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I miss Rhythm Encounter >:(
Is it never coming back?

I hate throwing out overly-official-sounding vague statements, but... we currently don't have any plans to bring it back.

I want to at some point, but it's a logistics issue, so until we have a way to make it work again on a regular basis, it will have to remain on hiatus. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Game Journals / Re: Retro Encounter Podcast Thread
« on: November 18, 2017, 01:59:38 PM »
Is it me, or is the recording of the Final Fantasy IX podcast corrupted? When I play the mp3, it skips to 1:04:00 the moment the podcast reaches the 06:52 time point 

We identified the cause as an issue uploading to our server. We’ve re-uploaded the file and it should be fine now, but let us know if you have any issues.

(If you’re listening via a podcast app, you may have to delete any cached versions)

Game Journals / Re: Help Sollosi! He needs to play Kingdom Hearts 1.
« on: September 18, 2017, 08:22:49 AM »
I am so pleased this topic exists.

General Discussions / Reader Survey Badges: Activate!
« on: September 09, 2017, 09:23:51 PM »
Hi everyone!

If you hadn't noticed yet, everyone who participated in our Reader Survey and gave a valid forum name, now has a new badge and special title. As far as rewards go, it's not exactly on par with a Golden Globe or subscription to the Jelly of the Month Club, but it was a simple thing we could offer to show our gratitude.

Some people filled out the survey with forum handles that have never been used - one was registered 8 years ago! But even you folks who don't read the forums or lurk still got official credit, don't worry. There were several dozen forum names that simply don't exist, so if you feel like you put the wrong name down, please post here and we'll look into it.

It was great seeing several long-standing names in the list too: You're all special, but thank you to some of our longer term members such as MonCapitan2002, Arvis, Evil Gately, Blace, and more - names that even someone like me who doesn't post often still recognized.

But not you, [member=70]Dade[/member]. You're already in the Rainbow Club, so while I CAN move you to a Survey Hero, you have to ask yourself if you're willing to give up the rainbow.

Thank you again to everyone! Even if a large percent of survey takers don't even use the forums, it meant a lot for everyone to participate, as we work to make this site even better. Thank you also for sticking with us as long as you have. I may not peek in here like I used to, but I'm happy that our community is still here.

RPGFan: Site / Re: A few words about RPGFan's new design!
« on: August 19, 2017, 12:40:50 AM »
If you go into the Profile menu across the top (under the RPGFan logo) and then to Forum Profile, the first option on the page is for your avatar.

RPGFan: Site / Re: A few words about RPGFan's new design!
« on: August 19, 2017, 12:38:13 AM »
So I don't know if this is new or not but did the kind of profile settings and options and all that undergo some changes? I was going to change my picture again but I don't know what happened here it could be I'm just not remembering how it worked and it's still there or something's changed...

Nah, we haven't changed the forums since around the beginning of 2017. Are you having trouble changing your picture?

Hi! I have to apologize for how this was handled. We were still figuring out what to do when we recorded that interlude in March, and I'll admit our messaging in the recording and episode description was confusing - "Are they on hiatus or coming right back?" was likely the question.

We should have explained better then – and the error in communication is exactly why I published that Letter from the Editor, as an example of the kind of thing we can't do.

To the point: Caitlin and I both had to leave the show, because our work efforts were needed elsewhere. For me, I also knew my own change in position was looming, right alongside E3. I adore Rhythm Encounter, but I didn't want to risk affecting the quality of the show and turning in weaker efforts, since I have to spend the energy elsewhere.

As for the future of "regular" episodes, we're not sure what to do with it yet, even though we discuss it. Everyone on staff is committed to their departments, so it's hard to find people to work in a time-heavy show like Rhythm as well. I want the show to have a phoenix moment, but I can't promise anything right now.

I know that's... kind of a downer answer, haha. But you folks in this thread are such committed listeners, and you deserved an explanation. My apologies again for that explanation coming so late, and we'll do better about this in the future.

RPGFan: Site / Re: Kudos to RPG Fan
« on: July 25, 2017, 02:31:46 PM »
Aw, thank you for your comments! It's always nice to hear feedback like this, especially with how much time some people put into their work here. I couldn't be more proud to work alongside this staff, so I'm a fan of everyone's writing and podcasting talents as well, and have taken my share of recommendations from people here, too.

I am a little sorry if we put you in a financial or Time Crisis per our recommendations, but I do hope it has been and continues to be good experiences for you. :)

RPGFan: Site / Re: Echoes of the Fey Review
« on: July 18, 2017, 08:51:56 PM »
Fixed! Thanks for the heads-up. :)

RPGFan: Site / Re: Regalia Giveaway Google Form Error
« on: May 21, 2017, 11:18:16 PM »
Thanks for the heads-up! We fixed the error, and apologize for any confusion.

Game Journals / Re: Retro Encounter Podcast Thread
« on: April 26, 2017, 10:30:51 AM »
Yep, that's my favorite podcast/audiobook time too - it's a good time filler, but I also find it keeps me more awake and engaged vs. just listening to music.

Let us know if you have any other issues/comments on the show!

Game Journals / Re: Retro Encounter Podcast Thread
« on: April 26, 2017, 12:42:23 AM »
Tales of the Abyss is having trouble popping up. The mana one popped up and was excellent.

Our apologies! It appears our RSS feed wasn't updating properly, so I checked it, fixed it, and it should be fine now. Just our of curiosity, how do you listen to the podcast? Via iTunes, a mobile app, or otherwise?

Ah, I always love seeing your commentary here, Arvis. :D Every so often when you podcast, it can feel like you're talking into a vacuum, hoping someone is hearing it and liking it, but you never know! So it means a lot that you always come here and offer up such detailed commentary. It's fun talking about these on the show, but even better hearing it resonates with you. :)

And yes, there's much Chrono out there from 2015-2016, but if you only dive into one... well, it should be the official arrange album, haha. But if you dive into TWO, then Chronicles of Time should be your next venture. It's epic in both sound and diversity, and if you couldn't already tell from this, I wholeheartedly recommend it!

We ended up needing more production time than expected on the podcasts, but you may see it rolling out sooner than you think...!

RPGFan: Site / Re: Editor's Choice
« on: December 31, 2016, 11:22:56 PM »
I can't speak for my fellow editors, but I hadn't actually thought of that before, but it's a solid idea.

*adds to 'Future Plans' list*

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