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3826  Media / Anime, TV, and Movies / Re: Anime/Manga Journal on: December 22, 2013, 05:12:34 PM
Biggest Disappointment:
Kill La Kill
Barebone story, so-so animation, unlikable lead character and just overall boring. The only thing the show ever had going for itself is the TTGL name.

I won't defend the fact that it was probably one of the most disappointing anime of the season since, while it is good, it is not as great as the names attached suggested and the hype built up for it didn't help either (as there was a ton of that). But barebones story? Whatcha' talkin' about!? The show's got like five different factions running around/competing with each other at this point (assuming the blonde-haired girl recently introduced is on her own side, since she seems more of the assassin-for-hire archetype rather than a high-level minion type like the big guy from Nudist Beach is) and a sixth side is on the way once this field trip to the western front (for fun and conquest) kicks off. As for the so-so animation, I'd say its about on par with TTGL. Especially the fight scenes as they're kinda chaotic, not particularly detailed, and very much over the top. And the lead character is your typical martial arts movie protagonist in every way (outside of donning Magical Girl Power Armor, wielding a sword, and being the son daughter of not-Shin Mazinger Z-hen's Professor Kabuto (another anime I've got to get around to watching one of these days)).
3827  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Are turn-based console RPGs officially dead? on: December 21, 2013, 10:49:19 PM
How many turn-based RPGs prior to like 2003 actually required planning and strategy?

I would argue that the planning and strategy in most tradition RPGs was never about individual battles but rather the larger picture of managing your resources.  Do you have enough supplies to make it through the dungeon, do you want to waste your MP on a big spell here or save or for later, etc.  Even questions like what to spend your limited money on.  There are certainly many old games that required planning on that level, particularly ones in which what you could carry was limited (if you have 99 ether potions on you then that kind of eliminates a lot of the challenge...).

I think it's modern games with their HP-and-MP automatically recover mechanics and of-course-you'll-have-enough-money-to-buy-everything-not-nailed-down game balance that have ruined a lot of this...

Ehhh I can't think of any RPGs where comestibles were both really necessary and expensive enough compared to the money you get so that you'd have to budget.

And even then, it's less a case of the player needing to budget and more a case of the player needing to grind.

It's like in Odin Sphere, where you had the dark levels/levels that did constant damage. You'd need a certain number of counter-potions to get through those and it wasn't a case of planning or carefully budgeting your item usage. There was a hard minimum quantity you'd need to progress, you'd need to grind vegetables till you got them, and the whole thing just served as a really time wastey lock on progression.

Actually, FFs 2-5 were like this to a certain extent since Phoenix Downs were expensive as heck early on (like 30k instead of 300 apiece) which led to some of the early game challenge since you couldn't just toss revives around like candy. And even when the Life spells started rolling around, having a couple of Phoenix Downs on hand was still useful in case your Staff Bot went down. Also FFs 2-4 had really limited inventory space due to a really small inventory screen and the fact that key items would usually clog up that screen (and in FF2, items didn't stack, making space a true premium in that game). Of course, once you got regular access to the Fat Chocobo, inventory management became almost entirely about busy work of having to either schlep it all the way back to the FC to off load your loot or sell them for some quick but meager cash.

Of course by FF6, all of this was all out the window since you never had to worry about anything resource wise (except for maybe Holy Water of all things since there wasn't anything spell or command wise that could replicate its effects). Your Bag of Holding inventory was truly infinite, aforementioned items were cheap and easy to come by (Tinctures were the only thing resembling expensive when you first see them at 1500 a pop, but they're useless for almost the entirety of the game), and MP wasn't an issue at all due to personal skills not taking any up and Shiva and Osmose showing up shortly after you unlock magic for everybody.
3828  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: So... Board Games? on: December 21, 2013, 02:11:31 PM
I'm surprised about your experience with BGA... Everyone I've played with has been nice. Some get a little touchy when you take a long time to take your turn, but tend to be forgiving if you let them know you're new/learning.

Yeah. I can't really explain it either beyond interface screw. One moment, I'm dumping my little villagers into the forest to harvest some wood, the next I can't do anything because the A) the space will accept no more people, B) I can't find the command to confirm my action, C) I can't find the command to cancel my action, and D) I can't do anything else but watch the timer tick down and ask for help on the sideboard chat before getting booted the moment my timer goes over. And this wasn't my first game of Stone Age either. There should've been no problem. And all the while I was getting a warning from my browser that it was blocking a pop up from popping up. I considered refreshing the page, but I wasn't certain that such action wouldn't have been considered me dropping the game in the middle of it.
3829  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Final Fantasy VI announced for iOS/Android on: December 21, 2013, 02:09:53 AM

Oh holy crap does this look bad. Everybody's got a bad case of giraffe neck, and even the character portraits look goofy and cartoonish. Even the Magitek Armors from the intro look like they stutter as they putter along.
3830  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: So... Board Games? on: December 20, 2013, 10:17:52 PM
Sorry guys. I wound up making the classic mistake of forgetting that online gaming is a wretched hive of scum and villainy.

I'm out.
3831  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki on: December 20, 2013, 12:15:38 AM
Still, I wouldn't get hopes up too high. There's too many unknown factors at work here, and it does seem likely that if they want to go for a trilogy collection it'll be too late to matter, though maybe with the Third being so much smaller text-wise they could get that out relatively quickly.

You make it sound so easy!  But, iirc, Tom from XSeed said even FC was a major under-taking and it is one of the "smaller" of the latest batch of these super-plot-heavy Kiseki games. 

Really though, the series is stuck between a rock and a hard place.  It's beloved by just about all, but its fan base is only comparable to the amount of effort that needs to go in to get it released it seems.  XSeed was only so happy with how the PSP version did, so right now I think all efforts and hopes for XSeed are going into Steam right now.... which honestly, makes complete sense.

Especially since at the rate they're going, a Vita release of SC will likely arrive on a dead platform, not to mention PS3's life support drying up as the PS4 becomes more and more established.
3832  Media / General Games / Re: Zelda Musou on: December 19, 2013, 03:33:31 AM
Dynasty Warriors are pretty niche from what I'm gathered.

Isn't it something along the lines of Sengoku Basara?

A Zelda Musou is still a Musou with a different skin. Unless they change the game play significantly, I can't see people really enjoying this.

Basically yeah. But in certain respects it's more like the Gundam Musou games that are more about taking your favorite MSes and pilots and having them mow down wave after wave of cannon fodder along with the occasional general, who in Gundam Musou, would be a pilot and MS from the opposing side. Of course, the big thing is having fan favorites for players to choose from and so far that consists of Link and unhh... So right now, it's more about the speculation about which characters will they include, unless they take the Drakengard route and just make it Link alone with a massive arsenal of tools/weapons (and make the plot and characters batshit insane while having you assemble an armory of cursed weapons that'll doom you and those around you for shits and giggles; honestly, I doubt they'll go that far down the Drakengard route).

Which is the reason why I would've assumed that if Nintendo would Musou-fy a series, it would've been either Fire Emblem, Pokemon, or a general Nintendo Allstars (the former because it literally would've been a shoe-in, and the second might have made an interesting variation if they did something like have you play as a trainer until s/he releases a Pokemon then you get to play as the Poke protecting its master while trashing wave after wave of mooks and other trainers; and the latter being Smash Bros Musou).
3833  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki on: December 19, 2013, 01:37:50 AM

Pardon the triple post, but there's a sequel on the way.
3834  Media / General Games / Re: Zelda Musou on: December 19, 2013, 12:16:58 AM
Hopefully they'll have a two player mode so that I can run a Sheik/Impa tag team.

Although, Zelda/Hilda tag team would also be acceptable.
3835  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: So... Board Games? on: December 18, 2013, 10:31:29 PM
Alright. You guys talked me into it. I've signed up, so drop me a line when you feel up to playing a game.

Awesome! When are you normally on? I would definitely like to play together. Add me as a friend. My name is Daggerstrike on there too.

Seeing as I just signed up, I don't have a specific time frame of being on yet. That said, I'm going by on the site.
3836  Media / General Games / Re: Super Smash Bros. Namdai on: December 18, 2013, 09:41:28 AM
Pardon the double post but Rosalina confirmed. Too bad the trailer seems to be a tease in regards to Rainbow Road being a stage.

Ninja Edit for links.

Double Edit: 3DS is getting a Rainbow Road stage. Neat.
3837  Media / General Games / Zelda Musou on: December 18, 2013, 09:39:57 AM
Yes, they are making a Zelda themed Dynasty Warriors clone.

I would've thought the FE series would've made for a better Musou game given the enormous casts each game typically has.

Also I'm putting this here since I'm pretty sure the Something-something Warriors games are not RPGs.
3838  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Tales of PlayStation(s) revealed on: December 18, 2013, 05:46:20 AM
Or maybe we could grow up and stop comparing sexual or maternal apparatus in order to put down others for the sake of cheap and uninspired humor.

I agree. Lets stop with that, and compare culinary aptitude in order to put down others for the sake of cheap and uninspired humor instead.
3839  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: The NEW Game Journal on: December 17, 2013, 02:32:49 PM
That's pretty good to know.

I've heard Sharla is horrible later on, but if you say healing gets a bit easier, then that helps a lot too.

And yeah, running speed....  I wish they did something other than take up a gem slot... y'know...running shoes, or Juju's funky dirt bike (which reminds me, Juju is an awful name).

I would say that Sharla's less horrible and more not one of the following: an all rounder that's got all sixteen arts available during battle (though a fully charged talent gauge is needed for half of them), a brick shithouse, a guy that hits like a brick shithouse, a blurry dodge tank with an impressive skill set, a wad of HP capable of AoE heals and filling the chain attack gauge without the need for crits, capable of melting enemy HP bars with DoT (damage over time) attacks, a walking Wave Motion Gun, a buff bot, or a walking Buzzsaw of Doom capable of instantly refilling the chain attack gauge due to vomiting crits all over the place.

And fortunately, there are skills that also improve your running speed. Unfortunately, they only increase your movement speed by 9% total (and half of that wont show up till a long ways into the game). Of course, if you stack the gems' boost and the skills' boost, your total speed will increase by 34%.
3840  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Tales of PlayStation(s) revealed on: December 17, 2013, 02:09:52 PM
I hope we get an old guy, or really shake things up with a woman older than 30 joining the party (which otherwise seems like taboo to involve). 

It's hard enough to get males over 30 in these games (and those that do are always considered to be old geezers; middle-age in a JRPG runs from 20 to 26) let alone females. And again, Tales of Game. It took them nearly a decade just to have a game not star a plucky if somewhat daft sword fighting kid from down town The Sticks (I refer to Legendia where the kid in question fights with his feests! instead). After that, the only exceptions were Vesperia (due to the main character not being a kid) and Xillia (where there were two main characters! And the male one fights with his feests!! HOLY SHEET!!!).

Then again, they could easily have a female over 30 joining the party. Just look at Fire Emblem: Awakening's Nowi. She's not only over 30, she's over a thousand (and looks and acts like she's 12, and you can have somebody both marry and have a child with her, including your own in-game expy no less). :v
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