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2551  The Rest / General Discussions / is nintendo leaving some of us behind? on: July 14, 2007, 03:39:48 AM

be sure to read some of the comments too.
2552  Media / Single-Player RPGs / suikoden 5 on: July 12, 2007, 08:59:24 PM
Quote from: "Eusis"
If Suikoden IV's issues were purely story related, I think a lot more people would be forgiving to it, though maybe not. However, there's plenty of gameplay issues too. Next to no dungeons, sailing was monotonous as hell (I can't see how people can say and WW are equally bad, WW at least had a feeling of speed and had things going on that kept it fresh), it shrunk the party which is pretty stupid for a game where you have nearly a 100 playable characters, and some of it was just poorly balanced. What the FUCK were they thinking with those instantly reviving skeletons? It's not as horrible as everyone acts though, but it's definitely the low point of the series.

this phrase alone makes it clear to me that the gripes with suikoden 4 are mostly related to having played the first 2 games. ship sailing wasnt bad i got used to it and its a non factor once you get vikki
2553  Media / Single-Player RPGs / suikoden 5 on: July 12, 2007, 05:58:37 AM
i cant understand why people dislike 4 so much when i thought it was the best of the ones i've played(3,4,5) does it have something to do with 1 and 2? maybe im just a graphics whore =/
2554  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Full Lost Odyssey E3 Trailer on: July 11, 2007, 07:58:47 PM
Quote from: "Eusis"
I watched the trailer that was on the Live Marketplace. Dunno if it's the same, but looks/sounds good, as I expected. Kinda seems like a more traditional FF. Also REALLY like how Mistwalker's actually using 5 member parties.

wow i didnt notice that neat!
2555  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Full Lost Odyssey E3 Trailer on: July 11, 2007, 07:30:03 PM
wow now that looks like a quality rpg. i will keep my eyes on this one.
2556  Media / Single-Player RPGs / suikoden 5 on: July 11, 2007, 07:23:13 PM
if you liked 4 but found 3 boring then like me you will find 5 boring. if you liked 4 you may be better off getting suikoden tactics. its not a bad rpg but it failed to ever hook me.

...Didn't we just have this thread? What happened to the days when people read the actual reviews on this site? :P

reviews can be misleading if your views on games are not in line with the reviewers. ever read one of techii's reviews? >_> for example if i was to read a review written by prime mover i would take it with a grain of salt since im a more gameplay oriented player. and while not bad the gameplay in suikoden 5 doesnt indeed get boring.
2557  The Rest / General Discussions / General E3 news thread on: July 11, 2007, 06:14:45 PM
pretty dull so far only interesting ive noticed so far is a trailer and new screenshots for FFXI:wings of the goddess.(for those that have played ffxi it explores the past looks to be crystal war era)
2558  The Rest / General Discussions / Yea! It's getting dark! on: July 10, 2007, 07:06:58 AM
midnight sun? do you live in alaska or something??
2559  The Rest / General Discussions / The Pulse of the RPG Gaming Community (Wii / 360 / PS3) on: July 10, 2007, 07:04:00 AM
you just reminded me of the excellent game Rez....
2560  The Rest / General Discussions / The Pulse of the RPG Gaming Community (Wii / 360 / PS3) on: July 10, 2007, 05:32:19 AM
Quote from: "Prime Mover"
I'm just gonna interject one thing here, from what KOS-MOS said way back (I didn't intend this thread to go in this direction, so I've sorta stayed out of it, but oh well). Actually, I LOVED Zelda with the split controller setup. The fact that I was holding different controllers in each hand was probably the best part.

I didn't realize how incredibly uncomfortable and forced the "two hands on one controller" setup was, until I played with the nunchuck/Wiimote combo. I could hold the nunchuck to one side of me, and the Wiimote on the other, and it was just incredibly comfortable. I could play for much longer, without getting tired, than with a PS2 or GameCube controller, because I wasn't having to hold a controller in front of me all the time.

Call me lazy, but it just felt "right".

did you have an orgasm? ....

when i turn off my system for the night the only thing thats tired is my mind. my hands never get tired so i have no clue what your talking about. and eusis i think the touch screen is great for rpg's especially strategy rpg's. the wii mote however fails and for most games is not better than a good ole controller.
2561  The Rest / General Discussions / The Pulse of the RPG Gaming Community (Wii / 360 / PS3) on: July 10, 2007, 04:00:26 AM
my concern with the wii is that ive already been burned by nintendo(see gba connectivity)and now i hear they are banning companys from having online play,no doubt because they want it first. so i have concerns they will enforce wii  dongle controls on some games.
2562  The Rest / General Discussions / The Pulse of the RPG Gaming Community (Wii / 360 / PS3) on: July 10, 2007, 03:38:46 AM
i have i mean when i was a teen i read jurassic park, buts its a coveinent excuse and eusis was most likely singing the praises of 360 anyways wich is something i dont want to read or hear meh.
2563  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Fantasy... on: July 10, 2007, 03:33:33 AM
i love meta game stuff. in fact that phrase reminds me of a game i loved in high school. magic the gathering. if you really delved into and abused the item creation system money was in short supply. if you knew what you were doing you could make a godly metal pipe.
2564  The Rest / General Discussions / The Pulse of the RPG Gaming Community (Wii / 360 / PS3) on: July 10, 2007, 01:34:23 AM
Quote from: "Prime Mover"
Quote from: "Lard"
The thing I can imagine with the Wii is that, because of the controls, it would likely be more of an action RPG, with controls more akin to the Tales series or even Star Ocean....you get what I mean anyway.

So, basically, what you're saying is that because of an ADDED FEATURE (remember, developers don't have to use the motion sensing, and many don't) RPGs aren't going to be epic on it? I'm sorry, but that's a lame excuse.

If you don't care for the Wiimote Nunchuck setup (which I find extremely comfortable, btw, even as just using them as normal controllers), developers can program for the Classic Controller and even the GCN controller, which are pretty close to the PS3/360s controllers (I would argue that the GCN controller is better than the DualShock).

Also, action RPGs have become just as epic as turn based RPGs, as of late. I spent 90 hours on Tales of the Abyss.

do you actually believe that? its even been shown recently that nintendo forces peoples hand,and they have a history of doing it.

anyways im gonna be honest here. outside the fact that i dont enjoy FPS or most non sports american games in general so if 360 leads this generation that represents a change. and im very slow to accept change. in fact i didnt buy a ps1 untill the saturn import scene finally died.

oh and nice wall of text up there eusis.
2565  Media / Single-Player RPGs / I think I need new friends... on: July 10, 2007, 01:18:51 AM
your friend must be an idiot. if i was your friend i'd yell you to put the controller down and go read a damn book.

damn why am i in such a foul mood tonight >_<
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