can't really put up with. I'm all for the proper localization of a product, but this lessens the value of a part of the experience for quite a few of people out there and all because there is a group of dense people that like to make a problem out of nothing all for having different sensibilities, and in my book that's not cool at all.

I get that you are against censorship as a matter of principle, which I totally respect. Personally, I just don't feel particularly bothered as long as the alterations are minor/cosmetic. The fact that I thought the censored designs were an improvement aesthetically does not imply that I think censorship was required. I don't get the impression that anyone was campaigning to get this content removed, so putting the blame on people who say they are ok with this seems a bit unfair. As far as I can see this has more to do with Nintendo wanting to maintain its squaky clean kids-friendly image than any pitchfork-waving social-justice campaign.
Apologies if that's not what you were referring to with the section about dense people. I get confused sometimes :P

Single-Player RPGs / Re: Bravely Default: Flying Fairy
« on: January 04, 2014, 11:19:51 AM »
People on NeoGAF saying that however that likes the "fanservice" stuff in Bravely Default now is a pedophile because the characters looks (according to quite few over there) like toddlers. That's problably some of the most close-minded comments I've seen on a gaming forum.

That kind of accusations are pretty standard fare for fan-service in games with lolis and such, so I'm not surprised (though I don't agree). Personally, I cannot really fathom that anyone would find these chibi-designs titulating. They look cute, but too deformed to really register as human. So to me it's like seeing pikachu in a thong or something. Not particularly sexy, but not offensive, just odd and out of place.

Single-Player RPGs / Re: Bravely Default: Flying Fairy
« on: January 03, 2014, 05:46:32 PM »
Weirdly enough, I prefer the censored versions...

Agreed. There is a reason girl-boxers have beaten out thongs and g-stings in terms of what kind of lingerie is considered the norm these days. For me, it's not really about the amount of skin showing, it's just a lot more flattering and attractive looking.

I've never been one to get too upset about censorship of fan-service-y costumes and such. The fact that they have also done some "alterations" to the text as well might be more problematic, but I'm not able to compare anyway. As long as it is just toning down some innuendo of the standard jokes (double-entedre, boob-envy, revealing wardrobe comments etc.), I don't really mind. That kind of stuff isn't normally something I enjoy (Ar tonelico made me roll my eyes hard), and I haven't gotten the impression that they censored anything that it is actually relevant to the story.

I don't know if it was really worth the effort though. This is hardely that bad compared to a lot of other games. This and the fire emblem alterations sort of make me scratch my head.

General Discussions / Re: The PS Vita is Awesome!
« on: January 03, 2014, 07:53:28 AM »
The reason the vita cant charge through usb while it's on is because the usb charging gives less power than the  vita consumes while it's on. Hence why it takes about 4 hours to charge through usb while it only takes about 2 through the wall.

Yeah, I know why it is the case, but that doesn't mean it wasn't annoying on occasion. ;)
I just remember heading into the final lap of virtue's last reward when I ran into the issue. But then again, being forced to turn it off once in a while helps you do other things, like go outside or something. Or order new chargers from amazon, in my case.

General Discussions / Re: The PS Vita is Awesome!
« on: January 02, 2014, 04:14:06 PM »
I love my Vita...when I can charge it.  Which I currently can't.  The USB cable it came with is dead and the new overpriced cable I orded was DOA.  Seripusly, fuck proprietary cables...

That sucks.
I imported mine from the US, so I also ended up having to buy another set of cables (/wall charger adapter thing). Not being able to charge it via computer USB unless the thing is completely powered off is another annoyance.
Also I have so many various cables/chargers cluttering up my drawers now from all the various electronic equipment over the years. I don't even know what some of these came with anymore. :/

I've really been enjoying the smaller indie games released on the vita.
Mutant blob and Knytt underground (from ps-plus) were both excellent, as well as Thomas was alone and Stick it to the man. Those kind of more bite-sized quirky games really fit well on a portable format.

Another thing I love about the vita, other than the screen, is the buttons (excluding start/select). They are so deliciously clicky and responsive.

Anime, TV, and Movies / Re: Anime/Manga Journal
« on: January 01, 2014, 05:40:26 PM »
...old classic anime...[lists anime that are barely 10 years old]

I'm sorry, but that always makes me chuckle, considering how many 70's, 80's, and 90's Anime I tend to watch. :P

Heh, Perhaps old is an exaggeration. I am trying to get up to date (more or less) on series I feel I might like, and had to find somewhere to start. Most of these were released long before I started watching any anime so they feel "old" to me :P
The artstyle and animation of anime before 2000-ish tends to turn me off, even if that is a kind of shallow sentiment. ;)

Anime, TV, and Movies / Re: Anime/Manga Journal
« on: January 01, 2014, 04:12:22 PM »
Okay. Just read up on Quantum Mechanical Spin...and my head is now killing me. But you seem to be right, it doesn't have anything to do with what I thought it did in that light.

I'm going to go back to assuming everything in Gundam AGE is stupid before I get an aneurysm @~@.

Well, to be fair, you are not the first to make a mistake along those lines.
Spin was discovered as an intrinsic angular momentum of atoms that couldn't be explained by the more familiar orbital angular momentum. The name specifically originates from the fact that it was visualized by the classical physics analogy of planets orbiting their own axis in a clockwise/counter-clockwise manner. This we now know to be an inaccurate way of describing the phenomena, but the name has stuck, despite it's misleading tenedencies.
I haven't watched any of it, but I wouldn't be surprised if the use of spin in Gundam-AGE is total nonsense, though. Sci-Fi anime seems quite happy to randomly apply scientific termonology with little regard for the believability of the concepts in the contexts they apply them to.

I recently finished Gankutsuou, which I really enjoyed. The ending was a bit weak, but overall the story was great. The style was really interesting throughout; ranging from astonishingly beautiful to awkward and garish, but never once dull. I really could do with more adaptations of classical works along these lines.
But, god... Albert was insufferable.

Other than that, still making my way through old classic anime I missed in past years. Currently watching Kino no tabi, 12 kingdoms and last exile.

General Discussions / Re: What's the haps?
« on: December 31, 2013, 06:27:03 AM »
For me, I wouldn't say steam is the sole contributor. I have racked up more bargains from humblebundles and delicious bundles than steam so far, but it probably has more to do with me being more of a console gamer(/peasant), so most of my pc-gaming consists of indie-games and really old rpgs and adventure games. Also the fact that I only use a shitty laptop kind of limits how crazy I can go for the steam sales.
While PSN sales aren't as good, you do have people waiting for sony first party games to end up as freebies on ps plus.

I am a total cheapskate, but I don't really understand why people buy stuff at launch for 60 dollars, when most games drop in price so quickly if you have a bit of patience :/

Something is very wrong with those trophies.

Why is a Complete the Sphere Grid (one character) a Silver while Completing the Chocobo riding with 0.00.00 a Bronze?

SE has a twisted version of what is "easy."

Yeah. I hated those blasted sea-gulls and invisible walls with a passion. >_<

I love how getting all the al behd dictionaries are gold, but you don't even get anything for the butterfly hunt or beating all the dark aeons.
Safe to say I will not be doing any of the more obscure bullshit this time around, but kudos to anyone who does decide to platinum this. That's going to take a while.

Single-Player RPGs / Re: Tales of PlayStation(s) revealed
« on: December 16, 2013, 01:53:51 PM »
Thanks for the tips :D

If possible, I'd recommend playing them in order:
- Tales of Phantasia (SNES w/ DEJAP's patch for the real experience or PSX w/ phantasian's patch - Don't touch the GBA version)
- Tales of Destiny (PSX)
- Tales of Eternia (PSX or PSP)
- Tales of Symphonia (wait for the HD coming soon on PS3)
- Tales of the Abyss (PS2 or 3DS)
- Tales of Vesperia (... sadly, xbox360 only)
- Tales of Graces F (PS3)
- Tales of Xillia (PS3)

Unfortunately, I live in Europe-land without a region-free device to play psx-games so for phantasia it would be gba or bust. :/
My completionist tendencies makes a sequential playthrough seem like it would be the best idea, but it might be a bit hard to pull off from a practical point of view.
I do plan on picking up a 3DS, in part to play Abyss, but for some reason I hate a lot of the two-tone 3DS XL colours
I keep getting indecisive between which I prefer of the bigger screen of the XL, and the better price + nice colour selections of the original model. I know that the games are more important, but the prettiness of my white Vita has made me realise how nice non-black consoles can be.


Tales games are funny, they each seem to have a thing they're "good" at.  That's sort-of why Xillia sticks out badly... because nothing is particularly impressive.

Combat was done better Graces, characters were done better in Vesperia, plot was done better in Abyss, music was done better Legendia, and dungeons were done better in Symphonia.  Xillia is by no means BAD, it's just lackluster and sometimes incredibly lazy in other parts.  I still put in 80 hours with Xillia, but it never really "hooked" me like you really want a good RPG to do.

I don't know how to go on, so I'll do this:
+ It is a good battle system, not Graces good, but entertaining.
+ Simple and effective weakness system that makes linking characters a lot of fun and making each character useful in unique ways
+ Lovely towns
+ Two POV characters (YMMV in how varied their point of view is though)
+ Tons of sidequests and surprisingly interesting B-plots (ie; sidequest plots)
+ Finally the Tales world takes on Asian motifs and design
+ Pretty cool villains
+ Rowen, Leia, Alvin

- One of the worst RPG world map/field ever.  Most of the locations are boxed-in fields where the most intuitive thing you do is climb a vine.  The Xill world is a succesion of box-canyons with a new coat of paint... Winter!  Fall!  Nighttime!
- I know I said the villains were cool, but their motives are foolish, two of the sort-of supernatural bad guys you meet later are especially dumb
- Shop system is a hit or miss
- Dungeons are fucking awful.  Symphonia had wonderful puzzles in each dungeon.  This game has, literally, nothing.  The most intuitive thing you do is hit a switch or jump off ledges.  They basically feel like an extension of the world map.
- Sphere Grid Lilium Orb isn't very inspiring
- Occasional frame rate issues in battle...
- Jude is a lame MC.

If you really want a good battle system, many Tales fans love the hell out of Graces and it can become easy to look past the bland and "fluffy" plot and characters in exchange for a really fresh and in-depth battle system.  Graces simply gives you a TON to do even if the story isn't impressive.  You will probably get a bit more plot out of Xillia, but you'll have to deal with a lot of other cons.  So the question is: Are you gameplay-oriented or story-oriented?

Hm. I think I would classify myself as being story-oriented, but then again, it feels a bit wrong suggesting I would be playing a tales game for the story. I guess it's more accurate to say that I tend to enjoy a lot of the more ancilliary things in RPGs over straight-up combat (which usually becomes repetitive by the end of the game, even if it starts out good), so exploration, side-quests, crafting and well thought out (non-)combat game-mechanics. I particularly enjoy puzzle elements, so maybe Symphonia would be the best bet.
Either way, I think I'll give Xillia a shot if I do end up getting it. Even if it isn't the best in the series, that might make it more enjoyable playing it before other (better) installments.

Another thing: I know that some of these games have local co-op, any of you tried that out, and know how well it works?

Single-Player RPGs / Re: Tales of PlayStation(s) revealed
« on: December 16, 2013, 11:40:05 AM »
So I put Tales of Xillia on my wish-list for christmas, but judging by the reactions in Dice's GOTY thread a lot of you seem pretty disappointed with it.
Do you still think it would work as a good starting point for the series? At least as a litmus test?

The only other game in the series I have played is Tales of Eternia, which was ok, but I found the combat to be a bit too button-mashy and simplistic. I wanted to check out one of the 3D versions, but I was having issues deciding on which one. After checking out about 5-10 minutes of Graces f on youtube, I don't think I could put up with that kind of story/writing for an entire game, but Xillia seemed tolerable.
I don't have a 3DS or 360, so at the moment Vesperia and Abyss are out. I suppose I could wait for the Symphonia HD rerelease if that is a better starting point.

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