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General Discussions / Re: Whats the haps?
« on: July 29, 2018, 07:07:20 AM »
It is weird what sorts of fad diets people will come up with. I can't help but imagine that this is going to end up with a lot of people getting long term negative health impacts. <-Spoken by a person who hasn't eaten a vegetable that counts in over two decades

It's kinda like how ninjas as we know them (with their full black outfits and hoods/masks) are a perpetuation of multimedia, namely old movies.  Actual ninjas in feudal Japan never dressed in black pajamas.  The key to stealth is in not being *noticed* which is different from not being *seen.*  So true ninjas basically hid in plain sight dressed up like everybody else.  But that wouldn't look cool in the movies, now would it?
Actually if I'm not mistaken, the full black outfit actually originates from an old style of Japanese theater (Kabuki maybe?) where the people who handled the props and background stuff wore all black in order to not stand out while the actors on stage were acting. Eventually the tradition became that ninjas depicted in that theater style would be dressed in all black to imply that they were seen as part of the background to the other actors. Over time that likely influences the perception of ninja in the Japanese public culture until they eventually made the transition to film where the look became synonymous across the world.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: July 27, 2018, 06:31:35 AM »
What's really dumb is the unpredictability of the mode. Will the next six hours have a non 1x multiplier? And if so, will it be of a color you haven't maxed yet? And if so, will each battle yield more than 1 chest per run (I'm fucking surprised they didn't make it possible to get chestless battles)? And if so, will said battle have more than 3 enemies to fight (not that I think you get 4 chests in a five man battle, but it seems like its impossible to get a battle where every enemy drops a chest I stand corrected, as I've just had a 3 man battle drop 3 chests, but 3 still seems like the max number of chests per battle)?

At least its an okay way to grind in between (T_Ts), especially for HM since the only requirement is making sure to have the proper accessory equipped (though its good to have a team that can autobattle the maps that come up).
Pretty sure the colors change every hour even when the multiplier doesn't. Also fairly certain I've had chestless battles. >.> I recall having a battle with a ridiculous amounts of points once that might have been because of 4 chests, but I'll admit I wasn't paying attention during the battle.

I do hate the RNG though. I currently have around a 1k gap between my highest character and my lowest character. And of course my highest affection is with Libra, the character I like the least out of this group. >.>

So I got the platinum on this game yesterday. My overall thoughts? Game was enjoyable but has more than a couple of really stupid design decisions that game developers were supposed to know better than by the PS3 era (e.g., non-active party members not getting exp). It was enjoyable overall, but I will probably forget I have played the game at all in a week or two as it was not particularly memorable (for good or bad reasons).

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: June 29, 2018, 06:36:00 AM »
*spends 160 orbs and gets 2 LHectors, 3 Myrrhs, and 1 BIke* Eh a decent haul, although I did not get any optimal Boons. >.>

If Tales of Vesperia is indeed being re-released for the Playstation 4, I will be one very, very happy MonCapitan2002.

Congrats on becoming a very, very happy MonCapitan2002!
Not so fast.  We don't know if the PS 4 version will be released in the West.  I heard that Microsoft funded the localization of Tales of Vesperia.  If that is the case, we might only see the XBox One and PC version on our shores.  I am not yet happy.
No we know there are PS4 and Switch versions. I have one on preorder already.

Single-Player RPGs / Re: Will any trails games be on NA ps4?
« on: April 26, 2018, 06:49:31 AM »
Isn't Trails of Cold Steel 3 confirmed for PS4 in NA?

To my knowledge, not yet. We know Falcom wants to bring it and other Trails games over, but a localization has not been formally announced.
And if we are lucky, the lack of any announcement means that XSeed has the license since they tend to not announce localiztions till they are close to being finished.

Single-Player RPGs / Re: Ni No Kuni 2 Revenant Kingdom announced!
« on: April 26, 2018, 06:47:15 AM »
So how is the game so far? I am holding off from buying it until i see more reviews,
Divisive? Some people are really loving it and I've seen some people who it really did not click for at all.

Single-Player RPGs / Re: Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (no not X)
« on: April 26, 2018, 06:45:03 AM »

Jesus. I'm glad I haven't really touched the game since I first beat it back in January.

Also, the Mazinger comparison jokes continue (although Poppi Black would be more of a Getter thing).
Oh fun, I want both of those new blades, but since they are still making new blades I'll probably hold off on my second playthrough for now.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: March 29, 2018, 10:44:22 PM »
Well I got a +Spd, -Res Legendary Grima, so I feel like I need to build myself a dragon team now. My first thought was:

-F. Grima
-M. Grima
-Child Tiki

(all obviously with Earth blessings)

I know this won't get me max BST (I'd want to switch in the other flying dragon that I don't have for Ninian for that), but otherwise does that seem like a solid line up? I've kind of not being paying that much attention for a while now. XP

Single-Player RPGs / Re: Ni No Kuni 2 Revenant Kingdom announced!
« on: March 24, 2018, 07:29:34 AM »
I have no idea how this game got such good reviews.
Because it looks pretty?

General Discussions / Re: Whats the haps?
« on: March 06, 2018, 06:34:09 AM »
So does that mean you are playing Kingdom Come Deliverance too?

General Discussions / Re: Whats the haps?
« on: March 05, 2018, 06:33:14 AM »

This got me thinking about something.  While so many things are far easier in video games than in real life (e.g. fishing, karate fighting, even dating), what instances are there where doing the real thing is easier than the video game? 
Driving while obeying traffic laws.

Single-Player RPGs / Re: Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (no not X)
« on: February 27, 2018, 06:36:26 AM »
Does Zeke actually have a missing eye, or is his eye-patch fashion statement?
Isn't it stated early on that he wears the eyepatch because he could only afford one contact? not ask me how that works.

Anime, TV, and Movies / Re: Anime/Manga Journal
« on: February 09, 2018, 06:31:55 AM »
Put me down as preferring the manga story to the 2004 anime as well.

Single-Player RPGs / Re: RPG Fan Decides My Next Game
« on: January 17, 2018, 06:16:12 AM »
I voted Cold Steel because it is my favorite among the options. I do wish I could have also voted for Rune Factory 4 though because it is sad that it has less votes than Star Ocean 4. :(

I HATED Bravely Default. I bought it on launch day but I should have known. I never really liked the FFesque job system except in FFX-2 and FFT (some people do, personal taste). Grinding is rarely ever fun anymore especially w/ a battle system that IMO wasn't fun. Plus the characters were annoying. Graphics were good tho, and I did sell it on amazon for a miniscule profit. So there is that and according to reviews its seems like I'm in the minority thinking that its lousy.
Oh thank god, someone else that dislikes Bravely Default. I'm not the only one!

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