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6841  Media / General Games / Re: Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward on: November 02, 2012, 01:42:24 AM
100%'d it.....

Random thoughts:


-Juneakane lost her charm over the years; made for a pretty 20-something though.  It becomes pretty trippy to think about her in her 999 personality when she's pretty damn calculated and pretty far from sweet.  But makes an interesting anti-hero

- Still some lingering mysteries; surprisngly largely untouched was Free the Soul cult and, to some extent, Phi (and maybe why she looks like a gender-bent Santa).  Everyone except for Phi and Sigma had a good "origin story" to explain how they wound up where they are.

- Not really sure where they're going with K/Kyle -- and I'm super confused what has happened with him... making his final conversation as a character merely labeled as "?" didn't help either...

- Holy freaking hell if that one VLR "bad shit is happening" theme doesn't give me the willies.

- The constant door opening was seriously awful to sit through, the layout was really inconsequential to the overall story and gameplay, so sitting through it was uneventful and sadly unskippable 90% of the time...

- Quark and Alice seem to have been more dead/psycho than actually useful

- Alice's vote when they thought she was KOd was definitely creepy; but unfortunately given a lame reason in the "right" path.

- I love Luna, she was genuinely ok.  I liked Seven for the same reason.

- Dio sucked.  Made that way though.  What was with the outfit?  No mystery could solve that one...

- A shame "tin foil" was never brought up again...

- Was there any significant symbolism behind the sun-eating lion??  That flew by me...

- Love the fore-shadowing with why people have magical anime jumping powers: they're on the moon!!!  That concept was sort of...used only when it was convenient though....

- Wtf is with the double-standards?  You watch half a dozen endings where someone hits the 9 door and you just watch them go, then the two times you do you're either rendered unconscious... or  rendered unconscious so the rest of the cast can cut off your cyborg arm and win it themselves and leave you alone forever.

- Good form.  Much like 999, VLR had it that even IF the AB Game winners had escaped, there was really no where worth escaping to; much like how it was unlikely Ace and Clover would have figured out the Q-door puzzle in 999.

- Loved Tenmyouji... his reveal was subtle and wonderful, definitely hinted at, but hard to theorize given the confusion between being asleep for 5 days or 45 years.  Wonderful spoiler there.  But... someone's gotta tell him no ass is worth that much attention.  I'm glad Quark was there I guess.

- wtf was with Sigma looking like some Anime Space Pirate?  The right eye thing was a bit much, and his [real and old] face reveal looked funny.  I dunno (or "donno"), if they were gonna do low-res 3D poly with lame animations for certain action scenes, I'd have rather they had their artist draw one good frame than use the 3 second FMVs.  One that note: Poor Luna... her ending was brutal.

- One thing that wasn't really elaborated on was Phi and Sig in the Security Room.  He seems to get hit really hard with symptoms for Rad-6:  He loses his proper thought processing and everything felt sped up (Phi talked at 2x speed), but then he merely loses consciousness, goes for a snooze, and wakes up fine -- this doesn't come up again...

- Which reminds me: The prognosis for Rad-6 is also vague (why did Quark and Alice's symptoms advance so quickly? Under what conditions does it spread?  Why does only one ending deal with this [the mass-suicide in Clover's ending?] ?) and the idea of anti-bodies is disregarded despite being mentioned twice.  Furthermore, isn't it stupid to ONLY make one antidote copy of axelavir?  They shoulda made 50 or something!!!

- The prospect of deactivating four bombs while playing the AB game would have likely had me....expel all/any bodily fluids from mouth and/or bottom.  I sympathized with Alice when she took a scalpel to herself saying something to the effect that it's all messed up she should just "off" herself

- Genius plot; all (ok, well, most) elements made an excellent comeback, 11/10 on that, the writers should be proud and give themselves a jolly ol' pat on the back!
6842  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: What's the haps? on: November 01, 2012, 05:39:28 PM
I think I would have diabetes if Lucky Charms were sold when I was a kid. Not that they are sold in shops here, just the American novelty shops. I got a box (so expensive..) yesterday. Got I love cereal with marshmallows in it.

I always try to save marshmallows for every bite, but I never make it and it's not as fun to eat.
I like that the milk turned colour too. :)

I haven't seen Cookie Crisp.  My theory is it's been taken off many shelves because people were just eating cookies for breakfast.  Mmmm.

I'm digging Froot Loops.  I smelt a lemon cleaner (i.e.; lemon being 1/5th of Froot Loops flavour) and had to have it.

I hate Sugar Crisp, but I love that stupid jingle... Can't get enough of that sugar crisp!
6843  Media / General Games / Re: Okami HD on: November 01, 2012, 01:19:33 AM
Took me about 2 hours for the whole down/install. xS

6844  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: Youtube on: October 31, 2012, 04:35:43 PM
God I love a good bass melody...  good share Din.  You found one of my secret favorite things!

Methinks you'd rather like the band I'm playing with now.  I think they've actually toured up in Canada once before, so if they keep me around I may be up in your neck of the woods. 

They're called Pool of Thorns, their sound is like Lacuna Coil meets The Deftones, and the frontwoman looks like Daenerys Targaryen from the Game of Thrones TV show. 

Haha, that'd be amazing!!  If you're ever in or around the Toronto area, def send a PM!
6845  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: What's the haps? on: October 31, 2012, 04:34:23 PM
For the cost of one star bucks coffee (or being generous, 2) can buy you a tin of grinded instant coffee beans.

Ah well... chalk that up to FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS.
6846  Media / Anime, TV, and Movies / Star Wars EpVII OK'd for 2015 on: October 31, 2012, 01:33:10 AM
6847  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Dragon Quest VII coming to 3DS (Japan) in Feb. on: October 30, 2012, 04:22:19 PM
omfug. This makes me ridiculously happy.

Time to get that 3DS... oy...

Did your shop help?? :O

Dice's Obligatory DQ Response:  BLLLLEGGGHH
6848  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: The NEW Game Journal on: October 29, 2012, 12:59:06 PM
Virtue's Last Reward:

I'm scared of the Save Bug that's plaguing 3DS owners.  But I'm having a ton of fun.  I love the puzzles, they're really making me use my noodle!
I think Alice is brilliantly designed... if it wasn't for her stupid ass fucking "top".  The jacket is cool, but the "O" coverup is just impractical and stupid; hell, Lotus' outfit was even more reasonable.
Baby K is fascinating adorable, especially in the Rec Room. xD

And Grim; I'm sorry.  Worst thing when that happens; happened with my terabyte recently... and when you buy a terabyte, usually it's with the intention of putting a LOT on there (now gone).
Enjoy Witcher 2; better than the first game by a thousand.

My local indy video game store broke street date for Ass Creed 3. 

Holy cow, what a pretty freaking game.  The first setting was beautiful, and the series really reminds you of the intricate details the dev team focuses on that really make the series a joy to explore.
An email early on from the weird she-man of the Animus crew (Rebecca?) send an email that's pretty outright about the "improvements in the Animus system" (i.e.; the game as compared to previous installments).
Love the new interface as well.  But I think Desmond turned uglier.
Which reminds me... suppose they'll just get Kristen Bell for the Ass Creed flick? Har har har
6849  Media / General Games / Re: Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward on: October 29, 2012, 12:51:06 PM
Even with kinda crappy graphics, the shock scenes still (well) shock quite damn well (takes me back to the PSX/PS2 horror days...that's probably not a compliment, but I mean well).

Just got Dio's ending, and tried to hit up the magenta arc for all but one path.  Got his ending, then a bunch of Game Overs (which are sorta: "Well shucks, that happened, let's go chill out I guess"), and one "to be continued".

I like this game is much less subtle about it's upcoming spoilers.  And the puzzles are fantastic and really make you sit and think (except, I got real paper, the in-game memo just doesn't always cut it). 

A few major gripes:  First, is sitting through the door-opening sequences. Nuance?  Maybe...  But, these take a good five seconds longer than anyone needs to see, and can happen several times in a row. 
That, and c'mon... silent protagonist?  I get it in the event the character doesn't say a damn word (though I hate it even then), but Sigma has a fully fleshed out personality, there's no point in keeping him silent, it just makes it kinda awkward to go from voice acting to text beeps (and at least Troy Baker would have been a great character to vocalize some of Sigma's funnies and dramatics). 
A minor nuance is Amanda Wyn Lee's [sp?] voice... She's like a 60 year old doing characters 1/3 her age (effectively making it seem like she's trying to hard to sound "cute" and sweet as Clover).  Guess I'm just bored of her voice.
6850  Media / General Games / Re: Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward on: October 28, 2012, 10:28:24 PM
Wait...they didn't...

Yep; they pulled the 'Lawl; buy our next game in two+ years if you want the full story' nonsense.
Here I thought after 999 Aksys was a bit above that. :-\ That...honestly kinda ruins the game just
a little for me. If I get hooked into a story I prefer to finish it from start to end. I don't watch trilogies
if I don't have all three parts. I don't read series novels until I have all the installments. Ect.

This is just kinda...cheap and underhanded. *sigh* Not sure how much of the story I'll even remember
in 2014 (or 2015 if they're slow) or if I'll even still have the game around for a refresher. The way they have it set up, unlike 999,
you're pretty much going to have to have Virtue's Last Reward fresh in your mind to know what's going on.

Maybe I'll feel better once it all settles in but for right now...low blow Aksys. Low blow.

One quick thing: don't blame Aksys. They're only the US publisher, I doubt they have any real say in what happens with the game.

I had a feeling it wouldn't be the last.  And it's a good series, so I see no problem with them making a possible "three-quel".  The label on the front says it's part of the "ZERO ESCAPE *Series*", and usually you don't use a label like that to something only two books/games long.
6851  The Rest / The Bazaar / Re: DiBo:Artbooks, Games, Acc's! on: October 28, 2012, 10:25:43 PM
Thanks to peeps so far. :)

I know the shipping sucks, but everything else (I like to think) is quite the steal (and prices are negotiable).
6852  Media / Anime, TV, and Movies / Re: Recently watched Episodes of TELEVISION BOX offerings! on: October 27, 2012, 03:58:14 PM
I guess I am an ass man more than a penis man.

Seeing a schlong does nada for me.

I always thought a penis looked like something that shouldn't be there... then again, I guess I'm more used to my junk being more of a "hollow" than an appendage.

Butt's make me giggle though.  You can be a scrawny wiener and it still jiggles in an amusing way.
6853  Media / Anime, TV, and Movies / Re: Anime/Manga Journal on: October 27, 2012, 03:56:41 PM
Shin Sekai Yori - Ep 04

Good episode, but the animation and direction of this episode (especially the latter, which thus far I've praised) was really DERPy this week.  The animation got funny, the zoom ins uneccessary and with a poor frame rate, and the pacing was like it was done for an undergrad's animation reel.

It *was* a good episode though, took a real different pave than the other episodes, splitting off from the main group and focusing on lead girl and lead boy (?).  There's some sexy tension (for 12 year olds??!), some monster with big titties, and more to look forward to next week as things keep getting weirder in the world 1,000 years from now.
6854  Media / Anime, TV, and Movies / Re: Recently watched Episodes of TELEVISION BOX offerings! on: October 27, 2012, 02:27:53 PM
Game of Thrones as boobs.

American Horror Story has asses.

Something for everybody! I don't think we've gotten any boobage on AHS yet. There's some weird thinking that says it's ok to show a naked behind, but not a boob. Or at least not the dreaded nipple! Now that's naughty.
BTW, GOT shows it ALL. I have yet to see season 2 and it pisses me off. Probably won't be released on Blu until Spring. Ugh.

Yet never any penis.... then again I don't even know if women wanna see that.
I find it annoying.  Not so much Game of Thrones, but I hate that every goddamn HBO show seems to have this as a show requirement of some sort.


Elementary -- great episode, I'm really enjoying this show.  He's not quite as infalliable as the Cumberbatch one, which helps stretch out the case and give you time to maybe make some guesses yourself.  Definitely on the weekly watch list.

The Office -- better season than the last; Andy sucks though, they never know what to do with him and because of it he's gone through everything giving him some importance I don't think he deserves.

30 Rock -- this season has been unreal.  Latest episode was probably the weakest of the bunch, but still a strong send off for the show so far.

New Girl -- Had this in it.  Amazing!
6855  The Rest / The Bazaar / DiBo:Artbooks, Games, Acc's! on: October 26, 2012, 12:29:25 PM

- Prices are Negotiable
- I've got no problem with discounting bundles
- + Shipping; Approx. $15 extra for anything outside of Canuck Land Canada

Bravely Default Game and OST -- Yup.  Found the super duper edition for a very reasonable price, but since I don't want the OST and can't play the game, I'm throwing it out to the market!  I'm thinking $40/ea + shipping (or $90 for both, shipping included).  PM to Negotiate

Art Books:

Legend of Zelda Hyrule Historia -- CHEAP.  Name a price.  Why so cheap?  First, because it's the Japanese edition, and an English is on the way.  Also cheap because there is a bit of English writing penned in by me and a bud (this is one all of like five pages; trying to improve the jpn skillz....).  But nonetheless, amazing finally revealed art collection of the 25 year old series. ($1 for each year it's been around, $26! :D -- still more than half the price most retailers are selling it)

Megaman Zero Art Collection -- FUCK Megamen, s'ALL ABOUT ZERO.  This is the Udon official English translation, great collection of art for each game, a unique style, and all around great atmosphere created by the artists. $25.

Tales of 15th Anniversary -- Big-ass Bible-sized book.  Contains main artwork from EVERY game, even the shitty infamous Tales of Tempest.  From Phantasia to Xillia  Also contains Ougi cut-ins and NPC art (holy shit, that's what some of them look like!).  Lots of writing, but still consists of a ton of art from the series across the years. $35.

Tales of Vesperia - Collection of main artwork from the game by the famous Tales and Ah Megami-sama! artist Kosuke Fujishima.  $15.

Tales of Legendia - Collection of art that came with the game when you pre-ordered it once upon a time ago.  Main art, anime art, graphics, settings, etc.  $10.

Wild Arms Alter Code F - Amazing collection of the popular Spaghetti Western RPG for the remade PS2 version.  Very colourful, great cross-stitched artwork.  $20.

Wild Arms 3 Art Book - Fantastic artwork for one of the classics in the series (and before the art got all weird and cutesy in WA4 & 5...blegh).  All main characters and art for every NPC, place to visit, and GFs.  I love this one.  $40.

Shigenori Soejima's Art Collection - Featuring artwork by the brilliant Soejima.  Ft. Persona 3, Persona 4, P3P, Stella Deus, and several smaller titles.  Incredibly detailed artwork.  $20.

World of Amano  - Art from the famous Final Fantasy artist.  Large book, hard cover, from a great many series' (other than FF) he's worked on. $30.

Xenosaga Art Book - Preorder art book that game out with the game.  Great collection with art by the famous Xgears artists, Kunihiko Tanaka. $10.

Suikoden II Art Book - An actual artbook, all 108 stars, game data, opening art, and character sketches.  I'd be sad to see this go... $50.

Suikoden III Game Guide - There wasn't really a proper artbook for this game.  Damned shame.  Anyways, contains information about the game (in JP), but also contains all 108 stars -- which I'd argue is the most important thing.  Love this one too, be sad if it goes.  Warning, USED... and while all of this is used, this one has cut out triangles in the corner.  PM me on this one.

Legend of Mana Ultimania - Everything there is to know (in JP) about Legend of Mana. Complete with all the artwork for the game! $10.


Tales of Xillia OST - Soundtrack to the upcoming Tales title, great music from Motoi Sakuraba in a classic Tales form.  $15.     Sold! Thank You!


Xenoblade - Popular Wii title with a gigantic world to explore, great characters, and amazing music.  Preorder artbook included!  $30.  Sold! Thank You!

The Last Story - The other popular Wii title finally released Stateside! Artbook and fancy pants book-case thing included!  $30

Kirby's Anniversary Collection! - 6 Kirby games (Kirby GBA, NES, Dreamland 2, Superstar, Dreamland 3, and the Crystal Shards).  $20.  Sold! Thank You!

Legend of Zelda: Oracle Collection - Fan favourite, finally trumping the popular release of Link's awakening. $15 each ($30 for both).  Sold! Thank You!

Legend of Zelda: Gamecube Collector's Edition - Apparently rare!!, which is funny because Gamestop accidentally shipped it to me when I ordered Wind Waker.  No proper case (other than the tacky Gamestop one), and condition is workable, but only good (not mint).  $30.

Dark Cloud 2 - Level 5's hit game that...probably struck American audiences better than Japanese.  Classic dungeon crawler, game and manual in great condition.  $50 (def better than online prices).


Gamecube Controllers -- $15
Wii Classic Controller -- $10
PS3 Controller  -- $20

First Come First Serve

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