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1  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: Completion List 2016 on: August 25, 2016, 01:49:00 PM
1.) King's Quest Ep.1/2
2.) History Legends of War: Patton (Platinum)
3.) Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair (Platinum)
4.) Day of the Tentacle Remastered (Platinum)
5.) Stranger of Sword City (Platinum)
6.) Trails in the Sky SC
7.) Stella Glow
8.) Adventures of Mana (Platinum)
9.) Trails of Cold Steel (Platinum)
10.) Ys: Memories of Celceta (ongoing Platinum run)

Wrapped up Memores of Celceta last night. By the time I picked up the last chest, I was sweating bullets when the trophy for all chests collected didn't pop. Ran around frantically for an hour or so until I found the one I'd missed in the final dungeon. I ended up enjoying the game a lot more than I thought I would, considering I wasn't Ys Seven's biggest fan. Still on the fence about how I feel about multiple characters in a Ys game, since I just prefer to run around as Adol.

Anyways, going for the Platinum trophy for this game seems doable, though Nightmare mode so far matches up to what it claims to be. Very solid game with good pacing, and frantic combat which is fun, though I wish it didn't force you to spend 'time' play as other characters for trophies, but whatever.

I also got platinum in Danganronpa 2, Adventures of Mana, and Ys Celceta. FWIW, I think that the grind to level 99 and the handful of missables in Adventures of Mana was more nerve-wracking than any of the trophies for Celceta. But yeah, that "time spent as a character" thing was dumb.

If you haven't played it and want a challenging-but-fun platinum for Vita, I stand by Gravity Rush for just being ... different. And interesting.

I need to get my "Trails" games on one of these days.

ALSO -- Ultra Despair Girls platinum is surprisingly challenging! Fortunately, you can revisit by chapter, so that cuts out a lot of potential back-tracking. I liked Ultra Despair girls quite a bit -- at first for its villains, then I got over the villains and I was just happy to be meeting the siblings of the Dangan1 cast. :)
2  Media / Anime, TV, and Movies / Re: #7favfilms is trending right now. So what's your 7favfilms? on: August 20, 2016, 12:55:14 PM
Donnie Darko (original, NOT director's cut!)
The Village (most people argue M. Night peaked at Unbreakable or Sixth Sense. I think this was his peak before his disastrous descent into crap film-making)
Castle in the Sky (Laputa)
The Neverending Story
Interstella 5555
Can't Hardly Wait (don't ask ... it's completely illogical why I like this so much)
Let the Right One In

Honorable mentions:
Le hÚrisson (The Hedgehog)
The Ring (American version. Seriously.)
something from Star Wars. Probably Empire.
Spirited Away (and a bunch of other Miyazaki films)
A bunch of documentaries (Botany of Desire, Jesus Camp, Gasland)
3  Media / RPGFan Music Discussion / Songs from Final Fantasy XV on: August 15, 2016, 10:44:13 PM

1) What's cooler? That this is the first FFXV music release, or that it's Florence and the Machine doing it?
2) What do you think is the best of the 3 tracks here?
3) Do you think the Florence soundscape will mesh with the Shimomura BGM/OST, or is it too jarring a change?
4) Outside of this release (since we haven't heard the context of these songs in-game yet), what is the best FF vocal theme?

The only thing I'll answer is #4 -- if I can include all FF games, it's Noel's Theme "The Last Hunter" sung by KOKIA in XIII-2. Sticking to main-numbered, I think the first one is still the best one: Faye Wong's "Eyes On Me." With "Distant Worlds" (FFXI Chains of Promathia) in a close second.
4  Media / RPGFan Music Discussion / Re: The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D OST on: August 10, 2016, 09:01:12 PM
I *really* need to play Majora's Mask to completion. When I do, it will be on 3DS.

Then I will be able to appreciate this music more. It is so ... "other" ... compared to the rest of all the Zelda soundtracks. I need to learn to appreciate it better.
5  Media / RPGFan Music Discussion / Re: Bravely Second End Layer OST on: August 10, 2016, 01:50:00 PM
1) Samer called ryo's soundtrack a "first effort," but in fact, ryo's been composing for 9 years for games and anime, and his discography on vgmdb runs longer than Revo's. ryo's had plenty of time to establish a sound style, and I'd say he has ... it's just not what most of us wanted for the sequel to Bravely Default.

2) I think Square Enix chose (anyone but Revo) for budget reasons. Revo's sound was synonymous with Bravely Default, and Revo probably knew this and also probably made some contractual demands that S-E wasn't willing to satisfy. This is the same Revo who did Attack on Titan with its stupidly-catchy "Wir sind die Jaeger!" -- Revo's cult following has been around a long time now, but it's growing steadily as he gains more exposure in mainstream products. I don't know who to blame more between S-E and Revo because I wasn't there to witness the conversation. But honestly, IMO, Revo should've been the one to do this soundtrack.

3) The tracklist has cool song titles.

4) There's still some sweet rock here. "Battle of Annie 2" is probably a personal favorite.
6  Media / RPGFan Music Discussion / Re: Undertale OST on: August 10, 2016, 01:41:42 PM
1) the OST is brilliant.
2) Toby Fox is a one-man army. It's not like "oh, he wrote music." No, he made the whole game. Much the same as Kan "Reives" Gao (To the Moon), but even moreso.
3) there are a whole bunch of properly-licensed arrange albums out there that I hope Adam and some of the rest of us get the chance to gush over too, because they're pretty cool too! (some more than others)
7  Media / The Soundroom / Re: Tomohiko Kira passed away on: August 03, 2016, 10:24:25 PM

as part of the "ZABADAK" group, he performed on track 1 of the new arranged album "To Far Away Times." http://vgmdb.net/album/54006

It was probably his last commercial recording.


8  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Square Enix New "Dramatic RPG" on: August 01, 2016, 07:01:55 AM
Aeolus, quick, make another post so we can all shout "HE'S OVER 9000!!!!"
9  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: Favorite game companies? on: July 17, 2016, 08:30:04 PM
Falcom for development, and XSEED for the Falcom localizations. XSEED also for quirky localizations, *especially* Corpse Party. I'm still shocked by how much I like those games.

I love me some Gust ... but I personally didn't like seeing the switch from NISA to Tecmo Koei for Gust game localizations, and the hand that T-K has had with Gust in general. I think the games are also coming out at too fast a pace, kinda like ... oh, I don't know, Dynasty Warriors? ;_;

And screw it ... y'know what? I like the current Square Enix. There are things I DON'T like about them, sure. And if I were the guy on top, I'd be directing the company in a variety of different directions that I would perceive as better. But y'know what? When Cavia first tanked after Drakengard 2 (which was, IMO, the worst thing they've ever released), Square Enix had the faith (and money) to sink into Yoko Taro and Yosuke Saito to make NieR. So guess what? I wouldn't have NieR, or its soundtrack, without Square Enix. How can I complain? And now we're getting a sequel with Platinum Games upping the combat system. Hellz to the yes.
10  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Zero Escape 3 official on: July 16, 2016, 12:14:04 AM
Something from VLR's epilogue that I wanted answers on but didn't get:

Clover and Alice said they had a way to go back to their own past / timeline. Their answer? "Schr÷dinger's. / Cat!" That could mean any of a number of things. But whatever it meant, we didn't get to find out what it was.

Maybe this franchise needs like a 13-ep OVA anime to tie up all the various loose ends. I'd watch.
11  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Zero Escape 3 official on: July 05, 2016, 11:01:48 PM
okokok, Dice had THE BEST writeup I think I have seen and will ever see about this game.


> Jeez, Aoi got plot-demoted real fucking fast.  
Seven I'm glad is doing alright!  

> Is it bad the 'Stranded Pair' made me just ask "they should just do each other to pass the time" right from the beginning?

> Hey did you know Carlos has a sick sister? AND that he fights fire!??!!?!?  WITH FIRE.  THE FIRE IN HIS HEART.

> Delta.... Oh Delta.  Good and bad.  Loved the idea here, I love that he, like Akane, need the game they create to ensure their own survival (chicken? egg?). And I like how Mira is the sort of starting thread in a lot of this; as much as her character is "just crazy" it's a kind of cool way to start the chain of events (or, yeah, that snail).  But wow the cult, Brother, millions of deaths, radical-6 plots really get swept under a rug in order to emphasize one part of the story --- the characters.  Which I guess isn't a bad thing.   Anyways, I thought he had a cool design about him.  Mind hacking was stupid though.  Fuck, whatever, give him some magical power too why not.  

 That said, I find him kinda just "going with the flow", despite his machinations in each timeline, very surprising and a lot of fun to think about.  He literally gets away with murders in other dimensions, he's completely fucking evil, but since you all got out okay [in one timeline], so too does he walk away from having commit *any* crimes, hell he even died in timelines and had videos set up for their eventuality... but to him, since he can't SHIFT, it's happening to him "once" and only once.  Wooooooah.

> Ultimately, I think this game was hurt by the lack of visual novel --- it was a full cinematic spectacle.  It's admirable as hell that they really did so much of the game like this.  But the budget made really half-assed looking action and way too many awkward moments.  It turned events that totally suit the Zero Escape world look a lot more rushed (because you don't wanna do THAT much dialogue if you have to animate/voice it all).  The game does better when it can describe its scenes, and work with its characters.  This game really rushed the exposition really dispels a lot of the suspense.

...So who the fuck was Brother anywa--- ah fuck it.

I super-agree about everything you had to say about the guy whose name is between Gamma and Epsilon. Like, everything.

And the choice to go full-cinematic, while admirable, was (I agree) misguided. For some of the most action-heavy parts, what they'll do is show two characters posed pre-confrontation (think Goku and Freiza doing some heavy breathing before preparing for a kick-punch-flurry or energy ball of death), then we hear some sound effects as the camera CONVENIENTLY STARES AT THE CEILING, and then we get the post-confrontation shot (someone is dead, they're stuck in a bear hug while person 3 off to the side is shouting "no stop!", etc). Animating the actual charge and body-shifting to get into those positions was just too much, so ... ceiling.

The ceiling knew Carlos was a firefighter all along.
12  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Zero Escape 3 official on: July 04, 2016, 08:48:33 PM
I would be disappointed if this was the conclusion but there is no way we don't get a 4th game now with how it ended.  There wasn't even an end file for D-Team.  We have no idea what happened to them.

Yeah. That and uh ... Free the Soul / Brother. -- Delta talked about *six people* that died because of the snail blocking the right path. Best as I can tell, *one of those six* is the brother that "Brother" lost tragically that leads him to form his cult. And wait ... didn't they say that Delta had an "adopted" brother in the 1904 timeline? Who the hell was that, and maybe in another timeline Delta *is* Brother? Oooyyy...

And they might want to have a nonary game scenario that involves the "all dead instead of 75% dead" path. I would like to think the "all dead" path involves Free the Soul ... it's what they'd do if they didn't naturally have a super-virus (that they didn't spread?) at hand.

Also, whether or not Carlos off'd Delta, probably worth checking into.

Also also -- alien technology transporter. Will we meet some aliens? I feel like the pseudo-science, urban legends, and philosophical concepts/paradoxes of 999 were so much better in terms of context to the story and enriching the overall experience than they were in VLR, and doubly so for ZTD.
13  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Zero Escape 3 official on: July 04, 2016, 01:19:35 PM
cleared game, read some recent posts including a lot of the spoiler-box speculation / frustration, and I am on-board with pretty much all of you.

I'm disappointed with the game overall. D-Team was the most interesting stuff.

IMO, this game was a sequel to VLR that ties up one loose end (and introduces another loose end to tie up -- Phi).

But it was *not* the capstone of a trilogy. It doesn't feel like a trilogy at all. The game had nothing to do with Free The Soul & Brother, and they seem like the big-bads of the franchise.

And as many other people said ... Junpei was just terrible and Akane was not the Akane we knew in 999. Their characters were *so* unlike themselves, and Junpei's visual design alone is SO far from what he had been one year prior (did he emo-dye his hair black?) ... it's just a major problem.

And no Santa? Nothing? They mention him in passing, but come on.

I am just so upset. Major, major disappointment.
14  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Squeenix' best surprise EVER!! (Adv. of Mana) on: July 04, 2016, 01:12:21 PM
This tickled me as well. Vita port means a lot to me.

Also hoping for RS2 on Vita. :)
15  Media / Multiplayer RPGs / Re: Final Fantasy XI - Journal! on: July 04, 2016, 01:42:21 AM
i hope iroha appears again in eorzea sunce shes stuck there and dang cloud of darkness sure gets around.

Since they got multiple worlds all over the place (Shadow Realm, Tartarus, etc, some of it being swallowed by Cloud of Darkness) and other FF properties have suggested the same idea (FFIV After Years) -- I say, the more Vana'diel -> Eorzea they can crossover, the better. In my mind, it would make sense that Shantotto, Iroha, and possibly Cait Sith (and Lilisette with?) could get in as some side content.
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