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10711  Media / Miscellaneous Games / Smash Bros. Brawl on: June 07, 2006, 02:32:26 PM
More characters announced, and 3 characters announced to be left behind. One of those missed characters, honestly, I was thinking would be useless to keep when reading about the new character additions.
10712  The Rest / General Discussions / EB Games - controlled by communist nazis on: June 07, 2006, 07:17:28 AM
Thankfully the online store still has them. But yeah, utter bullshit, and EB/GS is doing more and more to repel me from wanting to support them. Ofcourse, I've already went over that in IRC. :P
10713  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Question regarding the Tales series on: June 06, 2006, 03:47:40 PM
Well, Rebirth is fully or nearly fully 2D, unlike Legendia, and it's got a different battle system. Can't comment much more though, check this.
10714  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Question.. on: June 05, 2006, 12:39:26 AM
VP is Valkyrie Profile. It's a late PSX game that's exceedingly rare now, and considered one of the best on the system; I didn't think so when I initially played it, but I think I just expected too much out of it. It costs an assload to get, but a PSP port is going to be out in little over a month, so I'd just get that one.

Sprites, well, I suck at explainting, so here's a a wikipedia link. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sprite_(computer_graphics)

Edit: Apparantly that url, for whatever reason (I think it's the parenthesizes) won't work right in code. So it's submitted like this.

Edit 2: ... It's the parenthesizes.
10715  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Question.. on: June 04, 2006, 11:28:37 PM
Well, VP's handling of the towns/dungeons/the overworld was unlike other RPGs (espicially since towns were pretty much just put in for things to happen), but... Yeah, not much point taking this further.

Edit: Well. I want to add that in my eyes, traditional is basically any RPG that's turn based, has parties filled with static or largely static characters, has you going to towns, and at least recognizably follows the pattern set by DQ and FF. But if we want to get into a debate over what makes an RPG traditional or not, we can make a seperate topic for that... Though I could see it crashing, burning, then locked. :P
10716  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Question.. on: June 04, 2006, 06:13:18 PM
... And an overworld, towns, dungeons like you'd see in other RPGs, and random battles where everyone takes turns.

I think it's more accurate to say it's different from others because of the combo attack system, ability to control mechas as well as humans, along with jumping around in dungeons, a sci-fi theme, and the fact the second disc is more text than game; in other words, essentially what Miho said. But it's just as traditional as most RPGs can claim to be anymore. If you want a turn based RPG that really isn't traditional in any sense (except for a fantasy theme I guess), go look at VP. :P

There's already a topic like this, and my response would be largely the same.

Edit: Screw it, rewrote much of the second paragraph.
10717  Media / Single-Player RPGs / The Shin Megami Tensei games on: June 03, 2006, 05:43:36 PM
I'd consider 'what if' scenarios to be spin offs myself, but that's just me.

Curiously, it seems none of the MegaTen games labeled 3, or at least third in their respective series, really need the prvious games to be played to be understood. SMT:N only has a connection that'll likely sail over your head if you don't go through the Amala Labyrinth, new Devil Summoner takes place in the past with seemingly no connection to the older games, outside of having the same detective agency, and Persona 3... Well, that doesn't /look/ connected at least.
10718  The Rest / General Discussions / Microsoft dropping future Backwards compatibility? on: June 03, 2006, 05:38:54 PM
Quote from: "Testament"

Essentially what I posted, but I guess that works for people who don't want to visit GameSpot for whatever reason.

Nothing to add beyond that and what I said in the edit earlier.
10719  The Rest / General Discussions / Game Journal #2 on the new(ish) boards on: June 03, 2006, 05:35:41 PM
Wow, they do? Well, Fry's also isn't exactly a normal electronics store - it's the only major brick and mortar chain I can think of that carries imports currently. Before then, I can only think of EB flirting with the concept of import SS games before dropping it.

Edit: Though to note for those that don't know about it, they only carry PSP and DS games. I guess they'll only do it as long as you can buy them and play them on your system without any hassle - can't blame them there, heh.
10720  Media / Single-Player RPGs / The Shin Megami Tensei games on: June 03, 2006, 04:58:04 PM
I found I did better at SMT:N after playing DDS - partially because the ability to pick your own skills lets you try out most of the skills that SMT:N has without checking out every monster that comes along. :P
10721  Media / Single-Player RPGs / The Shin Megami Tensei games on: June 03, 2006, 04:20:00 PM
Either the newer released games (SMT:N and espicially DDS1+2) or Persona 2. I'd recommand the DDS games most myself.
10722  Media / Single-Player RPGs / RPG Control on: June 03, 2006, 03:53:09 PM
I'd count interface too, which is why I said pretty much just Phoenix Wright-type graphic adventures could get away from it being an issue. SuikV's got a few mindboggling stupid design choices when it comes to the menus. :P
10723  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Recomendations please on: June 03, 2006, 03:50:54 PM
Nearly 40 for me, but I used a faq. Fuck mindlessly sailing across that obscenely annoying ocean to search for people.

In fact, without that ocean I wager the game could've been in the area of 10 or 20 hours shorter. Possibly more.
10724  Media / Single-Player RPGs / The Shin Megami Tensei games on: June 03, 2006, 03:47:53 PM
Doesn't matter at all for the most part. When it does matter, it's The first game then the second. SMT:N has some loose connections to SMT2, but is otherwise unconnected. And the only one I can think of that you /need/ to play before the other is probably DDS1 before 2.
10725  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Recomendations please on: June 03, 2006, 05:50:49 AM
While 2's considered the best SH by many, opinions do vary wildly. I found SH:C genuinely funny, but really didn't find SH1 honestly that dark, at least not in contrast to the MegaTen games; it's kinda like getting some food labeled as 'spicy', but it's a very mild spicy. But despite those issues, I still liked SH1 more anyway - it was easy, but at least it had a semblance of difficulty to it, and the monster designs were /definitely/ where almost all of the game's 'darkness' went to.

There was also actual musical vairty in 1: SH:C kept repeating the same boring dungeon them for almost every dungeon in the game. Fuck, they couldn't even be bothered to get a /final dungeon theme/. Not using a hardly used song like Xenosaga or something either, no. It just went and used the disc 2 regular battle theme. To be fair, that did come off as epic, yet still underwhelming, and they replaced the normal battle theme with the boss battle theme.

However... I generally liked SH:C's story better, the voices are /definitely/ better, and despite an odd twist in the ending that I don't really know what to say about anymore, I liked the (good) ending of SH:C much more.

If you don't mind an easy ass game that can get pretty boring, definitely get SH:C. But if you're going to get that, do yourself a favor and make sure to get SH1 as well - and blow off anyone that says to skip SH1, you'll appreciate SH:C more for having gone through 1 first. :P
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