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1  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Kingdoms of Amalur on: February 09, 2012, 03:29:20 AM
Surprisingly quite. I thought this game would be getting a lot more attention on this board. Don't have the game yet or just avoiding it?

I've been hyped about this title for a couple of good months but games arrive in my country way late and I'm still waiting for it..
2  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on: February 06, 2012, 09:14:50 AM
Yeah? Well, I'm still waiting for Betathesda to fix their shit with update 1.04 and if that doesn't work that I'll gladly trade this in. It's shameful to release a broken piece of trash, and I feel kinda bummed not only because I've spent actual money on it, but also for playing it.
3  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Kingdoms of Amalur on: February 06, 2012, 09:12:09 AM
From all the user impressions on GAF who already have the game, it's running great and all the bugs in the demo are non-existent.
4  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on: January 13, 2012, 12:05:23 PM
Skyrim has a lot of bugs, yes, but the process of making a game this huge and involved will always involve a lot of problems; the fact that they even got a game like this running boggles my mind - it is honestly HUGE.

I won't agree with one word you said because you've got it completely backwards. I loathe consumerists who TEND to forgive a corporation because their product is so "complex". Skyrim is a broken mess on every platform it released and it's shameful that they, the devs,  swim in pools of cash right now, after releasing an unfinished good. What's more funny about this is that the problem existed way longer than Skyrim and not one person did a thing about it because ... I don't know why. Weird variables can be ironed out in QA, EVEN in such massive games Bugthesda seems to develop.
Also, there is no need to praise them for getting a game this huge to run. Making it to run with minimal bugs would have been an acomplishment, but in it's current state, it's meh.
Take Just Cause 2 for example. It has a much bigger world than Skyrim, has the same amount of filler content, looks twice as better and way smoother in the framerate department.

I can rant all day on the matter but earning cash to pay some dudes who lie about the parity of the console ports, and not giving the so-called journalists all the review versions makes me feel rather sick.
5  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Kingdoms of Amalur on: January 13, 2012, 11:50:23 AM
Shame on most of you dudes for not bringing this topic on the first page.

I think it is going to catch a lot of folks off guard by how good it will actually turn out. So happy to have another great new IP to look forward to amongst the sea of sequels.
Anyway, there's a demo coming out on the 17th for all platforms (360,Ps3,Pc) and it will have a cross-promotion with Mass Effect 3. More about that here: http://forums.reckoning.amalur.com/showthread.php?1871-Kingdoms-of-Amalur-Reckoning-Demo-FAQ

The demo will feature the tutorial dungeon + 45 minutes outside gameplay.
6  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on: December 16, 2011, 02:46:48 AM
So i've finished a grand total of 2 main story quests, I just can't get bored of this game. I've come across one bug which was the murder in windhelm, it's fixable by following the markers even if you worked out the killer. I remember I 1st signed on here when replaying oblivion goty on ps3 and running into vampire glitch, hopefully no killer glitches like this exist.

Brace yourself for the worst of your fears, if you play on PS3.
7  Media / General Games / Re: Mortal Kombat on: May 05, 2011, 02:38:30 AM
just watched a few videos and it was a painful reminder that most gamers are males -_- they wont be winning me over anytime soon with character designs like that. sindel, the ninja trio and sonya all look like hoes.

Ivy, Taki, Setsuka, Tira, Mai, Litchi, I-no and the DOA girls say 'Hi'.
8  Media / General Games / Re: Mortal Kombat on: April 22, 2011, 03:23:45 AM
So did no one actually buy this great game?

I know most people here prefer Japanese-type fighters but this MK is really on that par, not to mention the insane amount of content.
9  Media / General Games / Re: Mortal Kombat on: March 31, 2011, 04:35:43 PM
Just played the demo. I love it, this is one hell of a comeback for the franchise.

its hard for me to imagine this series making a comeback since it always relied on gimmicks. can you explain hyow it made a comeback?

Sure, it relied on gimmicks and lots of content. I hear you if you are to say that a fighter isn't about that but after playing the demo obsessively I can definitely say that the fighting engine is solid, even if it lacks some polish but it's just an old build of the game.
At heart, I was always a bigger MK fan than SF because I was more sold on the character designs and intriguing storyline (yes, in a fighter). I've been loving it since the first and I still do to this day but them going into the "depths" of 3D was a really bad move. What came after with that T-rated bastard child was unbearable for me and I swiftly quit the franchise and continued playing other franchises like SF, SC, GG/BB. Been accustomed to those again, I find the older mk's kinda lame-ish regarding fighting mechanics and technique but for some unexplained reason (not nostalgia) they are still fun and love them to death.

Considering this one promises a deep and balanced engine, running at 60 constant fps, with shiny graphics, 26+ characters, 25+ arenas, a lot of singleplayer content including Storymode, Arcade Ladder (single and/or tag-team), Versus (single/tag-team), Endurance, over 300 challanges (ala Tower of Souls in SCiv) Online (single/tag-team), lots of unlockables (costumes, fatalities, videos) and other goodies, it's hard not to be slightly impressed with the amount of work. Basically, with all my skepticism, playing the demo sealed the deal for me.

10  Media / General Games / Re: let's share some flash games on: November 07, 2010, 05:17:34 AM

That was a really unexpected surprise. Great concept.
11  Media / General Games / Re: New Devil May Cry, bitches. on: October 30, 2010, 02:06:55 PM
Man, I loved Heavenly Sword. I thought Enslaved wasn't quite up to HS's level, but still loved it. The acting in HS and Enslaved makes it stand out above all others, a lot of people dont like the games cause NT's combat always rewards defensiveness and not button mashing. Andy Serkis is a god.

A big NO to that. HS battle system rewards button mashing above anything else. I can agree that NG or the more recent LoS rewards strategic play and defensive play but HS does not. Myself included in those "a lot of people", didn't like the game simply because it was bland, had uninspired parts and was really really really short.
12  Media / General Games / Re: Castlevania - Lords of Shadow on: October 27, 2010, 08:09:18 AM
Just bought my copy today. I've only played about 2 hours, but it's not really grabbing me yet. Not a big fan of the level design so far. But I'll play for longer and give it more of a chance.

Finish it and then we'll talk.. In my opinion, as much as I love the game, the first two chapters are nothing really special concerning level design, but by the time you reach the middle of the book, things open up, not to mention the chapters at the end of the game...
13  Media / General Games / Re: Castlevania - Lords of Shadow on: October 27, 2010, 04:10:50 AM
re-playing through on paladin right now, love the fighting (not quite up to god of war level, but still nice), and love feeling like a bad ass with all my combos. I just started using the sub-weapons since i felt it was cheating before. The downside is, now theres nothing to do...

I disagree with the combat statement. I find the combat really closing in on NG (it makes you think and rewards defensive play even on normal compared to GoW which allows somewhat of a button-mash attitude on the easier settings) and much above GoW levels, especially because the game rewards you for flawless combat. IMO it is rather deep and while it still isn't NG or Bayo , for me it's the next in line, especially given so many options, ground combos, air combos, secondary weapons, special abilities and magic all make the combat more flexible than GoW... but that's just my point of view.

Nier, I bought it for 30 euros here in Europe and it was quite the discount.. I'm glad I did because after I'm done with my paladin playthru and all of the trials I'll jump back into it for more quests with my buddy Weiss.
14  Media / General Games / Re: Castlevania - Lords of Shadow on: October 26, 2010, 02:32:59 PM
I don't understand why you'd get all angry at people liking certain types of games. People like what they like.

I know I'm more interested in Fallout: New Vegas than this. Not that it sounds like a bad game or anything, I just haven't really heard anything about it that's piqued my interest.

Maybe you should of stimulated your interest yourself. By reading some corporate "reviews" or watching a trailer you don't accomplish much, you should go ahead and try it. If you have any interest whatsoever in action games and popular folk (and Castlevania lore) you should definitely give it a whirl.

On another note, it's sad that you guys are pretty much right and on my same bandwidth with the fact that the market is plagued by the same uninspired shooter garbage and etc.. I really hope they consider a 2nd part because it would be such a waste of good talent.
15  Media / General Games / Re: Castlevania - Lords of Shadow on: October 26, 2010, 11:13:24 AM
Yeah, I would like to know where can I find how big of a budget this game had and how well it sold
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