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Single-Player RPGs / Re: Trails/Kiseki Thread! Trails of Whateva
« on: January 17, 2019, 10:55:53 PM »
I read that they got a few of the localizers from XSeed working on this? Is that true?

Perhaps, at least until they stop paying them, shove them in a box deep in the bowels of NISA headquarters, and feed them only one slice of moldy beweeviled bread, and some dirty water that was probably used to swab the deck and rung out of the mop, once every two days one 'all-beef' hotdog + a dab of the cheapest ketchup, mustard and relish known to man, and a single snack sized bag of chips (bottled water must be purchased from the company's vending machine for a buck fifty and no other source of on-site portable liquids), until they die, escape or the game leaves development hell and ships (plus the time needed for consumers to find all the bugs, to report them to NISA, for NISA project mangers to throw said report away, for their mangers to tell their 'staff' to simply 'fix it', and to release whatever patch comes from all of that which will only work on the PS4 version; the PC version will simply remain a Gordian Knot of programming, bugs, untranslated gobbledygook, 'Big Holes', and broken events until the end of time).

Single-Player RPGs / Re: Trails/Kiseki Thread! Trails of Whateva
« on: January 17, 2019, 10:40:47 AM »
Welp... NIS just put out a trailer for Trails of Cold Steel 3 on their Facebook page. XSeed didn't get it. Poop.

To use my Discord response:

Anime, TV, and Movies / Re: Anime/Manga Journal
« on: January 15, 2019, 07:15:48 PM »

And maybe to see how they'll choose to end this version of Madara/Dororo/whatever.

As for Shield Hero, let me know when you get to the part where a woman is beaten, has her name legally changed to Fuck Whore, and sold to Jabba the Hut as a sex slave, all for accusing the Shield Douche of raping her.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: January 11, 2019, 11:25:55 PM »
Anti-Armor weapons that don't hit Res tend to not fare well against 5+ teams of attack range shadowing/Ward Armors sporting 50~60 Def. I have a Fury 3 +Atk Frederick I try to bring along, but even against these teams, he just doesn't have the firepower to safely/effectively drop even one Armor before getting dogpiled. Even if I threw in my 5 star +Atk TA 3 Selena, Bonkers, Miccy and Elise, they'd still flatten my ass due to the sheer momentum designed into these 'Rude' Goldberg AR Defs. And the worst part is that you can't even count on your sky fort for help because the wailords will always have a better fort to trump yours with. As we all said back at the start of this, IntSyst so irradiated AR with its Lyft loss mechanism, that the mode is Green with Gamma Radiation.

As for the story chapter thing, I will say this. There's nothing like having Laguz Kings powercreep your whale bait Dragon Armor, who you still manage to win against, only to get someone's shit wrecked by the boss of the book, and there's nothing you can do to stop her due to to being even more powercrept. Makes her into a much more credible threat, rather than just someone hiding behind bullshit invulnerability (hi Surtr and Book 1 Ike/Titania lol).

As for the plot itself though, "OMG! Alfonse NO!!! You can't be dying. Oh whatever shall we do!?" *COUGH COUGH* "Not now Fjorm! Can't you see we have a crisis on our hands!?"

As for the Firesweep + Null C-Disrupt bullshit. The only thing keeping it from being total dogshit is that there aren't any Firesweep Axes yet, because I can easily see Sheenas, Amelias or other lower end armors looking for a way to keep up despite their lack of a Prf or Berkut Lances.

GHeBit: Naesalsa was surprisingly easy for my Flier Emblem this time around. Just a quick poke and a reposition into position and the enemy basically suicides itself onto me.

Pitybreaker Edit: Goddammit, this is the sixth pity breaker I've pulled in a row. At least this time, Ylgr has things worth inheriting (unfortunately, she has way too much to inherit and no way of spreading out the love).

Pitybreaker Edit II: As the old saying goes "The surest way to fix a problem is to post about it online." As with the last remaining banner Ticket, I was able to pull a +Atk/-Spd Tibarn (one of my goals, even if he isn't Nailah)....and then I immediately get pity broken (such as it was) by Soleil, with my persistence towards nabbing at least one NY19 seasonal getting rewarded with a SECOND pitybreaking Soleil (at least I saved myself 40k Feathers, and even claimed a few WoMs, Repositions and a DB3 along the way). So I'm almost out of orbs, but I've given up on the NYOCs, fetched a King, filled in a few gaps, snagged some dece fodder, and got the fucking message, game.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: January 10, 2019, 10:29:26 PM »
Yeah, now I see it. Either Julia's portending a Dragon Staffbot or they just stapled Mystic Boost on her, gave her a Dragons Only conditional and called it close enough. At least she has the Res, especially with the Tome effect buff.

And yeah, I forgot about Wrath being Tome restricted which does give Tailtiu a possible Desperation + Wrath build, which in of itself goes pretty well with Darting Blow (especially since you can double up on Darting, pull a Sudo Swift Sparrow 3 with Death Blow, help ourselves to Naesalsa's Swift Sparrow for a +4/+10 Atk/Spd boost, or take the budget Fury approach for extra help activating Desperation Wrath). Too bad Blows don't work with Heavy/Flashing Blades as that would grant some serious horseshit.

And AR continues to massively suck balls. I've run face first into the wall that is whales sporting +8 Surtrs paired with +10 Leg Hectors and Level 3+1 Def Forts (on top of the rest of the usual horseshit). Its hard to even tread water given how badly outclassed I am in both offense and defense. If I want to do those Light Quests, I'm probably going to have to wait until I demote back to tier 18. And in all honesty, upgrading the fountain was a mistake as well since it means that this mode will be enter-for-stompationable for longer than before.

Also a new calendar to disappoint even more as we've got another two seasonals incoming, and unless Spring's coming in February (thanks Global Warming), we've got our first new type of alts since Valentines (so much for any 'new' characters until the Binding banner). The only other thing to note is the presence of Pair-Up quests at the end of the latest calendar. I can only assume it forebodes something new and awful.

Banner Edit: I guess the game really wants me to reforge that Divine Naga because 12 Orbs just got me one & a +Res/-HP Deirdre to go with it (although now I don't have anybody to aim for in the upcoming new power banner). That aside, the FB rewards aren't terribly surprising this time around either. They ditched the Orb and some Feathered rewards and replaced them with a banner specific ticket and 10 Grails per Bond. Additionally, the competition for Feathers grows even more bloodthirsty as my comfortable T_T score of 55k ended up only scoring 3000 Feathers as another 800 players pushed me out (soon players are going to start needing to score 100k+ points just to stay in the 4000 Feathers ranking).

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: January 09, 2019, 08:41:52 AM »
Now that I can see the skills, goddamn they're just straight up bullshitting last month's bullshit. At least the Laguz didn't gain their refresh everybody surrounding them trait (then again, neither did Silvia nor Lene). Guess I shouldn't be too surprised with a Laguz Royal's bullshit (due to being consistent with the main series for once; if anything, that's the real surprise *cough*Karla*cough*). But still, on top of Sturdy Impact's cheese, we've got Null C-Disrupt to specifically fuck over Wrazzle Dazzlers and Firesweepers (and on a character that comes with Distant Counter out of the fucking box no less). So expect that to crop up everywhere from now on.

One think I do like is that Beast weapons are basically slightly nerfed Prfs until they transform and become full fledged Prfs. Its so stupidly useless.

But yeah, I can't count on any of them demoting this time. At least we'll be getting the Naesalad for a GHeB, who, if nothing else, will not be a Red GHeB unit (trying to raise Garon, Aversa and Gharnef at the same time is an exercise in rolling for Greens in the Tower).

But the real prize of this update are Grails finally showing up elsewhere (and likely in parsimonious quantities, because god forbid that we wouldn't have to suffer through AR anymore). Well that, and the latest refines becoming available.

And speaking of latest refines, Julia's the big winner this time around with Mystic Boost (Close Counter edition) + enhanced tome effects, followed distantly by Seliph's likely to be annoying Miracle variant + Atk/Def Bond 3 (good effects to be sure, but hard to compete with Divine Tyrfing's Res tanking), and Deirdre's +3 to all stats if Res >= enemy Res + 3, while Tailtiu's Wrath 3 tome is nice but its still competing directly with a Litrblade+ (and Darting Blow 3 as the special refine is marginally useful at best; of course if Wrath stacks and she can push its activation to >=100% HP, then ToT is insane and the clear winner).

Also, Naesalad's stats and skills have been datamined, he's basically 1 Rng + Def checking Blue (wtf?) Giga Nino. More importantly though is that he's a GHeB source of Swift Sparrow 2 (which means Swift Sparrow 3 can only be around the corner) and a 4 star source of Guard 3.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: January 07, 2019, 08:58:41 AM »
Flier Formation will be a pretty common thing to go up against as we rub up against whales with access to loads of skills.

That's where the rub has been for me lately. The game has been adding more and better skills rapidfire for the last several months (remember when Bond skills were the creme of the crop? now their best are SSs), and none of them are really all that accessible without spare 5 stars to burn. If I shed my 'collect them all' mentality, then I could probably keep up, but to me, its generally not worth the effort or burning through a significant portion of my 'good' fodder to try to keep up with the demands.

It doesn't help that I'm feeling the limits of my current Flier Emblem/Arena team (Arena team has already been merged to +5, +2 to every stat at this point isn't quite as significant given the rampant increases in bases/specialized builds) or that I've been feeling rather burned out with the game lately (given how mentally taxing dealing with AR is, nevermind all of the Infernal/Abyssal Reinforcement Spam, GCNs and their endless Dragons and Armors, Arena bullshit, and so on...; its enough to keep me busy just by keeping my barracks clear enough for another round of pulls (250+ unique units + alternate IVs where available just in case something like Flawless happens + not manual-ing my limited run units for easier identification + backburner'd projects = a shitload of units); especially in light of this brave new flawless world we're soon to enter into as some of my more finicky projects have needed some serious retooling because of it; case and point, I was going to turn my current Taco into lunch for that free Taco we got a while back, but now the order will be reversed because his Atk will be neutral either way).

As for the AR thing, the difference this time versus last time was that I only got owned once this week, instead of twice. But generally speaking, my secrets to success thus far have been A) Reddit style defense layout with WoM dancers, Reinhardt, Bow Lyn and Galeforce Eliwood (yes, I'm scum; don't @ me), B) Miccy (aka: Anti-AR Meta unit; likely to get a Light Blessing unless a better Mystic comes along as I haven't been using Eir yet) and C) TA3 Etrurian Scum (every time it feels like Cecilia's ready to be benched, something else comes along that requires her special brand of horse shit). (The distant 'D)' reason would likely be my upgraded Gravity trap tile, not a lot of people expect their 40+ HP units to lose their mobility which tends to result in matches where a complicated smash and grab tactic ends ups going FUBAR because half the team just got immobilized right in the middle of it.)

As for Lazura, the +1 movement isn't the problem, its dealing with that stupid Green Brave Bow Archer that destroys most of my anti-ranged bullshit units (Cecilia can't deal with Green units in general, Xander's Bowbreaker is useless, Like's in the same boat & doesn't get the sweet Horse Emblem buffs, current Flier Emblem doesn't have a good Melee Red available, Burger King gets destroyed by half of the other units on the field, it'd take too long to finish training up someone like Setsuna, none of my Red Mages are bulky enough to survive the Brave effect or fast enough to double on the offense, etc...). Forging Etrurian Scum (Xmas edition)'s Boot to improve Def is probably the correct solution, but at this point, even 4 orbs just aren't worth the effort of all of that (plus, if it ever comes back, those deflawed merge stats might help make the difference; and if it doesn't, then I'll have saved myself a grey hair or two from stressing over a game not long for this world). And even if I could deal with that archer, I still have to contend with all of the massive bulk/Flash+ support keeping me blocked in and unable to EP my way out before I get buried in reinforcement spam.

Actually. At this point, what I should really be doing is putting together an Anti-content team and retiring my Arena team to just the Arena.

VGG: I can't believe this VG match is fucking dead.

I'm not even pissed. I spent all of my Flags from round 1 and most from round 2 before it too Same Hell'd, so I'm not exactly getting hurt by having absolutely nothing to spend on round 3. I really hope that Int Sys finally takes a look at this mode again after this, because there's no excuse for having a match this goddamn dull. (And to nobody's surprise, Same Hell ends as soon as I post about it online. Typical.)

RD: So who wants even moar refreshers!? Because we're also getting both Reyson and Leanne alongside Tibarn and Nailah. At least Naesala will also be joining us as the next GHeB (which also means we're now 3 for 5 of Laguz Kings plus 2/3s of Heron reppege off the bat; that's probably all that we're going to be getting from RD for 2019 outside of seasonal alts and maybe a Mystic/Legendary).

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: January 05, 2019, 02:49:23 AM »
To be fair, Hrid got more than just 3 lines. He also had some screen time during the last FB where he informed us of not remembering anything and how he'd totally protect his sisters for us (one of whom is dead, another dying and the third saved by somebody who's name starts with an H and ends in elbindi).

Meanwhile, I went with team Takumi because my NYzura is almost topped off in HM and doesn't need VG's scant HM gains to help her top off (plus, I have like 3 of the guy because I kept getting pity broken by him one Leg banner). Although now that he's knocked out, its onward to team Corn for lack of a better alternative (and hell, even if he doesn't win I still have NYzura now as both Laevatein and Hrid got knocked out).

Also, FUCK THIS BULLSHIT NY BANNER! 4.25% pitybreaker Silvia. I could've spent those orbs getting a second Lazura instead. Hell, why couldn't you have been the other FE4 gen 1 sword girl? I already have four of you, nevermind the fact that the one I'm currently raising is also Neutral (or that I already have +Atk and +Spd covered). I demand restitution for this.

Welp: Looks like I'm taking NYzura to the finals after all. At least I tried to spend some flags before Same Hell set in. On the bright side, looks like I'm making it to AR tier 19 this time after all (as I had just managed to end at 8200 Lyft on the nose). Unfortunately, I spent a significant amount of stones on maxing out my Fire Escape, so I won't have enough for the sixth defender slot immediately, nevermind the next session's bonus buildings (and I have no idea on whether to spend my ARDew on the Def Fortress upgrade or wait for the Fountain).

Meanwhile Fuck Lazura Infernal.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: January 02, 2019, 06:44:01 AM »
Yeah. I've had terrible luck with the NYBanner. Nothing but trash, not even good fodder.

I'm not even sure this year's NY celebration is even half as good as last year's. It gave us several days of orbs on top of the usual events going on. Granted the tickets do come out slightly ahead in terms of Orb 'value', but its significantly less attractive due to being forced to spend them all on one particular banner.

That said, I've spent the last couple of days cleaning up my Barracks and getting some merges done. Fjorm now has +8 Def and only -6 HP (and in February she's going to get 4 of those HP back). Which is nice timing as now I finally have a Fjorm who can actually tank shit in a T_T where I would've otherwise been forced to lean on Sharena for melee defenses. I've also got a Like and an Elincia who are both ready to pick up +3 Atk. Sadly, as great as this 'sounds', in all fairness its only really going to help me against older PvE content since everybody's getting a hold of this. I otherwise haven't done much with the game anymore since my catastrophic AR loss last week. I didn't even bother aiming for tier 25 in GCN anymore (the powercreep is ramping up faster than ever before).

But its as you said, this game is only doing us a nice thing with this IV fix because its about to drop another steaming turd across our faces. I bet you that our next 'banner' consists of ONLY Tibarn, Nailah and possibly an Ike alt, and their beastshift is going to be a massive game changer (and to further up the ante, the remaining beasts we'll be seeing this year will be the four Fates beasts, Panne and a bunch of Fates beast alts; watch Selkie and Velour come away with at least three versions by this time next year, each powercreeping the last).

Well this sucks. VGs started and I still don't have anybody worth supporting. My options are NYzura or bust (or drop $75 lolbux on Laevatein; fuck that noise).

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: December 30, 2018, 04:45:55 AM »
Meanwhile, I went and had a bombing run on AR yesterday. 4 matches (thanks to the fire escape) and 4 complete losses due to various bullshit (first match involved Lazura, second involved a dually danced +10 Bowcina that managed to one round my Cecilia in spite of some drive buffs, and the last two involved two walls of sandbagging Armor). My chances of making it to tier 19 this week are now zero due to being 60 Lyft and 8 Aether short, and realistically speaking, I've basically hit the ceiling at this point.

Thanks to that short burst of rotten luck across this entire week (I was flawless every other day and had even managed to deflect a full day's worth of Lyft loss), I won't be able to obtain that 6th slot on Defense, which will further hurt my chances at curbing further Lyft loss in the future. Meanwhile, I strongly suspect that those 3.1.0 Fountain upgrades will be locked to a really high tier, if not tier 21 or higher. Furthermore, the currently arranged marriage between Mystic and Legendary Hero Effects will pay far more dividends to whales than F2Pers (given how until 3.1.0 hits, whales are currently constrained to running Eirs + Light Blessings for maximum points; suddenly Dancercreep Lazura and all her Legendary buddies like Hrid, Poncho Tiki, Lector, Bowcina, among others, can all join in on the fun).

Planning and strategy alone are no longer enough to allow me to slog through a full week of whalebait Armors, Dragons, Dragon Armors and all their bullshit personal skills, 4th tier skills, and jacked BSTs that have been steadily getting pilled onto this trash heap of a game over the last year. GCN alone is basically playing against nothing but nigh unkillable walls of Armors and Dragons, with the occasional Dancer and Wrazzle Dazzle Pain+Savage Blow 6 Staffbots these days. Meanwhile, even T_T's relatively uncontested 4k Feather tier has seen its barrier for entry increasing over the past few months, with the most recent one requiring an extra 8 or so Hard 5 runs past the 50k score mark to reach it (it used to only take 2 or 3 at most). And then there's the shitshows that are A/AA and Abyssal anything (albeit, this month is pretty amusing since I've already cleared both Larth's and Lector's Abyssals).

Btw: I've done some tallying over FEH's performance for 2018, just for shits and giggles. Here are the hard numbers:

January: 1 Armor, 1 Dragon, 4 Alts out of 11 Additions and NY Corrin for Fates Asshole of the Month.
February: 4 Armors, 1 Dragon Armor, 9 Alts out of 10 Additions and Fallen Takumi for Fates Asshole of the Month.
March: 0 Armors, 1 Dragon, 6 Alts out of 9 Additions and Spring Kagero for Fates Asshole of the Month.
April: 0 Armors, 1 Dragon, 4 Alts out of 9 Additions and Bow Hinoka, Female Kana and non-seasonal Shigure for Fates Assholes of the Month.
May: 0 Armors, 1 Dragon, 6 Alts out of 12 Additions and Kaze, Male Kana and Legend Ryoma for Fates Assholes of the Month.
June: 1 Armor, 0 Dragons, 5 Alts out of 10 Additions and shockingly nobody from Fates this month?
July: 0 Armors, 1 Dragon, 5 Alts out of 10 Additions and Summer Takumi and Camilla for Fates Assholes of the Month.
August: 2 Armors, 0 Dragons, 8 Alts out of 9 Additions and Dancer Ryoma and Xander for Fates Assholes of the Month.
September: 0 Armors, 1 Dragon Armor, 1 Alt out of 13 Additions and Silas, Nina, Ophelia and Flora for Fates Assholes of the Month.
October: 3 Armors, 1 Dragon, 1 Dragon Armor, 6 Alts out of 11 Additions and Halloween Kagero and Niles and Garon for Fates Assholes of the Month.
November: 1 Armor, 2 Dragons, 4 Alts out of 9 Additions and Both Adrift Corrins, Adrift Camilla, Mikoto and Young Azura for Fates Assholes of the Month.
December: 3 Armors, 1 Dragon Armor, 5 Alts out of 6 Additions and Legend Azura for Fates Asshole of the Month.

The final tally comes to:
173 Unique units were available in FEH at Jan 1st, 2018
119 Additional units have since been made playable ending at Dec 31st, 2018
63 Alts of some kind
56 non-Alts
9 OCs
34 Seasonal Alts
11 non-OC Legendaries
19 non-repeated Alts
26 are from Fates (of which 17 are Alts)
19 are from Awakening (of which 7 are Alts)
At least 1 Fates asshole added per month (except June)
Two months skipped adding a Dragon of some kind (June and August) for 12 Dragons/Dragon Armors added.
15 Armors added (19 counting Dragon Armors)
27 units with a weakness to Armorslayers &| Dragon Killers.
Games covered (non-seasonal/legend) in release order: RD, SS, Various, Awakening, T776, Fates, Genealogy, Blazing Sword, Awakening, CYL2, Genealogy, Fates, FEH, CYL2 leftovers, Fates, FEH.

The game is choking on Fates and Alts, and at the rate FEH is going, it'll take until 2030 to cover the remainder of the series; and Three Houses alone has the potential of wiping out any gains made across 2018 (nevermind further potential loss from other sources such as another Echoes, Cipher or other spinoff OCs). Book 2 reeked of the same writing failures that plagued Fateswakening (which doesn't bode well for Three Houses either). It has done extremely little in terms of building off of the characters and their individual stories/interactions. And there's very little for players to do beyond the mindless grind against each other for Feathers. Nevermind ending the year on Lazura (the very same Fates Dancer who's personally led the powercreep on one of the most obnoxious character types in the game, no less than 3 times now), one of the most boring VG lineups in the history of VG (Laegjarn doesn't even get to participate due to being the T_T reward), and these two bundles clocking in at $75 bux each with one being vastly superior to the other (and yet its still not worth it). Truly emblematic of the current state of FEH.

Or to tl;dr, FEH's dying and it will not survive 2019.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: December 27, 2018, 03:00:15 AM »
My blood curdled as soon as I saw her weapon and immediately thought of AR. She's definitely going to be hell in the Arena/AA though for the reasons you mentioned.

The rest of the banner is basically fishing for merges for me since I already have most of these units (Helbindi, Sky Nino, Beronica, Larth, Summer Taco and of course Lazura are the ones I'm missing; that's just two Legs and a seasonal), and no color is particularly strong for me (Colorless comes closest, but is also Colorless Hell). But yes, overall, its a solid list for units or merge projects.

Unfortunately, even if we escape Lazura's pre-Laguz Orb bait, we still have to muddle through 2019's New Year's seasonals within a couple of days. At least we're getting content again.

But at the rate this game is going, all I can hope for is that Larcei, Eyvel (Brigid would also be acceptable), an Ayra alt, both of the Lucias, Annand, Machyua, Miranda, Echidna, Karin, Melady, Selena, Isadora, Selphina, Midia, Nyna, Mareeta, Cecil, Phina, Erinys, Creidne, Malice, Brunnya, Louise, Vaida, Ismaire, Tanith, Sigrun, Calill, Ena, Pertrine, Norne, Nagi, F!Kris, Kjelle, Severa and Say'ri make it in before the game shutters its doors. Unfortunately, that list is way too goddamn long at this point of the game (and that's not even everybody; just the priority picks), and I highly doubt this game will make it to Year 4 with this level of paywall ramping.

Various updates Edit: Talk about game changers. Flaws will be getting the shitcan in February for merges and Assets will be it for unit IVs for +1 or above. But more importantly, IV neutral characters like GHeBs and T_T rewards will also be getting a straight up stat boost as soon as you merge them (making the difference between a merged Lucina and a merged Masked Marth (beyond the complete lack of skills on the latter) soon to be little more than where the buffed stats go).

Meanwhile, the meta just got upended again as they've about to marry Mystic Heroes to Legendary Heroes (so any Legs you bring to AR that are in season gain the same benefits to Lyft and stat hikes that Myst and their Blessed allies do; and vice versa; aside from Blessing Gardens since those are very much still locked to Legs and Leg Blessed only). Either way, at least we'll finally get that long overdue fountain upgrade (which should help us get to tier 20 if nothing else).

Also, STILL no Thoron+ but at least now we're getting Tome of Thoron for Tailtiu (which, I mean great and all, she gets her actual FE4 weapon, but unless its Blue Thunderhead, its probably not worth it over Blarblade+). And also Seliph and the Book of Naga girls will also gain refines on their base weapon (motherfuckers; I hadn't even gotten a chance to break in Divine Tyrfing yet).

Addendum: Who wants some OC Seasonals? Because we're getting some OC Seasonals for New Years '019 (Ylgr's off playing with Veronica and Helbindi apparently). NYjorm, NYunnthra and NYrid are all fliers, with NYjorm as a Green Bow, and both NYunnthra and NYrid as Red Swords. Swordsword's now a horse Staff~Staff~ ("Cute power! Cute justice!"), while NYaegjarn is a Lance Horse. All of the inheritable weapons does a variation of a Chill Stat, while NYunnthra's Prf drops all stats by 4 to the enemy nearest to her within four tiles (if in case of a tie, they all eat the debuff). Also it seems that NYrid's Hone Attack 4 doesn't increase a stat by +5 but by +7. The reason is because of Joint Hone (Spd in this case) granting +5 Stat (again Spd in NYunnthra's case) to both adjacent units and to the skill equipped unit (ala Groomarth's Spoon/Bridal Ninian's Nifl's Iceflowers).

But really, who gives a fuck about all that when Atk/Spd Bond Seal is up for grabs for the next T_T (Spur Def/Res and Threaten Res are the other two).

As for the Leg banner, I did pretty mediocre. I got Lazura within two rounds (alongside a spare Flora), but then the four rounds were at best mediocre fodder until another pity breaker Flora. Should've quit while I was ahead. The Lazura I got was +HP/-Atk which hurts just that little bit more since she has no use for a Superboon. On the silver lining of this though is that I now have a powercrept dancer (and almost no Orbs left to show for it).

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: December 24, 2018, 02:20:52 AM »
I'd argue that BK is still the best freebie (if only because he showed up back when it was just Zephiel, OG Hector, Uncommon Effie/Sheena, Gwendy and Draug for available Armors), but she's definitely among the top three alongside BK and Aversa.

That said, the main reason why I want Fae is because I had every FE6 unit in the game until she was introduced and by god, I've got to have something to show for playing this stupid monkey pit (also because she keeps the antlers on even in Murder Chicken mode).

As for the Alternate Realty (pun intended; I did not muspell misspell this), I just skirted by under the 6k rank mark (like 5986 or something), so I'm beginning to close the gap (and getting a silver chair even), such as it currently exists (because this fucking mode is so insanely stupid that its own insane stupidity is working for me for once, but I don't expect it to last). As an upside to your situation Hatted Hen, nobody made it past the 9400 Lyft cutoff this time around.

Leg Edit: New Leg vid is up and its Azur...wait! Where are you going? You didn't hear the part where her version of Dance gives Infantry/Flier Boots status and has the B Tome Flier Duel Sk; aaand he's gone.

The rest of the banner contains Fjorm, Eir, Summer Juice, Staff Cancer, ASSTiki, Sci Fi Nino, Larth, Lector, Shirtless Taco, "This is Fine." Red Dagger edition, and Helbindi. If you wanted to invest in a new Flier Emblem team, now's the time. And depending on my luck, I might be able to clear out Year 2's CYL a lot sooner than CYL 1's selection.

Single-Player RPGs / Ys IX
« on: December 19, 2018, 07:26:05 AM »

So three years later, we're hearing rumbling on the next Ys game. This one looks to be taking a trip to not-France.

(Admittedly, I was considering renovating the Ys VIII thread for this, but these forums are dead enough nowadays that I don't think it matters any more.)

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: December 18, 2018, 11:38:49 AM »
We're FINALLY out of that content gulch that is the Book transition period.

To celebrate, I dropped about 140 Orbs on this Winter banner and got myself a staffbot armor (albeit +HP/-Res), 3 green units (one of which was the wrong Fae; the other two were also trash), some decce fodder (an Abel, a Camilla, a Kaze, a Silvia, a pair of Silases and a few extra regular Eirikas, Luciuses, and a Reinhardt for merging), a mountain of colorless and red trash, and Leo (+Res/-HP; at least I now have a copy of every mounted Tome user). Thankfully, I came into this +_+ with two winter armors from last year.

At least we got a nice Christmas Arcadia map for +_+ Fae to frolic in. Also, lol at Fjorm returning to her home planet. Hopefully nothing unfortunate will happen to her on the way (*COUGH!*). Also also, the remaining +_+ seal is Atk/Spd 1, which is actually also really good for quaders. Also also also, Arena bonus units this week are UUUUUUGGHH!!! At least Eirika or Cecilia will save me from having to use Clarisse or Alfonse.

As for statlines and such, Fae now bumps Res up to 41 for a base cap. Now every primary stat currently caps out at 41 except for HP (at 60, hi Arden) and Spd (at 39 because Spd's the hardest to simply jack up). Other than that, the only thing of note is that Eirika and Cecilia have almost exactly the same stat spread (the only difference is two points either spread in HP/Atk or stacked in Res), and that all but Fae has the exact same Spd stat of 23 (Fae has 26, likely due to her Armored Dragon Trainee BST needing to dump the extra points somewhere) with Def starting at 30 (Fae again gets 33 due to ADTB dumping, and Eph gets 36 because he melees). In other words, this banner's lazy as hell.

For skills, Ephraim continues to run conflicting skill sets, this time being built to run as a loner in a movement type that isn't a horse, Cecilia is the epitome of 'Free ranged armor, whoo!', Fae would rather have Lightning Breath rather than that subpar seasonal weapon, and Eirika fills the last Staff mobility gap (and can do amusing things with Bladeblade on the team).

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I'm wondering if Free Cecilia is even going to be an Armor (since that would mean everyone would be getting a free ranged Armor). Meanwhile, Fae completes the Armored Dragon Trainee 180 BST trifecta (at least she keeps the antlers on when she transforms), while Ephraim's skills kinda preclude him from benefiting from Armor March or similar buffs. At least I can finally form Eirika Emblem (when they get around to repeating Leg Eirika), even if an Armored Healbot doesn't exactly jive with a Sord Lord and two Red Horses.

But really, its the Fierce Stance and Drive Res seals that are the big news of the upcoming T_T (only 2 seals? gdi).

As for AR, I've adopted the Reddit Defense Meta for my base, not because I'm a scummy rat bastard who's too full of spite for the mode and those who seek to profit at my expense to play fairly anymore, but because I want to see how other players deal with that all too commonly seen horseshit (which so far have either involved wipes, significant losses, or whales countering with their +10 Armored Dragon Trainee 180 BST steamrollers).

Spoiler: show
And also because I'm totally a scummy rat bastard who's too full of spite for the mode and those who seek to profit at my expense to play fairly anymore (this mode deserves all the shit that can be smeared onto it).

That aside, the one good thing about Surtrs is the fact that most don't bother with Distant Counter or Vantage (although I did eat a loss due to one having Miracle, but that match went down badly anyways and I would've walked away with 40 Lyft at best), so ranged options like Miccy and Cecilia can eat him if I can keep them alive long enough to get at him (and if I can reach him fast enough).

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