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1921  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Tales of PlayStation(s) revealed on: April 24, 2013, 01:39:33 AM
One dick move doesn't make you a dick forever. I mean, let's use the tales discussion for reference. Namco Bandai dicked us by not bringing over Tales of Vesperia to Ps3, but does this mean they are dicks? No, they just pulled a dick move. Now, Kevadu GENERALLY is a pretty cool guy, but let's face it, out of the infinite realm of ways he could have replied to Alisha's statement, he chose to say it the way he did, even quoting her previous comment to rub salt in the open wound. Now call me crazy, and Kevadu is no troll, but that was definitely a trollish reply, no matter how truthful it may be. It was intended to sting and cause someone discomfort. Semantics aside, you both got your thoughts pretty well stated, so lets get back to the reason we're all here...to talk about how AWESOME Milla'a voice actress is!

I responded that way because I was offended by Alisha acting like there can be no debate on this subject (when there clearly is...).  But seriously, let's drop it.

The FB Tales page still insists on a "Tales-filled year"; they got a lot to own up to if the Vita titles and VesPS3 are dropped.

I still say Xillia 2 is coming later this year.  It's not weird to think they would have done the localization for it at the same time, especially since so many of the characters are the same and would have the same voice actors.
1922  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Black Rock Shooter: The Game on: April 24, 2013, 12:27:33 AM
So is this like out now?  Anyone tried it yet?
1923  Media / General Games / Re: Idolmaster games getting localized - iOS only on: April 23, 2013, 07:51:49 PM
I'd like to give them the benefit of the doubt, but here's an example:

For Idolm@ster 2 on PS3 (in Japan), they release new songs (yes, just a single song) at approximately $20 USD (2,000 yen).

That's not true!  New songs were 'only' 1800 yen!

Also a new song in Idolmaster is a little more difficult than your average rhythm game or something since there are a bunch of different characters who have to be recorded doing every possible part of the song.  Which is not to say it justifies the prices...it doesn't.  Idolmaster DLC is ridiculous.  I should know since I have the game...but on the other hand it's totally playable without any DLC.  None of it really feels necessary.  It's there for the crazy hardcore fans who can never get enough...

I think the only DLC I actually bought was the first Hatsune Miku one...because it's Hatsune Miku.  Sorry, I can't help it.
1924  Media / General Games / Re: Idolmaster games getting localized - iOS only on: April 23, 2013, 01:51:01 PM
Has it been marked up from it's Japanese release?

The Japanese release was on PSP.  As far as I know this iOS version is new.

But the price is about the same as the PSP games in Japan.
1925  Media / General Games / Re: Idolmaster games getting localized - iOS only on: April 23, 2013, 01:12:50 AM
I think the title of this thread is a bit misleading...OK, yes, they're Idolmaster games, but they're not the Idolmaster games.  It's a rhythm game spin-off, not the management simulation that's the core of the series.
1926  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: The NEW Game Journal on: April 22, 2013, 04:38:05 PM
I looked up the achievos for that game and holy crap.  You weren't exaggerating about the fanservice.  Also, out of curiosity (though I'm assuming you did), did you look up topics for this on gamefaqs?  Some saying you need asuka, some saying it's possible on normal.  I don't know what any of it means but it might help out if you haven't checked already.

Yeah, I did read all the stuff I could find on gamefaqs and ps3trophies.org.  Honestly, I can't figure out what they're talking about.  People have explicitly stated that you can keep the combo going after an enemy's life has hit zero, but you can't in my experience.  Doesn't matter if you're mid-air or mid-combo, once they're dead the match ends.  I don't see how there's anything the player can do about that...it actually makes me wonder if this is something that used to be true but they changed it.  The game has been patched a couple times, and I only played the most recent version...
1927  Media / Anime, TV, and Movies / Re: Futurama cancelled again! on: April 22, 2013, 03:36:34 PM
How many times has Futurama been canceled now?
1928  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Tales of PlayStation(s) revealed on: April 21, 2013, 05:00:06 PM
now your just trolling

No, I was just stating my opinion.  You are free to state yours, of course, but you seem intent on not respecting any other points of view.
1929  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Tales of PlayStation(s) revealed on: April 21, 2013, 04:12:24 PM
im not saying i dont like the battle system but calling it the best tales battle system would offend me as much as someone saying smash bros is the best fighting game.

It's the best Tales battle system.
1930  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: The NEW Game Journal on: April 20, 2013, 06:51:55 PM
I give up, I'm not platinuming Senran Kagura.  There's just one trophy standing in my way but it seems completely impossible to me.  Basically the game has this system where if you send an enemy flying you tap circle to chase after them, then if you do an air combo and send them flying again you can keep chasing them and repeating this.  The tophy is to do this 10 times in a row without hitting the ground.  The problem is:

1.  It's not even theoretically possible to do this until you grind for a while and max out a certain stat because before you do that you're not even allowed to keep air combo-ing indefinitely.  Which makes it a bit of a pain in the ass but also leads to problem 2...
2.  Once you've grinded enough to get that stat maxed out you've probably hit the level cap and your attacks are doing a ton of damage.  Which unfortunately means, at least on normal, none of your opponents can actually survive 10 combos in a row.  They're dead well before that and the match ends.  So try the match on hard, you say.  Well...
3.  The problem with doing it on hard is that the computer friggin cheats.  It doesn't even react to being hit half the time.  Seriously, I've seen it counterattack in the middle of being hit by my attack.  This isn't a skill thing, that's not supposed to be possible.  The player certainly can't just shrug off hits like that.  And there is no way to keep a combo chain going that long if your opponent isn't even being affected by your attacks!

I wasted like 4 hours yesterday trying to get this one stupid trophy and go nowhere.  This is why I hate trophy hunting...

Oh, this trophy is a friggin bronze BTW...
1931  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Tales of PlayStation(s) revealed on: April 18, 2013, 05:38:37 PM
I feel stupid now.  I didn't even know you could double up (let alone quadruple up...) characters...
1932  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: The NEW Game Journal on: April 18, 2013, 05:37:25 PM
I've been playing a lot of Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus lately.  As I said in my earlier post about it, it's a surprisingly fun game.  And I've come to realize something else: it's a easy platinum.  You'll get most of the trophies just playing through the game normally without having to do anything special.  I'm not quite there yet (haven't done all the modes with all the characters yet), but looking at the list I've realized that there's only one sort of tricky trophy that I don't have yet.  And I'm sure I could get it if I really tried.

The thing is, in all my time gaming I still haven't gotten a single platinum trophy.  There are a few games I've thought about doing it for, but there's always at least some BS trophy I just don't want to bother with.  This time I think I could totally do it...but do I really want my first platinum trophy to be for Senran Kagura...
1933  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Tales of PlayStation(s) revealed on: April 18, 2013, 11:47:45 AM
Oh yeah, I hated graces F's CC shit for limiting attacks, and the constant upgrading weapons to give you CC to get around that limitation. Even after getting around it, it was always at the back of my head to conserve CC for big attacks, which resulted in either me comboing for a straight 45 seconds or running around for 2 minutes waiting for an opening. It's a pet peeve at best, but it had to be said.

Sounds like you were playing it wrong.  Running around for 2 minutes?  CC recovers incredibly fast if you just sit still for a second...
1934  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: Today's News on: April 18, 2013, 12:12:16 AM
1935  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: What's the haps? on: April 17, 2013, 05:34:59 PM
PAX Prime registration went live today, four day passes sold out immediately.  Day passes are still available...maybe...thing is I've been sitting in the queue to buy for over half an hour with no progress...

This gets worse every year.  They really need a better system.  This may be the first time I end up not attending PAX since they were still over in Bellevue (i.e., when it was a much smaller event...).

And after two and a half hours of waiting in the goddamn queue (without any estimate of how long the queue is so you're afraid to leave your computer or do anything too involving in case you miss it...) I finally got through.  Saturday badges were sold out so I got Friday Sunday Monday...weird combo, I know, but I'm local so it's easier to work around that.  Maybe I'll go to Bumbershoot on Saturday...

This whole process leaves me frustrated and confused.  There has got to be a better way to handle this.
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