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16  Media / Miscellaneous Games / Re: Dragon Warriors on: December 19, 2014, 07:49:45 PM

Have a new trailer.
17  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: Misc. Gaming News Topic on: December 19, 2014, 07:41:32 PM

What an odd title to revive.

Hopefully it'll be more playable than OG Xanadu (because lol).


So in addition to Tokyo Xanadu (where dreams come true), there's going to be another Evolution project (refurbished port of a Trails in the Game somewhere other than the PSP (hopefully it'll get Ao onto a Steam friendly system)) and something unspecified.

Additionally, http://gematsu.com/2014/12/main-characters-tokyo-xanadu

Another image of Tokyo Xanadu, showing the characters off this time (and boy did they make Olivia Newton John look really fuckin anime).
18  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Suikoden 1 and 2 finally coming to psn + Suikoden discussion. on: December 19, 2014, 07:18:00 PM
So, being unable to play much Suikoden today due to a recent surgery, I mostly just browsed the internet looking for various things to keep me amused, when I happened across this particular piece of awesomeness: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12ZF-1MzVkw

Back in the mid-90's, if you were an RPG, and your names wasn't 'Arc the Lad II',, you didn't get no fancy anime adaption. However, there was still a chance of getting a manga adaption or, if you were lucky, a drama CD or two. Suikoden must have hit the jackpot, as it received a full-blown radio drama which retells  the story of the first game, with some liberties taken of course.. Of course, most drama CD's aren't all that accessible due to usually staying in Japan, and being in Japanese. Not so with this one. What we have today is not only the Suikoden radio drama translated, but applied to sprites and maps from the actual first Suikoden game, edited to accord to the radio drama. The result is the closet thing you'll get to a Suikoden anime, and for people who've played the game, it's a must-see.

But wait, there's more! Turns out that the same guy responsible for this also gave the Suikoden II Drama CD the same treatment. Neither of these are real substitutes for the games themselves, but again, for those who've played these, these vidoes are just so enjoyable. :D

In addition to the Drama CDs, there's also two Suikogaiden games (which are VNs featuring the many adventures of Suki 3's Nash) the first takes place around the time of Suki 2 and the second directly in between Sukis 2 and 3, as well as a Manga adaptation of Suki 3.

As an aside, AtL2 wasn't the only JRPG to get an animated adaption. Fire Emblem got one (that lasted all of three episodes), Pokemon got one (that's still going on today; and then another about a year ago on top of that), Tales of gets at least one for each mainline (I think only Phantasia really applies at this point), Star Ocean 2 got one (eventually, assuming you want to go into the early 00s), Final Fantasy had one (Legend of the Crystals, i.e. the lousy FFV sequel one; not Unlimited, the really lousy one that had nothing to do with anything beyond getting slapped with certain branding elements like Chocobos, Cactuar and the name Final Fantasy among other things; though if you count SO2 then this one counts as well since it came out around the same time), The Legend of Zelda got one (sorta, kinda, maybe, back in the late 80s; and this assumes you count it as a JRPG), Record of Lodoss War got at least one (although this is more of a case of the anime coming first, although technically the game did come first if you go by the D&D play-by-plays) and a bunch of other stuff that started as a manga/anime and got a video game adaptation (DBZ, Sailor Moon, Saint Seiya, Tenchi Muyo, Magic Knight Rayearth etc.).
19  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: The Legend of Zelda Topic (Wii U Gameplay) on: December 19, 2014, 06:52:14 PM
The only Zelda map that really comes close to the scale of the one shown during the TLAs was this one.


Linked for size.
20  Media / Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn on: December 19, 2014, 07:21:38 AM
I bought a Zelda Amiibo at work today, which is bittersweet because now I have no right to complain about how stupid Amiibos are.

Regardless as to how stupid Amiibos are/n't, its nowhere near as stupid as the way Nintendo has handled them thus far (its fucking Beanie Babies all over again).
21  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: FINAL FANTASY XV, This is a fantasy based on reality. on: December 19, 2014, 07:17:21 AM

Its not much, but a Fem Cid (Cidy? Sidy? Cindy? 'something something Cid something'?) isn't entirely without merit award.
22  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: Misc. Gaming News Topic on: December 18, 2014, 03:53:56 AM

What an odd title to revive.

Hopefully it'll be more playable than OG Xanadu (because lol).
23  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: The SaGa (emphasis on the captials) Thread on: December 17, 2014, 04:22:21 PM
@Maxx: Never heard of Romancing SaGa: Minstrel's Song and Emperors SaGa? They came out after Unlimited.
I never heard of emperors saga myself, but romancing saga is quite good in my opinion. Kicking myself for having lost the copy of it I had...

Romancing SaGa: Minstrel's Song was a PS2 era remake of Romancing SaGa 1 on the Super Famicom and is probably the single best conventional (if there's really a 'conventional' for the series) title in the series. If only because they went back and fixed a few bugs/incomplete portions of the game, and added explanations for a lot of stuffs (you'll still get screwed over if you don't know what you're doing or don't have a guide handy, but at least its more due to the CR than anything else).

Emperor's SaGa was a CCG mobile game. Don't know the specifics, but it doesn't seem to be all that memorable. Its just kinda there really.

There's also The Last Remnant on Steam and the 360 only. Basically, it functions like a SaGa game but you control teams of people (ala Ogre Battle/Soul Nomad) instead of individuals. Also they didn't get the series' character designer on board and I forget what they did with the plot, but its not up to the series' standard and these make the game feel more anime than usual (though it does avoid the worst clichés).
24  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: FINAL FANTASY XV, This is a fantasy based on reality. on: December 17, 2014, 04:09:14 PM
you know theres something i'm curious about. how much free reign do FF developers have? my gut reaction to the cast being all male is that it was a marketing decision. but i can say as the sister of a few dude bro's that wont work. it's kinda like swooning over a girl and instead of being yourself you try to be what you think she would like and that never works. it might get you laid once or twice but it wont work long term. and it pisses off your old friends who you ditched to persue that girl.

theorycraft and metaphor over.

I feel that this might be more of Nomura's decision than anything else really. Partly due to the 'Romeo + Juliet in Neo Tokyo' angle, but also partly due to the fact that Nomura was never really that good with leading females. I mean, it took till BBS for KH to have a female original that wasn't just 'in another castle' or a rank and file mook, and she still wound up stuffed in a fridge by the end of the game.

That said, I can't really argue with the decision on this one due to the FF series already getting an all-female JPop band as a counterpoint; and hell, they've already straight up cut a party member (probably due to there not being enough wingmen clichés) and it doesn't seem that you'll be able to play as the others. A female party member at this stage would be a moot point at best (and an awful shoehorned concession at worst).

Besides, there's always the chance that FFXV-2 or whatever may focus on the 'Juliet' side of things so it might not be a total loss anyway (roll on through the mediocre main game to get to the awesome sidestory featuring the character that's spending her time doing sick nasty plot things pivotal to the story instead of performing Thundera Drive-bys' on the local fauna during my National Lampoon's Vacation).

That said, if there's one thing I desperately want this game to have, it's the ability to drop massive Firagas/Flares into the direct wake of the car and the ability to control the camera angle while driving (the ability to perform sweet ramps would be nice). I'm going to Hollywood this game up so bad, it'll feel like I'm playing a Micheal Bay film.
25  Media / Game Journals / Re: Complete: Dice plays FF7 (Sponsored by Maxx) on: December 17, 2014, 03:44:26 AM
Belated, but....

It should've been Shield at the very least. Not that there's really any rhyme or reason to what's going on in the Northern Crater environment wise (actually, it was pointed out on another site, that the hodgepodge environment was largely Jenova's fault since she/it possessed illusionary powers; the tl;dr of the theory is that Jenova has the ability to get into peoples' minds and twist them in ways that creates delusions; for instance, Sephiroth's belief that he was an Ancient or that Jenova was an Ancient, Cloud's belief that he became a hero just like Zack (almost to the point of thinking he was Zack), Cloud's initial rendition of the Nibelheim incident, Cloud's behavior at the end of the Temple of the Ancients (part of the reason why you see Kid Cloud at this point is that this is what Cloud really is (or his ID in psychology/Xenogears terminology), with Big Hero Cloud (Ego and/or Super Ego) being an almost completely different person and out of Kid Cloud's (and subsequently the player's) control (it would also explain why it's Kid Cloud that leads Tifa through his Cosmosphere later on in the Lifestream); the other part probably being Aerith/s being the one instigating this separation instead of it just being a random occurrence (and why she doesn't just walk up to Cloud and take the Black Materia out of his hand)) and at the City of the Ancients).

Won't lie the amount of parentheses in there just fucked my mind up a bit. xD
But I do like that theory and it would make a lot more sense.  Jenova is super interesting, a shame a lot of her is merely assumed (or left in Ultimania's or that one brief video where Aeris' mum becomes "Misses Exposition").  Can you expand on the last part?  I'm not sure I understood....  Aeris really just kinda stood there and I never got why.

Yeah, I kinda went a bit overboard on that one due to going off on a tangent.

The long answer is that the game never really specifies, but it could be inferred that the whole sequence is supposed to be taking place from inside Cloud's head looking out at what's going down. That's why all the characters save for Kid Cloud are moving so slowly. But in addition to that, the scene also could be implying that the whole reason why player is in charge of Kid Cloud and not IRL Cloud is because the player's perspective has changed versus the other times Sephy shows up (of course, the perspective doesn't change when Cloud comes under the influence and nearly cleaves Aeris in half and the player is in direct control of the windup even, but then again, he's actually stopped this time (for all that it mattered)).

Furthermore, during the hidden plot dump at Icicle Inn, Iffana's (Aerith's mother) description of Jenova is probably the closest the game ever comes to spilling the beans on it/her. According to her, Jenova first appeared to the Cetra as friends, neighbors, loved ones lost long ago and that by the time they figured out what was going on, it was already too late for them. One interpretation is that Jenova has the power to change her/its appearance, but the game was probably going for the fact that Jenova can create delusions of what people want to see in order to manipulate them towards it/her's nefarious ends. Sephiroth saw himself as an Ancient during the Nibelheim incident, was drawn to Jenova and freed her/it. He probably saw himself as an Ancient in order to give significance to the fact that he was bio-engineered by a dipshit trying to rub human and alien DNA together like sticks in a firepit.

Another would be Hojo who, throughout most of the game, is an incompetent mad scientist and a putz but little more than self-aggrandizing, but when you finally confront him at the controls of the Mako Cannon he's developed a massive father complex for Sephiroth and is trying to 'help' him by overloading the cannon to 'send him energy' as a result of injecting himself with Jenova cells (if anything this would support the theory that the Cetra's empathic nature was the reason for their downfall due to Jenova being able to attack their psyche directly; humans on the other hand, Jenova has little use for unless they're first infected with Jenova's own cells).

Likewise, Cloud has a huge hero worship complex and thanks to a combination of Zack's interference, Tifa's expectations and his own disdain at his presumed powerlessness compared to Sephiroth and Zack. Thus he was open to Jenova's influence which is why he's freed from Shinra's detention center by Jenova and allowed to chase it/her thinking she/it was Sephiroth (which is why the Disk 1 Sephy you chase all over hell and gone can fly and do other things normal Sephiroth couldn't, as well as turn into parts of Jenova when you fight him/it/her). And of course, why when the party chases after him/her/it, you eventually come across others (the men in black) heading towards a reunion with 'mother', which, despite the party's intentions otherwise, is where they too end up with the Black Materia in hand which Cloud forks over after his breakdown in not-Nibelheim over not being Zack. In fact, the whole not-Nibelheim scene is Jenova's doing in order to force Cloud to face the truth in order to create enough doubt and uncertainty in his actions to prey upon. The other goal of the 'Reunion' is to reunite Jenova's body with it/her head as Sephy only took her/its head during the Nibelheim incident, which he was still holding on to when he got dunked in the Life-drink, unfortunately for Jenova.

That all said, I have no clue as to what's up with Sephiroth during the final boss fight beyond, "The game needs a Final Fantasy Final Boss.". I suppose one could say that he's basically FFVII's version of Zeromus/Necron.

The short (or tl;dr) of my post is that: Snow is far more like vanilla FFVII's Cloud than Lightning ever was/will be, Disk 1 Sephiroth is Jenova's body (sans head) in disguise, who takes advantage of Cloud's "I'm a hero!" phase, as well as getting in a little vengeance on the side for the guy that stalled it/her plan for five years, Aeris tries to counteract Jenova's influence but fails miserably, the rest of the party was caught in cutscene purgatory and Hojo is a massive idiot for enabling all of this to begin with.
26  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: Youtube on: December 15, 2014, 10:30:42 PM
I liken Akiba's Trip to that late 1990s anime Those Who Hunt Elves.

This. This times a million.

Nah man. Not enough tanks.
27  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Suikoden 1 and 2 finally coming to psn + Suikoden discussion. on: December 15, 2014, 02:33:15 AM
I thought you had to get to the end of his quest within the time limit to get him? Is that not the case?

You don't actually gain anything from completing Clive's quest. All you really get is a little bit more of Clive's story out in the open.

But yeah, Elza is actually somewhat easy to miss if you aren't looking around Muse or paying attention since she's tucked away in the northeast corner of the town where there aren't any shops (outside of a Blacksmith that isn't really worth a drat IIRC) or other major points of interest besides her. She'd be a dick move if she didn't have a custom sprite and something like a Sound Set or a Window that you can get off of her.

It's also not so obvious to some players that her package is what you need to get Clive since you either already have the package when you meet him and get him, or you don't and thus can't get him at all. And the package itself is treated with such little fanfare that subsequent playthroughs are more likely to miss him due to thinking that you only need to talk to him to get him to join (especially if said player is trying to skip over everything to complete his quest in the first place).
28  Media / Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn on: December 14, 2014, 10:52:23 PM

I finished it for the second time! (Well Sora's story, which is the one that is a massive struggle) and I am NEVER playing it again. Doing a long-form post akin to some of Dice's, but this one is just me bitching about how awful this game is, and what a pox it is on the Kingdom Hearts series. I'll try to keep the colorful language to a minimum

- The battle system is obviously the worst part of the game. The thing is designed to be 80% luck based. Luck that you get a good collection of high-powered cards, luck that the enemy doesn't screw you over with a well-times zero card, luck that you get the right friend cards to help battles go faster, etc etc.

- To expand on my post in the frustrating battle thread, the second half of this game throws about a gazillion bosses at you, and each one is exactly the same fight with a different coat of paint: attack with high-number attack cards, cancel sleights with zero cards, and keep your health up with a healthy number of cure cards. But in the end, each fight needs a stroke of luck that you don't get stun-locked or lose a crucial card in a card break.

- To take a break from complaining, ^this^ doesn't apply to the final battle which is piss-easy and I'll argue that "Lord of the Castle" is still the best battle theme in the entire series. And it was certainly fun to see the non-sprite version of Mega Marluxia. (Aside: Really? "Mar-loo-sha"!? So everyone else gets to pronounce their 'X' except him?)

- HOWEVER, to get to the final battle you must make it through the 13th floor which is HORRIBLE. The fights go on forever, and the Neo-Shadows are basically like "Oh, you weren't blessed with a deck completely full of 9-cards!? Well then I guess this is going to get annoying fast!" Thank God for Trinity Limit and Mega-Flare or I may have considered quitting that close to the end.

- One of the things that helped me through the gauntlet of boss battles the first time I played was lost after playing the game knowing all about KH2. When playing before KH2 you end up bored of playing through the worlds of the previous game, then all of a sudden you get to Twilight town and it's like "Wow! What's this place?" but the game just kind of teases you with it before moving right along. And then you get to Castle Oblivion and again, it's new and exciting and suddenly you're fighting the heartless from the Deep Drive cinematic (Yes, I know they're also in the original Final Mix). After KH2, that's all just par for course with everything else.

- Reverse/Rebirth is just the game taunting the player. "Now that you made it through that mess, here's how less frustrating the game COULD HAVE been if attack strength wasn't solely linked to card types."

As much as I do remember Reverse/Rebirth being a lot easier than the main game, I still think I need something to cleanse my gaming palette before I tackle more of CoM

From what I recall, Riku's part is not nearly the pile of hot garbage that Sora's part was. Can't say for sure though since who knows what changes were made to the Super Final Remix + Alpha Hyper 2 Turbo Championship Edition version, and that like every other KH game past the first one, I wisely chose to mostly ignore it.
29  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: super robot wars topic on: December 14, 2014, 10:46:51 PM
I know someone who will be very happy to hear they're adapting the FMP novels into this.

Gundam X is a personal favorite for me. Other returning works are nice but I guess E7 fans will be disappointed. Surprised it took so long for Diebuster to make it into one of these.

Honestly I didn't like E7AO or AGE but I think they'd do fine in Super Robot Wars. It's not like Banpresto themselves are good at anything other than hot blood.

AGE will probably only ever include the Second Gen stuff since its the part of the show that sucked the least (and didn't turn into a massive clusterfuck of Shamaylan-esque twists and rampant stupidity like 3rd Gen did; even Sunrise likes to pretend that particular part didn't exist).

AO will be entertaining just to see how they'd handle the Retcon Gun.

Knowing Gundam X was one of the first to be confirmed as returning made my heart leap for Joy. It's my second favorite full Gundam series after the original.

Even if Gundam X wasn't a full series. :v

Another thing I forgot to be disappoint in was the lack of Gundam ZZ or Hartaway's Flash. Especially when Z1 went and hung that Chekhov's Gun for all to see. Also no Gravion or Original Dancouga for a Final Obari Special (to go with the Final Inazuma Special *crosses fingers*).

But otherwise, I'm not too disappointed in the current roster. This will at least avoid the massive clusterfuck that was Alpha 3's roster additions. Plus, Gargantua means one more for the Stoic Veteran Band of Brothers (though I highly suspect that Gargantua will be handled by having the FMP class take a field trip to Waterworld).
30  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: The SaGa (emphasis on the captials) Thread on: December 14, 2014, 10:25:50 PM
The thing with getting a Vita is that's another console I'd have to allocate mental real estate to.

Getting a 360 actually caused me some emotional distress for realsies.

I almost bit the bullet on getting a 360, but I held off and got a Wii U instead.

But again, it's not entirely the Vita itself that I have issue with. It's that Squeenix rarely bothers to go the extra mile in terms of localization (though supposedly, they're going to get better at that after Bravely Default's performance).

Then again, this could all be a moot point with Playstation TV (assuming that it'll support it, and Squeenix would be fools not to).

Also, Imperial SaGa looks more like a browser based game than a whatever-phone game.
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