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3661  Media / Miscellaneous Games / Re: Guild01: That's a lot of talent for one little game on: August 13, 2012, 10:52:36 AM
Edit: Here's a trailer that covers all four parts in greater detail.

Looks like Crimson Shroud is basically going to be a D&D style rule book + some rudimentary tools and means to actually playing it out on your 3DS's (i.e. imagine four 3DS equipped players standing next to a cliff sitting around a table RPing with some complimentary material (pens, graph paper, maybe some figurines or AR cards, possibly some dice, ect). Christ, I'm already wanting this.

Maiden Liberation looks to be hilariously Suda-ish.

The others are ehh but you're getting them for free at this point (provided all of this actually leaves Japan in the first place).


Pardon the necro but this looks like this is actually leaving Japan after all.
3662  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Xenoblade or Final Fantasy 12.. what's your preference? on: August 13, 2012, 10:38:40 AM
One issue I have with Xenoblade, and I guess a lot of RPGs in general, is the fact there is just way to much stuff to collect. When every single enemy you kill leaves behind a treasure chest, often with 5 separate items in each one, I think it devalues them. Put much less items there, but make them unique and worth finding. Also add interesting quests to make finding this stuff enjoyable. I think this would go a long way to making me actually WANT to find everything and go on my quests.

I will give Xenoblade credit for letting you know which item is worth keeping and how much of it you need to have on hand, even before you actually get the quest that requires said boar tusks. It's a feature that really should be implemented in every JRPG from now on. Vastly superior to the current method of touching nothing until you get to the end of the game with a guide in your hand that explicitly states what you need to do with what you have and in what order lest you'd take the profession of loot farmer for a fortnight or two.
3663  Media / Anime, TV, and Movies / Re: Anime/Manga Journal on: August 13, 2012, 01:43:20 AM
Fake Edit: On second thought, I'm probably going to skip Samurai Seven. I've seen the actual Seven Samurai movie so I already know what happens, furthermore I was pretty unimpressed by the whole mecha ascetic, plus it came from Gonzo Studio which means I can almost guarantee you the ending will suck.

You sure about that? I've seen some trailers and AMVs of Samurai 7, and it doesn't seem to be at all like the movie...though maybe I just don't remember the movie very well...

Yeah, I remember it having a dystopian SciFi setting which leads to the silly conspicuous CGI giant robot bandits and they added some court based shenanigans as well but the general premise is still the same 'Japan's take of the Battle of the Alamo except replace the Mexican Army with a legion of bandits, the Alamo to a dirt poor village of dirt farmers, and the outcome from lost valiantly to held at a price of every recruited samurai save for the young one and the two old ones' except now you add giant robots and copious amounts of anime to the mix. If the ending was different from that then it was probably for the worse.
3664  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: Youtube on: August 13, 2012, 01:08:10 AM

Holy shit, I remember this show! :O

Legends of the Hidden Temple was good times.

The Shrrriiiinnne of the Siiillllvvvver Monkeyyy.
3665  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: The NEW Game Journal on: August 13, 2012, 12:41:36 AM
Been into FFXIII doing missions, getting trophies and messing around with weapons and accessories.

And since you guys are talking about Zelda, I have a question to ask: The hand holding in Skyward Sword was really that bad?
Yes. Fii was obnoxious. You would just get through a story segment that made it pretty clear where you had to go and what you had to do, when Fii would pop up to remind you of it. Or Fii would tell you to "douse" for something when it was already obvious. Multiply these x 100 and you can understand why people don't like her.

Also it introduced collectables for making or improving items, and of course in true Zelda fashion they all suffer from the "This is a Rupee." syndrome. Also I hated how fixed the Dowsing option was since you could be collecting all the other collectables that a particular Dowsing feature would point to and unless you went for the designated 'first' collectable you wouldn't actually unlock the ability. SS was an unfortunately linear game.

Still liked going through Hero Modo with the upgraded Skyward Strike and simply demolishing every early game boss. It's so hard to find a game with a tangible sense of progression these days. Most of the time you just get bigger numbers to throw at the next wave of enemies which also have bigger numbers or you just completely break the game and now everything dies in one hit.
3666  Media / Anime, TV, and Movies / Re: Anime/Manga Journal on: August 12, 2012, 01:37:41 PM
So how many episodes did Deadman Wonderland last because if it went on for more than 13 episodes then I've got to lol at Toonami dropping the sucker for Samurai Seven (and Eureka Elrecca Seven but I'm willing to attribute that to whatever else they've decided to dump to make room for that).

If it didn't then I've got to lol at Japan's anime industry displaying some loving standards for once.

And on that note, I'm actually tempted to rewatch E7 again just for the sake of having a blast from the past, but goddamn does the prospect of having to slog through 50+ episodes of some really glacial plotting turn me off from that (I could hover around until Charles shows up then watch until the Gekko undergoes repairs which I can skip watching completely for a month or so then resume til the end).

Meanwhile it's also been years since I last watched Samurai Seven and I didn't finish it back then due to being fairly unimpressed by it so I'm none too sure I want to try again.

(Ironically, I think its been seven years since I last watched these shows :v:).

As for DW itself, the only thing surprising about it was just how hard it was for some characters to die despite the ludicrous gibs this show indulges in like a Shonen series trying to pass itself off as a Seinen series. Otherwise the arc ended with the usual MC gets owned, MC is saved by resident badass, MC undergoes a training montage, MC uses his new powers to better trash some mooks, MC still gets owned by the arc's boss, cutscenes kick in and side characters use power of friendship to briefly convert one of the bosses into a friend who strikes a minor blow against the arc's boss before getting owned (or in this case fatally wounded again), MC has an epiphany and goes Super Sayin', MC oneshots the arc's boss with an attack that he won't be able to control until the next epiphany during the next boss fight (and will be rendered completely worthless immediately afterwords), and that's all she wrote folks.

Fake Edit: On second thought, I'm probably going to skip Samurai Seven. I've seen the actual Seven Samurai movie so I already know what happens, furthermore I was pretty unimpressed by the whole mecha ascetic, plus it came from Gonzo Studio which means I can almost guarantee you the ending will suck.
3667  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: The Adventures of EPDA (or how to play Final Fantasy I like a colossal dumbass) on: August 12, 2012, 12:38:36 PM

They're one shard away from summoning Captain Planet.

(Also one Planeteer but who gives a fuck about what's-his-face and his dumb monkey.)
3668  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: The NEW Game Journal on: August 12, 2012, 03:20:34 AM
The dungeons had a chance to be really clever.  But yeah, everything else was just...crap.  The Locomo [?] was the most pathetic excuse for "convenient magic people" I've ever seen.

I liked the final 1-on-1 with Ganon, something about a final fight with just the basics has a touch of class to it than some odd demonic abomination.
Midna still makes for one of the more interesting, unique, takes to character companion the series has yet seen.  What the fuck were the on with Fi is a different story....

I'll say this in defense of ST. I liked the fact that Zelda got to tag along, the overworld theme was pretty damn good, the Sand Dungeon was a fairly good dungeon with a neat item in the sand rod (or whatever its called), and the central dungeon this time was actually not all that bad thanks to allowing you to skip the tedium of having to redo the completed parts over again.

The rest ranged from pretty lame to awful.
3669  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Getting psyched for Gungnir on: August 12, 2012, 03:01:15 AM
Besides, Sting games are known for not having mass appeal due to using different (almost to the point of outlandish) mechanics than your typical RPG even if it doesn't always work.
3670  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: What are your Final Fantasy memories? on: August 12, 2012, 12:25:11 AM
FF7 - we rented a PSX back when you could rent systems from Rogers Video (now, both renting and Rogers Video are even services).  It was stunning. That opening FMV~.  They didn't give us a memory card, so we played till we died; which was the first Reno fight where he can trap you in death-pyramids (yeaa, we didn't know how to break free).

Yeah, I'll admit I got a couple of game overs from that gimmick my first time through as well. At least by the second Turks fight I figured out how to cheese the game with Seal Evil (such a ridiculously good limit break but obviously one you don't get to use past the first disk).
3671  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: The NEW Game Journal on: August 12, 2012, 12:21:17 AM
The plot
unfortunately abandons whatever it was going with by that point in favor of more Ganon.

I totally agree; but it's hard to deny him EVER looking better than in that tittle.  I loved his corn roll things and gold ornament.

I thought aesthetically, that game was the best, bar none.

I liked
him better in OoT, WW, and LttP myself. The fight against him felt like you were going through one last showcase of all the major gameplay gimmicks added for the game rather than going all knock down drag out against him. You have your Ahgahmin syndrome boss fight, followed by Giant Pig herding, then an equestrian chase making use of that one really large section of Hyrule Field, and finally topped with a basic sword fight that doesn't even compare to WW's.

At least it was far better than Spirit Track's final boss sequence. Holy crap was that one awful.
3672  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: The NEW Game Journal on: August 11, 2012, 02:03:06 AM
Twilight Princess isn't half bad now that it's gone beyond doing chores for village folk and jumping when Midna says jump.

It does get substantially better past the midway point, especially the dungeons, some of which are probably among the best in the series.

The plot
unfortunately abandons whatever it was going with by that point in favor of more Ganon.
3673  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Favorite "Tales of" Game and why? on: August 09, 2012, 09:37:56 PM
I've played through most of Symphonia and all of Phantasia.

That's enough for me.
3674  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: Random and Amazing Pictures, Please! on: August 09, 2012, 06:41:26 AM
Haha so should you apparently. x)

I got the joke but it wasn't even funny to me... sorry(?). :T

Also, I do have to get around to finish to read the manga and seeing the "Brotherhood" series.

I wouldn't say it's a joke so much as a 'Wait. What!' moment that cedes to the eventual revelation of :the joke: and then you move on with your life.

Also yes.

(The original anime's ending kinda goes off the deep end with the Archinator, Dante, and Edward getting stuck in WWI Germany. Whereas the manga's and Brotherhood's ending turns into the badass power hour where almost everybody gets a moment of glory, including the nameless mooks.)
3675  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: Youtube on: August 09, 2012, 06:24:10 AM

Pardon the double post but this atrocity needs to be shared. (Again, might not be entirely work safe for less than obvious reasons.)
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