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3811  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: The NEW Game Journal on: March 15, 2013, 02:05:37 AM
That was one of the things someone told me was really cool about Quake 2 -- It was just a skybox, but you could see the cannon you spend a good chunk of the game trying to get to pretty early on, and the opening cinematics were true to how the game was laid out.

Amalur - Killed the Threshes and finished Building Bridges.

BTW what was the boss you were warning me about in Felghana, Aeolus!?!??!?! Was it parrot?

It was Chester. Parrot's not so nasty once you realize that being closer to the sides of the bridge makes bailing on the platform flipping hijinks easier (though the PSP's screen doesn't help with identifying which panels got flipped over as much as it should). But Chester's a kick in the teeth after a stage that starts by kicking in your teeth.

Of course the real reason why I don't like him is due to his rematch where it turns into an endurance match against a guy that can sicknasty combo the hell out of you. At least you'll have the third magic type by then which makes life so much easier.
3812  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Fire Emblem 3DS on: March 14, 2013, 09:26:20 PM

So apparently, the game did pretty well in the US as well.

Anyways, I ended up giving the Paragon scroll I picked up from the last Lost Bloodlines chapter to Morgan because he's gonna need it so much more than anybody else (My Avatar would've been choice number 2 but she still has supports to grind out so she can continue to gain levels while doing that, also he has more classes than her). He just needs Veteran now to maximize his experience gains.

Additionally, some more localization changes have come to light. Now we have Shanna instead of Thany (hopefully this doesn't get her confused with Shanan or Shanam) and Raigh instead of Ray (for some reason). Other minor changes include Baldur instead of Baldo (better than Valdo) and Belhalla instead of Barhara (I see what you did there 8-4).

Also chatted it up with Severa versus Linde, Tiki versus Tiki, and Brady versus Racquesis in Lost Bloodlines 3 and had Nah talk with Perceval while Noire talkd with both Wolt during her versus against The Black Knight in Smash Brothers Brethren 1.

And for the latest postgame Paralogue, you're going to want to bring a Rescue Staff or two for a chain transfarriing or somebody sturdy with 12 move to get to the new recruit before she gets horribly murdered again because she'll be hamburger by the second enemy phase. The village gives you one but getting it costs a turn and you're still going to need to bring the designated staff user in range and hopefully out of the way of the Dark Fliers (or take care of them first). So unless you have somebody with ridiculous Mag (hope to god Miriel, Maribelle, or Brady can use staves) you're going to have to rush your Rescue staff user to the front lines.
3813  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: The NEW Game Journal on: March 14, 2013, 08:47:12 PM
--- edit ---

(I actually edited the above text already, FUCK). Someone should make a modern game where, like in Dragon Warrior 1, you can see the enemy's castle right from the start. That was interesting.

Xenoblade lets you see the enemy's giant at the end of the caves near the start of the game
(although they don't turn out to be the true villains).

You can also see it moving when its up and running and you can see what's left of it after it gets its shit wrecked afterwards. And you can even see the changes in the other areas where you can see the giant too.
3814  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Surprise! Drakengard 3 (aka; how to damn "nier" lose your shit about old title) on: March 14, 2013, 05:56:10 PM

While not the best soundtrack I've ever heard, I've got to give credit where credit's due since its still impressive to be able to pick up on the classical pieces the game's music was remixed from.
3815  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Round 5: Secret of Mana vs Kingdom Hearts on: March 14, 2013, 05:51:59 PM
I thought we were only comparing Secret to KH1. If we're comparing it to the entire series then Secret wins on plot hands down as well as having better gameplay verses the overall average that the KH series currently maintains (Chain of Hearts and 358/2 Days do a pretty good job of lowering that average).

As for the composer, I don't recall what he's done recently, but I do remember that he did direct Koudelka (for all that that entails). But yeah, after SD3 its been primarily Ito's work (aside from that one time they got Shinomura to do the soundtrack).

Edit: Fuck; beaten.

BOTH games are notorious for not telling you were you need to go, and before anyone tells me that I'm a gamer that needs his hand held you are wrong. Some of the hints in Secret of Mana were only told ONCE and when you talked to that NPC again they would say random nonsense. Sage Joch was a dick!

I cant pick one over the other because they are from two different generations. If Secret of Mana came out the same time Kingdom Hearts did, then we would be closer to being able to compare the two. If you compare Dawn of Mana to Kingdom Hearts, hands down Kingdom Hearts wins. Also Secret of Mana is not a complete game, they were originally developing it for the Snes CD expansion but had to cut a lot of material because they had to fit it on the cartridge instead. This is also why the quality of the music is much better than most Snes games at the time.

I remember actually employing the good old fashioned buddy hotline technique to figure out where Jock was to begin with.

That said, Dawn of Mana was a crap game where the game's entire gameplay system was built around a clumsy gimmick mechanic and wasn't that well suited to 3D platforming. Moreover, Dawn also suffered from the fact that it came out after KH which did what Dawn was trying to do better than what it did, let alone doing it years before Dawn's release (also didn't help that Dawn decided to borrow the Dwarf Village theme from Secret for the side missions rather than any one of the game's many good tracks).

Still, if we're comparing Secret's and KH's sequels, then Secret wins that one hands down as well (despite everything from Sword onward being crap).
3816  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: A Step Back: FF-X on: March 14, 2013, 07:51:16 AM
Yeah, dark knight is godly in X-2. Alchemist just makes it easy to never die. Berserker was fairly decent iirc.

Berserker is what you used when you were getting bored with selecting Darkness all the time. It could eat faces off of bosses and other sacks of HP provided you did a good job of keeping your Berserker and Alchemist alive.
3817  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Round 5: Secret of Mana vs Kingdom Hearts on: March 14, 2013, 07:29:21 AM
The Effort Post:

I still don't understand why so many people like Secret of Mana lol. Is it just because they possibly played it when they were young maybe. I didn't even though I have the original cartridge I was thinking of playing it on the virtual console. I could care less about the co op gameplay but even the single player gameplay I kind of like because it keeps it from being a button masher. I enjoyed Secret of Evermore when I played through that game and people seem to rate that game far behind

Pretty much. But then again, I also played the full 3 player co-op between myself and my siblings. Its one of the few rare games that I could talk them into playing with me since we didn't end up at each others' throats too often playing this (just on who got the sword).

Anyways, there used to be a long ass rant on the, what I perceived to be, merits of SoM, but I realized I couldn't stop going off on tangents and not making a point, so I'm going to take a different approach to the matter instead. Also one on KH but less long and ranty (but still too long and ranty).

So to tl;dr myself, one game is an old ARPG that got gutted due to the Nintendo Playstation falling through but despite that still did some nice things and still feels like a proper game even in spite of the threadbare middle section, and the other is a crossover ARPG that didn't do a very good job in the whole 'crossover' department (i.e. very little of the OG content feels Disney-like while the FF characters are mostly shoved into one town and the Disney content felt like going through theme parks or carnivals and it didn't strike a particularly good balance between the two).

Music-wise SoM blows KH out of the water (not like that's very hard to do when most of your music is coming from elsewhere and your few contributions range to mediocre to suck).

Graphics-wise SoM is the better looking game since most of KH's stages feel more like themepark attractions rather than fully fleshed out environments, and I remember every non Disney stage but the island (as well as a couple of Disney stages i.e. Halloween Town) looking gloomy and dull for the most part, whereas SoM still looks fairly vibrant today with the occasional interesting setting (the Ice Continent, the Great Forest, heck even Gaia's Navel looked more interesting than anything in KH save for maybe the Hundred Acre Wood or some of Aladdin's and Tarzan's stages).

Gameplay-wise KH has better combat (being in 3D actually helped in this case surprisingly) and better AI partners (or more accurately fewer ways for the AI partners to get stuck on level geometry), but Secret has the better tools (you're not just limited to swords/keyblades, items consisted of more than just HP/MP healing) and better magic (despite the elemental attack repetition, had more variety and use compared to the six spells of KH and even then Aero and Cure were the only ones worth using most of the time), and character advancement is kind of a toss up between the two (weapon/magic skill levels is better than the gain stuff at level x and finding spell books laying about but some elements come far too late to be practical and MP restoration issues prevents more natural spell use, although the carting around, training, and upgrading 8 distinct weapons is clearly superior to getting half a dozen gimmick keyblades thrown at you which you promptly ignore as you grind to obtain the good keyblades).

My tl;dr for my rant's tl;dr is that Kingdom Hearts was a crossover that is technically superior to Secret of Mana but is ultimately held back by being a crossover title and not a standalone effort thus limiting the creativity being brought to the table (not like that would've been enough anyways given how mediocre of a crossover it was).

But seriously, Angel's Fears. 30 seconds after flipping on the power and without a single press of a button and you're getting your socks haunted off (and the rest of the game does a fairly good job of living up to the impression).
3818  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Surprise! Drakengard 3 (aka; how to damn "nier" lose your shit about old title) on: March 14, 2013, 01:08:19 AM
Getting an 'those two queens from Alice in Wonderland' vibes from the characters. The main character especially, reminds me of the concept of painting the white roses red (and the flower in the eye doesn't help matters either).
3819  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: A Step Back: FF-X on: March 14, 2013, 01:06:11 AM
I'm so sorry for your loss of half of your :10bux: Topic Creator.

FFX1 is a mediocre if decent enough PS2 era JRPG and I've not much else to say on the matter.

FFX2 however, is the first game which Squeenix decided to implement their 'new' and 'improved' ATB system which now implements action query charge times in addition to the standard active waiting you do in a FF game. And by 'improved', I mean they took a page out of Mircosoft's progress bar technologies playbook to implement meters that can be easily programmed to disregard your input for a solid minute or three while bosses gang rape the fuck out of your party Deliverance style (I REALLY hate this feature, which of course, was brought back for FFXII as well).

Also FFX2 is even more Guide Damn It than both VP1 and FFXII were combined, and it feels more like an Officially Sanctioned Squeenix Romhack of Squaresoft's FFX than even a loosely connected sequel.

Also also: Dark Knight, Dark Knight, Alchemist. Congratulations, you've just beaten the game.
3820  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: Random and Amazing Pictures, Please! on: March 14, 2013, 12:57:31 AM
^I lol'd.

EDIT: I'll just leave t his here too...

That first one with the looks of disapproval looks like it'd be great for a white text pic.

("Even your robotic air duct cleaners disapprove of that post!".)
3821  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Surprise! Drakengard 3 on: March 14, 2013, 12:03:25 AM
Reposting this from the bottom of one of my earlier wall o' rant posts from the second page.


Scans.  Flower out of the eye.  Sounds painful. D:

God I love Fujisaki's weapon designs.  They look like you could ...kill...things with 'em (I'm out of wit/creative commentary).

Hate to say it, but that sword looks familiar (also the blonde chick, I hope to god they're not Noway & Manna's children).
3822  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki on: March 13, 2013, 11:52:42 PM

Called it.

Plus a bunch of other details too.
3823  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Round 5: Secret of Mana vs Kingdom Hearts on: March 13, 2013, 10:23:45 PM
Angel's Fears. 'Nuff said.
3824  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Surprise! Drakengard 3 on: March 13, 2013, 07:01:45 AM

I'm reposting this if only because it got updated with information and yet another pic. Apparently, the studio behind the game is the same team that brought us Deadly Premonition (which is ironic as that was the other surprise Xbox360 hit of 2010 along with Nier) and that the game is already 60% complete.
3825  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Surprise! Drakengard 3 on: March 13, 2013, 01:28:39 AM
Really though, these games are best served by LPs so I'm just going to go ahead and leave this here.


Are there LPs where people just shut up and play?  I've never been into the LP thing...tried it a couple of times and was completely turned off by the constant banal commentary...

Unfortunately, I don't know too many that just tells you what's going on and nothing else.

That said, these are all from Something Awful which is typically, but not always, better about the inane commentary than the common Youtube LPer. Plus, the LPer's commentary in these LPs is denoted with italics which makes it easier to see the game's actual dialogue over the LPer's remarks.

And besides, there as my earlier post was trying to say, there's really not a lot about Drakengard 1's gameplay that was worth playing through the actual game itself. It's very much a game that people either have played, or shouldn't play, because its just not that good. I ended up playing through it about a decade ago because one of my brothers got it and didn't have nearly the backlog that I have today (I only got the last ending back in '010 because the thread that the LP that I linked too was conducted in gave a hint that motivated me to finishing that rhythm game).
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