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631  Media / Multiplayer RPGs / Re: FFXIV Thread on: November 27, 2010, 08:45:50 PM
In response to Fei.

I don't think so, but money is so devalued right now because of how easy it is to come by. RMT is pretty active ingame (perma farming in CH) though but I can't imagine why people would need to buy. SE just nerfed the cash rewards for higher level leves and boosted the lower ones (which makes no sense since a high level can 5 star a low level leve for mad cash).

Interesting tidbit, you can now power level people in party. The way SP works right now you don't have to do anything to gain SP/EXP like before and it is rewarded based on your level relation to the mob, not the highest party member so RMT and new players alike are abusing it. If this was intended I'm not sure what SE's trying to accomplish. Anyway back from my tangent, as far as economy goes items, crafting/repair services and shards will become the currency for goods unless they get some cash sinks in.
632  Media / Multiplayer RPGs / Re: FFXIV Thread on: November 27, 2010, 01:24:12 AM
Looks like the texture drawn in is also affected by PC population. As more people flooded into LL the blurred textures started to become more noticable. Not as bad as before but definitely there. Haven't been to Gridania since patch so I don't know how that's been affected. Overall a nice patch and a morale booster but I don't think it's enough to get people excited to play again. Hopefully the content additions and future refinements will be worthwhile.

Sadly I don't think an AH will ever happen in FFXIV. They are putting so much planning into the Market Wards (search, purchase history, package delivery etc.) that I think an AH may just be redundant. If they can make the search comprehensive and clearly direct you to the retainer in question I think it will be enough for most people.  Personally I've gotten used to the Wards, but there aren't alot of people using it anymore so window shopping isn't as nearly as painful as before. Of course as people come back this will be problematic again.
633  Media / Multiplayer RPGs / Re: Final Fantasy XIV Journal on: November 26, 2010, 11:32:37 AM
Entry #2 Patch Day

Well the first of the two-part fix-it patch has arrived and I have to say i'm pretty impressed. Here's some of the stuff I really really loved!

1) The UI lag is pretty much eradicated and the new menus make much more sense. Navigation is easier too, though selling items require an additional confirmation screen which makes no sense.

2) The change to anima is huge. It might not seem like much, but it makes your paltry count stretch so much further. Having halved anima cost for cities as well as 3 favorites spots is awesome.

3) Combat Speed and Accuracy. I don't know if its a result of the division of server load or the increase in accuracy - its probably a mixture of both, but combat flows much more smoothly and seems faster (sometimes as much as 20%).

4) Synthesis support being increased from 5 min to an HOUR. Holy crap, crafting orgasm.

5) UI and graphics options. Having complete control over your widget placement and the addition of an on-screen SP/XP bar is godsend. By giving us more options for rendering, you can tweak the game's visuals/performance even more. Hell you can even use a different text font. The addition of transparency options and more chat filters really help the clutter. It probably also helps your calls to the server.

There's other little touches that are nice but these are basically my happy points. Still there's a couple changes that were annoying, though not unexpected.

1) Punshing Barbs got nerfed - it was inevitable. Its still a great ability on Thaum but its potency is somewhat lacking on other classes.

2) VIT and MND nerf - now everyone has about 100-400 less HP and MP due to this adjustment. Now I wouldn't complain too much since they increased the potency of some curing spells, but Shell is apparently quite broken. I was taking full on magic damage with it up on my LNC. Now I know they want to make abilities more job specific, but outright making them useless on other classes is somewhat counterproductive to the flexibility they promised with the Armory system.

3) Feint got nerfed - again, had to happen, but with the boost to accuracy this move is more strategic in nature. Even though they doubled the TP cost, I didn't notice too much difference since my opportunities to use it were less.

4) The complete revamping of the SP/EXP system. At first I was mortified about this change, since the 15 man SP parties were kind of fun in a chaotic way. Now partying for SP outside of guildleves is pointless. The con system has been fixed and this appears to be the scale. *

*This is by no means exact, this is just from my observations and what I've talked to people about.

Blue - Easy Prey - 0-60 SP - Must be able to give EXP in order to gain SP.
Green - Even Match - 80-120 SP - These seem to be the ideal mobs to solo on.
Yellow - Tough - 150-200 SP - May be decent for duoing, too long to kill to be worthwhile for SP.
Red-Red with Horns -Very Tough/Impossible to Gauge - Untested but I believe they are worth 400-500 solo, as in groups of 6 or more they are worth about 80-120 SP.

Guildleves however, ROCK. At level 34, I did 3 level 30 guildleves at 3 stars with Aspect and walked away with about 4k SP for 20 minutes of work. It might not seem huge, but before the patch I'd have gotten 0-1k for the whole thing. I haven't tried the leve-linking but I assume that's definitely a good option. Its certainly not as fast leveling as WoW but its consistent.

That's all the testing i've done so far, but feel free to discuss your own experiences or ask questions!
634  Media / Multiplayer RPGs / Re: FFXIV Thread on: November 26, 2010, 09:35:27 AM
Finally got on to play with the patch and wow... what a massive difference. The UI lag is completely gone, and even combat feels 10-15% faster. Warping between areas is now cheap as shit and the loading between is very quick. NPCs and PC's are loaded in as soon as you appear. I know its just server load division, but it feels like an overhaul of the engine. Now we can set draw quality for characters as well as the backgrounds and I found that alot of the annoying pop-up textures are pretty much nil on the highest setting (LL's adventurer's guild external wall distance blob textures are alot less unsightly). The new chat filters are very welcome too. Looks like guildleves are once again the best way to skill up. Anyway I don't know if its enough to convince people to actually subscribe but if you have a free account active (everyone still should) you should definitely check it out. It just feels like a more polished game. If this is just a taste, I can't wait for the next update. I'm really not trying to be fanboyish - i'm being honest, the game feels ALOT better.

There is one annoying thing though, selling to the NPC has another window involved for each item (stupid) but crafting has one less window. The less lag makes it tolerable but its still retarded to have a billion confirmation windows.

edit - Synthesis Support is now ONE HOUR! *dies*
635  Media / Multiplayer RPGs / Re: FFXIV Thread on: November 26, 2010, 03:05:03 AM
Fixing the interface and such was expected, so that doesn't really excite me.  The more interesting things to me were the bits concerning the rebalancing of crafting.  Looks like they're proving themselves by actually following through on player feedback rather than just saying that they are, which I definitely approve of.  Their intent to force crafters to work one another was great in theory, but couldn't work due to a lack of a marketplace worth a damn... so seeing them adjust interdependencies due to circumstances is excellent.

Things that directly impact the class I play were issues such as stacking arrows, which now go to 999 instead of just 99.  Also, it seems one synth for arrows yields 333 arrows, unless that's a typo on their website.  I'm surprised that they made such a huge change this quickly.

Definitely positive developments.

Definitely. I'm not sure that synth is a typo though. Archers fly through arrows like crazy once they get Multishot, so a crafting adjustment along with the stack increase makes sense. Though 333 a synth is crazy nice. I've been browsing impressions of the patch at work and it seems the UI lag has pretty much been eradicated, combat seems faster, though SP is busted. Currently it works just like EXP (which got boosted majorly to be on par with crafting) but is much lower overall.

It looks like they fixed the Con system but blue to green mobs are giving 50-80 SP on average with yellow to red giving 80-120. Grouping is lowering con and consequently lowering SP even in parties fighting much higher creatures. Efts used to give 100-500 SP, 300 on average but are now giving 100-120. They have boosted SP for guildleves but there aren't enough mobs in a typical guildleve to really impact rank gain. Not alot of data on how Behest has changed but it may be a more viable option now.

I'm not sure what to make of it. It would seem that they want to discourage group play as harder mobs take much longer to kill for only slightly more SP than your average rat or colbyn. I guess this will help cull the herd as it would be more efficient for players to grind solo on blue mobs for greater SP/Time but it increases the boredom factor tremendously. One major drawback to this change is also AFK leeching is now possible as SP is rewarded regardless of action. I would be very surprised if they don't adjust this very soon. I didn't mind the old system, it would have been better if it was more consistent. I'll have to play with it some before I can truly endorse this change.

The VIT and MND nerfs to HP and MP weren't unexpected, and since healing power has been boosted it should be better balanced now. Overall seems a good patch and a step in the right direction but they still have to fix the major problems with the Market Wards as well as add new content and I just don't see them doing all that in one patch for December.

As a side note it appears Battle Regemins are working properly now.
636  Media / Multiplayer RPGs / Re: FFXIV Thread on: November 25, 2010, 06:32:41 PM
Patch Notes are live. Looks to be more of a fix/adjustment patch than anything. Won't be home to check them out till tomorrow but decent list of adjustments. Should bring to the game up to where it should have been at launch.

Unfortunately the "Search" feature they promised for the Market Wards isn't there. Glad to see they finally nerfed Punishing Barbs, but kind of annoyed they nerfed Feint. Increasing the TP cost makes it even less likely we'll use it since its main purpose is to give us a guaranteed strike when we miss - which means we usually have less TP to play with than usual. Hopefully the adjustments to accuracy will make its overuse a non-issue.

Very curious that they removed the server active population from the Party menu. I guess it was too demoralizing to log in and see only 500 people on your server, but it was nice to actually gauge your server's prime time. Not a bad patch but still missing alot of features. Looks like the december patch will be the one for new content and hopefully the major market ward overhaul.
637  Media / Multiplayer RPGs / Re: FFXIV Thread on: November 25, 2010, 01:29:49 PM
While Parn's being a smart-ass, I do agree with his general point: You kinda jumped on the lot of us, Stephen. I'm not gonna call you any names or anything, I'm just here to point out that you can't tell complainers to shut up. These are valid complaints, and just because you're close to your fandom doesn't give you the right to first tell everyone to shut the hell up, and then afterwards act like you're in the right. Either admit your mistake or don't, it's up to you. One will make you the bigger man.

Mark, I've not once said that anyone's complaints aren't valid. Everyone here is entitled to their opinion - some people (like Parn) like to be assholes about it, and that's kind of why the whole topic has pissed me off. I can respect what alot of people have been saying. If they don't like the game, fine - I have never argued that point. The main point of contention over the game at this point is whether or not its salvageable for some people. Time will tell. My position has been to be patient and obviously many folks don't agree with me, and that's ok too.

What mistake are you talking about? My opinion is my opinion, there's no right or wrong. I'm defending my opinion which is entirely my right, just like it is for everyone else here. If I have in the course of this thread insulted someone or made them feel criticized, then I do apologize for that. I'd like to see the same consideration in return.
638  Media / Multiplayer RPGs / Re: FFXIV Thread on: November 25, 2010, 01:15:48 PM
is there any restriction on equiping another jobs abilities? or is this eventually gonna devolve into everyone equiping the best ps weapon and equiping the best abilities?

There is a restriction on abilities. Some abilities are significantly weaker when used on another job, some are job-specific. Not quite sure what you mean by best weapon, since changing weapons changes your class. There are different kinds of weapons within each class though - Gladiators can use swords and daggers, Conjurers can use Staves or Wands etc. So while there's probably going to be a "best" of each kind, there's at least some wiggle room.
639  Media / Multiplayer RPGs / Re: Final Fantasy XIV Journal on: November 22, 2010, 10:48:29 AM
Not enough news to warrant a whole new entry but got some screenshots of Dreamtoad and Efts - some of the larger scale creatures i've ended up fighting in the level 40 leves. Efts are sadly the SP mob of choice for grind parties. They're cool to look at for the first hour then its like... Efts... great... more Efts... even more fabulous. Hey! a Dodo, I haven't seen one of those in a while... More Efts? Are you serious?

Anyway, here's Dreamtoad, the first real boss type leve mob I've fought outside of Faction leves. The toad model can be found around Mor'dhona but none of this size.

And here's the Eft *grumble*

640  Media / Multiplayer RPGs / Re: FFXIV Thread on: November 21, 2010, 02:43:40 AM
Here we go!

The point I was trying to make was that it's the same people expressing the same thing over and over again.

It's best to be asking why that happens to be the case.

Why would I ask? Everyone has been more than vocal with the specific reasons for their discontent. If there was a shadow of a doubt why people were unhappy I would have asked. It would only add to the redundancy.

but my opinions are just as valid as anyone else

Which is exactly the problem people like Parn had with you saying that us complaining about the game is just QQ.

There's a big difference between objectively voicing your unhappiness and whining. Trolling those who disagree with you then acting like you did nothing wrong is about as purile as you can get. I call QQ when I see it and if that offends people they need to look into a mirror and ask what's wrong with this picture.

at least I'm trying to give some insight into the game well beyond the initial levels where most everyone else has quit

One of the major complaints about the game is precisely that the game has very little progression. The reason a bunch of people didn't get past a certain level is because we knew we didn't need to. While browsing any wiki and such (Which is practically required for the game!) it's easy to see there's little variety throughout all the levels. You arbitrarily stamping level 20 or whatever as an arbitrary level people have to get to to "understand" the game makes little sense to me when the information is easily accessible.

Ok, did you just really say that? I can understand people not wanting to play because they don't like the game for personal preference reasons, but to base that on a wiki sounds preposterous. Since when has a wiki, and an incomplete one at that, been the gold standard of something's worth. If you have to use a wiki to play the game outside of recipes I really can't think of what to tell you. If a wiki is the sole determinant for people's desire to play then why the fuck am I wasting my time preparing a review?

But seriously, outside of recipes, I haven't had a need for one, so I disagree with your opinion.

Also I'm not arbitrarily stamping rank 20 (not level 20) as the point where you "get" the game. There's nothing arbitrary about it. If you actually read what I wrote, rank 20 is a significant milestone. Faction leves and class quests become available and you get to the meat of the storyline as well as acquiring your path companion. It's also the first time you can join guilds and spend guildmarks which enhance your gameplay. For me, it's where the game really clicked for me. If you choose to disagree that's your prerogative, but That was my opinion and I gave concrete examples of why rank 20 was a turning point. I didn't just pull a number out of my ass.

I like to think I have a little more respect for people on these forums than most posters, but when I dish back it's a travesty?

Like I said, nobody was actually making any attacks to you personally until you came in claiming we were all a bunch of crybabies because we don't like the game. You're not the one that dished back. You're not a victim here. Then when people do dish back, you respond by being passive aggressive (There's no quotes around it, it's what you were doing).

Maybe you need to re-read this thread before you make that assumption. People griped, I said "be patient, this is SE, this should come as no surprise given their history," Then people turned from griping to whining and being bitchy to me because I didn't endorse their opinion, trolling and sarcasm ensued, people got banned, others set to ignore and the world went on harmoniously this way for the last month. I was sarcastic to you when I called you jaded. There was nothing passive aggressive about it. I thought it was pretty direct. You've had nothing positive or even remotely optimistic or hopeful since the beta and I got tired of hearing it and called you on it. If being snarky is a moshable offense then I'm amazed we have a community left.

1. Thoughts on the November patch details e.g.
2. Thoughts on them working on a mouse/keyboard UI aside from the current controller UI.
3. Thoughts on upcoming NMs
4. Thoughts on SE's abrupt change in communication with the playerbase and will it last.
5. Thoughts on never seeing an AH, can the retainer system bridge the gap with the upcoming changes.
6. Thoughts on grouping the current state of SP/Fatigue.

I've actually talked about at least 1 and 3, but apparently you didn't think it was worth responding to, which I don't mind, but don't claim people haven't talked about it if it wasn't in a way that suits your fancy.

Yes, you should all discuss things in a method that suits my fancy. Seriously? Again I would expect something more stimulating than "It's too vague" or the general trend of bashing their attempts to rectify the game's problems before they've even rolled out the first patch. My disgust with this thread is how it's become trendy to bash the game's potential based on wanting to agree with a consensus who seem content to linger on the past negative instead of being even cautiously optimistic. It's hard to have a dialogue when the opposite side is content with being an inert brick wall.

To be truthful,  I know I haven't necessarily been the most open-minded with some people's complaints with the game. It's not that I think I'm a close-minded person, but the overwhelming negativity that explodes around this game (some valid, some just baseless raging) has been enormous enough to piss me off the more I have to read the bellyaching. My one year old daughter cries less.  I understand that because so many of us were looking forward to the game and when we got what was little more than a paid beta (yes, I can agree to that) , but when the battle lines were drawn between supporters and detractors and they were drawn hard. All I would like to see is this thread go back to a sharing and respecting of opinions, even if I'm in the minority.

comments I've made taken out of context

I'm still trying to figure out what this is supposed to mean. I respond to your comments exactly as they appear, and if you think you've been misunderstood, then you clarify and say that the other person misunderstood, don't simply say that they did.

That statement has nothing to do with you Hathen, and I already called that person on it and got trolled for it, so whichever. That person is on my ignore list. Problem solved :)
641  Media / Multiplayer RPGs / Re: FFXIV Thread on: November 20, 2010, 05:46:58 AM
Ten pages back you laughed and wholly endorsed a loser who literally had nothing of value to add to the discussion, and was posting solely to insult and harass other people who didn't like the game, merely because his opinion was in line with yours. When he was causing trouble you didn't even bat an eye because he agreed with you. Now you're making posts with thinly-veiled insults to people who disagree with you, trying to paint them as rambling lunatics when they haven't said anything remotely offensive. Something tells me that if Tony had taken the opposite stance in his posts you'd have been crying for his ejection from the boards way sooner than anyone else here.

I'm sorry, but I have trouble sympathizing with what you're saying, considering that, reading this entire topic, it went from excitement to tepid enthusiasm to genuine disappointment from pretty much everyone other than you. Nobody said you don't have a right to your opinion. In fact, I don't think I've seen a single person attack you for loving the game, only for calling them crybabies/whiners/etc. Again, if right now the game is broken (and from everything I've heard/seen/read about so far, it definitely is), then complaints and negativity, regardless of how much they're repeated, still hold merit.

I agree, at the time Tony's interjection into the discussion was funny, as we were discussing it as it unfolded and it got out of hand. I may have been upset had I been of the opposite mindset, I may have not. His actions caused him to be banned. Laughing at his comments is in no way a wholesale endorsement of insulting people.  I'm not asking for sympathy, I'm just explaining my point of view. If people feel I'm being personally insulting to them, then I apologize. I've had plenty of sarcastic barbs and comments I've made taken out of context which I find personally insulting but apparently that holds no recognition nor merit with you. I guess I should be asking myself why I even bother contributing to this thread. Obviously my opinions aren't wanted or appreciated.
642  Media / Multiplayer RPGs / Re: FFXIV Thread on: November 20, 2010, 05:29:46 AM
eventually be fixed in short order

I think this sums up how badly people try to justify some of the nonsensical shortcomings of this game pretty well.

more than half of them will still find something else they don't like about the game so they can continue to have something to complain about

Ah yes, the good ol' "you'd complain about something even if it was perfect" argument.

who genuinely want to play the game

ITT: People who wanted something out of the game enough to stick through a heavily flawed alpha/beta, then spend $50+ on it despite that didn't want the game to be good.

Jaded much? How about you bring something new to the table. As you don't play the game and have no interest in doing so and the complaint train has run its course, why are you even still contributing to this thread?

I gotta say Stephen, I think you're a little too near your fandom right now. From any perspective, be it as an investor, a developer, or a player, FFXIV is a dead-on-arrival product. It has too many problems. If they're fixed down the line, great. It becomes viable. But right now, it's like renting an apartment that lacks plumbing and windows. Sure, you can get them put in, but until the landlord fixes such issues, it's not a place I'd want to live.

It feels very much like you're making the argument that people don't "get it" when it comes to FFXIV, which isn't the case at all. Gamers often get a variety of Stockholme Syndrome, wherein they defend the developer or game despite all rational arguments telling them otherwise. I've been there myself, and I'm sure we all have. There are guilty pleasures we all enjoy, and some of us aren't ashamed. There's nothing wrong with that.

The issue I think most people have with your method is that you attempt to validate your opinion in a factual way, or resort to a defensive tone, neither of which holds up when the situation is this one-sided. I understand loyalty to a brand, to a company, a product, or even standing by your investment and purchases, but you can't be too self-righteous about it.

On the other hand? Yeah, I'll agree that some people go too far with the "hurr hurr bad gaem is bad" tone of voice. It's not fun to sit back and watch while your guilty pleasure gets slammed. Sometimes you just can't and you need to say something. Again, been there, done that. But remember, you cannot then go out slagging people because they have valid complaints, no matter how numerous or aggressive they may be.

In the end, this thread isn't just for praise, awe, and neutrality. It's also for bitterness, disgust, and disappointment. It's for the grievances as much as for the applause. I'd say we all have to respect that.

I can appreciate your points Mark, but if people have issue with me backing up my opinions with concrete evidence, then I'm sorry, that's how I debate. If folks think I'm being self-righteous I'm humble enough to apologize if called on it. I like to think I have a little more respect for people on these forums than most posters, but when I dish back it's a travesty? But it's ok for me to sit here and take it. In the several years I've been active on these forums I have never had to put people on ignore but in the space of one thread alone I've had to block two people already for being personally insulting.

Anyway the point I was trying to make was quite simple. The issue of the games current state has been debated to the point of obsolescence. It would be refreshing to see people who are actively participating in the thread to contribute some new topics. Heck I'll give you some.

1. Thoughts on the November patch details e.g.
2. Thoughts on them working on a mouse/keyboard UI aside from the current controller UI.
3. Thoughts on upcoming NMs
4. Thoughts on SE's abrupt change in communication with the playerbase and will it last.
5. Thoughts on never seeing an AH, can the retainer system bridge the gap with the upcoming changes.
6. Thoughts on grouping the current state of SP/Fatigue.

I can go on. Alot of these topics don't require people to have played for long or at all to talk about these things. Instead it's the same old song and dance of people complaining for the last two months and when I get fed up at it, it's suddenly fashionable to hop on Tenchi. I can take criticism but don't expect me to treat anyone with respect if they aren't willing to express the same respect in turn. I think I've been more than tolerant of alot of things, but if me being "passive aggressive" is so shocking, then I really have nothing I can say.
643  Media / Multiplayer RPGs / Re: FFXIV Thread on: November 20, 2010, 04:55:47 AM
Well I'd like to play more myself, and with a group to gain some more levels but I can't ever find anybody that wants to play or the biggest problem nobody ever responds.....

Honestly, don't waste your time grouping till after rank 20. Sure people usually do Nannygoats at 16ish but I see those parties so few and far between you'd be better served just running level 10 leves at 3-4 stars or your 20 leves at 1-3 stars with Guardian's Aspect. At least the patch next week will be fixing SP gain and lowering the requirement for getting to R20.
644  Media / Multiplayer RPGs / Re: FFXIV Thread on: November 20, 2010, 04:46:46 AM
Hey Tenchi. Can this game be maxed out on the Asus G73?

You can with the exception of Ambient Occlusion. The game doesn't handle it well at all on any hardware I've read. I can't really recommend the G73 because Asus has the clock speed and memory speed on the GPU set so low that most DX9 applications will grayscreen. I cannot play FFXIV on the G73 without upclocking slightly through GPUTool. It runs an already hot system a little warmer but it's stable.
645  Media / Multiplayer RPGs / Re: FFXIV Thread on: November 20, 2010, 04:41:29 AM
Jaded much? How about you bring something new to the table. As you don't play the game and have no interest in doing so and the complaint train has run its course, why are you even still contributing to this thread?
You can't just dismiss perfectly valid complaints and criticism because you like the game. Putting up strawman arguments doesn't strengthen your position, it only undermines it. I know for a fact that half the people in this thread who are still complaining about FFXIV are people who really wanted it to succeed and are severely disappointed at its current state. It's fine that you like it, but "ENJOY IT OR GTFO" is not a compelling argument.

The point I was trying to make was that it's the same people expressing the same thing over and over again. Instead of it being constructive criticism or god forbid something other than the poor state of the game at launch, it's a broken record. Complaints are well noted and have been for the last two months. I merely asked that if he had nothing else to actually contribute to the thread other than the exact same complaints, why bother? I'm enjoying the game and I'm not going out of my way to be a white knight but when I actually try to have a dialogue about the game in this thread I get a wave of the same complaints and troll baiting we've all had to read since launch. It's just boring to read or respond to. You can call my arguments strawman, but my opinions are just as valid as anyone else who posts here and at least I'm trying to give some insight into the game well beyond the initial levels where most everyone else has quit. If these folks really want the game to succeed they aren't acting like it. They are entitled to their opinion, but I don't have to agree with them. To a point I really do acknowledge and agree with their point of view, but sarcasm isn't an avenue to meaningful discussion for me, especially when it comes to this game. It's beating a dead horse, and I don't think trying to be positive about it means I deserve to get a bullseye painted on me for it. I'm human, I WILL get defensive.
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