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7006  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: 1up: Essential RPGs on: April 22, 2009, 07:08:04 PM
They have Golden Sun on there. WTF? And... they... put it on their entirely because of the graphics. Which I thought were pretty artless. Wow.

Also, Shiren, while definitely not something I dislike, is definitely not something I'd call essential.

And from the comments!

Nothing today competes with the golden day 16-bit JRPGs with terrific storylines!

Am I forgetting all of the 16-bit JRPGs with terrific storylines because I certainly am not remembering them.
7007  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: The hobbies thread. What do folks do other than gaming? on: April 22, 2009, 05:12:06 PM
Terribly sorry to hear about your rabbits :(

So I think it's pretty clear now that my other hobby is 'plants.' currently trying to grow some pachypodiums from seed, because my parents got me them for easter. Anyway, they, uh... two have actually germinated. Germinated a few days ago, really. Two or three days is pretty quick germination time. I'll need to try the presoak method with some mimosas and joshua tree seeds I have this year, if they're still viable.

And as I said my other hobby is drawing Andrei Rublėv as an anteater, because there's something deeply and profoundly wrong with me.


I also like to draw fruit wearing human clothes.

7008  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Secret Party Members in RPGs on: April 22, 2009, 04:03:32 PM
YES. Y'know, I never figured out how to get Opera, Ernest, or Dias to join my party in SO2...

They're not that hard to find if I remember correctly, although they do have some specific requirements. And Claude doesn't get Dias I guess.

Also sort of bugged by the lack of uniqueness in CC and Suik. Like, both actually have sort of similar skill systems, even, with CC using elements and Suik using runes, but ultimately most of the characters tend to fall into one of maybe six or so archetypes and don't vary that much. In CC's case, I would've liked more unique skills per character -- maybe one at each level, instead of one every other level -- or maybe more restrictions on

(I also think the game would've worked fine without the random-post battle powerups. Just stat increases when you get stars from bosses. Similarly, I'd think CT would work well with something similar -- you get stat ups only from bosses or certain set battles, but you still learn new techs/get TP from random battles, if that makes sense. CT's actually sort of challengingish if you don't grind, only it's still too easy to overlevel, especially ones you get to the second half of the game and most of the fights become un-/less avoidable).

One solution might be to make it like SMT with your demons. Make it very easy to switch characters, and give them a small number of unique but highly specialized skills.

One thing that's kind of always interested me is the notion of games where your characters are more like action figures or toys. I came up with this idea after playing Metal Saga, because the tanks are *so* toylike, both in appearance and how you can rotate their guns on the map and repaint them just for the hell of it.

This system kind of requires a lot of collectible characters and customization, so SGF sort of falls into this category, as do, I guess, Ultima 5 and 6 (each had like, 30 or so playable characters. 7 brought it down to maybe eight or ten?). Metal Saga only had a few characters, but lots of tanks.

I don't know if I'd put pokemon in this. That's almost more like virtual pet than toy, but not quite since you don't have to care for your pokemangz at all. That'd be interesting, though -- and RPG that put a big focus on dealing with the wellbeing of your party members. I mean, not just food and stuff, but also an Earthboundsian homesickness stat and stress and the like :P Persona 3 was sort of close to that but not quite.
7009  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: RPGFan Super Game Journal Turbo II - The New Challengers on: April 22, 2009, 03:51:26 PM
I saw P3: FES for like, ten bucks at gamestop recently. They had a lot of copies, too. I still don't really want it, but since someoned mentioned Vesperia, I uh... I should go rub that in the face of the guy that told me I was an idiot for not getting P3: FES when it came out because it'd NEVER price drop and would CERTAINLY be insanely rare.
7010  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: RPGFan Super Game Journal Turbo II - The New Challengers on: April 21, 2009, 11:35:16 PM
Where the heck did you go? I could see myself doing well in a place like that.

BGSU, in Ohio. I've never had so little expected of me in my entire life :<


Did the devil king thing. Going to do the monster hunt, Thomas' business game, and uh... then... Muse's dream. This really isn't jiving with me as much as frontier does for some reason.
7011  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: RPGFan Super Game Journal Turbo II - The New Challengers on: April 21, 2009, 06:07:08 PM
I miss being a kid.  Damned...  LIFE RESPONSIBILITIES.

I... I had more homework in fourth grade than I ever had in college :<
7012  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Secret Party Members in RPGs on: April 21, 2009, 02:59:30 PM
Well, or a variation on the SO2 route I came up with, and essentially what persona 1 did. You can, at most, have four or five people in your party. There are maybe 10 different characters in the game, all plot relevant and with stories and development. But you only get four or five per playthrough, and once you hit five, you're stuck with those guys. Some of these characters might be harder to get into your party (Chris in Persona, for instance !!)
7013  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: RPGFan Super Game Journal Turbo II - The New Challengers on: April 21, 2009, 02:56:40 PM
I could never really tell if learning new abilities came at random, or if there was some rhyme or reason to it.

A little random WHEN they actually spark, but generally the skills you've been using determine what you spark. Like, Heaven/Hell, iirc, leads to RosarioImpale, which leads to LifeSprinkler.

FM is Front Mission.

The reviews are so mixed for that game, but I thought it was excellent. The save system was a little silly, but it worked.

I THINK doing perma-saves, but making it a little more possible to screw yourself over and get backed into a corner ,thus forcing you to restart, might've worked better. That's what Dragon Wars did, at least (It had a kind of comparable system. You can restart the game, but keep your characters at the levels they were before. no SOL system, but doing this might, because you have stronger characters, let you get into new areas or do new things. Really is an awesome game that I need to play more).
7014  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Secret Party Members in RPGs on: April 21, 2009, 03:53:09 AM
I dunno. Partially, I just like FINDING these guys. For me, the lack of development for a lot of the characters in SGF and CC was mostly offset by the thrill of getting to find/collect them.

I think a bigger problem is that secret characters, by virtue of being secret, tend to... suck a lot from a gameplay perspective. FFVII was actually one of the big exceptions that comes to mind, as Vincent was pretty damn useful and Yuffie wasn't bad either.

I also like how SO2 did it where there weren't really SECRET characters as such, but you still had that either-or thing which kind of has similar effects.
7015  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: What makes RPGs [an] Epic? on: April 21, 2009, 03:03:30 AM
RPGs in general tend towards epicness.

I think something like saga frontier, where you've got what amount to being individual epics per character, but only epics in miniature in relation to the game-world as a whole, is kind of an interesting idea.

Or something like The UnReal world where the only goal is survival.
7016  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: The Dark Spire - Any impressions yet? on: April 21, 2009, 03:01:00 AM
It's Wizardry/Might and Magic/Ultima Underworld on the DS.

One of those things is not like the other ;)
7017  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: The hobbies thread. What do folks do other than gaming? on: April 21, 2009, 02:59:50 AM
everluck: I suck at it but I might be able to help you with the C++ stuff. Also about.com used to have some decentish tutorials depending on how much of a beginner you are and LazyFoo has good... SDL things.

My problem with programming is that I don't have a good handle on things like class design and uh, general... program *structuring* issues which I haven't had much look finding any information on. I think I'm taking a class on that next semester but there's like a 50% chance the class doesn't actually address what it's supposed to in favor of more Java or something.
7018  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: RPGFan Super Game Journal Turbo II - The New Challengers on: April 21, 2009, 02:56:50 AM
It's fun to IMAGINATION.

My imagination, much like my hopes, dreams, aspirations, and imaginary trophy wife, is thoroughly dead :<


Unlimited Saga - did some... mission in a volcano with lava floors. I think I was doing something wrong. Anyway, while I'm still rubbish at hitting trap reels, I have figured out how to consistently, or semi-consistently, hit map skill reels (Obstacle Crossing, Defuse, Etc) assuming they don't have too high of a level. Basically, watch the real till you see a cluster of two or more green, and count how long it takes for the reel to get back there. It's usually about 9 seconds. Don't look at the colors much -- just go with the time. Works quite well :]

Unfortunately, mordeus absolutely crappy panels because I was in ANOTHER mission with hardly any enemies anywhere. Other people got decent stuff, though. Kurt got Locksmith, which is going to be damn useful. Ventus got Artiste, which could be potentially really useful. And Armand got some decent stat ups. At 55 strength he's currently the strengthliest dude in my dudes.

and now I'm blind from staring at reels. Yey !!

I still need to figure out more about how combos work. It relates to attack speed, although the FAQ I was reading sort of phrased that oddly. Two attacks from the same type/speed rank can combo easily without interuption easily, but uh... I don't know what determines opening attack success, other than really obvious things like having single slow attacks/magic being done during the first two turns so the enemies waste all their actions.

Also jeez I was planning on writing a dungeon crawl of my own and I keep getting ideas from Gen's posts or something.
7019  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: What's worse than a $100,000 horse dying at a polo match? on: April 21, 2009, 12:07:43 AM
Oh, toxin. Why were they injecting the horses with stuff in general?
7020  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Your Favorite RPGs and Why on: April 20, 2009, 09:59:52 PM
supposedly they almost fucked up Torneko 2's localization until one guy who felt really strongly about the game put his foot down and insisted that it be done right.

and then Square cut party chat from DQIV DS in the states. And DQ8 and DQ5 got really loving translations. Is it some sort of every-other-game thing? Am I going to open up DQ6 and find the case full of live spiders?
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