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1396  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Star Ocean: The Last Hope news.(56k Warning) on: January 09, 2009, 09:58:38 PM
IGN just posted the answers to all the questions people asked SE about SO4. They said they have no current plans for a PS3 version of the game.


Well that's a darn shame. It would be nice to see this to the PS3, but I'll enjoy it just fine on the Xbox360. Can't wait for this to come out in February, definitely on my list of buys next month.
1397  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Quintessence - The Blighted Venom (some non-profit 2D RPG) on: January 09, 2009, 05:28:23 PM
Another hour put in.

Chapter: Chapter 2
Time: 1:38:02
Save#: 10

I've made my way to the 2nd chapter and I'm enjoying the game more than I thought I would. The new songs that have played are splendid, I  am taking a great liking to the music!

I'm going to post further updates of my progress in the spoiler-free code. Please give this game a chance and don't highlight it if you haven't already reached Chapter 2 or intending on playing the game.

The second puzzle was pretty fun, but it got me when the moose just passed by my character. I though that it would avoid contact, but that beast just zoomed pass my guy like the road runner. Solving the puzzle was a cinch, I canít wait for harder puzzles down the line!

I love the bubble cloud illustrations, itís cute at the same time funny. I couldnít help but laugh when I saw the moose tip over and saying O noes while the children were all sappy-eyed.

There are two error I have found in the first chapter so far...

Error 1: I went through it 3 times and it finally registered he's jumping into the water. I timed my Print Screen to show you what I mean.
Error 2: Character in lead is not facing the object while the action button is pressed, resulting in what it seems he's observing the wall when he is meant to observe the ocarina. Do you have the trigger as below main character?

These are just common errors I've passed by, so I can't honestly tell you if there are any more.

Other than that, great game so far man! After I play through this game I may look for others. I like indie games, but this game is shedding another light on the genre for me very nicely.

*I don't normally double post... but for now this will be fine.
1398  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Quintessence - The Blighted Venom (some non-profit 2D RPG) on: January 09, 2009, 03:52:39 PM
I'm putting another hour into this game right after this post.

Ahh, and for anyone that caught it...

1399  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: If you insist on getting drunk in public... on: January 09, 2009, 03:49:37 PM
Ba dum tish.
1400  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Do you like the Star Ocean-style RPG structure? on: January 08, 2009, 07:19:30 PM
Thanks for the offer, you are one awesome dude! I already have all the Star Ocean games though, I got all three specifically for my "Journey through Star Ocean" adventure in anticipation of the fourth one coming out soon! I wonder why they never brought this game over to the US in the SNES days, it's so good! I wish I had a PSP to play the remakes instead, although I love being able to appreciate the tremendous effort Tri-Ace put into the game in the first place.

It's unfortunate that the third one does a stylistic and philosophical 180 from the rest of the series. First two are fun fantasy romps with sci-fi tinges (forgive me, I never played the very first one, so I'm going by others' reviews) that don't take themselves too seriously. The third one is a dead-pan serious space opera (ie: Xenosaga) with no gameplay or stylistic similarity to the previous games. I was totally confused.

Sometimes I don't mind a series taking a different stylistic direction, but this was a distinct turn for the a) worse, and b) less original.

(Circles b)
1401  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Do you like the Star Ocean-style RPG structure? on: January 08, 2009, 05:27:04 PM
I know what you mean appreciating originals, haha. I just want to play the psp version for the additional content like anime scenes and such.
1402  Media / Anime, TV, and Movies / Re: Most Anticipated for 2009 on: January 08, 2009, 01:50:44 PM
I'm looking forward to the Inkheart movie. I hooked my sister on the series when I told her about the book when I bought it a while back and didn't pass page 50. I'll go with my sis and my girlfriend to go watch the movie, heck even the whole family. I'm a fan of Brandon Frasier and the book. Ah! I didn't finish the book because I ended up reading The Thief Lord, which is also by the same author. I love the Thief Lord and want to see that come to fruition.
1403  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: So where's Mana Khemia 2 now? >_< on: January 08, 2009, 01:41:09 PM
Knowing NISA, at least a partially complete soundtrack will be in order when it gets released (and knowing the Gust composers, it's going to be good as always).

Excellent, then I will wait in anticipation on the preorder date. I'm listening to the soundtrack that came with the 1st Mana Khemia, and boy is it really a great soundtrack! I'm just saddened because this isn't a complete ost, but they do include a good number of my favorites on this one... so I forgive them.
1404  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Muramasa: The Demon Blade (images+interview) on: January 08, 2009, 01:37:59 PM
Muramasa: The Demon Blade get.

I love 2d drawn out games! So much and beauty in these screens, I hope the music is just as beautiful :)!
1405  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: RPG Makers on: January 08, 2009, 01:29:30 PM
A pretty simple example of feature creep would be if you said "I want to implement fire attacks," and then that somehow morphed into fire and ice and lightning.  You had a defined thing you were shooting for, and then you let the scope of that target expand to other things.

I don't want to threadjack with what I'm about to write, but I felt it was too related to justifiably start a new thread over.

I was looking at heaven only knows what today, and I ended up finding out about people who make games in Excel.  An acquaintance of mine and I wrote a spreadsheet that solves Sudoku puzzles (or can be used just as a place to let you solve them yourself), but that's as far as I have delved into the idea before now.  (If you'd like a copy of that, PM me and I'll send it to you.)

One thing immediately caught my eye as something I had to look at and pass on: an Excel spreadsheet-based RPG.  It's not a finished project, but you can download the alpha and play it for some good old proof-of-concept-style fun.

What the heck (haha)? That's just a flashy show, I'm a simple person with simple wants. I look deeper with the actual trigger events and dialogue than making the game look like a Seizure fest.

I took a look at that Excel game and it immediately reminded me of Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar for the NES. I am definitely checking this game out, (haha)! I long for old school like this from time to time.

P.S. Sending PM..... now.
1406  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Do you like the Star Ocean-style RPG structure? on: January 08, 2009, 01:15:42 PM
Same stuff in Star Ocean 2 for the PS. I have the original PS Version and it's a blast to play whenever I get in the star Ocean feel. I remember going through it 3 times, but I never beat the game. The first time I made it to the last boss but apparently he has some sort of Limiter and I triggered an event which took the limiter off, and then I just gave up because I'm not a level grinder. I remember entering the fight and being wiped the first 3 seconds, FIRST 3 SECONDS. Impossible to fight the last boss without doing some grinding.

The other two times I talked or examined one thing and triggered a series of event. It was a snowball effect the whole time, which I got a kick out of when playing. You'll really love the PS version. Let me know if you can't find the 2nd one and I'll definitely let you pick up the original PS version rather than the PSP version. I know I'll be picking the PSP version when I get a PSP, so I'm not weary at all with departing from my original.

The music in the game was amazing as well, a lot of great tracks like "Dynamite!" and "Kamikaze".

haha... but to answer to the topic: Yes I liked the Structure of Star Ocean. I love a game where one little thing can change the outcome of a game greatly. :)

1407  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: So where's Mana Khemia 2 now? >_< on: January 07, 2009, 11:11:33 PM
I'm looking forward to a soundtrack package release with this game. I'm positive I'm going to love this game's soundtrack as I did the first one.
1408  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: I feel like trying the Something Store on: January 07, 2009, 02:39:12 PM
I guess I'll never get those brass knuckles I always wanted.
1409  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Have you ever cried or gotten emotional from an RPG? on: January 07, 2009, 12:40:32 AM
I know what you mean, your decisions in that game could change the outcome on things. I remember doing things out of order and really messing things up for that game's world.
1410  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Have you ever cried or gotten emotional from an RPG? on: January 07, 2009, 12:32:37 AM

you mean the part where Schala gives this TOTALLY weird-ass speech about "spermatazoa" implanting the egg that is the planet? Was it just the English translation, or was that whole monologue just a strange thing to read?

Granted, other than the writing, it is quite a thing to behold.

That writing was just weird, God knows what was happening in the translation part of that speech. I was like 13 when I read that, I didn't understand two licks of it except that I just beat an awesome game with marvelous music.

Actually the part where it sent a good chill down my spine, like what I wrote in the blog, is the timpani roll and the SPOILER SPOILER at 1:25-1:28. I just find the choreograph of this song to the cutscene magical. I'm a huge fan of theatrical presentation in music and games. This game totally topped the charts when I saw that.
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