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The Bazaar / PS2, PS3, PS4 lot and a couple Wii U games for sale!
« on: November 26, 2017, 06:31:36 PM »
Hey everyone!

Someone snagged a good portion of my games collection 2 years ago and it's now time I part with these games. Not that I don't enjoy them (I do and did in the past) but as time goes by, I think it's great if someone else gets to experience them. So, here we go!

All cases and manuals are there (if they were there). Discs all work. I'd say condition-wise; very good to near new condition.

List with suggested sale prices (+ shipping&handling). Message me for questions or offers.
Payment can be made through Paypal.

FRONT MISSION 3                 40
AR TONELICO 2         30
SHADOW HEARTS                         50 (I highly suggest purchasing the first 2 games together....)
SHAODW HEARTS 2                 50
PERSONA 3 FES         10
PERSONA 4         10

AR NO SURGE         25
STAR OCEAN 3 INT'L      20
TALES OF XILLIA         20
YAKUZA 3         25
YAKUZA 4         25
NI NO KUNI         20

UNCHARTED 4         20
NBA 2k17                 15   


All the best and Happy Holidays to all!

I like Tri-Ace for gameplay mechanics - VP 2 & Resonance of Fate but I just hope they hire a couple writers who can.. write.

General Discussions / Re: Is open-world too open?
« on: September 03, 2015, 03:09:10 PM »
I enjoy both open world games and more linear games, just depends on my mood. I've probably put thousands of hours across open world games (MMOs would probably count) but there arn't a lot of games which get questing right. A common complaint is that open world games don't have narrative focus, but for me, an open world game should be about letting the world itself be the story. The problem is that every open world RPG thinks it needs to attach a grocery list task to everything. The Elder Scrolls, for example, has some really cool backstory/lore and the terrain is usually interesting to traverse through a couple times (I've tried playthroughs with no fast travel and it quickly becomes tedious), but so many of the quests are just shallow gopher tasks. There are some more interesting ones amongst them of course, but generally if you stick to the main story quests you'll probably see more than half the quests actually worth seeing. Contrary to what a lot of people think though this was just as true of Morrowind and Oblivion as it was of Skyrim (arguably moreso, Morrowind just copypasted dialogue for more than 90% of the NPCs in the game).

Like, the stereotypic quest we all know about would be to put some lady telling me to go collect 10 bear nostrils for her or something. It'd be more interesting if instead you just came across a village that has a local bear problem, and killing lots of bears would result in some kind of change in the village, and maybe that'd open up a questline or something, I dunno. I know someone will point out that in either case all you're doing is going around killing bears anyway, but I think the way it's dressed up is pretty important.

Also the world itself needs to be interesting to traverse, otherwise what's the point? I'll just go hiking in real life instead. Oblivion is probably my go-to example for a game with a boring overworld. It had some neat quests, but most of the time I play it I just fast travel everywhere because there's no point to taking the scenic route.

Actually you bring an interesting point indirectly. MMO's now have "phasing" -  like in WoW. But this hasn't made it's way into a single-player open-world experience really (capturing a base in FarCry but that's minimal at best)... it could be quite interesting using your bear problem and other factional warfare, water problems, etc. Where what you do would be visually reflected in the world in addition to dialogue. To my knowledge this really hasn't been done much...

Also; to the person who mentioned WAY OF THE SAMURAI : I have not played those games. I think one came out recently so maybe I'll give it a spin.

General Discussions / Re: RPGFan Podcast (Random Encounter) Thread
« on: September 02, 2015, 05:30:45 PM »
For episode 100 you could have the RPG Fan community interview YOU. :)

Kudos on getting Erin Fitzgerald too - she did a great stint with Greg Miller as well ib his youtube channel.


General Discussions / Re: Is open-world too open?
« on: September 02, 2015, 05:26:05 PM »
I will play exactly zero of those games. 

I play games to experience a story (I always tell people I like RPGs that are like playing a good book), not to spend 27 hours side questing before I leave the first town (here's looking at you Xenoblade) so the open world model has never appealed to me. Conversely, I've also never understood the term "too linear", if you have a great story to tell why should you be forced to dump in a million hours of bonus content in the name of "exploration?" (The Last of Us is a perfect example of doing this correctly). 

tl;dr: In an "open world" game, there is usually so much that I am missing (by not dedicating half my time to roaming around whacking things) that it's irritating and I end up not bothering with the title at all.

Blame it on the rise of WRPGs. 

Well that's one reason I brought up Deus Ex - I think it has a great middle ground - I'm a character in a world but I also have some freedom since the areas can be large but not overwhelming.

One thing that nags me about open-world is you're always the only individual doing anything.... power fantasy maybe? Still... like in Inquisition, I'm a King but I pick all the plants too for the pretty garden. This weird dissociation really screws up these games badly in having a sense of cohesion, immersion and purpose of action... well not for OCD people. :) Great for checklists of "we got loads of stuff to DO".... but to what end?

I'd also say it harkens to mood - much like music - where I did enjoy Skyrim for 20 hours but since the world had the depth of a puddle it felt pointless and I got bored. Loved those 20 hours though.

On the other end of the spectrum, the games that I've finished with great enjoyment recently were Persona 3 and Legend of Heroes : Trails in the sky where the narrative is the focus and it'll pull you in or not; just like a tv show or a novel.

I think my ultimate sweetspot if there were such a game would be a 10 hour ARPG game in an open-ish world where you can choose different factions but replay a few times to see other perspectives/characters à la Rashomon. That's something I feel could be "serialised" with vol. 1, 2, 3 etc. and still have a manageable scope.

General Discussions / Is open-world too open?
« on: September 02, 2015, 01:16:56 AM »
I've been musing this over recently.

We have - 2015-2016:
-The Witcher 3
-Mad Max
-Fallout 4
-FF 15
-Metal Gear Solid 5: Phantom Paine
-Just Cause 3

... so we have all these huge worlds but what do you feel about them?

I just never get to finish any of these - I know I won't.... although maybe Wither 3 but it'll take me MONTHS.

What keeps you coming back to an open world?
Are open-worlds too open? i.e. bigger isn't always better

I played a good 50 hours of Dragon Age 3 last year and I enjoyed it but once I went the other way.... I never came back to it. Although I don't feel I didn't get my money's worth. I was also checking out a Mad Max stream earlier and thought - yeahhhh don't care...? Witcher had fantastic story which I think pulled me in but it's so massive I know it'll take me a hell of a long time to get through it....

One great compromise I feel is a game like Deus Ex - it's open but still has a narrative to funnel you through something that's cohesive and not a laundry-list of repetitive crap like: climb these 20 towers, attack these outposts.... well you know what I'm saying. :)

Or maybe it depends on how the game is structured. Like in Fallout for example, you can just take an hour to go on a random quest in a cave to get a thing... but that could be tweaked and fixed for more variety / wonder.

Thoughts / Comments / Doughnuts with sprinkled on top? :)

General Discussions / Re: Digital VS Physical
« on: March 20, 2015, 12:44:46 AM »
Interesting! :) I was also like that for a few years. I never played Farmville on FB. :) But I figured that I should use the modern tools or else I become one of "those guys"... and I'm 33 so I can't be over the hill yet!!

I did and do think it's a fantastic tool to organise an event though. Or show where you are - IF you want to.

Curiously, I own multiple pens:
1) Apparently, typing on a keyboard, your brain does not understand that you're typing words. It could be a table or potatoes.  So yeahhhh sharpies and a whiteboard - I still get looks at work when doing my doodles.

2) Also, it seems that there's been this huge spike in ADD of 300% in the last decade - cell phones, pictures, messages..... except... it's NOT actual ADD.... but the drug companies are happy. :D

But maybe.... just maybe.... if everything is digital, doesn't that make us just want more? Because.... you can't hug digital right? FYI I'm not advocating hugging a pile of games. lol But... maybe.... it's an anchor. A psychological anchor. I hired a youngun' [The Wire flashed in my head for but a moment] at work and he couldn't not use his phone.... he felt a part of him was missing when I locked it in my drawer for an afternoon.

I'm sure sociologists are having a ball.... I hope they have good punch on tap. :) Yes... mmm mmmmm!


And I don't think it's necessarily a generational gap thing either with tech.  Like, I'm in my 30s so I'm a little longer to "catch up with the times" than a teenager who's grown up indoctrinated.  That being said, I'm seeing the light and embracing it.  But I see enough folks in their 20s going "tech backlash" actively doing things like rejecting Facebook and all that stuff and thinking back to their childhoods when "social networking" was riding your bike to a buddy's house, knocking on the door, and asking if he could come out and play. 

I posted this on my Facebook not too long ago.

Is it just me or am I seeing more and more younger folks go kinda anti-tech? Like whenever one of my twenty-something coworkers is out with friends, his first order of business is "everyone hand over your cell phones" and he doesn't return them till the night's done.

And those "old fashioned" dinner-parties and potlucks that our parents used to do, they're showing a resurgence and many hosts keep a basket where everyone deposits their cell phones/media devices and anyone who goes to get their device before the party's over has to fork over $5 or $10.
Even for me, gadget junkie as I am, when I'm at a party or a show, I make a conscious effort to leave my phone in my car. Not just because I don't want it smashed in a moshpit, but because I want to have real interactions.

Normally, tech would seem like a blessing because I'm admittedly not the smoothest conversationalist. I tend to stumble on my words because of my ADD and don't always respond right away because it takes me a little longer to process everything you're saying. I communicate more eloquently through writing. And that's why the fun, spontaneity, challenge, and freshness of face-to-face conversations is important to me these days...

...And I can't hug words.

General Discussions / Re: Digital VS Physical
« on: March 19, 2015, 08:49:45 PM »
Cool. Cool. all very valid points. Especially spaaaaaaace.... I have 3 shelf units full of books/DVD's...

I seem to be conflicted too but times change. It's like.. Internet in 1997-1998 ICQ, moderation, an mp3 or a flash vid went around the Web in a week. lol And that time is gone. Games and social media are mainstream. I had to pinch myself when a younger co-worker said "lol" out loud (in a har-har manner).... was weiiiiird.

I can see the art or original piece argument. For example, my profile pic is actually a quadruple vinyl set of remixes by DJ's (DJ Krush, Ken Ishii & DJ Eye) of a japanse punk-rock group called The Boredoms. The art is phantastic! It'll all psychedelic "alive turntables" but that's something you don't get when you download a song.

The mixes are weird.... some of it is borderline free-clusterfuck of sound or throwing a dishwasher down the stairs.... still. Awesome art. :)

I think I said weird too much. Maybe I'm weird. :P

General Discussions / Digital VS Physical
« on: March 19, 2015, 05:24:52 PM »
Hey everyone. I was wondering what everyone's stance on this was.

I love having an actual object - I think most collector's would also go that route as well. I can't see myself without my music collection for instance (1500+ vinyls and CD's). Although I have a ton of albums that aren't available digital or on Spotify for example. So gone are the good old Walkman and Panasonic Discman (still own 2) days for most people.

But in the reality of today and since everything is gong [is already?!?] digital - I've downloaded music albums... and not bought a CD for a few years. It's a lot less costly for the creator as well since there's no distributor in the mix [stores markup typically around 40% of their purchase price from a publisher AFAIK).

Plus Japanese games are starting to appear on Steam (even though the Japanese Steam % use is 1.3% only....? :/ )

Although in terms if gaming and the explosion of available engines (Unity 5) and talent from across the globe (KickStater and Desura etc.) we now have choice.... and a lot of garbage but we have choice... and we can get games for ridiculously cheaper prices (my Steam backlog is silly) than we ever could. If this means having more imports or translations of games from Japan that we'd never see, isn't that the best thing? To consume the actual product?


*drum roll*

General Games / Cities: Skylines
« on: March 19, 2015, 05:13:41 PM »
If anyone wanted to build it so they can come. :)

FYI, Super fun! Reminds me of my SimCity 2000 days... Traffic control is also pretty neat. You have to wait though. If you make changes, it takes a little while for it to take effect - such as using one-way streets to control traffic flow or walkways for pedestrians. Grids work but I think with clever design and usage of tools you could get something much more organic and loopy in design and still manage to build a thriving city.

Also something you can casually play. There's a "hard" mode to really scratch your head in terms of money management. Not sure how deep it is but the economic panels are a little bunched up. You can't, for example, see the breakdown of an education cost or say cut funding for elementary schools but keep it high for universities....  And since buildings have area of affect you can't build a whole street of schools to service the city. :)

Modding is also gone crazy in the Steam workshop. Well worth the pennies compared to last year's SimCity disaster.


The Bazaar / Re: Selling Game Collection PSP, PS1, PS2, PS3 & 3DS
« on: March 17, 2015, 10:55:28 PM »

How much were you thinking for Breath of Fire III?

Hey Stephen!

I'd say 20$ USD + 2.50$ S+H is reasonable (I see double that on eBay at a quick glance but... y'know... eBayy :) ).



PM'd you to finalize.


General Games / Re: Ori and the Blind Forest
« on: March 16, 2015, 08:16:44 PM »
The sound and art design are fun-freaking-tastic! Has a Cirque do Soleil vibe I find with the made up jibberish language. Adds a timeless whimsical quality to it. I'm surprised this was done in the Unity engine.

Worth every shiny penny. :)

The Bazaar / Re: Selling Game Collection PSP, PS1, PS2, PS3 & 3DS
« on: March 16, 2015, 02:53:43 PM »
(holy shit, user has Tsugunai, and a bunch of shit you want.  Dice, keep calm, don't yell out anything stupi---)


lol Yes yes. Your other personalities will get back to you. WE ARE LEGION! :)

Nice art btw!

Feel free to ask questions if you have any.

The Bazaar / Re: Selling Game Collection PSP, PS1, PS2, PS3 & 3DS
« on: March 16, 2015, 02:42:03 PM »

How much were you thinking for Breath of Fire III?

Hey Stephen!

I'd say 20$ USD + 2.50$ S+H is reasonable (I see double that on eBay at a quick glance but... y'know... eBayy :) ).



Greetings all!

I'm set up with PayPal to accept payment. Will be shipping from Montreal, Canada.

The vast majority of these games are in near mint condition and were used either on a PSP 3001 or a PS3 60gb backwards compatible system.

[selling price] next to each item in USD$. Bulk purchases could be negotiable. Does not include S+H.

Please PM me or reply to this thread if you have any questions.

PS 1 Games:
Breath of Fire III  [20]  sold!
Chrono Cross (Greatest Hits) [15]  sold!
Final Fantasy 7 (Greatest Hits)  [20]  sold!
Final Fantasy Chronicles (4&Chrono Trigger)  [20]  sold!
Final Fantasy IX (Greatest Hits)  [20]   sold!
Final Fantasy Anthology (1&2)  [15]  sold!
Final Fantasy Tactics (jewel case cracked. Disc mint)  [20]  sold!
Legend of the Dragoon (Greatest Hits) [25]   sold!
Suikoden 2  [25]  Sold!
UFO Defense (AKA X-COM)  [25]  sold!
Xenogears  [50]

PS2 Games:
Dark Alliance  [10]  sold!
Dark Alliance 2  [15]    Sold!  
Disgaea: Hour of darkness  [15]  sold!
Final Fantasy XII  [15]  sold!
Front Mission 4  [15]  sold!
Gladius  [10]  sold!
God of War  [5]  sold!
God of War 2  [10]  sold!
Growlanser Generations  [40]  sold!
Kingdom Hearts  [10]  sold!
Mega Man Anniversary Collection (10 games)  [10]  sold!
Odin Sphere  [15]  sold!
Rogue Galaxy  [20]  sold!
Romance of the Three Kingdoms VIII  [10]  sold!
Romance of the Three Kingdoms X  [10]  sold!
Shadow Hearts: From the New World  [20]  sold!
Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga  [15]  sold!
Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga 2  [15]  sold!
Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne  [15]  sold!
Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES (w/artbook)  [20]  sold!
Stella Deus  [25]  sold!
Suikoden 3  [25]  sold!
Suikoden 5  [20]   Sold!
Suikoden IV  [15]  sold!
Suikoden Tactics  [15]  sold!
Tales of the Abyss  [20]  sold!
True Crime: Streets of L.A.  [5]  sold!
Tsugunai: Atonement  [20]  sold!
Wild Arms 3  [10]  sold!
Yakuza 2  [20]    Sold!

PS3 Games
Batman Arkham Asylum  [5]  sold!
Cross Edge  [30]  sold!
Dark Souls  [15]  sold!
Darksiders  [20]  sold!
Demon's Souls  [15]  sold!
Dragon's Crown (+artbook)  [40]  sold!
Enchanted Arms  [20]  sold!
Final Fantasy XIII  [10]  sold!
Final Fantasy XIII-2  [10]  sold!
Heavy Rain  [10]  sold!
Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning  [15]  sold!
Nier  [20]  sold!
Record of Agarest War 2  [15]  sold!
Record of Agarest War Zero  [15]  sold!
Tales of Xilia (limited edition)  [30]  sold!
Uncharted 2  [10]  sold!
Valkyria Chronicles  [15]  sold!
Virtua Fighter 5  [5]  sold!
White Knight Chronicles 2 (includes 1)  [20]  sold!
Ys The Ark of Nephishtim  [15]  sold!

Console: PSP 3001 system  [40]   Sold!
PSP Games
Class of Heroes  [30]  sold!
Crimson Gem Saga  [30]  sold!
Gungnir  [10]  sold!
Hexyz Force  [30]  sold!
Jeanne d'Arc  [10]  sold!
Knights in the Nightmare  [15]  sold!
Legend of Heroes 3: Song of the Ocean  [20]  sold!
Legend of Heroes: A Tear of Vermillion  [20]  sold!
Legend of Heroes: Trails in the sky (premium edition box)  [30]  sold!
Lunar: Silver Star Harmony  [20]  sold!
Mana Khemia: Student Alliance  [10]  sold!
Ragnarok Tactics  [20]  sold!
Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 2 Innocent Sin (Collector Set Box)  [45]  sold!
Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together  [20]  sold!
Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology  [20]  sold!
Valkyria Chronicles 2  [15]  sold!
Ys Seven  [20]  sold!

Console: Sealed 3DS XL Zelda: Link between worlds edition  [260]  sold!
3DS Games
Dragon Quest Ix: Sentinels of the stary skies  [20]  sold!
Golden Sun: Dark Alliance  [10]  sold!
Radiant Historia  [20]  sold!
The Legend of Zelda: A Link between Worlds  [35]  sold!

Feel free to ask questions. I'll be happy to respond. :)

Best regards,

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