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751  The Rest / General Discussions / GameFan and other game magazines on: June 11, 2007, 05:15:01 PM
When I was a foolish wee lad I read gamepro. Later on I read EGM and slowly stopped unless what was in a issue skimming through caught my eye. Then they started 'wrapping' them so you couldn't read it at the stands. I don't know if this was good for business overall or not, but when I would read something at the stand, if I liked it I'd buy it, even if I'd just read the part that interested me most. Since I couldn't skim anymore I stopped buying them altogether.

 I remember my friend having nintendo power too. And it was ammusing too, since it was during the dying N64 stages. Goldeneye graced the cover almost every month, long after Goldeneye was released.
752  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Wild Arms series on: June 10, 2007, 05:17:01 AM
Quote from: "CluelessWonder"
I was getting a heavy incestous vibe between two characters that I prayed was due to a crappy localization and not there in the orginal game.

Well, it DID come from Japan.
753  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Wild Arms series on: June 09, 2007, 07:18:17 PM
You see, Wild Arms 4 has really turned me view of the series around, so I'm thinking of taking a look back at the rest of the games.

That's probably the best in the series, just because it has Raquel and a great battle system. But it also has little in common with the rest of the series. Save for some outfit designs it doesn't even have the series trademark western theme. Still, you said you gave up on 3 and I can say it's easily the worst of the games so you may like 1 and 2. I'd say remake over 1 myself. The original's battle system moves kinda slow and as a first gen PS game it looks absolutely hideous.
754  Media / Anime, TV, and Movies / Recently Viewed Movies on: June 09, 2007, 03:17:39 AM
Shrek 3 also. I guess a unenthuthiastic 'watchable' sums it up. I don't regret time spent watching it, but nor do I think I'd have really missed much if I had passed on it. Certainly nowhere as good as the first two, though I figured it wouldn't be going into it.
755  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Japanese RPGs you've spent the most time on? on: June 07, 2007, 07:49:45 AM
MMO's asside Ye Olde Phantasy Star and Final Fantasy IV are the two I've probably played the most, just via replaying them over and over. Damn kids today and their huge backlogs. In my day we had to play the same rpg over and over ago. In the snow. Without any electricity.

In the post snes world I'd say dark cloud 2 comes next. It's charming, it's fun, it's a time sink and I've never actually beaten it. I'd get distracted and stop playing it and then play it again a few months later and start from scratch.

As for #hours in a single playthrough I couldn't really tell you. I tend to leave the game going and wander off. Going shopping, going online, taking a nap, it all makes the numbers inaccurate :P
756  Media / Multiplayer RPGs / Gold farming in WoW. on: June 05, 2007, 03:50:07 PM
(You'll need a means to breath underwater for this.)

 There's a lake northeast of shattrath filled with eels that drop motes of water. Between motes and npced greys and greens I manage 50-90 gold in a half hour(Though granted usually closer to 50). I get responses from the guild that they've had terribe drop rates in my spot and that I'd have better luck with the water elementals in nagrand, but when I tried there I had the opposite results. Maybe it's kill speed that puts it ahead. The eels are just 62 and they have low health even for their level. Or maybe the nagrand is better and I've just had bad luck(Or maybe I was at the wrong spot, more than one place to find water elementals there). Regardless you can try either of those, but if you want to try my spot don't go during peak hours. If you go peak hours they'll be other people there and if you don't have it to yourself you may as well go somewhere else.

 Playing the AH can make you some side money as well.

 Whatever you do though, don't expect it to be quick. Even if you can find a spot with 200g/hour you're still looking at 20 hours of work to get one.
757  Media / Anime, TV, and Movies / Heroes returns on: June 01, 2007, 03:22:24 PM
Really, just calling him 'That black guy' would come off as poor taste, so the white folks just decided he was Hatian. In truth though, he's from California. The Californian.
758  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Tales of Legendia on: June 01, 2007, 03:17:02 PM
Legendia was sub par for the main game, but it got REALLY bad in the epilouge. I actually liked some of the character rap ups, but just running through the same old dungeons fighting monsters that just flat out have too much hp relative to the damage you can put out was extremely frustrating. It didn't make battles hard, just way longer than they should be for what's supposed to be a fast paced battle system.
759  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Xenosaga 2 - Why all the hate? on: June 01, 2007, 02:44:48 PM
Quote from: "Persona2007"
The only thing I did not like about Xenosaga 2 was it's reception.  Had Xenosaga 2 been a smashing success they would have been able to produce the 6 part series they originally intended.  It seemed that 3 was rushed after 2 and it left the series in a lackluster state compared to what it could have been.

Honestly I think shortening the series was the best thing they could have done for it storywise. III was great because it was forced to move the plot. None of this 'The masked man is a scrub who died in the first 5 minutes, even though you were sure he was Kevin. We're saving that one ^^ '. You don't need 6 games to tell a story. Maybe if it was several generations with KOS MOS and chaos staying key players, but just Shion & co? The story over 6 games would have sucked hard. Probably starting with the UNM terrorist plot they skipped over that would have been 3.
760  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Is anyone else just plain tired of Tetsuya Nomura? on: May 29, 2007, 12:49:39 AM
But the one guy I'm getting sick of more than anyone else in the JRPG realm is Motoi Sakuraba.

Seriously. He's got 3 types of songs now. 'Ok' ones that remind you of his earlier stuff, but not as good. Bad. And that one dungeon theme in SO3 that actually pisses you off and forces you to mute the TV.
761  Media / Anime, TV, and Movies / Heroes returns on: May 24, 2007, 12:50:21 PM
I just watched the season over the last week and I really loved it. I'm kinda wary of a second season though. Obviously there's room for more plot in the grand scheme of things, but what about characterwise? The characters story's were the best part of the show, but

Despite about half the cast being shot or exploding(And you know they'll all be fine, except maybe Nathan) it seems like their stories were pretty much told for the most part. Hiro found some strength, Nathan put what was right first, DL and Niki saved Micah(And Niki's personality stabalized. Or if Jessica actually IS Jessica she stepped down for her sister), Bennet and Clair reunite. Granted not much going on with Parkman(Once he's out of the hospital) and Mohinder, but while I liked them both Parkman just seemed along for the ride and Mohinder's role really felt dimenished after his big confrontation with Sylar.

So what do you do with the characters when they've all found themselves and reunited with their families? I hope they had a bigger plan for the characters from the start, because if they just plan on making another season from scratch I don't think it'll be able to live up to the first.

[quote](with Kensei looking suspiciously like his father)[/quote]

I don't think it's actually his father, I think they were just going for Kensei being his ancestor. Other than that I wouldn't look too much into the scene as anything but some comic relief to end the season off.
762  The Rest / General Discussions / Wii outsells PS3 4 to 1 on: May 20, 2007, 03:45:24 AM
Quote from: "Masamune"
Wii is outselling the PS3 4 to 1, but it's also outselling the 360 2 to 1.  Shit, the PS2 is outselling the 360 even.

 Well, that's a bit of a unfair comparison though, as much as I'd like to see nintendo be top dog again. Being out a year sooner than the other systems a lot of people who wanted one got one long before sony and nintendo went head to head.
763  Media / Single-Player RPGs / What to play next? Suggestions? on: May 16, 2007, 09:03:26 AM
Quote from: "Deadlynymph"
I know this is a dumb way to start a first post but why is everyone calling Xenosaga 3 Xenogears 3?  Its not Gears, its Saga.

I probably did it because the original poster did it. And I'm sticking to that story :P
764  Media / Single-Player RPGs / What to play next? Suggestions? on: May 14, 2007, 08:04:51 PM
Zelda and PS4 first. As someone who didn't play PS4 until maybe two years ago I can say that barring the graphics it's aged incredibly well. Grandia comes distant 3rd for having a story that will make you puke, but otherwise being a fun game to play.

Xenogears...well it's a odd case. I would recomend xenogears 3 right after zelda, or at least have it tied for number two with PSIV. It was actually a pretty damn good game. There's just one little problem in that you'd probably want to play 2 first as the games are directly related. And actually that problem is not so little as XG2 has the worst battle system I've ever seen in a rpg. The combo system is kinda cool and I'm all up for taking a few turns to power a super attack and all now and then, but the problem is you MUST use it to do any worthwhile damage, even on non boss battles. So it's have each character boost 3 times and just sit there getting your ass kicked for 9 turns, attack repeat. It's excuricatingly bad.

If you're willing to read a summary or find some videos of 2's CS's you might be able to get some enjoyment out of 3. Though I'd feel a bit odd myself going into such a plot heavy game skipping 2. But regardless, avoid actually PLAYING XS2 at all costs.

Haven't played the other games on your list except PSII...hasn't aged well at all, skip it.
765  Media / Multiplayer RPGs / Well that's surprising.. on: May 12, 2007, 10:54:25 AM

Really seemed like ToAU would be the last FFXI expansion. Seemed like it was, well on it's last legs. Though part of that could just be opinion even before I quit the last expansion seemed to just feel like the final with how slowly the plot was being dragged out. I guess while in previous expansions the plot didn't move slow, it did move. ToAU plot just kinda seemed like foreshadowing to real plot, even a year after release.

Anyway, for the teaser video, it's mostly just clips from what's currently in the game. What it does show seems like the past, which I think could be pretty cool if the past is deep enough(That is if they're not 'dungeons' and you get to see the whole world). MMO's just don't evolve what's currently in them do to the nature of things and that could be a big way to get around that if did right.

Still, I think it was really time for a new MMO in the same world.

Edit-Obligatory zomg mithra >^_^<
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