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16  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: Misc. Gaming News Topic on: January 27, 2015, 03:27:30 PM
Oh my fucking jesus a minor update worth posting in news.

TitS: SC localization.
While I am ecstatic at the news.....how long has this taken now? I know that the thing is ridiculously long, but at this point I had forgotten it even existed.....and most of the plot of the first game. x_x

There's a very good reason about the delay.

suicide attempt

Warning! The following can't be unread

Geez, I thought you were making a joke at first.
That's really unfortunate.  I'm no stranger to the blues and can imagine what pressures like that are like, whether real, imagined, exaggerated, or a symptom of something else.  I'm glad the story ends on a brighter note at least.

Yeah, this is probably their swan song, but I'm glad that they made it and I really hope that Space Drake can get some help for this. Dude's a cool dude and struggling with depression is no fun.
17  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Tales of PlayStation(s) revealed on: January 27, 2015, 03:15:12 PM
Hopefully if the quality of the game is subpar, less people will buy it right out of the gate and the Tales team will get the message that their games are really lacking in quality of late.

Have any of last year's launch issues with a small handful of titles stopped people?? :(

EDIT: Spoke to soon.  ALISHA DLC.  Free for 2 weeks.
http://www.abyssalchronicles.com/  :P

Probably the best that we can expect from Bandai (considering that I'm surprised they're even offering it for free for any length of time).


Not that we can even expect the DLC to make it out here, let alone for free (especially since their reasons for the freeness more or less boil down to "Sorey we lied to you. Here, we've got your character right here, and you can even have her for free (for now).".

The outfit is nice though. Especially dat hat.
18  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: The Legend of Zelda Topic (Wii U Gameplay) on: January 27, 2015, 05:27:44 AM
As the General Zelda topic, I feel that I should post this: http://www.siliconera.com/2015/01/27/legend-zelda-link-past-manga-republished-north-america/

While admittedly, I have other ways of viewing this particular comic/manga, I've yet to own my own physical copy of the series (unfortunately, I didn't get into NP until Issue 48 which was in the middle of the first Star Fox comic/manga arc, and finagling with the Nintendo/Super Power Club for the compiled reprints of the SMW/LttP comics/manga was too much for me twenty years ago).

Of course, in lieu of all that, its still the best non-game form of aLttP to date (even if it does go wildly off the rails plotwise; then again, I don't think there was a NP comic that didn't; it's too bad they stopped doing those after a while, they were one of the biggest draws for me back in the day and was one of the reasons why I stopped subscribing to it for most of the N64 era).
19  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Tales of PlayStation(s) revealed on: January 27, 2015, 05:05:34 AM
How many of the people complaining have actually played the game? Because almost everything I hear is "from what I've seen". How silly is it that people (including what I just did here) spout their opinions with such venomous fervor despite the fact that they've never played the game?

I haven't, but in all fairness, I've been complaining about the game since before anybody played it. :V

But yeah, what Dice said. I have yet to see a good reason to drop so much dough on a game that doesn't look complete. Sorry Bandai, but I'm not falling for your tricks this time.

Also, goddamn does this thread move fast when it wants to.
20  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Q&A on: January 26, 2015, 07:33:53 PM
Wait. Are you guys making the game?
21  Media / Game Journals / Re: Dice Plays FFIX on: January 25, 2015, 08:26:45 PM
^ FF10 still wins my "Most Hated Batch of Minigames".  In FF9 I think you can get most of the best stuff through the "best" minigame (Choco Hot & Cold), but FF10 you basically HAD to do ALL shitty mini-games if you hoped to do real damage to the plethora of bigger enemies by the game's end.

To me, the fact that virtually every side quest and mini-game in the game is on a timer, if not a straight up one-time deal is like the cardinal sin of side quests/mini-games to me. Nevermind that the side quest prizes are completely hit or miss since all the major upgrades are tied to weapons and gear, most of those can be bought, found in chests or stolen; ability upgrades are more often improved in battle rather than anything else; which leaves non-Chocobo Hot and Cold side quest rewards as weird things like bits of one-off trivia or those useless cards.

In FFX's defense, there are only a few side quests/mini-games that you can get locked out on over the course of the game (though it does get worse in the International version thanks to those obnoxious Dark Aeons), but the worst ones can be tackled at your leisure (or until one gives up on them because they're that awful). But yeah, Chocobo Hot and Cold does a hell of a lot to redeem FFIX's side-quests, which is something FFX completely lacks.

I agree that the PSX era titles should really get a tune-up.  It depresses me that this hasn't been done and I could go on for PARAGRAPHS about this.  Not even a remake, just a makeover!  But nothing.  Shit, I think Tales of Hearts R is boring, but I love that Bamco were willing to remake the entire game for the Vita not more than a few years later after the DS game...  
Fuck it, I'll just post this instead:

The battles DO take a long time to load, but I've kinda worked around it.  Well, not really.  Basically I got a movie/TV show meanwhile and mindlessly tune out the rest.  So I do two types of entertainment at once!!! :D

The biggest obstacle to remaking FFIX is the fact that all of the original source code and art assets are lost and gone forever, namely due to game development protocol back in the day. When a project is done, you throw out all of the assets and wipe the hard drives clean to start again.

And the pacing for the game is quite strange in the end.  I mean, 90% of the villages in the game are on one continent.  Granted, the game is good at revisiting key locations at least.

The fact that everything's on one continent is partly a reference to FFs 1-3 and partly due to pacing and technical limitations. Once you have your Airship in FF 1, there's only three or four towns left in the game (of like 9 or 10). FF 2 has like 7 towns in and around the starting half of the game, by the time you retake Flynn (or Finn or whatever) and are ready to trot the globe, there's only 3 'towns' left in the game (Mystida or whatever, Dist and the Empire which is more of a dungeon anyways). And FF 3, well there's like 6 or 7 towns on the surface world, but most of them were 'X' Town where the 'X' Job had most of its gear and abilities (if any) sold or found at, and then the floating continent has like 11 or so. The gist of it is that by the time you get your first airship, you've already seen and explored most of the civilized/charted world and now you're adventuring into the outer reaches, into the lost and unknown; FF 9 just takes that idea and runs with it.
22  Media / Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn on: January 25, 2015, 05:33:08 AM
I'm glad you were able to give a quick rundown of the games, Aeolus, but outside of Fire Emblem, I've played all those games quite extensively in the past, I just didn't really enjoy them before. ^_^; That said, thank you for the Myths & Monsters tips, I actually decided to start with the Kid Icarus franchise, but I skipped that one because I thought it would just be more arcade-yness like the original.

As for Kid Icarus, I first tried the 3D Classics version of the original because it has continues and saves. I still have no idea what I'm doing even in the slightest, but it's kinda fun? Not having to restart the entire game every time I die certainly is a major plus, at least. That was mostly what killed it for me before. However, I think I'd enjoy it more if I had some sort of manual to give me some idea what these doors are for, what the items I'm collecting are, etc. It's almost too old school for my tastes, but I'm sure I could very easily sort that out with a trip online someday.

I then tried Kid Icarus: Uprising, and now I'm sad I've been so harsh on this game before. I don't know, I think I was expecting something like Sin & Punishment only to get something that's more like Star Fox 64...with a ton more depth and replayability. Seriously, I can easily see why people like this game now - you could be playing this game forever, there's so much depth. The flying missions a very fun, and I like that you charge by not shooting, instead of having to hold down a button. (I think S&P2 did that as well?) Though, I still don't like the land controls at all - flicking the camera around does not feel nearly as fast and intuitie as it should probably be. I think there are control options, though, so I'll probably go there soon.

I should also mention: The voice acting sucks. Maybe it's not super-irritating, but the Voice Actors just don't sound like they're trying at all. I guess they're purposely trying to make it sound campy considering the dialogue sounds pretty silly, but I still think their delivery could've been a lot better. I'm sure I've heard these VAs before, and I'm certain they've done better in the past. I guess that's what annoys me the most about it...

Of course, I'm only on the fourth chapter, so we'll see how things go...I'm fairly certain I got to chapter 5 or 6 before I quit last time...

When I went into the original KI blind a few years ago, it helped a lot that I had extensively played through KI:M&M way back in the day when it first came out. Generally speaking, there are five types of Doorways: Shops, Training Halls, Arrow Upgrades, Hot Springs and everything else. Shops have a bunch of things, but namely Hammers, you'll want Hammers, and anything resembling Bottles are good for health, especially if they show up in your inventory since they function like Super Metroid's Reserve Tanks, Barrels are even better if they're in that game and not just in Myth and Monsters (since they let you hold multiple Bottles), and anything Bow or Power Up like is good to keep an eye on even if you'll want to hold off on getting upgrades unless you let them get stolen too many times. Training Halls are where those Tile enemies swarm you for a while, the goal is to bust as many up as you can without taking too much damage in the process as doing well will net you a free Bow Upgrade/Power Up. Arrow Upgrade rooms are your meat and potatoes as far as rooms are concerned since Arrows are your Attack stat, you get them by scoring well across the stage, unfortunately I never learned what the precise requirements for them were, I just clear out as many rooms as I can find and bust up as many enemies as I can on the way up/through. Hot Springs are where you go to heal when you don't want to burn Hearts. I don't recall too many other room variations outside of what's in Fortresses but there's at least one room type that has you opening random Jars with question marks on them; how those operate involves paying 5 Hearts per Jar in the hopes of finding either a Small, Half, or Large Heart inside (worth 1, 5, and 20 Hearts respectfully), however, one Jar contains a ghost and if you open it before clearing out the rest of the room, you're done; however, if you do manage to clear the room of all but that one Jar, opening it will grant you a free item instead (most likely a Credit Card; btw, Credit Cards will let you buy any one item from a shop instead of paying for them with Hearts, at least in Myth and Monsters, in the original you still have to pay Hearts but it was as a pay later sort of thing). Fortresses are nothing but rooms but the key locations to look out for are the Boss's Chamber (for obvious reasons), Shops, Hot Springs and Hospitals which serve to reverse the Egg Plant status effect (which is really obnoxious in both 20th Century games since it doesn't wear off on its own otherwise).

And yeah, the VAing in KI:U does get better later on, somewhat, especially once Hades shows up (listening to Medusa just kept reminding me of Teen Titans for some reason and Palutena was giving me FFXIII trilogy flashbacks), but Viridi (or whatever the Nature Goddess's name is) both has that high pitched anime voice thing going on that grates on a lot of peoples' nerves and is really prominent to the plot and background chatter, so your mileage will definitely vary later on depending on your tolerance for that thing.
23  Media / Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn on: January 24, 2015, 05:10:25 PM
I need to get back to Dark Souls, though...but I also kinda want to try a few of the other games I wasn't too keen on before, namely the Fire Emblem series, the Kid Icarus franchise, one of the Mario Games (Probably SMB3), Skyward Sword, and The World Ends With You. Not sure which one I'd try first, though...

The Kid Icarus franchise basically consists of that one 3DS game and a pair of titles for the NES and GameBoy that hardly even resemble anything from the 3DS game (which said version makes fun of on a regular basis). The NES version is basically a slightly fancier version of Metroid (NES) without the backtracking (as in if you fall off the screen for any reason, you die). The GameBoy version is better in that you can backtrack to a point, but the way it handles that is weird (doors lock once you enter and do stuff in them but Keys can reopen doors to try again/redo whatever's in there; but generally speaking if you couldn't do something the first time you probably won't manage the second or have anything waiting for you if you did; there's also a Goddess Key hidden at the end of every level that opens every door in the level though getting to some of them takes a shitload of Hammers, and they won't show up if you've missed even one door, and some of those will take a shitload of Hammers to find as well), and the game itself is kinda brutal in of its own right (at least the boss fights are since they take a lot of firepower to take down and even fully upgraded (at least to the extent that one can be fully upgraded at the time) the bosses can trounce you.

As for SMB3, I should note that depending on which version you play and/or if you're playing on an emulator, it can be a really long game (as in, its the last Mario game to not possess Save Files, or next to last if you live in Japan). Its largely the reason why those Recorders from Zelda 1 Warp Whistles, Hammers and Kuburo's Charm exist. That said, Mario games actually have enough diversity that playing one game isn't like playing them all (in spite of Nintendo's recent efforts), and hell, a number of Nintendo characters who got their start in a Mario game went off and spun off their own series (Wario showed up in Super Mario Land 2, Super Mario Land 3 was also the first Wario Land; Super Mario World is where Yoshi made his first appearance, Super Mario World 2 was also the first Yoshi's Island game; and both Peach and Toad have had their own spin off games over the years). The essentials mostly include SMB 2 & 3, SMW 1 & 2, SML 2 & 3, SM64, SMG, NSMB WiiU, SM3DW. Everything else is either too old or too samey.
24  Media / Game Journals / Re: Dice Plays FFIX on: January 23, 2015, 01:35:43 PM
My biggest problem with the game is that the battles take far too long to load. I mean, its nice that they went the extra mile to include four characters again after two games of three man parties, but holy hell was the PSX pushed to its absolute limit on that one. Part of me really wishes that Squeenix would go back and remake the game for a current gen console just so that they can clean up the graphics a bit and cut those loading times down to near zero; but then deep down I know better than to hope for anything like that, especially with Squeenix being in the shape its been in for over the last decade (I sure as hell wouldn't trust them not to shove Sephiroth, Gackt, Lightning, Caius and Noctis references in all over the place; or to not make a third person shooter starring The Flamming Armant himself as he fights chucklefucks with their heads wrapped in belts for the sake of his 16 yr old waifu trapped in a 12 yr old's body; or not to make a game that's a about a bunch of kids living in the town of St. Gaia, playing Final Fantasy until one of them has a bad day and all of them gets sucked into the fantastic world of FFIX and then you spend the next 200 hours fighting the same five battles over and over again because of the new ability system that tries to prevent you from breaking the game by forcing you to slowly unlock everything from the dumbest shit to the good stuff right around the start of the post game).

*ahem* Anyways, yeah, a ton of love went into this game and I'm glad that it made it as a proper numbered title rather than being doomed to spin-off purgatory where at best, the Squeenix of the last decade might have tried to cash in on the love of this game with some crappy ass 'sequel' or something like they did with FFTA 1 & 2 or dumped it into the dust bin of history in a 'they could totally do something with this but they never will' way like they did with all of their series without the words Final, Dragon, Fantasy or Quest in them.

Also, I never did get the 100 nobles thing either, but then again, my second biggest problem with this game were the minigames. They were fun but holy hell were they mostly bullshit to even remotely completing; Excalibur 2, Jump Rope, Foot Racing, that awful Tetra Master card game that was totally bugged and couldn't legitimately be 100%'d, Ozma, and many more. Out of all the games in the series, this was probably the worst in terms of minigames (though really, 7-10 were all pretty awful about their minigames, just to varying degrees).
25  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Tales of PlayStation(s) revealed on: January 23, 2015, 12:54:19 AM
I don't mind a MC being a bit stronger.  I mean, he is the MC, there should be some appeal to playing as him.  And in this case, since his design is so horrible, it needs to be in the gameplay department.

I wouldn't mind the MC either if he wasn't awful looking and had a major gameplay feature exclusively to himself while the others simply don't (maybe I'm just gun-shy after games like Lufia: Ruins of Lore that suffer from massive JRPG Protagonist syndrome).

Fortunately, that no longer looks to be the case.

Unfortunately, I now have no freaking clue as to why they introduced the Princess so early on when she seems so unimportant game mechanics-wise, and why they took this long to start on the deets with Rose (if I had to guess, she's probably an eleventh-hour character, or whatever passes as an eleventh-hour character in a Tales of game; she looks a bit too subdued to be one of the major Tales of Cliches, but that probably means that she's of the Thief/Tool User/Tinkerer archetype).

Well I was wrong about Rose's join time (I seriously expected her to be a lot more "Oh by the way, have another fuzor, just because." instead of whatever was posted in that spoiler tag), but I totally called it in regards to Alisha.

Also, I'm glad to see that; no, they did nothing to those fucking box canyon dungeons they were showing early on (and by glad, I mean totally unsurprised).
26  Media / Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn on: January 22, 2015, 02:35:10 PM
I'm to chapter 29 of Hector Mode in FE7. Pretty much everyone is promoted now. The non-promoted units I'm using are Matthew (because I still need his steal ability) and Nino. I wasn't going to use Nino since I'd already levelled up Erk, but I decided to support her with Canas this time around so I'll get her up to speed on this chapter. I usually do this by plugging the mountain pass in the middle of the screen with Oswin and Bartre and stick Nino behind them. All the reinforcements get plugged up trying to get to Oswin and Bartre and then Nino pick them off safely from behind. Luckily there is a sniper in this level with a magic ring that I can steal, otherwise I'd be SOL in promoting her. This tactic is pretty time consuming, but I usually have her promoted, and with a few extra levels to boot by the end of the chapter.

I also dumped a few units that I had been using up until now. I already mentioned Erk, but I also dropped Sain because his stats were raped by the RNG (even his strength, which typically gets pretty high, is actually lower than Kent's), and Fiora. Fiora's stats are okay though not as good as the other pegasus knights, and I had supported her with Sain, so...

Fiora gets like the least amount of love out of all the Pegasus Knights in the series. She's not much of an improvement over Florina who will have not only have a significant level lead over her by the time she joins, but she might have ended up as a recipient of one of Lyn Mode's stat boosters as well (and that's an investment that's hard to walk away from). As for why I'm not saying that Y/Juno or Syrene are the worst Pegasus Knights? Well it should be obvious, they're Falco Knights.

Anyways, I've cleared the 'Clear 10-Man with Everybody under 25 sec Apiece' challenge requirement in Smash Bros 4 (Wii U). Now to start up on clearing the 'Clear Classic on 7.0 with Everybody' challenge and the 'Clear True All-Star on Hard with Everybody' challenge.
27  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Xenoblade Chronicles X on: January 22, 2015, 02:10:19 PM

Apparently not only is the Hell's Angel guy playable, but also the commander of the team (prior to whatever shenanigans lead to the MC taking over). He may also have a brother/partner/significant other who might or might not go by the name of Jean Claude. And I believe this finally covers all of the wingmen spotted in that one early trailer way back in E3 013 (though I still suspect that we're short a guy).
28  Media / Anime, TV, and Movies / Re: Anime/Manga Journal on: January 22, 2015, 01:14:20 AM
Decided to give the manga version of GetBackers a go through due to reasons and unh, at least some of the solutions to protagonists' dilemmas are interesting. I really hope that the fanservice is more on the other staff rather than the writer's, because otherwise, I guess that explains where the exploding armor came from. I suppose I'll also have to look forward to catchphrases and overpowered protagonists as well.

Shingeki no Kyojin: Shit's still hitting the fan, they still haven't reached the right basement (though the current one is still taking a massive infodump of its own) and I still can't talk about it too much (what I can say though is that I hope that was only a flesh wound, because otherwise D:).
29  Media / Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn on: January 20, 2015, 10:51:03 PM
Oh no, I was just about to come in and say that I love how much you write about them. Seriously, I wish I had half the stuff to say about the games I play. Last time I wrote anything at length was when I finished Tales of Vesperia, and that ended up being a vague and jumbled mess. =( Unless I'm forgetting one...like Klutz, my memory's kinda troubled...it doesn't help that I post on two other sites, so I never remember where I wrote what...

But really, you're descriptive, you delve into interesting topics. Your posts are always fun reads. Sometimes I think we should have a thread specifically for talking about games we just finished so posts like those would be easier to find.

Preemptive congrats on your 2K post Mickeymac.

Anyways, managed to clear that 9.0 Classic run with Marth in under 12 minutes (unfortunately, I didn't quite write the time down but I made it with like 20 seconds to spare or something to that effect). Did the run All-Star with Jigglypuff under 6 minutes one as well (had to go Easy since the AI is a cheating bastard even on Easy and Jigglypuff is the last character I want to go on a speed run with). Now trying to run DK through Classic on 9.0 since I need somebody to clear Classic 9.0 without any upgrades (he's been more miss than hit, but so has everyone else I've tried, at least he made it to Master/Crazy Hand).
30  Media / Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn on: January 20, 2015, 05:18:23 PM
Shadow Hearts Covenant

= Beaten!

= First off congratulations to Yuri, who went from looking like a bad cosplay CG'd character in the first game to someone reasonable looking.

Yep. Totally reasonable.

Meanwhile, I've now cleared all of the Solo Events in SSB4WiiU. Still working on trying to clear Classic at 9.0 difficulty with Marth (in under 12 minutes). Master Core can go fuck itself.
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