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4936  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: RPGFan Game Journal XX - Sharpened Pencil Midnight Bathouse on: November 02, 2009, 10:26:22 AM
Super Robot Taisen: OG: 1 hour.  Think I chose the wrong character to start with, as the other one is much more interesting.  Ah well, makes for higher replay value.  Think I'll probably restart to take advantage of the leveling trick because that's how I roll.  I only knocked out the first four scenarios anyway.

Which path did you pick?  Ryusei's path is arguably easier since you have free access to SRX after a certain point, and it's the canon storyline that's used in OG2, plus you get into a lot of cooler fights, like the battle with Bian and Shu.

Kyosuke's route is better if you like SPAAAAAAAAAAAACE, has the better battleship, generally gets you more beats and PP, and his team is more coherently put together then Ryusei's.  He also gets Major Kai, but since you don't get his mecha until OG2 he can't spam GESUPENSTO KICKU so he's not as cool to have around.

And leveling doesn't matter for shit.  Individual levels aren't really important in SRT, you want to focus on making sure everybody gets at least 50 beats for Ace status, and focus on their skill sets and mech abilities.  I mean, if you use the leveling trick to get more money I guess that's one thing, but spamming for EXP early on isn't really going to get you much of anything.

Except that you do get the Gespy S for major kickage in Kyosuke's route. It is his route's only exclusive extra. OG1 really has crap for unlockables and the ones that are there are pretty much Ryusei's path only. Either way R-Formation is generally better than the SRX anyways.

That aside I'm almost finished with Loomin in DQVII. Unfortunately I can no longer grind classes in front of Dharma (for now). Fortunately, I've picked up both a BoltRat and a Healer heart from enemy drops, which means there's nothing but casino hearts and grinding between Gabo and the PlatKing monster class.

Current classes and masteries for...

My MC: Warrior, Mariner, Fighter, and currently a Jester.

Maribel: Cleric, Bard, Warrior, and currently a Dancer.

Gabo: Bard, Healer, Shepard, and currently a BoltRat.

and Melvin, who's currently a Thief.
4937  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Half finished games on: November 01, 2009, 06:05:01 PM
I'm afraid I don't understand the above complaints about Fire Emblem SD.  I didn't really see any obvious design flaws.  Rondo of Swords, on the other hand, had some real problems, and I had to give up after well over 20 hours.  At a certain point they take away a bunch of your characters.  If you haven't been leveling up characters evenly and your strong characters are among the ones they take away, you might as well start over.  But starting over after nearly 30 hours is no fun at all.

My problem is severe lack of time for games.  Demanding job, demanding kids and wife, demanding life all around.  Half an hour a day for gaming is a good day.  So the games I want to play just pile up, and it usually takes me a couple of months to finish a game.

...you don't see the inherent design flaw in forcing players to kill off over half their army to see the special gaiden chapters in a game where -survival- is the key?  You don't see the design flaws in a game where a handful of units have 130% stat growth in everything and all the other units have maybe one stat that hits 50% and everything else is 20% or WORSE?

Yeah, that certainly sounds perfectly fair and balanced to me too.

And yeah, Rondo was pretty unbalanced, but not to even half the extent Shadow Dragon was.  Rondo's problems mostly had to do with the fact that the game's unique combat feature only worked for Melee units, and that Melee units sucked compared to Wizards and Archers.  The only good Melee units were characters like Izuna that had ludicrously high ATK  or the mounted knights that had ludicrously high MOV because none of the other stats mattered.

But at least the game didn't force you to kill your own dudes.  That's just bullshit.

And this is why we don't get non-watered down FEs. Nobody's forcing you to go through the Gaiden chapters, and gee Jeigan really seems to suck for a Jeigan unit.

Seriously, its like the developers wanted to give you an excuse to use other characters in a game with nearly 52 characters to choose from, and gave you several different ways to play. Normal mode is incredibly easy with only less than 15 non elite tier units to choose from. Why not take the opportunity to make a harem run or something. Hell. I'd be tempted to follow up this Gaiden run with an H5 Gaiden run just for the hell of it (though it probably wont be a harem run on account of not being able to recruit Norme from the prologue chapters). Besides the game gives you mid-chapter saves, generic units if you're really hurting for them, and more cash then you know what to do with.

Bitching about balance in an FE game is missing the point of them, even if the useless characters are a bit too useless to really be salvageable (Banut I'm looking at you).
4938  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: RPGFan Game Journal XX - Sharpened Pencil Midnight Bathouse on: October 31, 2009, 06:51:51 AM
Played a bit of Advanced Wars today. Not much else.
4939  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: 3D Dot Game Heroes on: October 31, 2009, 06:37:22 AM
I'd rather have a game that blatantly rips-off the Original Zelda rather than a game that's only similar to Infinite Undiscovery or Star Ocean IV.

4940  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: New Information about Final Fantasy XIII on: October 31, 2009, 05:44:39 AM
Fang on a transformed Bahamut looks to be in a similar pose to Terra while she rode her MagiTek Armor in FFVI's artwork.
4941  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: New Information about Final Fantasy XIII on: October 30, 2009, 07:56:11 AM
Besides there's no way that FFXIII will support any optional blu-ray player attachment at this point.

I could've seen them making for blu-ray if the peripheral had been announced around the same time as the 360 port was announced but this was far too late to make any difference.

Besides Microsoft isn't exactly throwing its support behind it to begin with.
4942  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Nostalgia on: October 30, 2009, 07:45:39 AM
The only reason why i haven't been going on about it thus far is that I'm flat broke. D:

Come talk to me in January when I'll have some spending money to catch up with.
4943  Media / Miscellaneous Games / Re: Tekken 6 on: October 29, 2009, 08:08:09 AM
Online sucks!

That is all.
4944  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Half finished games on: October 29, 2009, 04:20:15 AM
People fail to realize that remakes are typically just the same story and gameplay with updated graphics.  FFIV, Sword of Mana, Lunar, FFT, both Star Oceans PSP, Baroque... I can't think of any other, but they're the same game with updated/changed graphics.  I know Wild Arms got a major overhaul in gameplay, but story remained the same.  Developers have respect for series' origins, therefore changing anything more than outdated graphics is like a spit in the face to the original developer.  Anyways, broken-Nintendo wifi aside, the game was fine and actually pretty easy.  There was a shitload of useless characters that I let die (not usually my FE style) to access the hidden chapters on my 2nd playthrough.

And something YOU fail to rea...

FFIV depends on the version as it is mostly just ports with different content here or there. Unless you're talking the DS remake, which, due to the 3D graphics changed the perspective, and placed far more limits on things like enemy count than what was in the 2D versions. Also the game was set to a perpetual hard mode.

Lunar added a whole bunch of content like Luna traveling with you til Vane, fighting Hell Mel, and so on.

FFT offered a far better localization.

And we in the US never officially got SO1 (something I no longer lament for other reasons).

Also SO2's new art is terribad.
4945  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Half finished games on: October 29, 2009, 04:11:15 AM
People fail to realize that remakes are typically just the same story and gameplay with updated graphics.  FFIV, Sword of Mana, Lunar, FFT, both Star Oceans PSP, Baroque... I can't think of any other, but they're the same game with updated/changed graphics.  I know Wild Arms got a major overhaul in gameplay, but story remained the same.  Developers have respect for series' origins, therefore changing anything more than outdated graphics is like a spit in the face to the original developer.  Anyways, broken-Nintendo wifi aside, the game was fine and actually pretty easy.  There was a shitload of useless characters that I let die (not usually my FE style) to access the hidden chapters on my 2nd playthrough.

And something that YOU fail to realize is that Sword of Mana was not even just a simple facelift. Whereas FFA was basically a simple Zelda clone with more emphasis on numbers rather than inventory and a featuring a very liner quest, Sword was a complete mishmash of gameplay elements from the entire Mana series at that point. The biggest problem with that was the fact that not all the games were of the same genera and more importantly there was absolutely no real thought as to how these vastly different gameplay systems would work together. None.

You get shit like SD3's classes which, for the most part, don't amount to shit thanks to the minimal boost to abilities and effects that were worthless to begin with such as an elemental proficiency boost to water or shadow, or an attack boost for one weapon only. Classes themselves are determined entirely by how you level up. In Sword of Mana each level allows you to put a point in a stat growth type like in SD1 (select the type and stat points are dispersed based on the type). The difference is that you have 6 growth types to choose from (each one representing a character from SD3) and with certain combinations you gain one of 6 classes. The problem is that once you've taken a class, you're stuck on that class tree for the rest of the game (and the game doesn't tell you which ones don't suck). Moreover, you get to do this again two more times between two different class paths just like in SD3.

This gets into a mess because magic is horribly unbalanced in this game due to a number of factors such as each spell actually representing two different spells one of which carries two different effects (elemental damage and status effects) and that the former spell element varies from almost completely useless to literally fucking you over (sticking yourself in a bubble or moogling yourself is not what I call support) despite including the game's sole healing spell which becomes horribly out of date before a third of the way into the game. The real imbalance though comes from status effects where spells like Gnome's attack magic will randomly inflict petrify against an enemy. If they're petrified the enemy is effectively killed, except that you gain absolutely nothing for it making it one of the worst spells in the game along with Shade's attack magic (shadow zeds an enemy out of existence for nothing) and Undine's attack magic (snowmans an enemy out of existence for nothing plus there's absolutely no snowman puzzles in this game versus the origianl). Magic effectiveness is determined by that element's skill level, how far you charge it up (both elements here were stolen from Secret of Mana but both are considerably worse in this case), and whatever bonuses you get from your class. The way that levels work is that every time your spell hits something it gains experience towards its particular skill level and after several hits (depending on the enemy's strength and your spell's current level as some bosses will cause it to level in one hit) it will level up. However you can effectively grind your magic up to level 99 and that each level makes almost no difference in effect (in fact your healing spell is the only one that shows any visible affects from leveling as it increases the amount of healing it can do per cast by a single hit point per level). Charging magic, on the other hand, provides the biggest boost to your spell's performance, the only problems are that a) it only works on attack magic (since the horrible support magic is effectively level 0 magic) b) makes attack magic harder to use (again due to the fact that you need the charge at level 1 or higher to use attack magic) c) they cost increasing amounts of MP starting at 3 for level 0 and increasing at increments of 3 per charge level (and if your charge level exceeds the amount of your current MP the spell doesn't go off) d) require extra elementals to gain levels (this is effectively where most of the game's side quests and backtracking come from) e) probably increases the chance of those detrimental status effect landing on your target and f) doesn't have a very good charge indicator (the elements come out one at a time circling around you until they reach a certain distance then repeats the process until all of your elements are out).

Weapons operate on a similar but different (broken) system from magic. First they too have weapon skill levels like magic that can reach level 99, but the sole purpose of weapon skill level is to determine how fast your will gauge will fill per hit. Now I call it a will gauge but its much closer to SD3's skill gauge that fills per hit and allows you to perform a special attack at the press of the special button. Sword lacks a special button (instead your next attack will launch the special). Also the gauge is much longer and there's only one special per weapon. Also each attack fills a point on the gauge and you gain one extra pip per every 10 skill levels. Instead weapons increase their power by forging them from better loot found off of enemies and tempering them from fruits and vegetables grown from seeds given to Trent (the same process applies to armor and all of which was lifted from Legend). The key difference is that you can only carry one weapon/armor of each type at a time and reforging them drops your tempering benefits back to zero. Also you can only temper a limited number of times based on the material used in the reforging. Each fruit and vegetable increases the strength of some of the weapon's damage types by one (or armor's protection type) depending on the fruit or vegetable (there's one in particular that'll increase all of the weapon's damage types/armor's protection types by 1). Also, if that's not enough hoops to jump through, you also require a copy of the original reforge material to temper. In fact the best material in the game is incredibly rare to gather, plus the additional rare seeds you'll need to grow the rare fruit/vegetable in order to get the best out each tempering, also the "best" stuff has really low starting stats but offers like 50 tempering sessions to max it out above everything else (so if you don't already have enough material to start with you're going to end up with a really useless weapon/armor until you do, if ever), and finally you have 8 weapons and 3 pieces of armor that you can do this process to. The only improvement over LoM's forge/temper system (of anything really) is that its not nearly as blind/confusing. Classes can also provide up to a meager boost in weapon damage, evasiveness, accuracy and the weapon determines how your attack spell will go off (whether it will seek out an enemy, or allow you to remote control it, or one of the many short ranged projectile patterns).

Items themselves generally vary greatly from quite useful (a rare case indeed) to a complete waste of programming space (pretty much everything else). Since healing magic in this game is so absolutely worthless healing items are easily the best things ever in this game (one gumdrop will, for most of the game, heal more than multiple uses of that healing spell). And while you can crouch to restore MP the gain rate is so slow (about 1 MP per 2 seconds) that you're better off poppin' Magic Walnuts for extra MP. Then you have forging/tempering material (or at least the good stuff), seeds (again only the good stuff), side quest items like Dub Bear's Gold (good for cashing in for extra spirits), the Gold equipment (good for Dub Bear's Gold), the Chibli Hammer (for shrinking yourself), the Rusty Sword (good for a Sword of Mana), The Sword of Mana (I have no idea what this is good for),  and so on. The rest of the trash includes things like the nuisance items which I forget what they're call individually but they provide distractions to enemies based upon sight, sound, and smell so that you can escape from them (which you should never need to do since you can't loot enemies if you don't kill them and chances are you'll never kill 1000 of any enemy in the game (which provides blacker and beefier enemies with better loot to loot)). Some support magic provides the same services but in a shittier way (locking you in a slow moving bubble versus drowning out your footsteps, turning yourself into a moogle versus dropping a stinkbomb, or hiding yourself from sight rather than blinding the enemy). There's other junk too but I'll be damned to try to remember them, and Angel's Grails (allies are extremely useless in this game anyways).

The reason why allies are extremely useless is because no matter what happens to them, if the main character dies, its auto gameover (despite how many you have). AI is once again motherfucking retarded. They have HP and MP in this game unlike in the original, but that just tempts you to drain your resources on them. They gain levels but they put their level point in either the same spot or not at all (I don't remember). They're stuck with whatever weapon, armor, and magic they're carrying. You can control them but that just leaves your MC's ass hanging in the wind (this is a very bad thing). And they offer no hints, shops, or services beyond their dinky attacks/magic unlike in FFA. Also some characters that were originally supposed to die didn't just to provide a useless ally or two to the Girl.

In fact they pretty much gutted whatever merits were in the story to begin with for this demake. Every badguy from the original (save for one) is now just tragically misunderstood and just really wanted to help. The guy who's still legitimately evil now comes with 100% more delusions of godhood. Also the power of friendship is now super effective against him. The Boy now has a father, but that just makes him into a prince. He also has a now mandatory childhood relationship with the Girl. Willy lives to help the Girl. In fact most of the deaths in the original were retconned. Thankfully Amanda was the one that got away. No seriously! I'm fucking surprised that she wasn't Dragon Balled back to life or some such bullshit. Even Julius gets an "I'll be back!" line in the end. The Girl and her Mother also keep to the script (as far as I remember) along with Maurice (or whatever that robot's name is). Chocobo and his upgraded form Chocobot are gone in place of Prof. Bomb's Cannon Travel (which are always inconveniently placed and take too long to watch). And a number of incidental characters from Legend show up like the Dub Bears, Niccolo, the Seven Wisdoms (if you can find someone unfortunate enough to have gotten and played this game to trade with), and so on.

And then other details like the music sounding tinny and were badly remixed, or the terrible character art, or the washed out graphics, or the need to include jumping, and ect...

The tr;dl of this Flaming Post is that this is in no way a simple touching up of the game.

/Flame Off
4946  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Half finished games on: October 28, 2009, 07:46:14 AM
Shadow Dragon was a special case because your units are -supposed- to die.  Which is incredibly stupid, yes, but that's why the game is the way it is.  You can win without anyone dying though, you just have to play carefully.
The fact that enemies constantly respawned made it damn near impossible to play "carefully" as you say. I tried the last battle over and over and over, but still couldn't beat it because of those god-damn ballistas or whatever that kept appearing, and the fact that I couldn't level up at all. But hey, if you like shitty games, that's your business.

Uh, I hated Shadow Dragon.  And as I already said, that's the only game they've made like that that I'm aware of.  The other Fire Emblem games don't have infinite spawns, and their characters have much better growth/survivability rates.

Also: by "playing carefully" on infine spawn maps, you place characters on top of spawn points to prevent them from coming through, and you breach spawn points by using Archers and fast units and making use of advantageous terrain like forts and forests.  "Carefully" doesn't mean turtling in the corner and holding out until reinforcements stop, it means advancing with a clear goal and with a clear knowledge of what's coming at you.

And anyone who says Advance Wars and Paper Mario are shitty games needs a reality check.

The thing about FE:SD is that its a remake that wasn't as remade as it could've or should've been.

Unlimited SaGa (and I will finish it...someday...)

Isn't this one of the worst RPGs ever?

Can't be any worse than anything from Tri-Ace during this generation.
4947  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Atlus-O-Weenie photo contest on: October 28, 2009, 03:43:27 AM
It looks like its time to break out the old Kos-Mos costume (or I could just be lazy send in an old photo or something). <.<
4948  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Ar tonelico 3 coming to the PS3 January 2010 on: October 28, 2009, 03:39:09 AM
OHH YEAH THERE IS MY FRIEND, and they took off the weird (not bad but i didnt though it was good either) battle system of the last summon night DS game!, AND IS MORE OF AN RPG NOW and it looks like the old GBA GAMES! (the character art that is)

japanese main page!!!! http://www.summonnight.net/snworld/snx/index.html

heres a trailer on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6aCvyQrjJs

And here some japanese ppl talking about it, at least we get to see gameplay http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MR21-jCh-QY

.... i will absolutely love atlus more  (if its possible) if they bring this over

Wow, this is a really big deal.

The console Summon Nights (1-4) which never came to America were strategy RPGs.

The GBA Summon Nights (Swordcraft Stories) were real-time battles a la the Tales series.

The DS Summon Night had a sort of RTS fighting system going for it.

This NEW DS Summon Night goes for Traditional RPG mechanics.

I'm almost sure Atlus will bring it here. If they gave us Twin Age, there's no reason they won't give us this.

Thanks for these links WildArms. Sorry took me so long to read them. :)

The DS Summon Night was a dungeon crawler with stylus controls. On the whole I thought it was above average, and compared to the other two DS dungeon crawlers I've played (Children of Mana, From The Abyss) it was the superior game by miles.
4949  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: 3D Dot Game Heroes on: October 28, 2009, 03:23:59 AM

If this is true then this is the best news.
4950  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: RPGFan Game Journal XX - Sharpened Pencil Midnight Bathouse on: October 27, 2009, 04:35:27 AM
I recently purchased Crimson Gem Saga. Having fun with it so far.

Is it a recommendable RPG?

Isn't a little late for the recommendations?
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