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61  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: What's the haps? on: July 15, 2015, 06:47:13 PM

Tripped walking up the stairs and faceplanted against the door. My exact words were "FUCK." Lip is busted but I think I'm alright.

The worst part is when you're falling and trying to right yourself but you're already too far shifted one way to do anything.

My biggest fear is slipping on the stairs teeth-first.

And speaking of slip, anyone hear what happened to Jimmy Fallon?  Dude almost loses a finger when his wedding ring catches on a counter when he slipped (the photos are very gross).

I feel like ass today.  I think I almost had a heat stroke this morning, so now I'm staying in the dark and taking it easy for a little.
62  Media / Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn on: July 15, 2015, 01:23:58 PM
I only finished about 140 of the 150 puzzles, but I finished Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask at last.  Sweet ending.  Story was pretty well-executed, with the flashbacks supporting the present-day narrative in mostly smart ways, but as a result I could see the very-endgame twist coming a mile away.  I'll have to keep an eye out on the prices for Azran Legacy.  Not sure how long I'll be able to hold out. 

recently obtained Danganronpa and Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward, so that'll be my next week or two.  After those, it'll be the fourth game for Retro Encounter! 

Yeah I don't understand why Miracle mask basically wore it's spoiler on a sleeve.

I can't really say I judge Layton games much more than that.  The graphics are lovely, the story is usually fun (indeed some more interesting than others but I can't say I'm 'hardcore for Layton lore'), the puzzles are fun and there's a ton of peripheral and extra content.  It's a great series and I'm sad they stopped.

That said you got two awesome titles ahead of you!

I really want to get The Last Spectre after finding out about London Life. It sounds really neat.

It is. :D
It's cute anyways, it's a simple and simply effective but incredibly expansive mini-game.
63  Media / Anime, TV, and Movies / Re: Recently watched Episodes of TELEVISION BOX offerings! on: July 15, 2015, 02:23:00 AM
^ great television there x)

Anyone else watching Steven Universe??  Honestly this show is KILLING IT these days.  You see and hear and take-in things that have NEVER been depicted so well in a cartoon.
64  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: RPGFan Podcast (Random Encounter) Thread on: July 15, 2015, 02:04:29 AM
to be honest I probably WOULD read a datalog on FFVII lore LOL
WHAT!?    .........................yeah, so would I. *shame*

Who do we have to throw money at to get those Ultimania's translated?

"Rob likes 1990s, early 200s JRPGs"
"I like games with short, snappy battle systems and interesting characters."

Amazing games.  If he doesn't like them, he should have to attend trial.
65  Media / Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn on: July 14, 2015, 07:33:38 PM
It's especially fun to hunt and silently take down groups of random travelers who are out in the wilds in the evening/early morning hours. All of the killing is much more fun that I'd like to admit.
Perhaps I'll get politically involved (something I'd NEVER do in real life)

You're scaring me.  O___o

I laughed. xD

Made it to the post-game chapter in Monster Monpiece. Going to give it a go since there's still a few weeks until Moero Chronicle arrives (I know, an import... I've gone full weaboo -_-)

Like whatever you like.  As far as I'm concerned you're not "fan-tarded" about things and you're still great to talk to! :D
Moero Chronicle characters make me happy because they remind me of that cool holographic sticker texture
http://i02.i.aliimg.com/img/pb/932/658/262/1281953356511_hz-myalibaba-web9_9210.JPG Paper
http://img.gamefaqs.net/screens/7/3/e/gfs_371549_2_6.jpg Chara
66  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: Misc. Gaming News Topic on: July 14, 2015, 04:01:15 PM
They clearly exaggerated Selvaria's bust and hips.
I much prefer her proportions from her actual in-game model.

What's up with Zesty anyway?
Apart from the heroine debacle, I haven't heard from it since (I haven't really looked though).

Interesting, I never noticed.  Maybe it's because, although beautifully sculpted, the Tharja one is basically a giant bent over women with the longest legs and metal thong...I think she kinda took the cake as far as sexualized figure. xD  That's not to say I have anything against people who have it, like I said it's beautiful I just don't ever want to explain how/why I have a sexy sculpture in my room. x)

Zesty is getting a pretty mixed reception.  The bit with the heroine cause some issues.  Everyone thought Sorey was the main dude and Alisha was the main gal, there's press and that nice figure for it --- but then Rose comes in and kinda steals the show and Alisha got put into the backseat for a DLC chapter...which infuriated fans more because it was announced like a week after the game's release that Banco had to make it free for a few weeks to 'save face'.  As far as Tales games, a lot of importers seem to agree that it's a high-tier game...but on a low shelf (so it's good not great).  Shame the game sounds like it's only getting a port so far and there aren't make tweaks happening; at the very least hopefully they fix up that camera.  But I'll judge it when it's out (and probably why I'm opting for the PC version which is the cheaper way to go).

Saw the Cordelia this morning. Very gorgeous paint job on her outfit. Really stands out among the others.

That Noire figure seems kind of... off to me. I don't really like it. I much prefer her Goddess Black Heart figure that I have pre-ordered.

The pose isn't very dynamic and the sword kinda throws off any good symmetry.  That one you got preordered is HELLA nicer.

I just got the Escha Mallier figure.  And holy moses Griffon did not fuck it up
Klutz, Annubi, you both figure enthusiasts too sorta??
67  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: Misc. Gaming News Topic on: July 14, 2015, 12:36:53 PM
I'm not sure whether or not this warrants "news" as much as some fun news for hobbyists!
I'm a bit of a figure collector --- yes, usually for videogame figures, and quite a few game figures coming up/announced!

http://moonlitsaki.com/2015/07/choujigen-game-neptune-noire-art-spirits-broccoli-preorder-information.html Noire from Neptunia

http://moonlitsaki.com/2015/07/pokemon-n-reshiram-nendoroid-good-smile-company-announced.html N from Pokemon (nendo)

http://moonlitsaki.com/2015/07/sculpt-revealed-zelda-no-densetsu-majora-no-kamen-link-nendoroid-good-smile-company.html Makora's Mask Link (nendo)

http://moonlitsaki.com/2015/07/fire-emblem-kakusei-tiamo-good-smile-company-max-factory-preorder.html Cordelia from Fire Emblem Awakening (!! dang that's nice, she's up for preorder now, link)

http://moonlitsaki.com/2015/07/vertex-announces-wonfes-2015-summer-senjou-no-valkyria-gallian-chronicles-selvaria-bles-exclusive.html The big titty one from Valkyria (I think she's got more figures than the rest of the heroines combined)

http://www.amiami.com/top/detail/detail?gcode=FIGURE-009971&page=top%2Fsearch%2Flist%3Fs_keywords%3Dfire+emblem%24pagemax%3D40%24getcnt%3D0%24pagecnt%3D1 Chrom from Fire Emblem Awakening (nendo)

http://www.amiami.com/top/detail/detail?scode=FIGURE-012527&rank= Raiden from MGS (nendo).  Probably the best thing about it is the alternate head with "Yoji Shinkawa eyes" + box

http://www.amiami.com/top/detail/detail?gcode=FIGURE-009994&page=top%2Fsearch%2Flist%3Fs_keywords%3Dtales+of+symphonia%24pagemax%3D40%24getcnt%3D0%24pagecnt%3D1 Tales of Symphonia's Lloyd is released

http://www.amiami.com/top/detail/detail?gcode=FIGURE-002623&page=top%2Fsearch%2Flist%3Fs_keywords%3Dtales+of+symphonia%24pagemax%3D40%24getcnt%3D0%24pagecnt%3D1 Zeslos from Tales of Symphonia has been re-released

http://www.amiami.com/top/detail/detail?gcode=FIGURE-008836 Fun trivia, Alisha from Tales of Zesteria has gone "super rare" for $160... I'm guessing it's the press that she is/n't a main character or something.  Hopefully she gets a re-release. :/
68  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: RPGFan Wants YOU! on: July 12, 2015, 08:30:15 PM
Ideally, we'd like to hire someone who reads the site regularly and is familiar with the titles we cover. If you're already a forum regular too, that's a bonus, since we probably already know you!

69  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: Nintendo's President, Satoru Iwata, Has Officially Passed Away on: July 12, 2015, 08:24:51 PM
Holy crap... that's so sudden.  RIP Iwata, you died much too young.  My condolences to his family and friends, and all the best to the company as it goes through such a sudden change.

70  Media / Game Journals / Re: Starmongoose - Let's Play Fire Emblem Path of Radiance! on: July 12, 2015, 05:46:35 PM
Subscribed. I've been thinking doing video Let's plays would be easier for me as well, since most of my comments in the journals are things I said to myself while playing the games and actually managed to remember.

Anyway, if I don't get around to watching your first episode tonight I will definitely do it during my "lunch break"* tomorrow


* - still unemployed, but lunch break sounds better than "that time between finishing school work and chores and achieving gaming goals"

I actually tried responding but then it timed out and I forgot to save my response because my internet was being shit. T___T
I'm going to be responding to it again soon!  I'm sorta surprised though, I thought RPGFan was like 'gasmic' for the SMT series :P

71  Media / Game Journals / Re: Starmongoose - Let's Play Fire Emblem Path of Radiance! on: July 12, 2015, 04:23:10 PM
About name drop: Ironically I think it might be faster sometimes to do a Let's Play on Youtube just play and speak at the same time.  You pretty much hit the nail on the head, my posts usually take HOURS to put together and, I honestly don't mean this to brag, but I sort of set the bar annoyingly high and really no one should feel pressured to do the same (I think Klutz's LPJ has been a way better standard for a 'normal' and perfect length on these).  I do it because as a woman I made up of billions of cells, and millions of thoughts and feelings... well, and more likely because I really love gaming creativity and its ability to tell interactive stories, so I absolutely go all out.  But I think an LP video series...kinda just suits you well.  You're great for good quick observation and have some of that great off-topic "say it as it comes" dialogue.

I totally gotta ask but what program are you using to bring the A/V together?

Great initial video, I look forward to keeping track through this because I've always felt 'out of touch' with the series (certainly it's low availability doesn't  help) and I feel like a phoney saying "Awakenings was a great Fire Emblem" since i really have no comparison (besides an SNES one released like hundreds of weeks ago).  I'm sure the first video was a bit awkward to get through (it would be for me), but I think you did great.  Keep it up, this is a great idea!! :D
72  Media / Anime, TV, and Movies / Re: Anime/Manga Journal on: July 12, 2015, 03:59:39 PM
18 eps into Outlaw Star.  I didn't realize there were two ending themes, and the second one is fantastic.  

And fandom feelings from back in the day creep up again.  Like it felt as if the Internet tried to make you choose between it, Bebop, and Trigun.  Bebop is the better series from an objective point of view.  I can't think of a better ending to a series, but if you were to ask me to summarize the plot for you, I couldn't.  But holy hell I'm having way more fun with Outlaw Star.  It's more "my" kind of anime, with alien races, special powers, screwball comedy mixed in with the adventure.  I don't know if a year from now I'll be able to summarize its plot for you, but I might have an easier time recalling it than Bebop's.  Bebop and Outlaw start off with similar themes, but it's interesting how they diverge.  Bebop stays more grounded and melancholy with the whole thing about learning to accept life's blues.  On the other hand, Outlaw is more adventurous, fantastical, and "where there's a will there's a way" optimism to it.

EDIT: And I just finished Outlaw Star.  The ending was kinda tropey, but it was really well done.  It was a "jump out of my seat" type ending and I enjoyed it.  Definitely a great series I'd want to watch again.  Bebop's like that too.  You know how there are some series that are really good when you first watch them, but then you don't really have the desire to watch them again?  Bebop and Outlaw are those great series I'd want to watch again. 

Haha holy crap I actually watched it last week as a "oh hey that series was famous but I never finished it".  And yeah, I do think anime was on 'high' in the late 90s, lots of great stuff.

The ending themes had to be the most pleasant surprise for a gun-toting, explosion bursting, space cowboy sci-fi adventure.  It really changes the pace and I love the classically pretty lady portraits amongst the cool sci-fi backgrounds; it's a nice twist on common portraiture and had me watch the credits most of the time.  Akino Arai is a lovely singer; the first song sounds much more traditional and the second taking on a cool and chill contemporary beat.  I also really liked the introductory prologues each episode had to explain the 'Outlaw Star universe' a bit more; it was an easy way to waste time (and I'm sure that's a big reason they did it), but it was often informative and interesting for the show's episode-of-the-week format and had them waste less time in-episode to explain things.  (On a smaller side-note, I love how 'colourful' their rendition of space is too)

One thing that bugged me is it did suffer from the artist really liking a hair style and giving like everyone the same style of hair.  But for the most part I did thing it was simply a fun series, nothing too 'terrible' about it even if it didn't really break a lot of new ground.  I can't help but feel there was supposed to be a second season, as there seem to have been some loose ends (the crazy scientist getting off pretty scot free and with everything he wanted).  Well... I mean, there's Angel Links... but did anyone really want to see a spin-off with those two characters from a filler episode of Outlaw Star with fanservice protagonist who turns into some pink gremlin when she's mad??...like...why....

Anyways, I'd love to hear recommendations to anyone else who liked this series, I kinda like the vibe it gave and would love more like it.
73  Media / Game Journals / Re: Starmongoose - Let's Play Fire Emblem Path of Radiance! on: July 12, 2015, 12:02:22 PM
My Channel (Shitty Cover art and all, shh it's a placeholder) = (Clicky!)

You know i make graphic thingies from time to time... :P

But good!  I suck nut at these games, and some are just hard to find... I will play vicariously though you!
Otherwise I look forward to it!  I'm subscribed and watching as we speak!
74  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: Youtube on: July 11, 2015, 02:25:40 PM
Misinterpreted Lyrics - Anime Edition.... Nothing like sex with the birds and the eagles.

Watch this kid's PRICELESS reaction to winning an XBone at SDCC....
75  Media / Game Journals / Re: Dice Plays FFIX (1st post now with Table of Contents & Plot Summaries!) on: July 11, 2015, 03:40:35 AM
@Andrew Thank you so so much. :)  Always happy to make irritatingly small observations to the pleasure of the minority reading! Haha  But I'm happy it generates discussion and people actually enjoy reading it.

^ *click the pic!!* ^ Track: Unrequited Love (from the Melancholy Tribute Album)

Part VII: Save the King??

Brief Synopsis: Queen Garnet ascends the throne and the party goes to see her; Zidane gets tongue-tied and is unable to confess his feelings so the party blow off some steam in Treno.  After meeting Cid the Oglop we learn Alexandria is under attack from Bahamut! Garnet, led by 'magical music' to the top of her castle, summons Alexander in an epic showdown, but is immediately thwarted by the EVIL FLYING EYE IN THE SKY that's controlled by a mysterious new villain seemingly connected to both Kuja and Zidane.  With Alexandria destroyed and her mother gone, Garnet loses her voice due to despair; meanwhile the party decides to get Cid back to 'normal' so we can [eventually] get ourselves a new airship!

A lot of it is just 'fun stuff' and not-plot stuff.  As usual, I'm sorry for the length... and for all the animated gifs this time around.

= Zidane is a changed man over the course of his journey thanks to one Princess.  Both "After Garnet" eras have Zidane go from Lothario to lovelorn:

I actually thing it's really sweet that everyone supports Zidane's feelings for her.  Their class difference be damned!  Everyone sees they're a good match.

= I mean, what do I really have to say about the "Love Letter"?  It's a 'comedy of errors' done to perfection having "cast clowns" pit against the "serious soldiers".  I was smiling the whole time.
I love how the camera completely off-sets the symmetry in this scene as soon as Baku interrupts 'the moment':

   Particularly great is how it has the top two Alexandrian Knights (who are serious to a fault) become pretty darn smitten with one another after a simple love letter winds up in the wrong hands.  I feel Steiner gets a lot of crap throughout the game, so I'm really happy they worked to give him a happy ending.  

= Final Fantasy games always do well with leisure time.  Maybe a part of why I think Treno is such a great city is because it emphasizes the basic reason people love RPGs 'towns' (and why they were sorely missed in FF13).  Both times you visit Treno it's at sort of a 'down time' where the player is free to enjoy and explore and see the characters get into some shenanigans.  Moving the plot isn't a matter of time but a matter of choice for when you, the player, are ready to move on with it.
   I think most of all though, I love that the party unanimously visits the city to blow off some steam.

= Yay Amarant's back story is covered in an ATE...  Which is a little unconventional, but okay.  I kinda like this ill-fated relationship the game sets up with him and Zidane; he frames him one night and Amarant is thus labelled as a criminal while Zidane runs free (Zidane has conveniently forgotten this, or perhaps it alludes to him having too many misdeeds that he literally can't remember them all).  Zidane is simple in some ways, and Amarant cannot understand his motivations or free-spirited attitude for the LIFE of him.

= Vivi time!  I actually have a few things to say here.  First, and on a shorter note, I like how 'vividly' (hah) he reacts when he hears the Black Mages (the 'good ones' from the Black Mage Village) consciously joined Kuja's forces.  Vivi, as a sort of 'representative black mage' fighting for his people and 'seeker of the truth' takes it quite personally.

   But also a small, minor sidequest can fill you in on a small but key part of his backstory.  
At the start of the game Zidane and Tantalus get to Alexandria to kidnap the Princess, Garnet was escaping, and Steiner followed close behind.  ...but what about Vivi?  We learn through an ATE that Vivi got a ride to Alexandria with a courier ship leaving out of Treno.  Vivi, feeling nostalgic, decides to pay a quick visit 'home'.  The player, Zidane, can take the hint from this and go find Vivi at Quan's Dwelling where he's sort-of paying respects.  The trip is brief but informative:
  • Vivi was 'hatched' like his other Blk Mage brothers, but he (as cargo) fell overboard and was 'fished out' by Quan (a Qu like Quina).
  • Apparently Quan wanted to eat him?  I wouldn't be surprised, but.. that's kind of a creepy detail that Vivi was fortunately oblivious to
  • Quan recorded his "grandson's" height and takes the last measure when Vivi was 6 months old
  • A big Grandfather clock can be found in Quan's Dwelling and Zidane remarks that it 'stopp'd' a week before the Tantalus visited Alexandria to kidnap Garnet... Anyone remember the nursery rhyme "My Grandfather's Clock"?  I think the reference is pretty clear.
  • Fortunately, if we 'connect the dots' this tells us EXACTLY how "Vivi got to the party" at the beginning of the game.  Vivi's grandfather dies, he decides to see the world, and he goes from Treno to Alexandria and gets caught up in a life-changing adventure.  This also explain his surprise when meeting Quina and how she looked exactly "like his 'grandfather" (a cute/peculiar detail for a cute/peculiar character).
  • Unfortunately, given that Black Mages seem to have an unnaturally short life (implied to last only about a year), Vivi is...likely hitting his 'golden years' all too soon...
 Finally, I forgot to post this monumentally important gif earlier so I'm doing it now. :'(

= Eiko is great.  The balance she manages to strike between adoring Zidane and being Garnet's "sister" cannot be understated since the two are treated as mutually exclusive.  She's not a brat to Garnet for stealing her beau, and simply tries to 'gracefully' move on.

= Despite the leisure time in Disc 3, I love that there's a big 'wham episode' during the Alexandrian attack.  It puts a lot of crazy in an instant and instead of having the party run around town taking out enemies I like that it almost literally throws you into meeting Garnet right away.  I don't really need to talk about the Bahamut and Alexander showdown... you know it's good (and here it is in case you forgot how good it was).  I always loved how the shot begins with Alexander's wings gracefully reflecting off the body of water in front of the kingdom before panning up to reveal the pleasant 'surprise' (especially to loyal FF fans who might have 'clued in' to "Alexandria's namesake" belonging to the popular summon).  But then it's followed up almost IMMEDIATELY with the BRUTAL attack on the mechanical being from the mysterious soaring eye that also destroyed Madain Sari.  The sequence of events do so well to have Garnet protect her Kingdom and fight for it with her own power -- only for a new enemy to launch a surprise attack and quickly steal that victory right from her.  Understandably, she has trouble coping afterwards with a psychologically involuntary 'silent treatment'.


This is too cute.  That 'happy hug' from Garnet and Eiko's little pout are beautifully worked into one FMV (details that would have been lost unless they did go full CG for it).

= If the FF series brings back a sci-fi setting, I want a dedicated CITY to be Alexander himself.  No other summon has come close over the years to being so cool (oh, but FF12's Zodiark is up there though).  

= Shit... I missed doing the Dali Mayor Sneaking bit... were the prizes worth it?  This game attaches some dubious returns to sidequests sometimes...  Fuck it.  That Mayor weirds me out (ironically because he's like the only NPC to 'kick you out' for busting into his private residence....it feels suspicious to me even though that's probably the most 'sane' response to some asshole sneaking around your house).
  On that note: Good LORD, are you kidding me? Assigning The Knights of Pluto to 'rescue tasks' while Alexandria is under siege?  

= I did like fighting Tantarian.  It's hard as hell but a great challenge, a unique gimmick, a fantastic design that references a boss from FF5, and a proper pain in the ass while both of your valuable White Mages are busy elsewhere.  Mid-game secret bosses are not seen enough in games.  I...used up a lot of elixers.

= We found out that, through no fault of her own, Garnet has lost her voice because she blames herself for everything (a dead mother and a kingdom in ruin).  It's very tragic, and the Princess is taken to Lindblum along with the rest of the gang to recoup and regroup.  I like that restoring Cid back to human is a completely pointless endeavour.  It could have been cut from the game and nothing would have changed to the plot... but it was in there.  This feels 'kinda sloppy' (certainly I would have rather seen some other events expanded on), but this is pretty innocent filler with a fun result.  The potion doesn't work, and King Cid Fabool IX goes from bug to frog... well, at least he's moving up the food chain.... Well, till Quina shows up again (positively stupefied by a talking frog).

^ *click the pic!!* ^ Track: More from the Melancholy Album (honestly, it's so damn good)
Till next time!
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