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3616  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: What one RPG would you award 100% to? on: April 03, 2012, 06:10:40 PM
Suikdoden's only use of 3D was on the battle screen backgrounds. It still looks better today (on a sub-32" screen) than many of the games that came out 5-10 years afterwards. The hero/Jowy unite attack is beautiful.

The PS2 Suikodens beg to differ. Especially S3 which barely looked any better than Ephemeral Fantasia and had the clever idea of making AoE spells truly AoE by striking indiscriminately (especially in a game where the main character's True Rune consisted entirely of the Fire Element which differentiated itself entirely on the grounds of being largely AoE (fortunately none of the possible True Fire Rune recipients can use Fire magic very well except for the kid who can't use magic worth of shit in general let alone fire magic)).

Geddoe is actually a totally boss Fire Mage.  He gets like an A in the skill, and he's fast enough to be able to fire off one of the largeer AOE spells before your party actually gets close to the enemy, and it even does enough damage that it usually wipes them out anyway.  Hugo isn't terrible with Lightning Magic either (I THINK a B) so there's no real loss there either.

True but Geddoe would prefer to stick with S ranked Lightning over A ranking Fire, especially since he gets to have some fun with the True Lightning Rune before choosing to take True Fire or not. Besides him taking Fire over Lightning means that Hugo gets Lightning instead and he's just as bad with that as he is with anything else, and if I had to choose I'd take an awesome True Lightning Rune over a solid True Fire Rune any day, especially with S3's combat system where friendly fire is a problem and bullshit boss fights are everywhere.
3617  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: What one RPG would you award 100% to? on: April 03, 2012, 09:27:29 AM
Suikdoden's only use of 3D was on the battle screen backgrounds. It still looks better today (on a sub-32" screen) than many of the games that came out 5-10 years afterwards. The hero/Jowy unite attack is beautiful.

The PS2 Suikodens beg to differ. Especially S3 which barely looked any better than Ephemeral Fantasia and had the clever idea of making AoE spells truly AoE by striking indiscriminately (especially in a game where the main character's True Rune consisted entirely of the Fire Element which differentiated itself entirely on the grounds of being largely AoE (fortunately none of the possible True Fire Rune recipients can use Fire magic very well except for the kid who can't use magic worth of shit in general let alone fire magic)).
3618  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: The superpowers thread. on: April 03, 2012, 09:15:22 AM
Ah, but shapeshifting.... could you do it to such a degree that you shapeshift your arteries healthy and your fat away? Or if there is conservation of mass, shapeshift 20 pounds of flab off your thighs and into your hair, then go for a haircut :D

Hopefully the former since then I could do something drastic like shapeshift into a kid to abuse those all kids enter for free deals, or into an elderly person to abuse social security or senior's discounts, or into a bird if I want to fly over traffic, or even into a gorilla if I just want to go apeshit and ruin somebody's day.

The most amusing thing about shapeshifting powers is that of all the powers out there, it's one of the most underrated in comics. The best use I've ever seen shapeshifting powers used for was in Disney's Sword in the Stone where Merlin changes into a disease to beat a dragon and win a wizard's duel. Now imagine shapeshifting into something like AIDS. Not only can you renew yourself indefinitely, but having the means to immediately and completely fuck somebody over with nothing to stop you save for your own moral compass and rarely some kind of super immunity to illness? Yeah, shapeshifting is horribly underrated.
3619  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, Thread of people Dancing Mad on: April 03, 2012, 05:29:35 AM
Thanks for making me feel old for a moment there Square Enix. :|

You know they fucked up when remembering the announcement of a game yet to come out makes you feel old.

It's a game that was announced alongside two other games that not only both have come out, but one underwent a massive restructuring while the other got a full blown sequel.

Hell, it was announced around the same time SSBB was announced and now people have begun to expect that game's sequel to be announced, and these fuckers only come up once per console generation.

In fact, the Wii hadn't come out when Versus was first announced but now its successor is looming on the horizon, and we're still no closer to a Versus release then we were back then.

Of course, with both FF XII's and XIII's development cycle and what ended up resulting therein I haven't even bothered to give a fuck for years. It's more like every so often I keep getting reminded by Squeenix that this shit still exists.

It wouldn't be so bad had Squeenix not been so fucking insane with their Faburousu Noba Cristalsis but like every other Squeenix compilation thus far, this one has been just as spectacular of a failure as the rest.

Now I know how those poor dudes waiting for Duke Nukem Forever felt waiting for the damn thing to come out.

Except this is more likely to actually be good.

Although I won't argue that this won't turn out as badly as DNF as that was aiming for 90's toilet attitude to begin with and still managed to fall short.
3620  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Class of Heroes 2 Kickstarter by MonkeyPaw Games and Gaijin Works on: April 02, 2012, 07:40:51 PM

Might as well post this here.
3621  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: The superpowers thread. on: April 02, 2012, 06:51:26 PM
Either Shapeshifting or Wolverine levels of Regeneration/Immortality, depending on whether or not I can just shapeshift age, age like effects, & nasty injuries away and not have to worry about conservation of mass.

If I go with the Wolverine thing instead then I hope to at the very least not have Wolverine's need to use it all the goddamn time.
3622  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Google Maps's April Fools joke on: April 01, 2012, 04:55:00 PM
So do we put other RPG related April Fools jokes in here? Because this just caught my eye.

(Admittedly I laughed harder at this before I remembered what day it was.)
3623  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Is Zelda Skyward Sword really the best Zelda game ever? on: April 01, 2012, 08:58:53 AM
In the Original you had a total of 16 hearts and outside of random heart drops or the occasional fairy only up to two doses of potion to bring that back during a dungeon run.

Zelda 1 was the only one that was actually challenging in terms of combat, though, and placed a lot of emphasis on like, being able to navigate the rooms. Part of this was because you were more limited in terms of health, like you said, but also you just had a much smaller attack radius. I mean look you could attack in one direction. That was it. In the LttP-style games, your sword swing has a lot of reach and you get spin attacks, and the 3D Zeldas have z-targeting.

The things you mentioned about LttP, though, specifically get at why it bugged me so much.

1) Dark World enemies. Yeah, they do a lot more damage. But they aren't really behaving any more /interestingly/ than their light world equivalents. They just hurt a lot more when they get a hit in. Which really isn't that fun to me because in Zelda 1, the enemies behaved differently and took a degree of strategy to manage, whereas in LttP it gets overly reflexy in a game that doesn't really have controls that are conducive to that.

2) I thought that a lot of the optional overworld items were just outright obtuse to get.

3) There was kind of an issue I had with LttP that was addressed a lot in the GBC games but was weirdly absent in the rest of the series -- a lot of the items you found weren't that useful on the map itself, which sort of made exploration less fun. The overworlds in the GBC zeldas were like these big lovely dungeons in their own right.

Anyway, Wind Waker was odd in that, at least one one level, it was one of the most open Zeldas. AFTER the awkward stealth bit, you really can sale to a fucklot of places (whether you have the patience for this is arguable, mind). There's just not much to find though. A bunch of generic floating orc platforms with... nothing. There's not even an interesting collectible sidequest. I LIKED finding skulltulas and gold bugs in OoT in TP. WW had butterfly medallions that didn't seem to serve a purpose?

(I thought that Ultima 8 was actually rather good zelda-like game with rather good exploration but everyone hates Ultima 8 so whatever).

That too was another issue that had become an increasing problem throughout the series. Link's ever evolving moveset continuously altered the balance of a given game's challenge. In the original, outside of sword beams at full health all you had was a simple stab covering one title's length in front of you. Granted the difference between having sword beams and not having them was night and day but no game since has ever given you a true equivalent (the GB/C games comes closest but no game freely gives you sword beams out of the gate with no strings attached beyond the full health requirement with the same effectiveness that Zelda1's beams have).

I felt that ALttP made a fair compromise that was hindered only by questionable enemy disbursement. After all, it makes sense that you can slash with a sword and not just stab with it. At least sword beams in that game were so heavily nerfed that at times it was almost preferable to not have it on (like when you go in for a swipe with your sword but the beam registers the hit first which hits for probably significantly less damage by that point).

But to me, it was when Z-Targeting came around that the Zelda series lost a significant amount of challenge since once you locked on you were effectively in control of the fight unless something could bypass your shield (and little could). It's only been recently that the matter has been addressed with the shield's heavy nerfing (requires an active item slot and active use in the GB/C/A games, some attacks can temporarily break your guard in TP, and now with shield durability in addition to the other two SS).

Besides nothing was as ridiculous as WW's sense move that basically gave you a powerful defense bypassing counterattack with almost no guard or punish for it. Great spin was a bit too situational but that sense move made even the toughest enemies into minor speed bumps at best and I don't think anything before or since was as broken as that was.

As for your followup points, I thought that....

1) There were quite a few enemies that were difficult or impossible to deal with using just the sword alone. Of course almost all of these enemies could be dealt with by using other items that would typically one shot them (Dark Fairies, Gibdos, Chu-chus, Gelzaps, Red Cyclops, Goryias, those green penguin guys from level 5, ect...). Additionally most of the more interesting enemies were hiding out in dungeons (although Lionels could've existed for more than two screens).

2) Admittedly I liked and still like the idea of having important items kinda sitting off to the side ready to be obtained at your convenience rather than being handed an item or the means to get an item because now is the time for you to have that item and you can't go any further without it. And between the hints provided by NPCs and being prominent points of interest along your path, only the Magic Cape, the Cane of Bryna, and Bottle#3 were actually obtuse to locate.

3) Basically see #2. To a certain extent having portions of the map inaccessible to you from the start isn't the problem per say (hell even the original locked you out of some stuff in the beginning), but that having only a tiny piece open at the start with the other parts unlocked bit by bit can be really annoying if done poorly. LA is probably the only one that get away with this since there's enough unlocked early enough that reaching later dungeons simply means heading to one of the few remaining unexplored corners and filling it in (i.e. you can have most of the map explored by the time you enter level 5). Plus I find it annoying to have to crack open my inventory every other screen to put on some bracelets to lift a rock out of the way. (kinda like having to stop and either strap on or slip off some boots depending on whether you want to sink or swim).

i wonder if nintendo cares about some fans abandoning the series due to motion controls. it wasnt a big deal with TP since i had the choice of the gc version. do console makers have something to gain if they can get core gamers to accept motion controls?
Unique gameplay? You MIGHT be able to replicate this on a controller with clickable sticks (clicking being thrusting) and sacrificing camera control on the right stick, but this isn't like TP where it's literally mapping button functions to shaking a controller. Plus frankly this is A LOT more friendly to traditional types of gameplay than pure Kinect or touch screen controls, here you can reasonably mix it to varying degrees since usually aiming IS a lot better on a Wii Remote than an analog stick.

With that said Zelda's got bigger issues than how you control the game, it's been frequently argued that the Motion Plus additions are the ONLY really good thing Skyward Sword did gameplay-wise.

This post hits upon one of my biggest beefs with the current gaming community, the complete and utter fear and loathing of change. I feel that if we had gone with 20 years of Atari joysticks before somebody came along and introduced the D-pad people would be flipping their shit just like they are over any instance of waggle.

It takes time, experimentation, and refinements to find the best ways to integrate new methods of control and game design. Take 3D games, they weren't automatically good over night. It took many attempts and the better part of an entire console generation before a fluid and effective gameplay experience was finally achieved. Same with utilizing multiple screens for a single game as well as touch screen interfaces. Many have since seen the benefits of multiple screens segregating obtrusive UI from the gameplay field as well as providing instantaneous access to previously buried functions, and iOS games wouldn't even be possible if it weren't for touch screen interface compensating for a devoted control interface which doesn't play well with standard phone interfaces.

I feel that the potential is there and we're just now beginning to see it beyond FPS applications. As for SS and Zelda in general; I'm letting this pass as it's obvious that the greatest amount of effort went into making the game playable. It'll be the next mainline Zelda that makes or breaks my interest since it should, in theory, be focusing on refinement rather than innovation.
3624  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: Random and Amazing Pictures, Please! on: March 31, 2012, 08:32:12 PM


I wonder what the femshep version would look like?
3625  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Google Maps's April Fools joke on: March 31, 2012, 05:31:39 PM
At first I thought they just took the map from Dragon Quest III and added a bunch of location names, but then I noticed that northern Asia wasn't covered in mountains and the starting continent is missing as well.

Bravo Google. Bravo.
3626  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Monster World Collection coming to XBLA (and PSN?). Rumor: SoA/Shenmue PSN/XBLA on: March 31, 2012, 04:57:19 PM
What a coincidence, it has all the Monster World games I'm missing. Now I'm ghlad I didn't pick them up on the VC. =)

Incidentally there had been talks about bringing MWIV to the VC but like everything else with the VC it too has seemed to fallen off the radar. Virtual Console: Wasted opportunity and you.
3627  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: The NEW Game Journal on: March 31, 2012, 04:52:21 PM
After learning that the color coded box conveyer belt puzzle stage was by far and away the worst part of the game instead of being the portent of things to come, I've decided to pick up Metal Gear: Ghost Babel again. And sure as shit I'm now past the Helicopter boss several stages later. Maybe I'll get this one done yet.
3628  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: The Suikoden games (opinion thread) on: March 31, 2012, 10:38:46 AM
It's executed well simply because the developers never glorified the war or took a stupid way out, unlike most other JRPGs, where you have this war but then both sides stop and join together to combat a bigger, supernatural threat.

That another point to the series credit as well. Outside of the occasional True Rune bullshit nobody's this supernatural DBZ reject that most JRPGs tend to both have and make your team into. It's basically just a bunch of people banding a nation together to kick ass on whatever whatever warmonger is stirring trouble at the moment.

Hell, even eliminating the main antagonist isn't always enough to wrap up a conflict. Often times you'll just have some other asshole roll up and take over at that point and it isn't until you win the war that the conflict is resolved.
3629  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: The Suikoden games (opinion thread) on: March 31, 2012, 03:37:08 AM
We do happen to have a Suikoden general discussion thread here. But I guess it's probably full of spoilers so I'll bite.

That said, the biggest reason why people are fans of these games is the fact that they are were all in one world with noteworthy events from previous games having an effect in later games or having characters from one game show up in another. The first game is basically just that. It came up with the idea of having you assemble a team out of 108 different characters and implemented it in a way that actually worked. Meanwhile the plot was basically limited to the scope of a kingdom in the midst of political turmoil and was very loosely based (or more likely heavily inspired by) on the themes and setting of the classic Chinese novel of the same name. The game itself is fairly straight forward and was a breath of fresh air compared to it's contemporaries. The second game basically takes what Suki1 started and ran with it. Now you had a much more structured plot, more effort put into the characters (with returning characters carrying ever greater weight for those who were familiar with the previous game), and more options and things to do beyond the main story (from growing a garden, to raising livestock, and from pursing a criminal, to competing in Iron Chef style cookoffs). Though unfortunately the game was plagued with bugs and a weak translation plus the war battles were awful games of chance rather than the rock/paper/scissors affair that the first game employed. The third game unfortunately was both where the series tries to make the transition to 3D with passable results and more damning a couple of major changes to the gameplay system that generally made things worse than better. Most noticeable was the change from having six individual party members comprising your battle party you had three sets of two as well as having battles take place in a Lunar style battle arena where your party members are tripping over each other and getting in each other's way and most area of effect attack rune magic (i.e. Fire Magic) suffer from friendly fire. Meanwhile skills were also introduced to expand character's reporte but it also meant having to grind everybody you wanted to use to acquire the skills you needed to remain competent. Also the game threw a metric fuck ton of unwinnable fights in your general direction. The "Trinity Sight" system lead to not only a fairly irrelevant Tenkai star but a rather late home castle, and ironically enough a terrible choice in who you wanted to nerf with main character status since the game's True Rune sucks and none of the three candidates want anything to do with it. Also this was the game where the series director/main writer left leaving only his notes on how things are supposed to go behind. I haven't played 4, Tactics, or 5 yet.
3630  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: The NEW Game Journal on: March 30, 2012, 05:36:06 AM
also I've come to terms with retiring Children of Mana so everyone could ignore my plea from the above post to help me justify that decision...... LoL....

lastly I've been affording some time to the 1 and only non-rpg series that has interested me in my many moons of gaming... Mega Man! Well..... Megaman  Zero to be more accurate.... not as cool as remember em though.... not sure if I'm gonna continue with it or not.....

Amusingly enough, CoM wasn't the worst Dungeon Crawler I've played on the DS despite its terribleness. No. That award goes straight to From the Abyss where the only thing of note in the entire game was one of the game's six NPCs descending into vengeful madness after I axe'd into her brother's face a few questions (since he was a boss). The rest was cobbled together in an afternoon by a developer team needing a breather from whatever they were working on while also scoring a quick buck on the side.

The MMZ games are fun if rather challenging and has the best plot arc in the entire franchise (even if it's held back a bit in trying to work around the post X5 MMX games fucking with X5's ending which lead directly into Z1). I'd suggest to not worry about ranking in MMZ1 if that's what you're playing, just feed and use the Cyber Elves that confer the permanent abilities (helpfully marked by being bigger than the other Cyber Elves). If you're playing Z2-4 you'll need to worry a bit more since you need a high rank to acquire EX moves which are your standard boss weapons Zero style, but it's not as bad in those games since the games get progressively easier and less strict about upgrades.
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