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2356  The Rest / General Discussions / Faith kills on: March 28, 2008, 04:01:25 PM
Quote from: "Prime Mover"
Sensei Phoenix, I have to agree with Neal on this one, as a human being, and as an athiest. We ALL have faith in something, faith is in inevitable byproduct of consciousness. I do have faith in science, I have faith in the inexistance of an intelligent prime mover/God. Simply because athiests like myself may feel that science is almost completely irrefutable, that is only because we have put our faith in logic. We have put our faith towards a particular universal model that can be calculated in ways we can repeat. That in itself is faith.

We athiests have become so at odds with world religions that we've come to site "absense of faith" as our differing factor. But I think we've simply redefined "faith" out of our equation.

Faith doesn't have to be defined as something "blind", faith can be defined by logic, as belief in logic is a leap of faith in of itself, even if it's a very concrete and has much evidence.

I came to the conclusion that I, as everyone else, has faith, when I realized that I was an athiest, believe it or not. I used to call myself an agnostic, but then I realized that I really did have a belief... that I really didn't think a God existed, and no amount of trying to make "everyone happy" by remaining neutral, would change that.

i have faith in nothing. wich at times leads to hopelessness.
2357  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Questions about PS3 or 360 on: March 28, 2008, 03:32:55 PM
i already own a ps3 but if i didnt id probally wait till e3 comes and goes to decide.
2358  Media / Single-Player RPGs / what is your addition to the console rpg formula? on: March 28, 2008, 03:27:18 PM
i would like to see less punishing of the player for not partaking in extra stuff. a prime example of this is ffxii. i would also like to see some expression of characters personalities in battle. sorta like how in ff9 when garnet was depressed she couldn't concentrate to cast spells. lets say 2 characters in battle are friends and one gets attacked make the other character get angry. wich could be manifested many ways in battle. star ocean 3 did this but it was very primitive. if a character that say cliff had a relationship died  his attack would go up.

i also agree we need more new game+ but take it a step further and take a page from phantasy star online and valkyrie profile and make some items and characters only available on higher difficulties so that challanging yourself isnt the only motivation to play on higher difficulties. something else from CC i would like to see more of is team attacks. although team attacks were pretty gimp in wild arms 5. lastly no more of this anybody can be anything garbage unless its handled like FF5.

i also want to see more multiple forms of combat. for examples see PS4,wild arms 3/5 and skies of arcadia. i also like the duels in suikoden but they are too easy. its like paper scisors rock but they are giving you a clue what they are gonna use first.
2359  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits on: March 28, 2008, 02:16:39 PM
arc the lad ToS is probally one of the best rpg's for ps2.
2360  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Valkyrie Profile: The Accused One on: March 24, 2008, 10:59:53 AM
for me it could just be that when it comes to valkyrie profile im a purist. from that standpoint not much that VP2 did concerned me but this isometic view concerns me and it reeks of waah lets try to come up with a use for both screens.
2361  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Valkyrie Profile: The Accused One on: March 21, 2008, 10:18:29 AM
Quote from: "calintz"
cos its the same story, characters etc...

just different gameplay...

i don't think a name dictates the style of game...

actually it does this would be like calling FF13, final fantasy tactics 2. also i'm seeing a lot of people on various VP fansites also complaining that its for DS.

heres some better scans.


ug even the battles are isometric if the battle animations arent at least as good as VP lenneth i will be very disapointed. and the fact that its for DS is no excuse as evidenced by this:
2362  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Chaos Wars for ... PS2? on: March 17, 2008, 11:34:34 AM
wow i think im already sold. as a fan of SRW i'm a big fan of crossover rpg's. naikiri dungeon 3 on gba was pretty cool too. just when i was thinking that ps3 was pretty much done when it comes to rpg's.

if anyone is curious how it looks.




looks a lot like disgaea
2363  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Valkyrie Profile: The Accused One on: March 17, 2008, 11:25:09 AM
why is this even called valkyrie profile look at that isometic view heh.
2364  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Valkyrie Profile: The Accused One on: March 15, 2008, 11:48:40 AM
i was excited till i saw it was for DS. at least with psp i can play the games on a tv.
2365  Media / Multiplayer RPGs / Final Fantasy XI - Journal! on: March 15, 2008, 10:37:47 AM
how good is retaliation? i ask because im a career monk and will be livid if its anywhere near as good as counterstance. the last great update monk got was destroyers D:
2366  The Rest / General Discussions / Tell me something... on: March 15, 2008, 09:41:35 AM
so i've been diagnosed with disthymia

they want to put me on some medication and im not to excited about that.
2367  The Rest / General Discussions / POLITICS: I like Ron Paul on: March 04, 2008, 03:42:48 PM
i live in ohio and i voted today for

2368  The Rest / General Discussions / Tell me something... on: March 04, 2008, 03:40:30 PM
Quote from: "Lord Scottish"
Quote from: "V-Dawg"
Re: being scared/nervous around teh hot wimmenz

This, my friends, is why God invented alcohol.

This brings up another personal revelation of mine:

I don't drink. And I hate being around people when they're drunk.

ditto. in my case its because my mom is an alchoholic. she only stopped because she cant down it anymore. thats likely the root of my fear of hot wimmens. i have hereby decided lord scottish is a cool guy :o
2369  The Rest / General Discussions / 1UP to replace numerical scoring with letter grades on: February 29, 2008, 04:22:15 PM
who cares really. a review rarely gives you the information you need to make a decision on a game anyways. im a fan of the dynasy/samurai warriors series and they regularly get scores in 5.0 range. the only time in recent memory a review conviced me to buy a game was this sites review of rouge galaxy by sensei phoenix since he kinda heralded the gameplay.
2370  The Rest / General Discussions / Tell me something... on: February 29, 2008, 04:16:52 PM
im scared of hot girls >_> its ok if they are my friends but if they approach me wanting to dance or something im terrified. i guess im like a lesbian version of guy from ToS >_>
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