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31  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: A Shout-out to coop multiplayer gaming on: October 16, 2014, 05:31:20 AM
Secret of Mana? :v

Also, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles (the original, not so sure about the others).

Even when the game was released I thought it was a lot to ask to have both a GC and GBA's ready (did it have non-handheld co-op?? I can't remember).

I always loved this commercial for it....FA-YAH!!!

OMG, I totally forgot about Crystal Chronicles. Man I wanted to play that game, but had no one to play it with, and agreed that needing the GBA to serve as a controller was terrible, though I have to wonder if it wasn't from the GBA working as a controller for the GC that gave Nintendo the idea of the DS.

Along that vein, Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures for GC comes to mind. I begged and pleaded and finally found a friend to play it with. It was really fun minus the fact that you will need GBAs to play multiplayer for it similarly to FF:CC. I still never could figure out why you could play single-player with the GC controller, but had to have GBAs for multiplayer.

The problem with Four Swords Adventure is that, much like the various Mario Party/Kart games over the years, its amazingly cutthroat. Nintendo seems to have cornered the market on friendship destroying games.

(And you know that I would never have recommended FF:CC without LoZ:FSA without good reason, and "Did not fit the OP's request" is among the good reasons (the other being the lack of a third, let alone fourth, player).)
32  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Dice plays FF7 (Sponsored by Maxx) on: October 16, 2014, 12:48:50 AM
Or come with maxed level 4 Limit Breaks 4x Cuts for everybody.
33  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: A Shout-out to coop multiplayer gaming on: October 15, 2014, 09:19:15 PM
Secret of Mana? :v

Also, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles (the original, not so sure about the others).
34  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: A Game Journal Reborn on: October 15, 2014, 07:41:08 PM
That party still has limited healing thanks to Carlie since I don't think she can't learn Heal Light, and at least that party isn't trying to rock Vanadis Lise/Riesz and her crappy single target buffs (even single target debuffs are better since most boss fights consist of a single target).

Vanadis' redemption is in Power Up -> Light Shot Spear... but I get what you're saying.

I played SD3 twice; once with the 3 girls and once with the 3 guys.

My male playthrough was so much easier than the other one.
Kevin is all the damage you need and his single target heal coupled with Duran's single target heal + Saint's Saber works wonders.
I don't think you even need a third party member with those two.

The problem with the all girls team is that your best damage out put is either coming from Angela's spells (until she runs out of MP) or Lise/Riesz's attack + de/buffs. Duran not only has better Attack than her but Sabers are effectively attack buffs as well, especially if he goes for Saint Saber as there are a shitload of Dark based enemies/bosses, while Hawkeye is attacking twice for every attack anyone not named Kevin makes and has debuffs built into attack spells that run off his Speed rather than Intelligence or Spirit. Really, Lise/Riesz is the anchor to team Girl Power since she's built like a Red Mage but has no way to make use of her Intelligence until her third form (she has to wait until second tier just to get magic) or her Spirit outside of tanking spells (unless debuff accuracy or one of her summons runs off the stat) which leaves her with her almost top tier Strength and Speed, mediocre Vitality and awful Luck (which means traps galore and no loot to boot).
35  Media / Anime, TV, and Movies / Re: Live-Action Sci-Fi Tetris Movie on: October 15, 2014, 07:18:02 PM
Meanwhile there's a Quiji movie out soon.

All I want now is for some shmuck to attempt to make a movie based off the board game Risk, and do the game proper justice.

That means a 10 hour feature consisting entirely of an ever increasing number of troops charging across various desolate fields, cutting to some talking heads between battles and repeating until the view zooms out to the global scale where Australia looks like its covered in goddamn ants swarming up to Asia to start yet another land war and to make the final bid to crush the poor sap stuck in China of all places.
36  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: A Game Journal Reborn on: October 15, 2014, 05:19:48 PM
That party still has limited healing thanks to Carlie since I don't think she can't learn Heal Light, and at least that party isn't trying to rock Vanadis Lise/Riesz and her crappy single target buffs (even single target debuffs are better since most boss fights consist of a single target).

Ninja Master Edit: Now for a truly awful party, you'd need:

Ninja Master Hawkeye
Dragon Knight Riesz
and Duelist Duran

Just because, you'll have two redundant debuffers with little else going for them, a guy who can use a couple of single target Saber spells, and not a single healing spell between the three of them. Alternatively:

Ninja Master Hawkeye
Dragon Knight Riesz
and Magus Angela

Now you've got all of the not healing, with only one nuke and again, redundant dark and debuff magic and god help you if Angela runs out of MP (not that she would after a while thanks to Angel Grails being glorified Elixirs with revive capability).

But really, the class system was really unbalanced so you could easily walk into a terrible party (which is basically any party without Kevin) and the mixed line classes were almost always the lesser of the four end game classes. Also not helping things was the fact that third tier classes came at the bloody end of the game which either meant having a save dropped right before the choice and only playing through the same endgame twice, or having to play through basically the same game twice to get to the different stuff at the end. It would take at least 8 whole playthroughs to go through each and every class in the game. What the game should've done was make the Dark-Light/Light-Dark classes into one neutral class. At least it would reduce the redundancy and reduce the lowest number of total playthroughs to 6.

Okay, I don't have a very good memory and why is the palace underground and the ruins above ground? That's not usual video game logic...anyways, I did the Ruins first and the Palace second so...I guess that's the right order. Just seems weird they'd tell me to go back there? I'm pretty sure I already interacted with the nut Mana Seed and got told to go to the forest, but I wandered around and ended up going to the Palace instead.

The Palace is the Earth one so being lodged within the earth makes sense. The ruins are just a pile of old-ish buildings out on the boondocks of Pandora. Its supposed to be more like a Cathedral occupied by a dark cult with the usual 90s era censorship everywhere obscuring everything.

And I think that sequence of events have happened to me before, but that time it's because I didn't bother getting the Sprite until then (you need to have the Sprite present so that he/it can kick Gnome's ass into helping you/get a character development moment, otherwise you'll get turned away at the door (to the final chamber)).
37  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: Random and Amazing Pictures, Please! on: October 15, 2014, 07:46:57 AM
In the spirit of my LP of FF7 going on, I'm glad this popped up recently

Complete with clipping

First off, there needs to be more than 3 Disks (or less since its not being released for the XBone or 360), and second, lol at that fifth guy in the trunk.
38  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: A Game Journal Reborn on: October 14, 2014, 10:59:07 PM
I actually did the Underground Ruins before the Palace. It really helped with that annoying Wall Boss I just now realized was pretty imfamous? Anyways, I'll see if the sequence breaking ruined everything or not...or was I supposed to do that? I dunno, it was tricky getting Phanny to disappear. :/

Okay okay. First off, by 'Underground Ruins' do you mean the 'Underground Palace' where you get Gnome or the 'Ruins south of Pandora' where you fight Wall Face? Underground Ruins is basically saying both at the same time (although the Ruins are not actually underground). I guess, if you open up the Palace and then proceed back to Pandora, you might get Phanna to appear early.

Either way though, yeah, Wall Face is indeed infamous for being the only boss in the game with a hard timer built into it (there may be others that have effective timers, but only Wall Face will outright end you at the end of its final sequence). Honestly, its more of a surprise than the brick wall that Spikey Tiger is since you now have Magic at your disposal (the bigger problem is going through the entire Ruins again due to Inns and the occasional NPC or Event Flag being the only Save Points in the game).

Also, I had a thought on why there's so much lag on attacks in this game. When you stop to think about it, it makes perfect sense as normal attacks carry a huge amount of overhead in terms of scripting. Your standard attack has to calculate your chance to hit the enemy, whether you actually hit the enemy's hit box, how much damage did it do, whether or not you scored a critical hit or not, display a message that "_____ Got Whacked!" upon a successful critical, whether your attack is a standard attack or a level 1 quick charge attack or whether the attack was charged prior to attacking and display the correct attack animation of the appropriate charge level; while the enemy also has to calculate whether it just evaded that attack, how much damage did it do if it hit, display the amount of HP lost from the hit, display a hit animation if the damage was enough to stagger it, display a different hit animation if the damage was high enough to topple it, display a blocking animation if the attack was evaded or blocked, display a death animation if the blow was fatal, check if the enemy could drop something, calculate whether it did drop something, display a chest if it did and so on. With all that going on, its no wonder they implemented those stamina gauges. With those, the standard attack script is switched out for a weak attack that probably just does damage = percent in gauge *||+ secondary power then hit - enemy evade and damage - enemy def and displays the proper animations which will almost always be stun, defeat or nothing; and skips the crit calculation, the critical message, the random level 1 quick charge animation and the check for a charge.

Its kinda ingenious when you think about how to make action oriented combat flow smoothly when running RPG level checks on a mid-SuperNES era cart. Especially when most normal ARPGs just check to see if the correct hit boxes connect (i.e. no shields or invincibility frames getting in the way) then calc power - enemy defense and display the appropriate animations for standard attacks.
39  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: A Game Journal Reborn on: October 14, 2014, 01:42:16 AM
I think I have a Level 2 Axe and I need to go back to level up the Knuckle (which I will probably never use because I really need the axe's and sword's broad range fro when I get mobbed...which happens a lot...). And thanks for the directions. I wasn't sure what that orb was all about when I stumbled upon it earlier and then forgot about it.

Also I got some magic rope...what do I do with this? :/

(Also, you're right that "undodgeable attacks" are the main challenge with the bosses. It's kind of annoying, especially since I'd say FFA had much better boss fights with far more limited gameplay, but whatever)

Wait. If you have the Level 2 Axe, then you've already beaten the Underground Palace and its boss? If that's the case then by all means, head to the Ruins.

Magic Rope is the return to dungeon entrance warp item. It has unlimited uses, but don't ever use it in a one room location. I've had it bug out on me and trap me in said rooms. Other than that, go wild.

And while I'm here, I've bumped into Mew in SSBF. Carry on.
40  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: A Game Journal Reborn on: October 13, 2014, 09:47:01 PM

Also yes, Spiky Tiger can eat a dick. He's infamous as being unfair bullshit given when you encounter him and what he's packing. Fortunately, magic mostly solves the combat/supply issues by being hilariously overpowered if properly leveled.

Properly leveled magic is the answer to every difficulty you encounter in Mana. Spikey tiger be damned, some of those end game bosses could take someone hours to beat if they tried to rely on physical attacks given the poor hit detection. I also recall the bird boss in upper land being relatively retarded to land melee attacks on.

The problem with Spikey Tiger is that you still don't have Magic yet and he does, and likes to camp out on top of towers spamming it, or coming down and rolling out all over the field. The fact that he hits hard for that point of the game on top of the still extremely limited healing supplies is the core of what makes him 'that one boss' of the game. Also, hit detection isn't always the issue either. Sometimes you just aren't doing enough damage to bypass an enemy's/boss's defense so they'll just outright block any attack that fails to surpass their defense (though this happens with your people as well).

Also yes, Spiky Tiger can eat a dick. He's infamous as being unfair bullshit given when you encounter him and what he's packing. Fortunately, magic mostly solves the combat/supply issues by being hilariously overpowered if properly leveled.

Yeah, Spikey Tiger was the worst, but the other 3 bosses I fought so far were pretty bad, too when it came to each of them having some bullcrap attack that was practically impossible to dodge...

And I did upgrade the weapons but they didn't seem to change until after the last boss fight I did? That was weird...

Also, I should note that despite my grievances (I also agree with Mesh about the hit detection, and I have noticed some of the things Aeolus mentioned, too), I'm still enjoying this game quite a bit, and really want to continue with it. I haven't said that in quite a while...well, actually I said that about my replay of FFXII. But before that I hadn't really said that since, like, 2009 or 10...

And I still don't know how I'm supposed to get to the Ruins? I mean, this game has been good about telling me things (every major screen seems to have at least one sign), but unless I missed something, I can't find anything telling me where those ruins are? Am I supposed to talk to Cannon dude?

Undodgeable attacks are the only reason why bosses possess any challenge at all in this game. Tanking is more important since Hit and Evade rates are kinda fucked up in this game (and Magic will always hit and this goes both ways).

Right now your weapons should consist of the Level 2 Sword, Spear, Boomerang and Knuckles, and Level 1 Axe, Bow, Whip and Javelin.

The Ruins come after the Underground Palace which is why I recommended to go back to Gaia's Navel. There was a crack in a wall during the Tropicallo fight that opened up afterward. There's an orb in that cave that's filled with lava you're supposed to use magic on once you get it.

The one thing that amuses me about FFXIII-1 is just how much of the game borrows from various SuperNES era Square games and manages to totally cock it up. The whole 'spend two chapters being mostly normal citizens before getting blessed by "the call" and gaining Magic Powers' part is similar to how in SoM and FFVI you must spend a while before gaining access to Magic. The difference is that leveling itself in SoM and FFVI isn't locked down during this segment like it is in FFXIII-1 (you're still gaining something from even lowly Rabbites like Exp, GP, Weapon Level Exp, 10GP, Bandannas and even Candy!; FFXIII might give you a Credit Chip, a new Weapon, a new Shop, an expendable or possibly access to a Floating Ballz since you can't open them while the designated fight is still nearby, but most of these are from designated fights, usually with bosses, midbosses or right after a cutscene).
41  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: Random and Amazing Pictures, Please! on: October 13, 2014, 03:49:42 PM
Dammit mom! Not in the middle of Strip Poker Night.

Immediately made me think of True Lies.
42  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: A Game Journal Reborn on: October 13, 2014, 03:44:29 PM
Playing Secret of Mana on the VC. I just got magic and now I'm lost as hell...

I will say that it's weird that I'm enjoying this game, yet I still feel it's kinda overrated. It doesn't feel like a gem so much as a diamond in the rough, what with the crappy, barely adjustable AI characters that love to get stuck in places, the bosses with some pretty cheap and seemingly unblockable attacks, only being able to have 4 of any item, combat that feels a little too random (I seriously think there's no skill to blocking or dodging, it's just RNG)...I think a true sequel or even a remake someday would greatly benefit this game.

I think you should think about cashing in those weapon orbs at Watts.

As for the problems with the game, I think that while a number of issues came from Square's coding practices, the game took a big hit from the whole Nintendo Playstation fiasco that was going on behind the scenes at the time. You have a situation where the devs suddenly realize that they don't have nearly the memory real-estate that they thought they had to hack and slash the scope down to what we know of it today. That's why the first little bit of the game can proceed in a fairly non-linear way (i.e. when you get The Girl), but the rest of game never really opens up like that again (though it does get close with the Dark Palace/Light Tower, which brings its own issues). There's also weird areas like the Lighthouse, that exist but serve literally no purpose whatsoever, or Tortoise Island which only provides a very minor sidequest that can net you an inventory item. This may have also influenced the level of polish the game's systems (like the Ring Menu can sometimes trigger weird graphical glitches) and mechanics (like how Hit% and Evade% are mostly determined by level and equipment; mostly level since equipment's Hit%/Evade% buffs are largely the same, it's only a question of "Are you equipped or not?").

Also yes, Spiky Tiger can eat a dick. He's infamous as being unfair bullshit given when you encounter him and what he's packing. Fortunately, magic mostly solves the combat/supply issues by being hilariously overpowered if properly leveled.
43  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: A Game Journal Reborn on: October 12, 2014, 10:13:07 PM
And of course, the one fighter I had to use to beat Classic at 9.0 difficult was the Super Fighting Robot himself. R.O.B. Megaman. All it took was to finally get my hands on a high end Defense Booster equipment. Now its just the 4 Cruel Battle KOs and the tedium of going through every mode with everyone.
44  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Dice plays FF7 (Sponsored by Maxx) on: October 12, 2014, 06:42:59 PM

I realized the Narshe bit when I was staring and planning tactics around the rock bundles.... (FF6 had it where they could NEVER breach your defences if you places your guys in a certain position)!  I like the minigame, but I'm not sure I wanna keep going back for it (for other than Big Mat and Phoe-Phoe).

Icicle Inn, as pretty as it is, I'm not looking forward to. :/

And I admit I didn't think about the Black Cape people part.  They kinda freaked me out, I just remembered them  I kinda wanna get more information on them, I forgot all about it.


I will add I do prefer Fort Condor to the two versions of it in FF6.  The music isn't as good though. ;)

And yeah, I love that Mt Corel tune.  It's also kind of odd; a real hopeful tune plays right before you hit...what's left of Barret's home area....  But the use of lighting versus the dilapidated scenery make it a pleasant "in between" area.


I liked her too.  To their credit, there's a ton of great [supporting and main] female characters in Final Fantasy.  The entire AVALANCHE team have little exposure, but worked well with their allotted time to get their own personalities and feel just a LIL' something when they meet an untimely but noble death.


After a small [Smash Bros] break;
The [literal] Prison Town, the Wonderland, The Canyon

= More adventures in great scenery.  This game is not short of these.

= Seriously, the amount of metal and materials NEEDED to create something the scale and scope of The Gold Saucer is...baffling.  I mean, the individual areas? Ok, but the actual gold/metal pods and beam??.  Goodbye, Gaia, your resources are fucked, with or without Mako/Lifestream energy.

= I think some of the greatest plot points in this game is how simply, effectively, and concisely the "Character Chapters" are told.
Both Barret and Red are great examples of side chapters that have no real bearing on the main plot of the game, but adds great backstory to their character.  Red's misunderstanding about his father changes him from a coward to a still-suffering hero (the shot of his petrified body is really something to look at).  Barret confronts his best friend; a man with the same gun-arm augmentation because they were involved in the same incident against Shinra that claimed their hands while they were trying desperately to flee.  
Tifa too, I like how even though she shares most of her "character backstory" with Cloud, their accounts of the event are detrimentally different.

= Given the absolute motherfucking train wreck and state of North Corel, YOU'D THINK that the Gold Saucer execs, with its CLEARLY INFINITE resources, would buff up the state of the garbage heap shit-hole that transports people in and out of their park --- and more than just its cable cart boarding area (however, I do love the attention to detail that the ONE area does look better than the rest of the town).

= This song.
While I find the FF7 OST much simpler compared to the almost operatic/symphonic style of FF6 (though FF8 is much more hit-or-miss to me), the simplicity and effectiveness of its melodies is perfect (and even despite the crap MIDI quality synths).  Each song suits each location very well and really sets up the mood for the game.

= One stupid reason I love, love, love Tifa?  Because she makes me feel good for having BROWN EYES.  
Squeenix LOVES blue eyes... :(
....sha la la la la la dee dah~

= I forgot Deathblow.  Is it a good materia or can I just move on with my life?

= Yeah, I brought Tifa and Aeris to Gongaga.  It's strange, creepy, and wonderful how both girls were involved with Zack, neither feels terribly contrived (although it does make you question Aeris' attraction to Cloud....I doubt he'd care).
= Cosmo Canyon is so fucking cool.  Some point between the literal down-to-earth decor, the mild native influence (a weapon shop called Tiger Lily's is a cute touch), that catchy tune, etc.  

= On that note, Bugenhagen's lecture on the lifestream is brilliantly done.  I love the song that plays and I love that the first few notes are the same heard in the opening Bombing Mission tune as well

The Narshe Defense battles are more about attrition than anything else really. Fort Condor is more of a question of how much money are you willing to sink into this minigame. At least its quite a bit more RTS than the Narshe stuff since you can't just out-level the competition and you have to pay attention to what troops you use and what remains.

You'll be seeing the Black Caped people soon enough. Nibelheim and the North Crater are where they show up in force.

My issue with the character chapters in FFVII is that unlike in FFVI where they were more necessary, this particular part of FFVII is basically where the game spends its time giving the characters who really don't matter to the main plot of the game their moment in the spotlight (and really, even FFVI revisited character arcs at least once more; Gau, Setzler, and Mog are the only ones who really get shortchanged on this (and Mog kinda falls in with Umaro and Gogo in optional character status)). Once these are done, Red's and Barret's role in the plot consists of little more than adding their own flavor of commentary (and in Barret's case, maybe a date with Cloud). When you think about it, of the Midgar 5, these two are kinda stragglers to the main plot (Cloud and Tifa both have Nibelheim, Sephiroth, and each other; Aeris/th has a bunch of stuff implied with Zack, her Parents, the whole Ancients business and the end of disk 1; and the others didn't join till later and thus will receive their development later or are optional). Hell, even Yuffie has two segments to herself even though she's optional.

Deathblow is a good Materia for when you get it since its quite literally Critical Hits on Command, but eventually it will become less relevant as enemies gain more Deathblow resistance, that damage cap rears its ugly head and Double Cut comes along. Its also required as one of the seven Command Materia needed to make a Master Command Materia.

At least there are definitely good reasons to like North Coral and Cosmo Canyon, even if I feel like that whole segment drags like hell (especially you Desert Prison). That said, Gongaga Village to me has always been little more than a Wide Spot on the Road with a random (and much easier) fight with the Turks (seriously, Seal Evil is hilariously gamebreaking for when you have it, getting Vincent on your first pass through Nibelheim proper is hella easy with it) and a Titan Materia.
45  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: RPGFan Community Quiz Quiz Show! on: October 10, 2014, 11:19:37 PM

It might help your chances if you sober up first.
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