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1  Media / Miscellaneous Games / Re: Inafune's latest project The Mighty No.9 looks Mega Rocking, man. on: Today at 01:45:50 PM
Might No. Bass   ....Um Zero.  No, not that "Zero", but 0?  Arghghgh, they knew what they were doing.


And here's a link to an article of deets on not-Black GetterBassZero. At least they were kind enough to break down the numbers.

Jesus... This is if not THE then one of the most successful Kickstarters ever and they still want money when the game isn't even out or complete?  Yikes.  Inafune has more Capcom in him than maybe we gave him credit for. :P

Granted this does seem to be more than just a small "basement project", so I wish them the best... But still, maybe release a demo then talk more numhers.
2  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: A Game Journal Reborn on: October 30, 2014, 10:13:30 PM
Ganon's Castle
And.... DONE!

Fighting my way up the tower and then taking on Ganondorf was cake. With only half a magic meter I had to resort to a spin-attack to deflect his big energy attack thing, rather than use Light Arrows, but that's not very hard to time.

Escaping the castle wasn't too bad, but I made a few stupid mistakes against the Stalfos and died two times in total, sadly.

Ganon: I was really silly. So, my preferred strategy is usually to roll between his legs then attack. I stupidly decided this was too risky with only 3 hearts (1 hit kill), so I opted to instead go for the Light Arrow stun, followed by running around his back. That works perfectly fine, but I only have enough magic to do that about half the battle. I suffered a few humiliating deaths before discovering that DEKU NUTS ARE THE BEST ITEM EVER. They not only temporarily stun Ganon, but they actually deal damage to his tail! But then I died and had no Deku Nuts left...

Ultimately, I returned to my usual rolling strategy and beat him straight away. :P

3 Heart Challenge... COMPLETE!

Congrats!  I doubt I'll take the challenge, cuz I'm a wuss.  But I did figure out the "hidden awesome" of Deku Nuts on my Master Quest playthrough.  They're not a cool or fancy item, but they remain a steady usefulness that you otherwise and sadly kinda forget about.  I should figure out better Ganon strategies (and I loved his Tower written in pink).

Speak of: Some kid made a OoT diorama....it's awesome (and accurate).
3  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: FINAL FANTASY XV, This is a fantasy based on reality. on: October 30, 2014, 09:21:29 PM
Try again, i edited it
4  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: FINAL FANTASY XV, This is a fantasy based on reality. on: October 30, 2014, 08:48:02 PM

yes yes I lvoe you too (not to actually cheese things up, but I pictured that you'd actually respond to it...you go "music guy" and earn that title!).

Guys!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uuDTimeOmNc&feature=youtu.be TECH DEMO

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=62e1tbihcaQ&feature=youtu.be EXPLORIN' TINGS

5  Site Related & More / RPGFan: The Site / Re: Reviews are sometimes inaccurate on: October 30, 2014, 06:19:23 PM
Even before I joined the staff, my favorite part of the GOTY features was reading editors' individual picks rather than the sitewide picks.  I can already tell that some of the stuff in my top 5 for 2014 will probably not be in anyone else's list.  And that's part of the fun. 

I actually love clicking your choices because you do have the (for lack of better words) oddball picks.
6  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Dice plays FF7 (Sponsored by Maxx) on: October 30, 2014, 06:16:37 PM
Forecast: Today's Weather is Cloudy with a chance of Meteor in the sky.

(shitty headline, but awesome gif, amirite?)

= While I get that Meteor is a threat, and that the song DEFINITELY gives that "no hope" feeling... but the new world map tune is fucking terrible and I hate every minute of it because it also stepped in place of the previous world map tuneBOOO!!!!

= I love Rufus.  The man is at ground zero for where Meteor was summoned and the Weapons emerged, but a week later the guy is working hard and fighting them off in Junon (and still agreeing to public executions).

= Kudos to FF7, not many games show off a completely fucked-up and catatonic hero.  Passed out? Comatose? Crazy? Unresponsive?  Sick or ill????  Yeah, we've seen those.  But almost straight-up mentally damaged (ok, ok, "mako poisoned")??  Cloud's sickness is also complete with nonsense vocalizing ("oooh"s and "aaagh"s) and no meaningful movements besides his massive SD head being too heavy for him to hold up. 

Basically, I'm kinda surprised that a game would show its HERO in a state so helpless and daresay pathetic (a point I think was emphasized by the developers with that really wheezy oxygen tank[?]).  I also like that most of Cloud's bravery seems to be a facade.  He was kind of a strange kid; friendless, defeatist, and sort of the 'bad' kind of introvert.  I realize people started to like Cloud less after Squall came about since it made their archetype a bit redundant, but I feel Cloud's personality and attitude is pretty well justified in-game.

= Cid as a (albeit breif) party leader is awesome and probably the best way they've ever really honoured the character.  His "subtle" response when he's offered the position is absolutely perfect:

= So... is Meteor descending (slowly, Majora's Mask style) or just static waiting for Sephiroth to "give the command"???  ...It definitely doesn't seem to be in a rush to obliterate all life and creation as we know it.
And while I think it is a brilliant 'threat', I think Majora's Mask managed it better.  ...Whoops.

= More perfection in this game comes from ID-ing who the "Shinra Spy" is before the series basically flat-out threw it in our face.  Rather, much less "the secret" but how innocuous and inconsequential his character seems at first to actually being a "secret star" in the game.
I also like how it's framed as well when Cait Sith asks if you want to 'listen in' on a meeting the big Shinra heads are having.  Scarlet and Heidegger (affectionately labeled as "Kyahaha" and "Gyahaha" by Cait) are well established as "bad guys", Palmer is an idiot with the mental capabilities of an 8 year old, and Rufus is running his own show.   
...So the last guy must be.... DOT DOT DOT

= Guess who just figured out about the "Exchange Materia" menu ....[years later]???

= "Tifa always used to be with this three-some"  .... certainly not the BEST choice of words for an already sexy-looking character.... or the girl who's mourning her mother in a blue cocktail dress
"Give me something hard" is also a classic I couldn't help but make a face at.

= Fort Condor Huge Materia: Yeah, I just waited for the enemy to reach the summit.  You get some nice equip for killing the boss and spend no money hiring a bunch of tiny, poorly rendered asshats.

= North Corel Huge Materia: Wow.  I never failed doing this sequence (or seen someone fail), but I admire the fact they made a different and even more depressing N. Corel map if you don't actually manage to stop the train

= Cloud's Dream Space is really well done though, so I'm just gonna brag a lot
I love how the main area is blended to Nibelheim places.  I like how Cloud's head is always sunk while he's showing you the past.  I also like how Tifa changes which part of Cloud's subconscious she speaks to and which part of Cloud's takes command of the scene.  And I like how sometimes the actions of both Cloud and Tifa mimic their memory counter-parts in some parts or divert in others.

I also think Cloud's backstory is one of the most brilliant "troubled pasts" I've ever seen.  The "reversal" when Cloud gets stabbed by Sephiroth but uses whatever last ounce of power to overpower and ACTUALLY MANAGE to kill him is absolutely awesome to watch even with PSX graphics.  I LOVE that Cloud was just a random mook for Shinra, and I love how he was ashamed to admit it.  I love the moment he takes Zack's iconic sword to get revenge on his fallen friends.  I love the *extremely* troubled love triangle the develops from past to present between Cloud, Aeris, and Tifa (and how Zack got shoe-horned in).  And I'd be hard-pressed to say what character has a better tale behind them than Cloud himself --- certainly in part because the details are so well in place.. 

I'm not sure how well a "dream space" would work if they remade the game (again, I think a "facelift" would be the best way to go than the super-realistic PS4 people), but I'll just chalk it up to Cloud and Tifa being high as hell on lifestream juice as why we play through this segment.

= Tifa's got guts.  She nearly dies navigating Mt Corel to "find" her mum, then laters takes a job as a tour guide there (where tragedy then struck twice)

EDIT: Sorry for length. :(
7  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: Halloween on: October 30, 2014, 04:05:55 PM
I had a 25 year old on my FB complain that she didn't get candy... I honestly think Halloween "trick or treating" should be for the kids, but I do love Halloween parties [for adults] too.  I normally don't dress up --- no money being one issue, but also not really wanted to spend on something I'd wear for one night (even though I'd want to of course if the money was less tight).

I usually just put on these fox ears I bought years ago and go "I'mafox".  And that's that.

I think I was Halloween'd out after I won a costume contest as a kid.... I was a Christmas Tree.
8  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: Youtube on: October 29, 2014, 02:50:15 AM
News bloopers:

That or just check out the best part of the bloopers:

His reaction is golden.

^ I love any TV bloopers and funny commercials.  Two things unrelated to the actual programming on TV get their weight in golden material.

This will never NOT be funny.  The best line in an anime ever.

OK Go has a new video.  This time complete with JAPANESE SCHOOL GIRLS (got your attention didn't I?), umbrellas, and those stupid Uni-Cub things.  But as usual for this band, it's a complete spectacle and by the end I don't know if it's real cuz it's just that unbelievable.
9  Media / Anime, TV, and Movies / Re: Recently Viewed Movies Episode 2: The Vampire Bites Back on: October 29, 2014, 02:45:29 AM
Did a film and a spin-off.

Whispers of the Heart

I think this is "pedestrian Ghibli" done right.  It doesn't spend valuable minutes showing characters do chores, cook, or eat, and still tells a very sweet and very down-to-earth story that makes great use of its time.  The characters are sweet and heart felt, and as Ghibli usually does, has no problem making the characters a perfect balance of cartoon-y and real.  Maybe it really struck me because I'm in that transition from school to really thinking about the future (granted, the 'kids' in this are only making the transition from Middle School to High School, but whatever).  I also like how it really integrated both the kid's hobbies into the story telling taking the time to talk about music, craftsmenship, and also the more whimsical space of writing where the heads gets overactive and imaginative.  I can see why, despite its lack of epic plot or deep narrative, it still ranks pretty high in Ghibli lists.  It's a great feel-good film.

oh lord, I've been meaning to do some Ghibli re-watches.  But I'm just gonna say, raised on this side of the world, giant tanuki balls are going to be mighty freaking distracting; especially that one scene where they attack with them, wtf Japan... and yeah, lets make it fair and give furry lump breasts to the women.  It's not bad, I get that it's more of a Japanese thing... but it's simply distracting. xD

Short Term 12

I was wary of this one, fearing it'd be a lot like "It's Kind of a Funny Story" with this 'hipster hospital' vibe (although I did like IKoaFS nonetheless, despite that 'indie feel').

What it turned into was one of the most surprising films I've seen in a while.  It's quiet, but still funny, deep, and incredibly sad, and the film knows when and how to strike that balance.  Certainly it's not an easy film to digest, but the performances are incredibly heart-felt and the characters were interesting to follow.

Say Anything

An 80s teen classic and you can see why.  It's amusing, funny, and I think it gets the highs and lows of 'love' quite well.  I felt that till the big climax with girl's dad from Frasier kind of detracting the main A-plot with him being a scumbag... ho hum.  Lots of great dialogue in here anyways.  Certainly, I love college/highschool flicks (that sounds weird to say), and this isn't an exception despite some of my issues with it (and, if I do say, it's a tad overrated).
10  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: Misc. Gaming News Topic on: October 28, 2014, 08:08:23 PM
I'm trying to remember what game did it for me....

I've enjoyed the hell out of every system I get for the most part; I think so long as you can get a few games you *love* from a system, then it was worth it.

I remember not enjoying VC that much personally.... but I really sucked at the game too (and, as usual, playing during the school year really kills the buzz for gaming beyond easy titles or handhelds).  I wouldn't mind giving her a second go on Steam.
11  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Dice plays FF7 (Sponsored by Maxx) on: October 28, 2014, 07:52:19 PM
The final boss is absolutely brutal if you don't properly prepare, I agree.  I went through the game blind my first time through and he was basically a wall.  Everything until then was easy. Then suddenly, frogs. Frogs everywhere.

... ... ... aw. :)
12  Media / Anime, TV, and Movies / Re: Recently Viewed Movies Episode 2: The Vampire Bites Back on: October 28, 2014, 03:50:59 PM
I love Jonah Hill as a perfect example of comedic timing turning somewhat normal lines into something great.

I loved Wolf on Wall Street, but I definitely agree it's just way too long and not something I can casually watch (definitely it being gross and an atypical comedy about debauchery).  The speech scenes and the ones where they're just talking about random office bullshit (the "midget toss" logistics, or the "cerebral palsy phase") is unnecessary and could have easily been cut down as some scenes overstay their welcome.. 
13  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: A Game Journal Reborn on: October 28, 2014, 12:52:56 PM
So I've been doing the 3 Heart Challenge in Ocarina of Time 3DS over the last week, with a few added rules:

- Max 3 hearts (no pieces/containers).
- No Deku/Hylian Shield (burned the Deku Shield immediately after leaving Kokiri Forest and never purchased/found a Hylian one).
- No unnecessary equipment (Farore's Wind, Nayru's Love, Biggoron's Sword/Giant's Knife, Fire Arrows, Ice Arrows, Masks, Gold Scale).
- No capacity upgrades (sticks, nuts, seeds, bombs, arrows, wallets).
- No unnecessary songs (Sun's Song, Epona's Song, Song of Storms).
- Max 1 bottle and can't be used for anything other than fish (so no potions, fairies, etc.).
- No maps/compasses.
- No Lens of Truth.
- Cannot use/exploit glitches.

Right now I only have one temple to go: Shadow. In case anyone is interested, I'll do a bit of a run-down of my experience so far (it's had heaps of interesting surprises).

Inside the Deku Tree
Very standard, obviously. I avoided picking up the dungeon map and compass, but played it pretty much like I would on any playthrough.

Dodongo's Cavern
Burned my Deku Shield up as soon as I encountered Fire Keese. The Lizalfos were slightly more difficult than normal without a shield, but dodging them is easy enough. The second room they appear in has smaller platforms though, so I had to be careful as I side-stepped/back-flipped.

Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly
Pretty standard. Barrinade is not tough, so 3 hearts weren't much of an impediment.

Forest Temple
Holy crap I underestimated this. I never realised how important my shield is.

Fighting Stalfos without a shield was hard. I'm so used to blocking them and the countering that I had to develop a couple of new strategies. The first room of them I simply tried to dodge, but my back-flip usually didn't go far enough and they'd hit me on their jump attack (2 hearts damage). I died a few times when I had to take on two at once.

When it came to fighting three of them for the Fairy Bow, I employed an item I always thought basically useless: Deku Nuts. Stalfos can be stunned by them, so I threw one as soon as they dropped their shield and then attacked. I still died a few times before I emerged victorious. I was surprised by the challenge.

Fire Temple
I initially attempted this without the Goron Tunic. However, with only 3 hearts, I get just 24 seconds of time before insta-death. If I had 4 bottles with 4 fairies it would have been doable... but I stuck to max 1 bottle for this run. So, eventually, I gave up, got the tunic, then dominated without much trouble. Poor Volvagia didn't know what hit him.

Water Temple
Tried this without Zora Tunic and made it half-way through before 24 seconds of air wasn't enough. Would only need a couple more hearts/fairy to pull it off though, so I'll try a tunic-less run another time. Water Temple was fairly unremarkable with 3 hearts otherwise. There's a lot of enemies, but nothing very hard.

Spirit Temple
The real challenge was getting through Haunted Wasteland without the Lens of Truth/Poe guide. You take 1 heart damage for leaving the path, and I died 5 times. So, including restoring my health with the fairy beneath where the Poe Guide waits, that means I had 30 attempts before I managed to follow the path to Desert Colossus.

After that, Spirit Temple was pretty easy. I didn't have Bombchus yet, but turns out you can blow up that one rock on the wall with a well-timed bomb. Good stuff. I was a bit nervous fighting Iron Knuckles, since any hit from them would kill me instantly, but I didn't mess up.

Shadow Temple
I'm pretty terrified of attempting this without the Lens of Truth. I know it very well, but I don't know if that'll be good enough. I started it tonight and just got the Hover Boots without any trouble, but there's far harder challenges to come. It will certainly be interesting!

Thoughts So Far...
Turns out that 3 hearts is really not that hard. Well, I have played a lot of OoT over the years though, so I'm sure that helps. Still, it's on the easier end of Zelda games and the reduced health hasn't been much of an issue. Being without my shield has made a number of encounters much more difficult, and no Lens of Truth is a headache for Haunted Wasteland and Shadow Temple. So, I guess, in order of difficulty:

No Lens of Truth > No Shield >>> 3 Hearts >>>>>>>> No unnecessary equipment > No using/acquiring bottles >>>>>> No capacity upgrades >>>No unnecessary songs >> No maps/compasses

I'll be interested to see how much trouble I actually have with Shadow Temple. And I'm looking forward to Ganon's Tower. At some point in the future, I'll try this same challenge on Master Quest, I think.

Just off the bat, let me be happy that you're not using glitches.  I hate that speed runs are usually about exploiting those.  But whatever.

That's a cool challenege, and you definitely know the game better than me --- I wouldn't know which treasures to *avoid* for the compass and map.  I'm also impressed you put the Shadow Temple first, as intended but most don't seem to.

Well done otherwise.  I'm definitely not that good to take on the challenge (or patient maybe).  Less the Temples being the issue, and more a few select bosses that would maim me (Bongo, Jabu Jabu's boss, Dark Nuts, and probably the Fire Temple's boss). 

...Do Majora's!! :D
..>Wait that might not be as fun.

Shulk's big thing is that he does have up to sixteen Arts like everyone else, but that half of them are his Monado Arts which requires filling the Talent Gauge. He's a highly technical character who seriously needs to pay attention to what's going on in battle since a well timed Monado Art can make or break a tough battle. On the plus side, the AI is fairly competent with him (unlike Melia), his normal Arts set him up as a generalist who favors flanking maneuvers (and scoring hits on these boost his damage output and his Talent Gauge far more than normal), and since the rest of his Arts are hiding out in his Talent Art, he's the only character in the game who has access to all sixteen of his/her Arts in battle and doesn't need to screw with his pallet beyond preference.

You're still underselling Riki's DoTs btw. Thanks to the way Chain Combo Damage Bonuses are calculated in regards to DoTs, with the proper gems and a highly trained DoT Art, even high end post game enemies' life gauges will simply melt before your very eyes from a Maxed Chain Combo DoT. He also has a shit load of HP, so he's actually a half decent tank (or at least he's more durable than other members of your party like Melia or Sharla).

Reyn's biggest problem is that he really cannot hit the broadside of a barn. He needs Agility and Nightvision gems to even out with everyone else in terms of actually hitting things. Unfortunately, because he winds up wiffing so much later on, not only will his damage output suffer due to not being able to land anything but that his Tension will also plummet which just makes him that much more useless and susceptible to enemy attacks (which in of itself cuts into his defensive qualities). On the plus side, he's easy to raise Affinities with due to needing to cheer him up all the time.

As for Seven's hidden defensive strategy, one can basically sum it up with the phrase "Enemies can't hurt you if they are dead.". Basically, she's a goddamn blender on legs. Especially if she can get all her skills up and running because then she's all crits all the time, which means faster morale gains and more Timed Button Press boosts. It also helps that she can get Haste built into her Armor making her shit out damage even faster still. Her biggest problems of course, are anything with Spike on it and finding enough available slots to stick a gem that might shore up an otherwise glaring hole in her survivability like Spike Defense (because seriously, if you're not paying attention and are not directing her yourself her health will simply evaporate away like nothing).

Dunban is simply the best tank in the game (although Riki's not that bad himself if he can get going). The simple fact that Tension goes down as enemies successfully hit you and deal large amounts of damage to you will impact your combat performance in all areas. Because of Dunban's huge natural Agility, he's better at avoiding damage outright and making sure that he can deal it back, both of which are important in building Tension. On top of that, he has a better tendency for setting up crits and scoring effective hits with his Art combos than most characters, and his Aura Arts help give him a boost in any situation that might call for it. Also, because of his comboy nature, he's also naturally pretty good at contributing to Chain Attacks which further boosts his damage output and can help him really capitalize on his own DoTs. Bleed Plus is a great gem to put on his weapon.

And Melia can be run in three different ways. First is a support bot fashion where she will use her Summons for their passive buffs, her Burst Arts for enemy debuffs, and stuff like Sleep and Spear Break/Starlight Kick (which is a visually hilarious move) to throw out status effects. Second is to go all in on DoTs and use her Summon Flare's massive AoE to inflict Blaze, Summon Earth's smaller AoE to inflict Poison and Summon Ice for Chill because why not. And finally, is for her to become a Certain Magical Railgun and pour everything into Summon Bolt for MASSIVE DAMAGE (Summon Bolt starts off a inflicting 250% of Melia's E.Atk (a non HP/Damage stat can go up to a max of 999) as electric damage (increases to 403% at max) and increases E.Atk by 20% per Summon; with Summon Copy, you can drop two charges immediately for a 40% boost and at a high skill level Summon Bolt should be ready to use again; in addition to this Burst End can drop an enemy's E. Def by 25%, and if the Element Burst is still active, any elemental discharges will inflict 200% of their unauraed damage; pair this up with an Electric Plus gem (which can go up to a 100% boost) or two, an Ether Up gem (which can go up to a 150% boost) and someone else with an Ether Defense Down weapon gem (which can inflict up to a 30% E. Def debuff); and if you can set all this up so that the final hit is launched during a Chain Attack with a maxed Combo (which I believe inflicts like +2* or +3* damage), you should probably be able to hit the damage cap). The one way you really shouldn't run her is as an AI controlled character since the AI is aggressively terrible at running her.

I heard it was actually a 'whim' that took Riki from the least amount of HP (as a mascot of course) to giving him the most!!  I love the party of Xenoblade for being so damn diverse and really taking advantage of the game's many adjuncts to make characters exploitable in certain situations.  Riki turned into one of my favourites for sure for having some awesome skills.

My next playthrough needs more Seven though, I feel bad.  I've always heard great things (being available so late didn't really help).

Bayonetta 2

= Right off that bat I will say I loved her first design better (actually, I found it almost perfect), but the reason for the drastic change, that she'd be the type of woman to change with the latest fashion, is too good to hate.

= The game is significantly easier I think.  The enemy charge ups are much more obvious to dodge.  I played on easy (because Bayo 1 game me quite a bit of trouble and I have limited free time); but I never came close to dying once, and I've heard similar things to people playing on a higher up difficulty.

= Probably the most disappointing thing was the "lack of epic" for certain things.  I think the Bayo 1 Boss Fight against Temptentia (the tornado boss) as one of the greatest spectacles I've ever seen in a game EVER.... And *nothing* came close to that in Bayo 2, not even (most disappointingly) the Final Boss.  Nevertheless, things are consistently up-beat.

= A lot more underwater stuff.  The "snake within" is really cool though.

= Chernobog and Salamandra....


= The game does indeed have a pervy camera, but I'm happy that it knows when to stop it.  Of course, her outfits are probably best described as looking like semi-skimpy, semi-tacky Halloween outfits.  I actually ended up loving the Star Fox outfit the most.  It suits her short hairdo, has amazing Star Fox SFX when you gather items, cute lil' Fox charms on her guns of the entire crew, and has quite possible the BEST Easter Egg ever seen in recent years during the final level.  Truly, I think Platinum was happy to make Bayonetta 2 and happy Nintendo was their venue (IIRC, they had less luck with others).

= Bayo's chemistry with Cereza in the first game was so adorable, but I do like her chemistry and interactions with Loki.  And as atypical and unorthodox his design is (silver corn rolls, yellow hoodie, orange pants, and lime green shoes), I think he's also just amazing to look at.  I love the posh accent he puts on too, I could listen to him say "Fimbulventr" all day...and I think you do.

= I'm really glad they cut down on "event levels".  Like motorcycling or the harrier jet.

= As usual, tons of shit to do, and post-game is just the beginning.

= Being honest, Bayo's Japanese voice doesn't even register to me.  She needs that sassy Brit accent.
14  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: Misc. Gaming News Topic on: October 27, 2014, 08:36:07 PM
Oh hey PC port of Valkyria Chronicles IT'S LIKE I HAVE LESS OF A REASON TO GET A PS3 EVERY DAY.

Wonder if they'd do the whole series.
15  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Dice plays FF7 (Sponsored by Maxx) on: October 27, 2014, 11:46:30 AM
Pair it with Deathblow. That way you get 1 crit + 1 normal attack.
You should have Deathblow on Vincent and use his Sniper CR or Long Barrel R (both 255 acc)

Or pair it with Steal and get a ghetto Mug (or a mugging double strike if you've leveled up Steal).

But in regards to Cloud being a failure, it's really hard to say. I think it either has something to do with the fact that either the JENOVAificationing was incomplete due to the breakout or the fact that Zack accidentally reprogrammed Cloud to emulate himself by mistake versus all the other Numbers that were probably programmed by Hojo to emulate Sephiroth. I don't think it was ever truly explained what Hojo was intending to do with Cloud and the Numbers prior to Sephiroth's apparent death/disappearance.

I probably would pair it but I get too scared of killing the enemy.  So no one does nothing while I aimlessly try to steal very indiscreetly.

I feel like Zack was a failure too then.  He didn't seem anywhere near messed up by Sephiroth or Jen cells (or didn't live long enough to start dawning a black cape and mumbling 'reu...nion' to himself).
I should finally beat Crisis Core though.  I'm happy the game exists (and I've heard its been well reviewed) and seems to do the FF World better than Vincent's little spinoff.

Here is the real question everyone should be asking is why can cloud walk on walls and ceilings even being a experiment never really explains that lol. But everyone just accepts it and moves on with the story.

I think it was something like, at that point Cloud the Sephiroth clone was so close to the original Sephiroth that not even gravity could get in the way of "the reunion."

Also, by typing that out I just realized how on-point it is that they have the original SEPHIROTH encased in a bunch of roots.

I love fiction because it makes it so easy to answer "MAGIC DID IT" to most misc. inquiries.

= Added Cut.  What do with huh?

Pair it with Deathblow. That way you get 1 crit + 1 normal attack.
You should have Deathblow on Vincent and use his Sniper CR or Long Barrel R (both 255 acc)

I wish I used him more.  I also skipped over Deathblow because Gongaga annoyed me.... hmm.  dammit.

Daa daaa daaa DAAAA DUNN DUNNN
Dunn Daa Daa Doooo Dooo
Do da de do da dum da da dooo dee duummmm

I think that battle with Jenova afterward is so fantastic. Love it when RPG's do the whole non-battle-music-in-a-battle-for-emotional-effect, and I think FFVII did it best here.

I do really love the entire Northern Crater sequence. Talk about FFVI all you want, I felt the Northern Crater just SCREAMED "final dungeon" and if it weren't for the fact that you were only on disc 1 of 3 could have easily fooled anyone into thinking they were approaching the finale. Even despite that, it's probably one of the most exciting climax moments in an RPG.

I actually don't like Aerith's theme that much (with Red's taking my personal top-spot for "theme songs"), mainly because I prefer the more atmospheric and less dramatic version of her theme, Flowers Blooming in the Church, that plays hen you first meet her and at her [fucking amazing] house in the slums.  But both times they DO play her song (when she's kidnapped by Shinra and when she dies) are very well picked out for just that very dramatic effect.

But I agree, I love when a song overrides the normal battle music. 
Not at ALL FF-related, but i thought one of the BEST versions of this was Majora's Mask: Last 6 Hours which similarly overrides most music in the game to play this especially haunting and despairing tune.

And the entire North Crater event is perfect.  FF6 was also really good, not only for its time but just generally, at creating excellent character dramas in the world of ruin (arguably that one part being a bit stronger than some of the main game plot).  FF7's "middle of the film" climax is nothing short of one jaw drop after another.

The other big question is why didn't they just heal Aerith, she didn't even have a insta death wound in real life standards much less a game where they have Phoenix downs. She could of died from internal bleeding/blood loss pretty fast and might of been paralyzed if the sword hit her spinal cord. But Sephiroth makes a clean strike nor does he twist the sword he pulls it out slowly and carefully almost as if he wasn't trying to make things worse.

 In fact Sephiroth never kills anyone who isn't already considered a bad guy other than in Nibelheim where he strikes down a few people only because they got in his way unless I forgot something it has been a long time. For all we know Aerith was the one calling meteor there and Sephiroth tried to stop her they don't really explain what Aeriths powers were nor did she even know.

What if the true lie of Final Fantasy 7 is that Sephiroth was the bad guy!

I rmemeber thinking the hit didn't look fatal myself besides the game telling me it was, but I guess here you go for a "beautiful death", then say, stabbing her through the head or heart.  Also, the game never really calls it DEATH status as much as "KO", but your mileage may vary with that argument given the amount of ridiculous attacks your party sustains on a daily basis.


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