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46  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: Misc. Gaming News Topic on: April 13, 2015, 09:57:51 PM

I'd be more stoked if this was a series that Ubisoft wasn't involved in.
47  Media / Game Journals / Re: Dincrest plays Chrono Cross PlayLog on: April 13, 2015, 02:20:49 PM
I always get it and yet, I've used once to see it and then never again =/

I've seen it a couple of times, but you get Kid back so late (after spending probably the bulk of the game as an absentee) that you hardly ever use her. I mean really, the longest stretch you have with her is before you lose Serge's body, and even then, the game tends to favor ignoring her during this section for better rewards down the line.
48  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: Misc. Gaming News Topic on: April 13, 2015, 02:12:59 PM
They were adopted by GungHo. I think they had a Grandia MMORPG in the pipeline, but that was in 2013 or so.

Edit: nope, shut that down in 2012. They haven't actually done anything since 2013 if Wikipedia is correct.

I think the last thing of note that they're attributed to were those Ragnarok Odyssey games on the PSVita.
49  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Project X Zone 2: Electric Bugaloo on: April 13, 2015, 01:09:35 PM
end of the trailer confirms xiaomu and reiji not surprised this got announced days after Z3 aka the dissapointment's release

SRW Z3 should've been just one game. Z3-2 hardly added anything new, and the big Z mystery was largely resolved with a wet fart. Though this does bring up the point that current day Branpresto's quality has tanked over the course of the last 8 or so years. Z1's a goddamn masterpiece compared to Zs 2 and 3.

they need to spice up the combat somehow, or just make it full fire emblem style and let you skip animations. That and not have a million enemies every battle. I'm on like stage 30 something in the original but just lacked the willpower to finish it. On the bright side, I'm very surprised they put the yakuza characters in it, but that's pretty cool.

Unfortunately, one of the game's selling points is its fighting game style battle system, which means that you can't just skip past attack phases, especially since one of the game's major resources is tied to how much you punch, slash or shoot the enemy.
50  Media / Game Journals / Re: Dincrest plays Chrono Cross PlayLog on: April 13, 2015, 12:58:14 PM
But what about her Taban armor or other fireproof clothing?  Did she get too fat to wear them and was too busy with the kids to make another one in her new size?  I could buy that.

Even the Taban Vest/Armor wouldn't have helped her in the face of a schizophrenic martial artist piloting a giant robot panicking and flipping out his evil sociopath alter-ego who turns on his giant robot's super mode and levels the place.

Yeah that's right. The true "canonical" death of Lucca happened with the destruction of Lahan (thanks a lot Fei Fong Wong).

My main team is looking to be Serge, Glenn, and Miki so I has glove user.  

EDIT: I just finished Lucca's orphanage, but because I got a little twissy-tailed around (even in Chrono Trigger I got a little twissy-tailed around in Lucca's house when I had to rescue Taban) I lost my other two party members so Serge alone entered the back room. 

What I don't understand is how in blue blazes did Lucca die in a fire?  I mean, she was a fire elemental, was she not? 

Did you remember to get Kid's Level 7 tech?
51  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Project X Zone 2: Electric Bugaloo on: April 12, 2015, 10:17:24 PM
Yup. Didn't the first game have a fairly quick confirmation as well? (EDIT: No, not really, there was about a 3-month-long gap, so add "people begging for it too much" to the list of reasons the first did well) Though to be fair, the first one's reportedly high sales might've been from the combination of "wow, this is actually coming over?! I guess I'll give it a shot!" and a lot of RPGs hitting the 3DS all at ounce after a good-sized drought getting people more than a little excitable.

But satill, I'll keep an eye on this. I quite enjoyed Namco X Capcom...and I'm sure I'll play my copy of the first Project X Zone someday...

Yeah, it came out right around May 2013 where a lot of 3DS RPG and SRPG players were coming off of FE:Awakening and right before SMTIV hit. That said though, the original PXZ wasn't all that great and you can still find copies of its Collector's Edition in stores like Target. And for those reasons, and because its more of a novelty thing to me, I'm going to hold off on purchasing it until it goes down in price (especially if the cast list gets any more sausagefestacular and they don't fix my biggest problem with the game, the rigid partner system).
52  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Project X Zone 2: Electric Bugaloo on: April 12, 2015, 07:08:14 PM

Now not featuring some of your favorites like Sakura from Sakura Taisen 1, Gemini from Sakura Taisen 5, BlackRose from Dot//Hack, Estelle from Tales of Vesperia, Chan Pai from Virtua Fighter, Ling Xiouyu from Tekken and many more.

No idea if Darkstalkers, Shining Force EXA, Resonance of Fate and Dead Rising will be getting in or not.

Xenosaga, SRW, Endless Frontier, God Eater Burst, Street Fighter, Ghost and Goblins and Legend of Valkyrie are safe bets.

Strider Hiryu (Strider) + Hotsuma (the PS2 Shinobi) and Kazuma Kiryu + Majima Goro  are new teams.

Haseo (Dot//Hack GU), Kage-Maru (Virtua Fighter), Kazuya Mishima (Tekken), Vergil (Devil May Cry) are the confirmed new challengers.

Natsu (Soul Calibur V) and Leon S. Kennedy (Resident Evil 6 version) are confirmed to be on Support Duty.

Probably a mistranslation (or a Goddammit Siliconera!) Edit: http://www.siliconera.com/2015/04/12/project-x-zone-2-coming-west-fall/

Probably not the case, but for competitionist's sake (and I can just edit it out later, because I can), I'm including this for now. My money is that the trailer stated that the game is coming out in Japan in the Autumn and that any westerly releases will be a TBA sort of thing.

Edit the Second: Wait WHAT!? http://gematsu.com/2015/04/project-x-zone-2-coming-west-this-fall

It really is coming out this fall. Da fuq?
53  Media / Game Journals / Re: Dincrest plays Chrono Cross PlayLog on: April 12, 2015, 02:42:34 PM
Either way, I did the Chronopolis dungeon, defeated FATE (FATE killed me the first time, but the second time I put the Black Plate on Serge and won it without drama.  ), had more than enough to buy the Master Hammer, and can now forge rainbows.  I just need shiny materials now. 

FATE was a visually stunning boss by any standard.  It reminded me of the Phantasy Star games.  I loved the music there too. 

That fight is one of the better ones in the game, just for the atmosphere/music.

Anyways, Shiny Materials. This is one of the two reasons why I mentioned trapping the Level 7 Summons. Chances are, you'll be lucky to be able to forge a Spectra Swallow (fortunately the Terra Tower gives you a free Spectral Glove to give to Poshul, after you beat Terra Tower if you're bringing another Glove user with you through Terra Tower), since not only are Rainbow tier weapons expensive as hell to forge, but require a full set of Shinnies as raw materials. The only way to get Shinnies (I don't know if you can get them from dismantling other Rainbow gear or not), is to beat enemies that drop regular materials with a Summon. The Summon will convert any material that you would've gotten with a Shiny based upon the element of the Summon you used to defeat them with.

The OTHER reason why you want a full set of Level 7 Summons is that all the Level 8 Summons, much like the Mastermune and the Dual Einlanzers, are plot based equipment, which means that when you start a NG+ all your plot based weapons and items, go away, and you have to get them back like you did in the original run. Without the summons, you can't continue to harvest Shiny Materials while going through an NG+ run until you get back to the Dragon Hunt quest (beyond getting Shiny Dews since you'll still keep that free Frog Prince summon). And without the Spectra Swallow, Serge/Lynx will be stuck with the significantly weaker Stone Swallow for about 80% of the NG+ until you can upgrade to the Mastermune again (which makes getting all of the alternate endings that much harder, especially the early ones).
54  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: Misc. Gaming News Topic on: April 12, 2015, 02:10:41 PM

The latest dish on Dissidia is quite informative. Not only can we eventually expect a PS4 port down the line, but there will be jiggle physics (probably in regards to all the spiky hair, since most FF females are comparatively flat as a board versus your typical Team Ninja babe) and the best FF game is finally getting repped (and really, this is the only news worth double posting, nevermind posting, about).

Since the FFXV thread seems to have turned into the FF General Discussion thread, this post is now about: http://gematsu.com/2015/04/project-x-zone-2-leaked-3ds

Project X Zone 2.

Yep, getting more of this.

If it makes you feel better I saw the Dissidia news thing here first. :P
But yeah, I kinda like just making 'general' topics (the foot traffic in this sight is better with less but more expansive looks into one topic be it "the Tales thread" or "the Final Fantasy thread").

And um yay?  I heard people liked it besides some of the ridiculously sized maps.

Its good if you're a fan of seeing, say the Saukra Taisen team or KOS-MOS getting more work, but the image highlights a large number of problems with both this game, and its predecessor Namco X Capcom. Fuck tons of enemies with massively inflated HP totals that take too long to fight. The plot was also really nonsensical and focused way too much on the OG characters and some of the included series were crack picks like Yumeria. And you couldn't even do fun things like switch character teams with each other, you were always at the mercy of what the game chose for you and who you had in reserve.
55  Media / Game Journals / Re: Dincrest plays Chrono Cross PlayLog on: April 12, 2015, 01:36:30 PM
I still have to buy the Master Hammer.  I get the feeling I somehow missed it when it was a freebie. 

I left off last night at the switch to disk 2. 

Nope, you have to put down 10k for it in Home Marbule. The thing that could've happened is you missing out on it by circumventing the Black Dragon fight, which obviously you didn't do as you have the Black Plate.
56  Media / Game Journals / Re: Dincrest plays Chrono Cross PlayLog on: April 11, 2015, 09:48:02 PM


I also got 2 Einlanzers for Glenn.

You basically won the game by now.
Doesn't even matter who you pick as 3rd character because Serge and Glenn will demolish anything anyway.

He still has to get the Developer's Ending and use both Z-Slash and Delta Force at least once, but his first game run is basically complete at this point (he should also forge a Spectra Swallow, a Spectral Staff and maybe a Crystalpan C6; you'll get a Spectral Glove in the final dungeon which you should probably hold off on equipping until after you beat the game; if you really have some time to burn, trap a set of Level 7 Summons (trust me, this is more of a time saver than you'll realize if you go NG+), and maybe construct a Rainbow Axe and Prism Pick for good measure; don't bother with the Prism Mail/Vest/Helmet).
57  Media / Anime, TV, and Movies / Re: Recently watched Episodes of TELEVISION BOX offerings! on: April 11, 2015, 03:53:30 PM
The Comedians (or 'This is Billy Crystal's Spinal Tap'): Well one episode isn't enough to actually judge this on, but so far it seems entertaining enough to give it ye olde 3 episode test.


Perfect example: The plot starts off taking place on an island in two different time periods: The present and 30 years later. 30 years later a character who was made an immortal by her immortal father in the first season is on the island, presumably investigating the aftermath of the plot in the present. She meets another resident of the island, and when she goes to explore a certain section of the island is warned not to. She goes anyway where she meets her immortal father who is, for some bizarre coincidence is living on the island. Except he's lost his mind and is living with the corpses of his wife and son and hallucinating that they're still alive. He tries to embalm her while alive, she escapes, they get into a sword fight, and she kills him and he gives her his katana with his dying breath. One episode later, about halfway through the season, this future arc is inconsequentially abandoned until the very last episode for a completely pointless plot twist.

Was Christopher Lambert playing the father? Because this sounds like a better sequel to the Original Highlander movie than any of the actual Highlander sequels.

Also, why the hell are you still watching Syfylus?
58  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: The unofficial "recommend me a game" thread. on: April 11, 2015, 02:41:23 AM
^Just a follow-up: So...it turns out what I wanted to play all along was a decent mini-game collection, of which I only know 2 or 3 decent ones in existance. I ended up playing Wii Sports Resort for well over an hour. It was very refreshing. I should probably play some more tomorrow, then move on to something more in-depth. I might have another question later about that, but it won't be nearly as vague.

I had a good deal of fun with NES Remix 2, so giving Ultimate NES Remix (its the best of NES Remixes 1 & 2) a go shouldn't be too bad as far as mini-game collections go.
59  Media / Game Journals / Re: Dincrest plays Chrono Cross PlayLog on: April 11, 2015, 02:28:13 AM
I just defeated Dario, and to be honest, he was a bit of a wuss.  I discovered that every time I used a red element attack, he'd only counter with numble, so I spammed the hell out of red elements. 

Basically, it was the same strategy I used with the Red Dragon, only with opposite colors. 

That's the easy modo way of beating him. Now do it again legitimately. Congrats on getting the most powerful weapon of the game (you'll still want to get a Spectra Swallow at some point simply because you can't carry the Mastermune over to NG+; you can earn it again, but you won't be able to get it prior to rescuing Riddel).

Isn't it you just use characters of certain innates because Dario counters with 'non-threatening' attacks?


The characters you take with you into the Dario fight are fixed because you need both Karsh and Riddel with you to jog his memory and trigger the boss fight, and you don't get a chance to switch out or anything. Using an element will cause Dario to counter with an element of the opposite color, but some of those counter elements really suck, so you just load up on elements that he can't effectively counter and blast him into the ground while he wastes all his time/stamina spamming worthless status effects.

Normally, you'll either try to take him physically or blast him with White Elements which causes him to counter with a far more effective suite of elements and it becomes a massive damage race (which you'll lose if he goes after Riddel and she's not wearing the Black Plate as she will get OHKO'd full-stop; she'll only have to worry about physical attack which have a high probability of OHKOing her but at full health, with a Phys Def buff and the Golden Earring, she might survive a direct hit). Alternative strategies involve giving Karsh the Black Plate and have him and Lynx (with the Memento Pendant) try to tank it out on their own, getting Serge back and giving him the Black Plate and try to have Karsh defend and heal while Serge goes it alone (you pretty much need to be past Chronopolis to be able to pull this off since Karsh won't last long without the extra HP or stats to improve his healing ability). Or of course, you can not be a stubborn idiot (like I am) and go for the way listed in the first paragraph since its there and requires almost no major planning beyond pattern recognition and a healthy supply of the proper elements (you don't even need the Black Plate for this, not that there aren't other uses for the Black Plate).
60  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Xenoblade Chronicles X on: April 11, 2015, 02:06:26 AM
It's probably just me, but after seeing the Dolls flying around and transforming, I'm sold on this game. I'm really impressed by the fact that the developers aren't just slapping on mechs as a gimmick. All those extra battle options with the Dolls look really fun and the Doll-part destruction, while probably frustrating, looks pretty neat. I was also blown away by the weapons options, I wasn't expecting Armored Core-level customization. Plus, those Doll designs look pretty sweet. I hope we get a collector's edition with an artbook or something.

Virtually every track sampled in that link is bombastic as hell in some fashion or another.
Or in short, its Kill la Kill all over again, and this really needed to be a collaborative effort.

Those are basically my thoughts as well. Sounds great in short bursts, but it's pretty standard LOUD SAWANO.

Same here. It's Sawano alright. Bombastic, epic sounding music. I like his vocal tracks, though, pretty catchy stuff. That said, this pretty much sounds like his anime scores, especially Kill la Kill and Aldnoah.Zero. I just hope Sawano doesn't burn out like Motoi Sakuraba to the point where his stuff all sounds the same.

One could say that it already does. I mean, even Gigantic Formula sounds similar when its not just background noise or a backdrop beat, and that fucker came out in 2007 (or thereabouts). Dude's had the better part of a decade to get better and all he's done is gotten more bombastic.

As for the Dolls, those things sold me on this game the moment I saw it since we're FINALLY getting an actual Sci-Fi JRPG with Giant Robots that aren't just glorified Limit Breaks or Super Modes, and an honest to god Alien Planet that isn't just World of JRPG-istan with FF levels of Lost Technology, liberal use of horribly violated Prime Directives and a plot that boil down to "A technowizard did it!", or a straight up MMORPG which is something I've been waiting for since the days of PS4.
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