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571  Media / Multiplayer RPGs / Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic (RPGFan Guild Edition) on: November 13, 2011, 12:20:35 PM
Omg! I had that bug too. I was like "great I'm talking to a chair back."
572  Media / Multiplayer RPGs / Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic (RPGFan Guild Edition) on: November 13, 2011, 01:39:18 AM
Is it just me or does it feel like the Sith side feel a little less polished than the Republic side?

That aside, really digging the game. Not a fan of the character design but at least it's consistent. I'm a bit shocked they didn't mo-cap cause alot of the animations look terrible. Swordplay is pretty solid but seems to be missing alot of that Star Wars flair of movement. The saber animations are iconic but the character movement (with he exception of Force Leap) needs work bad. Dunno what engine they're running with but was having problems with delayed texture loading ala Mass Effect 1 for dialogue scenes.
573  Media / Multiplayer RPGs / Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic (RPGFan Guild Edition) on: November 12, 2011, 12:28:20 AM
Aside from the god awful "animated series" look of the game, I'm quite engrossed with the storytelling. Combat is fun too. Client is stable as hell. Took me 4 hours to get in.
574  Media / Multiplayer RPGs / Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic (RPGFan Guild Edition) on: November 11, 2011, 08:37:28 PM
Anyone on the weekend beta, we are one "The Leviathan" server.
575  Media / Multiplayer RPGs / Re: So I just played TERA... with screenshots. ***Bandwidth Intensive*** on: November 10, 2011, 10:22:54 PM
Just a couple updates - no pics though, since once Skyrim hits, I probably wont be playing much for the next couple of days.

1) The world is seamless. There are 2 continents and one island (beginner area) which are zoned off from each other, not unlike WoW. Within each land-mass, the areas are seamless. You can also choose to use the Pegasus Express, which shoots you through those warp portals to get to destinations faster. I can see why they give you mounts so early in the game, the realm is HUGE. I'm not quite sure how many square miles, but it easily dwarfs World of Warcraft pre-expansion. Possibly on par after Burning Crusade was added if not a little larger. The transition from area to area is actually well-done as well. You don't go from extremes like in most other MMOs. Going from a plain to a desert, you actually pass through grasslands of a savannah before becoming dessicated as you get closer to the desert, likewise with the rainforest. I spent a solid hour riding around and I think I saw only 3 of the 8 zones in Southern Arun. This doesn't include the wastelands of Northern Arun or any of North or South Shara continent.

2) The visual fidelity of the game world doesn't depreciate. Each zone is incredibly detailed and stunning to see. There are some reused mob skins, but overall the bestiary is pretty freakin' large. Most areas have creatures indigenous to the environment, with some of the undead mobs being some of the most twisted i've seen in a while. I haven't seen any weather effects just as yet however. Also, there seems to be different channels ala Aion to allow better playability in congested zones.

3) There is an auction house, player bazaar system and mail delivery - so poo on you FFXIV. You have an expandable safe, but there's no personal spaces yet, but i'm sure that's on the table. There's certainly enough townhouses in Velika.

4) Mastering your class is much more than just knowing which combo rotations to use. Most encounters require you to take on multiple mobs at once (usually a stronger boss-type mob with a ton of adds) which will leave you dead very quickly if you don't pay attention to movement, timing your attacks and when to use restoratives and bombs (yes, you can use bombs). If you get knocked to the ground, most mobs won't hit you while you're down - but you can get nearly stun-locked if too many are hitting you at once. Movement is really really important here. The ability is super combo chain is next to useless if you don't learn how to GTFO. I see this being a major issue for people who are less than patient, or those who expect mobs to be pushovers all the time.

Combat isn't hard once you learn the basics, but you have to think strategically - especially if you're taking on shit higher than your level. Most mobs have a red gleam on their person before hitting you with a big move - usually its an anime-style eye gleam flash with an accompanying sound effect (like a katana slicing through bamboo), so even if you don't see it, you can usually hear it unless there's too many battle sounds. Centaurs will rear up and their spear tips and front hooves will glow red when they're about to lay you out. I've also learned that if you evade every move, you will never get an opening to attack. The main gist of combat is to evade the major attacks, and to make sure you don't get surrounded since attacks from behind seem to crit alot more frequently. Mobs will flash an exclaimation point over their head when they see you, but most will not attack outright until you attack them. Linking groups is a rarity since most mobs are attached to their own flock - attacking one will draw all of them, even fighting next to another flock will not bring them down unless you're careless with AOE.

5) There is a decent roster of instanced dungeons throughout the level spread, and all are 5 man PVE. From what I've read, some of them have a hard mode with a new boss and extra lewt. Dungeons are on a 24 hour timer for re-entry though, which is expected to be adjusted for NA release. All dungeon last bosses will drop treasures at 100% but there is a small chance of legendary items as well.

Lv. 19 Secret Base
Lv. 26 Bampieru Mansion
Lv. 37 Heathenish Shelter
Lv. 42 Necromatic Dungeon
Lv. 50 Golden Labyrinth
Lv. 50 Akasha Dungeon
Lv. 53 Hanging Gardens
Lv. 58 Labyrinth of Terror
Lv. 58 Black Tower
Lv. 58 Ron Saleh

6) There are numerous overworld bosses that are built for small and normal party play (3-5 man). Large scale PVP and PVE content is supposedly slated for Winter 2011-2012 so we will see if we get that stuff on release as well.

7) The game is NOT A KOREAN GRINDER! Seriously, i'm leveling at a pretty generous clip. I've done 16 levels in about 10 hours of playtime - half of which was probably figuring out where stuff was and how to do things. From people I've talked to the journey to cap (level 58) takes a little over a month for casual players and can be done from just questing.

Anyway, I thought i'd leave you all with this video of Hanging Gardens dungeon.

Hanging Gardens, Level 53 Instanced Dungeon Speed Run

That's all I can relate for now. I'll keep you posted
576  Media / Multiplayer RPGs / Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic (RPGFan Guild Edition) on: November 10, 2011, 07:31:25 AM
Added RPGFan as an adversary. Might not be a match since I chose a regular PVE server. RPing with Star Wars nerds gives me hives. Got seven so far pre-ordered. Have about 5-6 more who haven't pre-ordered yet but plan to play. Friday is going to be a clusterfuck - but at least Skyrim can fill the times when the servers crash and burn.
577  Media / Multiplayer RPGs / Re: So I just played TERA... with screenshots. ***Bandwidth Intensive*** on: November 10, 2011, 01:04:53 AM
Ok, I lied...

Ladies on the prowl... Side saddle is how classy chicks roll.

Kysia is crazy with her grind house dancing. This stuff is totally NSFW.

578  Media / Multiplayer RPGs / Re: So I just played TERA... with screenshots. ***Bandwidth Intensive*** on: November 10, 2011, 12:55:05 AM
So I finally got into an english speaking guild in K-TERA and whoa, what a difference having players who can explain things to you. I'd show you some more pics, but i'm afraid the memory size of this thread will explode.

Anyway, I learned that you can purchase items called Shards to equip into weapons and equipment that grant certain bonuses like MP regeneration etc. The can also be removed and re-used as needed. While there is no xp penalty, each death will cause you to lose a random number of shards from your gear. You can also buy scrolls of resurrection in the event you dont have a priest handy for raise. There is a wide assortment of mounts you can purchase in-game including ones of the winged variety. Crafting and gathering is very similar to how it was done in Aion - skills training via quests. I have to say that this game hits the expectation I had for it and in many ways exceeds it. It's gorgeous, plays well, has solid content variety (10 instanced dungeons spread from level 19-58, many with an alternate hard mode) along with its form of PVP Battlegrounds, quests and campaigns. Don't get me wrong, the game doesn't revolutionize the genre, but its put together so well and with such polish, its hard to be amazed. Also, it appears that a great deal of the game world is actually seamless. I need to test that and do some heavy riding tomorrow.
579  Media / Multiplayer RPGs / Re: So I just played TERA... with screenshots. ***Bandwidth Intensive*** on: November 09, 2011, 11:00:18 PM
I think there's one for each race from what I read on the website. This one is the human capitol and center of the Federation. The city is pretty sizeable, but not rediculous. It's about on par with the other MMORPGs - this one is about the size of Darnassus in WoW. I just got my first mount too! easy quest to boot. Crazy to get it at level 12.
580  Media / Multiplayer RPGs / Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic (RPGFan Guild Edition) on: November 09, 2011, 09:15:49 PM
Parn, your link is a dead end. You may want to fix it.
581  Media / Multiplayer RPGs / Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic (RPGFan Guild Edition) on: November 09, 2011, 09:11:06 PM
Got the Republic Guild going. Not alot of people on as of yet. Basically mobilizing people from FFXI Solaris and WoW Solaris as well - see where we can go from here. I just got into the beta for this weekend too - wewt!

Interested parties can check out the guild here...

582  Media / Multiplayer RPGs / Re: So I just played TERA... with screenshots on: November 09, 2011, 07:47:58 AM
I know I said i'd give a bit of a taste of Lancer, but after doing some digging and figuring out some of the more complex bits of gameplay I finished the starting area and felt it was an infinitely cooler experience to share.

Firstly, I found the combo menu!

While not all abilities are able to be combo openers, all abilities can close a combo - and if you have several abilities that can open a combo, you can string them together as closers for even longer chains.

Another interesting feature in the game is the ability to climb. There's a jump button that's also functional for platforming.

I know alot of people bitch about fighting squirrels and other lame shit as a noobie in other MMOs - and TERA is no exception. There's some adorable piggy slaughter around level 5, but before too long, you start fighting some really cool looking stuff, like this...

As you get closer to the end of your time in the starting area, you notice a quarter of the island is shrouded in darkness with all kinds of nasty mobs.

This looks interesting...

After finishing all of your quests, you're drawn to this shrine that seems to be the epicenter of this darkness...

And right below it is the teleporter for an instanced area.

The teleporter transports me to a cave, and an AI controlled priest? This doesn't look promising. Though its hard to see in the screenshots, the walls are wet and dripping - great attention to detail.

The first chamber of this dungeon is filled with some nasty axe demons and their annoying little pets. I combo this one down into the dirt.

After clearing the antechamber, we come into the final area, a temple of some sort...

That seems to be guarded by a REALLY big monster, or what EME likes to call a B.A.M. (Big Ass Monster - how lame is that?).

And... I have aggro! The eye icon is a pretty telling sign of your degree of mob enmity.

Like any other RL priest, bucko here is too busy contemplating his ham sammich instead of preparing for the ass whopping behind him.

The big guy lays me out - thankfully I have a ground recovery attack move that he's not going to like very much...

Victoly! Damn that guy hits really hard!
It was a close fight to be perfectly honest, my AI partner was too busy healing himself and nuking - he must have been a Shadow Priest.

The electric soul animating the creature flees its failing form, but not without some chilling laughter.

Surveying the room, I can't help but notice the ceiling's resemblance to the Island's World Tree. The debris around it look hauntingly like... eyes?

For my effort, I get my first rare pair of swords. Huge damage upgrade with 3 glyph spots. Shiny!

In addition to the new cutlery, I finally get a ticket off the island via Peggy-back.

The flyby over the Island is gorgeous, if not a bit overdone.

What's this? We're heading toward the portal.

Whoa! Ludicrous Speed! Who put a jump gate overlooking my Sandals resort!?

The warp is pretty wild, and pretty long with no in-flight snack.

Finally, we arrive on the other end!

Where the hell am I?

Look! Signs of civilization. I must be going somewhere...

Sweet Jesus, look at the SIZE of this place.

Coming in for a landing. Make sure all seat backs are up and trays are stored in the upright position!

What a ride that was, with my feet finally planted of terra firma I go to check out this new location.

I guess this would be the airport lobby? Ah, I have a quest to turn in apparently.

The lady at the desk fills me in on stuff, not that I speak Martian. Korean players look on and giggle.

It looks like my blind bumbling has paid off. I gots me a new set of threads! The quest for pants continues!

The sheer size of this place is astonishing.

I look back at where I flew in, reminds me of the White House a lil bit.

Heading into the main city, I check out some of the local shoppes.

I spy a player on her mount infront of the nippled goddess (no you don't get to see, this is a family website ;p). Apparently they can fly too, the mount... not Mt. Nipples.

Crickie! I'd hate to be the person who has to oil that cog.

If that's not Greco-Roman architecture, i'm a monkey's uncle.

Here's a quick and dirt map of the city.

The main path into the big cog fortress leads into this building...

Where I come to some kind of war room with some pretty decked out NPCs.

Sir, didn't you kick my ass in Alterac Valley many moons ago?

Ohh, cutscene. How the hell does he go to the bathroom with all that shit on?

A dramatic staredown. I know he's looking at my breasts.

What the helll?! Bitch pulls a sword on me. Oh hellz no!

Ok, I seem to being inducted into some order of manly beef eaters. Carry on Sir Sausage, carry on.

The big man laughs, and his shingles shake. Seriously, that suit's gotta weigh a ton.


And now for the fan service... possibly NSFW.

The Elf Female.









The boob physics are... completely off the charts.

And for the ladies...

Human Male Gundam, I mean Lancer

583  Media / Multiplayer RPGs / Re: So I just played TERA... with screenshots on: November 07, 2011, 06:02:08 PM
If true, I'm sure having a monthly fee hurt it too.  I hear most Korean games don't have subscription fees?

I guess these days you gotta have something at the end at launch.  Should have thrown in a really difficult cock block dungeon to keep people busy while they get other stuff done =p
Actually the game has two options - you can go with the time cards which offer you playtime in blocks of hours (which is kept track on the launcher) or 30 day cards.

I don't think the world is seamless, but with those visual levels, I won't complain if it's not.  Dumb question but are you also running at 1080p res?  I was under the impression that max everything would take a pretty good computer with dual video cards.  I'm glad that isn't necessary.  My machine, once built, will probably be similar to yours beside the processor.  Very glad to hear that the machine requirements for ultra high settings aren't absurd.

I'm running at 1920x1200 which is my monitor's max resolution. These screenshots were resized to fit the forums. The game is running using Unreal Engine 3, which is pretty old (Gears of War 1 old) so it scales well and runs perfectly fine on older PCs. The bells and whistles are kinda limited, so i'm not sure even having a beast of a PC would give you much higher fidelity. But honestly, what more could you do to the game to make it look better? Of course who knows what EME is doing for the NA release. DX11 anyone?

584  Media / Multiplayer RPGs / Re: So I just played TERA... with screenshots on: November 07, 2011, 10:16:41 AM
As promised, here's some more screenshots of the Archer class, with impressions and some UI pics as well.

Here's my Castanic Male archer - a little emo, a little punk, but certainly not effeminate. I give TERA that much, it's men look like men (well except for the Elves - they're redonkulously hypersexualized).

As a ranged class, Archer's need to keep their distance while keeping the enemy in sight. Since there's no targeting in TERA, playing a ranged class is a little more complicated. All of your shots will go right down the reticle - which will display the range from the target when moved over a mob. It will even turn red when you're in range to fire. You can still fire even if your target is out of range. Thankfully there is no ammo to consume so you can fire away.

There's no minimum range for Archers either, you can still nail them up close. This is a good thing since your bow is your only weapon.

Should the enemy get too close, you can use your evade move (marked on the controller diagram by the B button - on a 7 second cooldown) which flips you backwards away from the enemy so you can begin attacking again.

When you begin Archer, you have a basic firing combo and an evade move. One of your first purchaseable abilities is an AOE arrow rain that uses a Panzer Dragoon-style lock-on system. By holding down the ability button any targets within your reticle sights take on a "satellite laser target skin" like so...

While this ability is active, you have approximately 3-4 seconds to lock-on to as many targets as possible. Once this is done, you press the button again to fire. If you take too long to fire, the ability cancels and you will have to begin the lock-on process again. Here's a pic of the actual skyward bolt:

Here's what it looks like coming down on multiple targets.

Another one of your early abilities is a charged shot. The longer you charge the move, the stronger it becomes. Of course in "action combat" your target is always moving, so trying to fire off a fully charged bolt of energy with an evasive mob is a challenge.

One additional aspect I learned while playing - and this is true for all classes - is the combo system. Certain abilities string together naturally and can be activated in sequence with the Space bar or X button once the chain is initiated. For example with Archer, If I'm in combat and choose to use my evasion move, the charged shot becomes the combo followup. Instead of having to navigate to the ability itself on my controller (LT+Y), it shows up on screen (if you look at the lock on pic you'll see what it looks like to the lower right of the mob) what the followup ability is and the corresponding combo button. I believe you can manually setup a combo chain of multiple abilities, I just haven't figured out how to yet. Very cool!

I know some people might be curious as to how the UI is arranged, so here's a few telling shots.

This is the quest window. Look familiar? It should - it's pretty much the genre standard. The one telling difference is that major quests, or NPC dialogue that seems key are treated to a close-up view of the NPC and your animated interactions with them.  I'm assuming these are central storyline quests.

You can also mouse over rewards and compare them to what you're currently wearing.

Clicking on linked dialogue in the quest tracker will indicate the target's location on the area map with an animated submarine ping. They will also appear on the transparent mini-map if its the correct area.

Even in small towns, the map will show you exactly where all your shops, storage and auction house is located.

Some quests even feature voiced cut scenes using the in-game engine to beautiful effect. This one shows a particularly demonic Treant slaughtering the area's wildlife.

For something that seemed so big and menacing, he went down without putting up too much of a fight. As you can see he has a very different look than his fellow logs.

For the curious, you can gather resources for crafting... Here's some herbology for you.

Here several of your key screens opened all at once side by side.
Character Sheet/Equipment, Skills Book, Quest Journal

Here is your class ability trainer. There's three tabs worth of skills you can purchase. Sadly I have no idea what they all mean. Your basic attack can also be upgraded as you level up that comes with more elaborate animations, range and damage,

Here are some postcard-worthy screenshots from the Isle of Dreams.

Next class overview will be Lancer with Lady Death In Pigtails...

585  Media / Multiplayer RPGs / Re: So I just played TERA... with screenshots on: November 05, 2011, 11:04:37 AM
Ok, have another batch of screenshots, though i'm going to break them up since I'm waaay too tired to caption them all. For now i'm going to show you a couple of caps from the beginning intro as you fly into the Island of Dreams on Pegasus-back after chatting it up with your friends. It looks like you're also escorting a convoy of some sort. The engine really shines on these scenes.

Tomorrow i'll put up some pics from Archer as well as some more images of the UI, and some insight i've picked up with the time i've played with it (contextual combos!). Here's a sneak peak!

Afterwards, i'll be hitting up Lancer.

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