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6466  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Best Star Ocean: TLH combination. on: December 14, 2011, 10:55:02 PM
I love how I hate SO4 and you love it and I love SO2 and you hate it.

I don't HATE So2, though.  On the contrary, I love it so much I'm sure I've played it over 5 times and "picked up" on the nuances above.

Like I said, my beef is people picking on SO3 & 4's storyline when people are completely missing the actual fun of the title.  It's literally paralleling the Tales series' "let's play it for the battles".  The customization in SO3 is hard to rival in an RPG, and was completely necessary to the joy of destroying enemies.  It wasn't ridiculous either, you'd earn the 99,999 damage and HP, unlike Disgaea and it's "sister titles" that love throwing big digits to make it like some dick measuring contest of who can throw the most amount of numbers around.  The battles also punished mindless button mashing, like those point in RPGs where you could waltz through easy battles, but you had to do some grinding because the next boss is kicking your ass.

I also find it funny how people are completley willing to forego Resonance of Fate's storyline even when it was all but there and more metaphoric than interpretive dance most of the time.

Tri-ace has never made a good story, in my book.  But it doesn't mean I don't rank them amongst one of my favorite publishers because they've kept games about the actual "play" than the "plot".  There are only a few instances where a plot has been good enough for me to overlook the shitty gameplay; but I find it absolutely amusing how people can throw a game down because the plot was too crappy that they didn't want "the game" part of it.
6467  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword on: December 14, 2011, 10:44:58 PM
Finally finished the game. It took me about 43 hours and a month in real life. I like to take my time with some games!
What can I say, I loved this one, and like I've said before, for a person who wasn't interested in the Zelda series at all, this game and Wind Waker sure made a mark on me.

Without spoiling anything, I loved the last boss, the last 2 in particular!

Anyone who has finished already started Hero mode ? I decided not to save my file, even though I have backed up the file to another slot, as I think I'll gather more materials so I can upgrade stuff easily once I start the game.

Hero mode isn't really worth it....

- You take 2x Hearts instead of one, hokay...
- You can skip tutorials! :D

- Enemies aren't actually smarter, plant-monsters still get distracted by bombs like dumbass
- There aren't more of them either, nor do they take more hits to kill
- Dungeons are the exact same too, this isn't a "master quest" version.
- Heart medals make this mode just as pointless and easy
- Zelda effect: the "element of surprise" with enemies/bosses are gone, so it's gonne be easy nonetheless
- Still gotta collect the same old shit again, and can't skip the same dialogue boxes you keep getting (I don't know about you, but even for the money trade-off, I stopped collecting the frequently appearing Butterflies and Amber Relics because of it).
6468  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Best Star Ocean: TLH combination. on: December 14, 2011, 10:24:49 PM
- Lets write a good story and let people see it from 2 different angle.

You didnt really think before you typed that, did you?

The entire first half of the game (ie; Expel) was technically and completely unnecessary seeing as how... it gets blown up anyways, and your efforts literally get destroyed.  The second half is ACTUALLY about the plot.  Let's also avoid the absolutely astronomical odds of Rena's super-duper special pendant and self winding BACK on Nede having coincidentally arrived on Expel after some other freak-accident happens prior to the games events.  Realisticaly, the plot shouldn't have happened at all, and is pushed by even another extraordinary event: Claude fucking around with some teleportal device on a dilapidated and ruined planet in the middle of butt-ass nowhere.

And characters?  Wide array sure....  Our main characters leave a lot to be desires.  Claude wanted Rena's ass for soo long and soo hard, he throws a fit everytime Dias is on screen.  And Rena seems to have a "moment" with every male party member and can't decide who she wants to fuck till she gives in to Claude's constant do-goodery.  Celine has to be the worst... Her "gaining weight issues" aside, she has a lame romance with the kingdom's prince, ruining one engagement, and also comes into a PA as someone who could have had her way with the married man of the game, Bowman.

And no... call the split story line "cool", but you get these "two-sided perspectives" bits on maybe 3 occasions of the game; the only major and proper split-up being at the beginning when Rena gets her ass kidnapped.  But I pick Claude every playthrough, because it means I don't have to put up with the stupid "fetch Dias' sword" sidequest that just leads to Claude being an even more jealous wanker about that.    Really, the split story is only a good way to see some extra Private Actions, and to finally decide for yourself which man or woman Rena/Claude will finally hook up with, because them two chasing each other proves exhausting and boring.

And the multiple endings sucked even more ass.  The greater half of them being "I'm glad we're friends!  Let's travel s'more!" types.

SO... did Star Ocean 2 have a good story??  It's charming...I guess.  BUT NO.  It fucking does not.

I say charming because I guess the "save the world" plot is cute and cozy, and the Rena and Claude "will they, won't they" romance can be just darling.  But if anything, I like the world created more than the story made for the universe itself.  The locations are pretty, and clearly there is a big history with Demon's in the game (sadly never touched on, to focus on the big bad Sorcery Globe.... which was a really underplayed element to the game). However, the locations are really what made "the story" for me.  From space, to the past, to the present (but for a billion-year old race, Nede was extremely underwhelming), and the Hoffman Ruins having inexplicable icons of Catholic saints and the Virgin was a fascinating touch to a "cave dungeon". 

I digress.  The battle system and all around it were the highlights and should be treated as such.  And why this fact LEAVES people when it comes to the 3rd and 4th title when their stories are just as bad is beyond me.  Some RPG peeps are too obsessed with story, me thinks, and to a fault.

PS Edit: and sadly you're forced to fight the fucking Elvis-demon a few times too many.
6469  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Best Star Ocean: TLH combination. on: December 14, 2011, 06:28:18 PM
oh, I forgot, this board doesn't like a challenge and just wants a good story. >=/

I play Dark Souls everyday, your argument is invalid.

I generalized so I can be a jerk.
6470  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: the next big Jrpgs on xbox and ps3? on: December 14, 2011, 06:03:02 PM
I'd actually argue thats where a lot of love for the Tales series comes from.  At least they're consistent releases (more or less).

Personally, I hate how lazy and poor the developers became as well, what with all this switching to the handheld systems.  And I guess while we eat-up celebrity gossip like a drug, the Japanese love their shitty girly games (Hatsune Miku sing-a-longs, IdolMaster, and whatever bizarre dating-sims or social games).  While the Vita will be great for forcing Japanese to up their quality, it's obvious they've been overshadowed.  WTF is Capcom doing these days anyways besides fighters?  I'm hoping Dragon Dogma turns into their next big thing, but without more press on it it's turning pretty gray on the radar for "who gives a fuck".
6471  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Best Star Ocean: TLH combination. on: December 14, 2011, 05:48:58 PM
Your guys distaste for this title has left it sitting on my shelf for over a year now-LoL.... Everytime I finish a game and am selecting another, the general attitude of this forum quickly ushers me past Star Ocean 4.... I am however currently nickle and diming a playthrough of First Departure and enjoying it...

Most of us don't mind SO1 and SO2 nearly as much as we do So3 and So4.  I think that's somewhere around 80 points!

Duuude... SO1 was crap.  The PSP one anyways.  It was CLEARLY half assed, and the Millie sprite was obviously a redraw of Rena's from SO2.  It did nothing different, and I'd argue the SNES title did more for gaming.  Mt Metox was actually a really pretty and flowery mountain... the PSP version made it a big brown rock.  Could you ask for more generic artstyle too?  I said earlier that the Item Creation system was a direct import from SO2, just changing some items around.  The game's extra's are easily beaten too.... oh, I forgot, this board doesn't like a challenge and just wants a good story. >=/

Hey look, Ranma Saotome made a cameo!!  Good grief.  I was annoyed with SO1...

There was nothing about SO1 that impressed me beyond the realm of "it's like SO2"...sometimes too alike.
6472  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Best Star Ocean: TLH combination. on: December 14, 2011, 04:01:54 PM
IMO Star Ocean the Last Hope has what is the most "complete" feeling battle system of all the titles.
- The First Departure was broken, they direct-import the item creation system (what a rip) and without a proper new difficulty, the game was way too easy
- Second Story was great.  It did become really easy to exploit the skill system to do mass amounts of damage, and some stuff was pretty easy to miss.  But hey, to this day the endless debate of Opera/Ashton wages on.
- Till the End of Time was the first really tough Star Ocean, and I loved it for that.  It was easy enough (till the final boss) to get through SO2 without item creation, but this one made you use it or die trying without.
- Last Hope was a great battle system, but did have character balancing issues (magicians are pretty useless in the SO universe, but this took the cake).  The game was difficult, but the battle system felt really good. 

All of you whiney bitches who just want a story, deal with it or just don't play... but IMO, you miss a really good hit at some quality RPG gameplay to make up for it.  Excuse a story for once, hell, a lot of you did for FF8.  At least these games had some sort of character building, something that can't be sad for half of the RPG roster which offers up mindless grinding.  To each their own.
6473  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: the next big Jrpgs on xbox and ps3? on: December 14, 2011, 02:25:16 PM
All games are ROLE-playing games.

6474  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: The Merged Final Fantasy XIII-2 Thread on: December 14, 2011, 01:52:32 PM
The rest of the OST so far has been pretty nice, I did a youtube tour of it.
I can't say I care for the vocal tracks, but even the good ones from The World Ends With You didn't sit well with me.
6475  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: What's the haps? on: December 14, 2011, 12:04:07 PM
This is why I only take extended breaks in the Winter. Sometimes in the middle of the Summer, too. Because I am the only one at our office that does what I do, if I leave during a busy time all hell breaks loose. I come back to a bunch of salesmen asking questions and needing bids done ASAP. During the Winter, I generally come back to what I left. Maybe one or two things to do, but not much. I'll be off between Christmas and New Years, and there will be no worries about work piling up as most everyone else is to. We always wonder why the owner doesn't just shut down for a week like most landscape companies do.

I'm sure this why like half the world wants to become a teacher.  Summer's off, woooo

Final day to study for exam.  I couldn't care less... I'm soo so so drained by this point. 
I can sum up most of this semester this way: A waste of paper.
6476  The Rest / The Bazaar / Re: Dice's Artbooks & Games Super Sale on: December 14, 2011, 02:47:52 AM
If only I had NTSC region consoles!

If you're looking to sell the Atelier Rorona & Totori art book, how much would it be?

You hit my "prized treasure" list; offer enough and it can be yours.

:O I want this inside my body and stuff. So awesome.

Make an offer and it's yours.... to do... whatever... with. >:S
6477  The Rest / The Bazaar / Re: Dice's Artbooks & Games Super Sale on: December 14, 2011, 02:37:21 AM
You should add that all books ordered will smell like a girls bedroom, a realm unexplored by many a RPGfan

I had too, you usually troll my seller threads

I'll just call that Polski for "Good luck, Steph!"

Made a relevant edit at the end of first post; thank you for pointing that out Yoda.
6478  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: The Merged Final Fantasy XIII-2 Thread on: December 14, 2011, 02:25:50 AM
I think the game[play] looks pretty stellar so far.  I'm probably gonna tune out every cutscene... or watch it only to end up curdled up like Steven Hawking and drooling at the mouth.  But gameplay wise, everything looks pretty oh-kei to me.
6479  The Rest / The Bazaar / Dice's Artbooks & Games Super Sale on: December 14, 2011, 02:17:22 AM

Here ye, here ye!
Come one, come all.  Dice is broke, and is selling her gaming wares!!
A Christmas treat for thee?  A new gift to bring in the New Year?  
Come down, take a look!

Price's are negotiable to a certain extent, just PM me with ye offers.  
Ordering from the Northern Americas is highly appreciated, however a small toll extra for those outside, I'm afraid.  Still!  No harm in looking.  Picture available upon request as well!
Shipping is now a small fee within Canada, add a bit extra for the States, and we can work out whatever outside of the Am'rricas. (cut me slack, I've been doing it free for a while, and I actually lost quite a bit of money doing it this way).


-Tales of the Abyss (PS2) - $15
-Persona 4 (PS2) - $15
-Mass Effect 2 (PS3) - $15
-Kingdom Hearts (PS2) - $20
-Kingdom Hearts 2 (PS2) - $15
-Folklore (PS3) - $15
-Drakengard 2 (PS2) - $15
-Suikoden 3 (PS2) - $30
-Final Fantasy 7, 8, 9 (PSX) - $15/ea.
-Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Wii) - $10
-Tales of Xillia (PS3/JP) - $20 Sold! Thank You!
-Radiant Historia (DS) - $50 (yuup, go check eBay, it's worse)  Sold! Thank You!
-Resonance of Fate (360) - $20  Sold! Thank You!
- Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword - $40 *NEW*


-UDON's Art of Capcom - $10
A collection of ("official") fan art done for several Capcom titles.  Mostly Street Fighter, good for those enthusiasts.
-Radiant Historia Artbook - $30
Contains a great collection of official images and lots of production sketches.  Mostly artwork, a section at the back details the world.
 Sold! Thank You!
-Persona 4 Artbook - $25
Contains all characters, alternative versions, sketches, promotional images, all of it.  Great artbook, especially if you're a fan, finish your love with an in-depth overview of the P4 art and world.
Sold! Thank Yo!
-Ar Tonelico II Artbook - $20
Nagi is awesome and IMO this game had the best characters of the series.  Lovely work.
Sold! Thank You!
-Tales of Vesperia - $15
Fujishima's production designs and sketches for ToV, similar to the US releases of the Symphonia artbook.  Features an interview at the end, though in Japanese.
-Megaman X Series Artbook (Eng. Udon release) - $20
All in English, covers the entire X-series.  Great artwork, and it's great to hear the "thought" process behind the series.  Great for X fans.  Made me nostalgic.
-Breath of Fire V Artbook - $20
Artwork from the darkest installment of the series.  Large amounts of sketches too showing alternative versions of pretty much the entire cast.
 Sold! Thank You!
-Seiken Densetsu 4 Ultimania - $10
The Ultimania for the kind-of Seiken flop: S4.  HOWEVER.  The artwork is above average, and especially if you're into that story-book look, and the bright colours beautifully seen throughout the entire series -- have this, there is a section devoted to all production work and promotional work.  Only $10 because it isn't a proper artbook, but contains all of the goods of one.
-End of Eternity/Resonance of Fate Artbook - $25[/b]
Lots of artwork: CG, sketches, world, and monster collection (a ton featured that never made it into the final game), and some pretty whacky promotional stuff of the fav-3 (Zeph, Vash, and Leanne).
[/s]  Sold! Thank Yo!
-Tactics Ogre Artbook - $40
Contains all class artwork for male and females, monster design, and promotional art.  Best of all, it contains all the artwork from the release 15 years ago!  Oh, also comes with the tarot card pictures too.
 Sold! Thank You!
-Wild Arms 3 Artbook - $35
Everyone's favorite J-western-RPG series.  The third title contain a great motley crew, and has huge pics of all the main characters, sub characters, town characters, locations, and an in-depth look at the world.  Great promotional material artwork too, one of my favorite books.
-Star Ocean: Till the End of Time Artbook - $20
More than an artbook, also contains an amazing Encyclopedia-like section of the Star Ocean UNIVERSE.  Sadly, in Japanese.
Sold! Thank You!
-Wild Arms Alter Code: F Artbook - $20
The PSX remade classic got it's own artbook.  A much fresher take to the crude anime in the PSX version.  Great artwork of all aspects of the game.  The Guardians are especially lovely.
-Symphonia  Sold! Thank You! The [Free] Artbook that came with Tales of Legendia for PS2.  
Good if you missed them, and I'd charge cheap, but I'd wait for an offer than give a price for something like this

In terms of Artbooks I also own: Atelier Rorona & Totori (covers the first two games art) (Sold! Thank You!), Drakengard 2 (The Last Story artist kicks major ass), Seiken Densetsu 4 & Children of Mana (Rare, OOP, you'll pay a lot if you want this from me), Breath of Fire I-V (all games covered, remakes too), Suikoden 3 (er, they never made a proper artbook, so it's a guide but with all the art needed), Capcom Design Works (a compilation of a whole bunch of their titles over MANY years), Zero no Kiseki (yup, the new "Trails" game), Soejima's Artbook for 2004-2010, and The Art of FF9 (Eng.)... these I will sell, but are also my personal favorites and will only sell... for a price.

HOT EDIT: Items smell like a girl's bedroom... all flowery and whatever.  Order within the next ten minutes to get one of my undies!!!! Offer expired  D:
6480  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: What's the haps? on: December 14, 2011, 12:24:30 AM
Brings a goddam tear to my eye

Fucking right it does.  Brilliant damn work Mesh
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