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61  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: Misc. Gaming News Topic on: July 19, 2015, 08:17:26 AM
I'm sure less important to everyone is the fact they did some teasing for a strange silhouetted Pokemon which looks similar to another existing Pokemon.
...which Pokémon does that look similar to? It isn't ringing any bells for me. I was assuming it was an enhanced version of Volcanion since it still needs to be released. I just checked on Serebii, where people seem to be convinced that it is a new form for Zygarde (although I do not see it at all).

If Regigigas hasn't already gotten a Megavolution yet, then my bet would be that.
62  Media / Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn on: July 19, 2015, 07:45:28 AM
Beat Lord of Magna yesterday. Game was alright. Better than I was expecting when I started but not good enough for me to work on another run through.

Not sure what I'm going to go through next. I was thinking Tales of Heart R would be next when I started Lord of Magna, but I am also getting an itch to play a visual novel. I don't have any good ideas for visual novels with official releases though.

Tears to Tiara 2?
63  Media / Game Journals / Re: Starmongoose - Let's Play Fire Emblem Path of Radiance! on: July 19, 2015, 07:44:13 AM
Thanks for the advice dude. :) I don't think I'm going to follow most of it, but I appreciate you wanting to help all the same.

It's not really about filling air time, for me it's just doing what I enjoy. For example I only watch LP's where the text is being read aloud, because usually I'm flicking between other pages during those parts and I like to hear what's going on. Some people like having it read out, some people don't - I'm okay with that. And shooting the shit and such feels more personal to me. To me a let's play is a social thing, where you get a close experience to being in the same room as a friend while you play a game together. Whenever I play games with friends there are usually jokes, general chat and such untop of the gameplay objective.

I wouldn't watch a Let's Play like the one you want me to be, so I won't act like it. I'd never ever want to listen to a scripted post-production Let's Play for instance.  I do what I enjoy, there are many ways to do a let's play and I don't think there is a wrong way - and I don't think "nobody wants to hear" what I have to say, I've already gotten feedback that it's actually something they enjoy.

I'm not dismissing you or anything, I'm genuinely happy you're trying to help, but we may just enjoy different things in our Let's Plays?

No, that's fair. It sounds like you'd be better off doing Live Streams instead where you can have actual people in on your playthrough and get live commentary for you to respond to, but either way, its your prerogative.

Though I do have one last piece of valuable advice to impart before I depart and that is to never, under any circumstance, do a Youtube catalog dump on another LP site. Its one of the faster ways to earn yourself an instantaneous flaming, trolling, perma-banning and thread gassing all in one go.
64  Media / Game Journals / Re: Starmongoose - Let's Play Fire Emblem Path of Radiance! on: July 19, 2015, 06:05:56 AM
Thanks Dice. :D It means a lot. I'm really enjoying doing these.

Big channel update guys! ^^ Lots of cool art and also a new video! That's Part 5 now.


Defense Maps. Cool when they work, a glorified Rout map when they don't, and this one doesn't. Titania and Shinon basically guarantee that you can't lose this fight outside of sustaining a causality and resetting for it, and you only really need to feed Ike, Oscar, Soren and Boyd to boot. Even Hard Mode's FoW doesn't mean squat in the face of your people unless Ike or Boyd have done something to offend the RNG gods or something.

As for this channel, I really hope you put an end to reading out the dialogue. Giving us a start of turn run down on the Enemy Phase and what your gameplan is in response should be enough to fill the air time. Let people read the dialogue on their own, you don't need to draw it out or anything thanks to the magic of the pause video button, and the game's music should be enough to fill the dead air. Keeping things shorter should improve viewership as well since shorter videos mean less of a time commitment. Another strategy is to spend time talking about some of the side objectives that you're going for like the boss having a stat booster on hand but the time limit making it difficult to claim that prize without getting someone killed or cutting the stage and potential Exp short. One of the biggest mistakes I see in Youtube LPs all the time is that they narrate as they play. Post-production is a thing that exists for a reason. Look over your video and see what you actually did and formulate a script based upon that. Multi-tasking hurts your gameplay and fills your video with noise pollution that nobody wants to hear.

If you do all of this, your LP's quality will definitely improve, guaranteed.
65  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: Random and Amazing Pictures, Please! on: July 19, 2015, 05:29:20 AM

And it leaves out the Ice Cream. D:
66  Media / Anime, TV, and Movies / Re: Anime/Manga Journal on: July 17, 2015, 10:01:08 PM
Eh. I'd still argue that a solid number of LNs are trashy as well, but at this point, the argument mostly comes down to a matter of there always being a bigger fish (or piece of shit in this case) and the question of how far is one willing to delve into the abyss to find it.
67  Media / Anime, TV, and Movies / Re: Anime/Manga Journal on: July 17, 2015, 07:50:52 PM
Just want to mention that thinking about Re:Monster really had me pissed off for most of today. Like, I tried to imagine what it would be like reading a novel with stuff like that and I was disgusted. Then I tried imagining a protagonist for a story like that, and I felt nothing but pure contempt. I can only hope the end of the story involves some sort of Gene bomb, preferably delivered through a tragically ironic manner involving the protag, thus forcing the defeat of the goblin race (hopefully with some sort of civilized society left standing in the process).

Or at least have some L to Re:monster's Yagami. (at least I'm assuming they're trying to paint him as an anti-hero and not just a pure villain...)

Dude don't. Just don't. This particular hill isn't worth dying on. You're far better served just straight up dismissing LNs and LN-inspired products in general.
68  Media / Anime, TV, and Movies / Re: Anime/Manga Journal on: July 17, 2015, 11:25:05 AM
The thing with a lot of LN is that they end up as cesspool of ultimate male power fantasy.
From the few I've tried reading, I'd say that if the main character starts off powerful because of xyz reason... that's a very bad sign.

Hell, all you really need as an indicator are the title being way too long, and a cover that's totally blank outside of the 'obviously a waifu' and said title.

"Re:Monster" disagrees with that one though =/

The manga is kinda OK since the mangaka is cutting a lot of the 'less desirable' content.
In my mind, this is the mangaka after reading a chapter of Re:monster thinking of how much rework/cutting will be needed:

«Oh look, they just defeated an elven army, enslaved every surviving men and women and then drugged them all until they had so few of their wits left, they 'willingly' accepted rape...»

Read the 1st chapter of the manga. Expected the rape after I saw that it was based on goblins in Japanese fantasy. Goblins in those settings if its not comical  tend to rape anything that moves. The fact that they need human females to reproduce is  Hgame/Hentai  101 for rape incoming. 

And Elves are basically code for belligerent fantasy racism, and if largely female, rape bait.
69  Media / Anime, TV, and Movies / Re: Anime/Manga Journal on: July 17, 2015, 09:26:36 AM
The thing with a lot of LN is that they end up as cesspool of ultimate male power fantasy.
From the few I've tried reading, I'd say that if the main character starts off powerful because of xyz reason... that's a very bad sign.

Hell, all you really need as an indicator are the title being way too long, and a cover that's totally blank outside of the 'obviously a waifu' and said title.
70  Media / Anime, TV, and Movies / Re: Anime/Manga Journal on: July 17, 2015, 08:03:44 AM
I started reading a light novel that I thought was interesting.
The first volume was a good read and it had an original premise.
Starting from the second volume, the main character basically rapes something every chapter.
At volume 3, it's a mix of raping new thing and 'consensual' sex with the girls he's previously 'broken' through rape.
I kinda stopped reading there...

Worst is, I'm sure that this description can easily refer to dozens of LN out there.
I am going to pray that you are wrong and that description is an uncommon LN series description.

Sadly, its more uncommon to find an LN series that the above doesn't describe.

OP'd protagonists and their waifu fucking by any flimsy pretext necessary is practically a requirement. Making the protagonist's sister and/or cousin part of the harem is also highly recommended (though they must be begging for the protagonist's big honking cock for the screentime where the protagonist isn't fantasizing about fucking her but denying himself due to being too virtuous and righteous), and vilifying China or a China-expy is a sound business tactic as well (US and Russia and/or expies are also acceptable).

I'm surprised Mio doesn't play a Warwick bass, though.  She's a lefty and that company offers all their models (except signature and limited edition models) lefty at no extra charge, which is why the late Paul Grey of Slipknot endorsed them since he's a lefty who had trouble finding lefty basses.  But then again, it seems like the creators were more into more traditional gear like Les Pauls and Fender basses.  

That, and the licensing limiting it to promotional tie ins.
71  Media / Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn on: July 16, 2015, 10:36:09 AM
Moero Chronicle characters make me happy because they remind me of that cool holographic sticker texture
http://i02.i.aliimg.com/img/pb/932/658/262/1281953356511_hz-myalibaba-web9_9210.JPG Paper
http://img.gamefaqs.net/screens/7/3/e/gfs_371549_2_6.jpg Chara

You seriously have an eye for stuff.  I never would have compared these two, but looking at them both I can really see what you mean.  You really are fart and smunny.

Not really seeing it, must be because of the anime wearing gloves with fingernails (with fingernail polish even) on them. Why is she wearing gloves with polished fingernails on them? And why doesn't her booties similarly have polished toe nails on them?
72  Media / Anime, TV, and Movies / Re: Anime/Manga Journal on: July 16, 2015, 02:49:22 AM

...is this serious or not? I've never read the series and this is coming from Japan so I could believe either way...

It's a (in)famous scene from the VN.

The anime was less obvious https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KOjhTIuU_J8

The legendary Hiroyuki doujin  ^_^  
Both Fate and Tsukihime had some of the most horrid sex scenes ever....just cringe worthy.

You haven't looked very hard, have you (this is not a dare, I in fact, envy you). SAO easily trumps the worst that Tsukihime ever did (dear SAO writer, can you please end at least one of your story arcs without rape or recovery sex immediately after the rape; tia) and that's just one of the countless badly written LNs out there (and that's not even going near anything beyond that).
73  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: Misc. Gaming News Topic on: July 16, 2015, 01:54:30 AM
Saw the Cordelia this morning. Very gorgeous paint job on her outfit. Really stands out among the others.

That Noire figure seems kind of... off to me. I don't really like it. I much prefer her Goddess Black Heart figure that I have pre-ordered.

Just checked out the former and if I were a figure collector, she would've just shot up my list of priorities.
74  Media / Game Journals / Re: Retro Encounter Podcast Thread on: July 16, 2015, 01:16:08 AM
I like going super basic with Ramza.  Squire with items!  Just take him through ninja for 2 swords and rock some big-ass knight swords.  Simple, but effective.  Throw in hamedo for good measue.

I tried the calculator/mime thing before.  It was crazy good, but also pretty monotonous :/

My last play I found out that short charge doesn't effect archer skills and got real sad.

My big thing in fft is time magic though <3.  Good ct manipulation will win any fight in this game.

Yet another reason why Archers suck so hard in this game. Kind of a tragedy really considering how they were in Tactics Ogre (where the were OPd as fuck, to the point of being the game's easy mode if you fielded more than two) and how long its taken Fire Emblem to actually give players a solid Archer class (note: I said class; just because Rolf/Shinon were rock solid in FE10, doesn't mean that every Archer/Bow Knight in that game were that good).

Some of the old GBA Fire Emblems had broken Archer units. They didn't start sucking until FE arrived on the DS.

You've got that the other way around. The GBA era's best bowmen were Shin, Klein and maybe Dayan. Wolt sucks, Dorothy sucks, Sue's overshadowed by Shin, Igrene's alright if you need another bow, Wil's a crapshoot, Rath rejoins way too late to really be worth babying, Rebecca needs Supports, Louise has a Support she needs to be fielded with, Nemei sucks, Innes is locked to Sniper, and anyone I'm not covering is because they are a post game character and thus doesn't count. And of these games, FE6 is the only one that really wants anti-air units since there are so many goddamn fliers in it (FE7 toned it down and FE8 has mostly Gargoyles who suck anyways).

Meanwhile the second DS game had Reverse Lunatic mode, AKA the "Does anybody have a bow? Somebody needs to go back and grab a shitload of bows." mode. That said though, yeah, Archers especially sucked in DS1 & 2 since they went all the way back to NES era mechanics and badly trying to mix the more current system into it (leaving Archers as horribly underpowered units that aren't getting the fix that NES era's promotion system provided, while the Sniper you get is among the dozens of units that are suddenly finding themselves grossly underpowered due to stat caps jumping up by 10 points while their 'we cap at 20' bases remain the same). With that said though, you still got Parthia fairly early in both DS games (by Chapters 12 and 8 respectfully; compared to FE6's Murgleis which shows up right before getting the Sword of Seals, FE7's Reinfleche and every other Legendary/S-ranked weapon showing up at the second to last stage as an enemy drop, or FE8's Nidhogg which is part of the second to last Sacred Twins dump along with the S-ranked Lance) and you didn't even need to keep it in your back pocket for fear of breaking it and costing you the endgame so anyone with an A rank in Bows (Jeorge) can have a relatively early nuclear option available to them.

Either way though, right now none of that matters since Fates is now a thing and the Bowmen and Outlaws are making characters like Briggid and Shin look like chumps. Just to illustrate the point: Bows now come in two flavors (standard and Japanese), both sets have increased Might (Silver Bows now have 15 Mt instead of 13 and Silver Yumi have 16), almost all Yumi provide +2 Resistance, there are two bows that enable 1~2 range, one of the S-ranked Bows has 1~4 range, there's a skill that enables any bow to be used at 1 range (though I think its mostly DLC/enemy exclusive), and due to the altered Weapon Triangle, Bows/Yumi are now not only effective against fliers but also gain an advantage on all Lance/Naginata/Throwing Star/Kunai users (though Swords/Katanas/Tomes/Spells will now mess them up).

On top of that (potential Fates Spoilers),
one Bowman has a Prf Yumi that has 14 Mt and the ability to ignore terrain costs and a Personal Skill that grants +10 Crit, +3 Mt and reduces damage taken by 1 when next to a character at a higher level than him, the other gets a fuckton of Speed and a Personal Skill that lets Staffs heal her for 1.5x the amount that others would normally be healed by, the pre-promoted Golden-Kite Warrior's (a Bow Knight, but with Lances and a Flying Mount and can also promote up from Pegasus Warriors) Personal Skill restores 20% of her health after defeating an enemy, and the child Bowman's Personal Skill grants +4 Speed and +8 Luck for one turn after choosing to wait; on top of that, Bowmen themselves are similar to Awakening's Archers except that their Lv 10 skill got replaced with a skill that grants +4 Mt when attacking (instead of +15 to Hit/Avoid) and Holy Bowmen have replaced their Lv 5 skill (Hit +20) for a skill that grants Hit +40 when attacking, on top of still getting Bowfaire (and its still just as powerful) while Golden-Kite Warriors' Lv 5 skill buffs their Hit and Avoid by 30 towards other fliers and their Lv 15 skill can restore +20% of HP to allies within 2 range.

Meanwhile Outlaws are basically Bow using Thieves, which is nice since that means that they have Thief Utility on top of having better attack range and don't need to risk as much damage fighting than a Thief would, and they promote into either Bow Knights or Adventurers (the latter are essentially Bow using Tricksters though they traded Acrobat for Pass, meanwhile Bow Knights traded Bowbreaker for Kunaibreaker since Ninjas are more pesky and it lets BKs use both options against other BKs). The one Outlaw you naturally get is either Dio Brando, Jon Valjon or both (depending on who you ask) and is the Capture unit on team Nohr, while his daughter has a Personal Skill that boosts Mt by 2 and reduces damage taken by 2 when adjacent to a Male, the Personal Skill of the one Adventurer you get without reclassing or Capturing debuffs an enemy's Str and Spd by 3 if they cannot counterattack him.

Incidentally, here's the list of classes that can use Bows and at what Weapon Ranks do they cap out at: S-rank: Holy Bowman; A-rank: Adventurer, Bow Knight, Golden-Kite Warrior, Great Merchant; B-rank: War Priestess, Bowman, Puppeteer, Herb Merchant, Outlaw.

The tl;dr is that Bow Users now no longer suck like they did prior to Fates because everything about them got buffed to the point where even a bad Bowman (Setsuna) is totally usable and not immediately bench fodder.
75  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: Misc. Gaming News Topic on: July 14, 2015, 11:03:42 PM
They clearly exaggerated Selvaria's bust and hips.
I much prefer her proportions from her actual in-game model.

What's up with Zesty anyway?
Apart from the heroine debacle, I haven't heard from it since (I haven't really looked though).

The short answer is: New battle mechanics in a Tales of game.

The long answer is: A first take on a new battle system for a Tales of game that needed more time in the oven.

The bait and switch is mostly just salt on the wound. There's a good chance that Barristia is going to pull something similar, but at least it'll probably not be quite as half baked as some of the more recent ones have been.
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