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16  Media / General Games / Re: VA-11 HALL-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action on: July 15, 2016, 04:13:01 AM
Mkay, about nearly two hours in and I think I have a grasp on the 'problems'. Two easy summaries here. Marty can correct me if I'm wrong.

1. Characters are written pretty trope heavy for this setting. To summarize, imagine the character 'Drill Sargent'. Most people would have every other word be something crass and foul just because that's the archetypal expectation. Even if it doesn't feel like an appropriate or organic moment, a lazy writer will still force in a stream of put-downs just because they're afraid that if they stop they'll break type and the reader will no longer connect. When in truth it is when and how you break the trope that creates 'character'. VA-11 doesn't appear eager to do that.

2. About half the discussions so far revolve around deviancy, in multiple definitions. Sexual deviancy being one of them with light dusting talk of activities, fetishes, ect. For someone unacquainted with said material, I can honestly see how the dialog might feel skeevy and the things they discuss a little uncomfortable for your average, ordinary person to process. If you have any exposure at all to those circles though, VA-11's content is pretty light. As someone's who's observed people's behaviors and has knowledge about exactly what some people are interested in (I will not detail here because if others, like Marty, think VA-11 is creepy then I know most of my acquired knowledge might give them sleep deprevation); VA-11 is harmless.

Heck I might even go as far to say it's 'cute' (in a patronizing manner) because you can tell it's 'trying' to bring these up as though it might be some controversial, socially awkward material but really it's just surface stuff. Sort of like how a young one might be impressed by swimming to the bottom of the pool when that particular field extends all the way out to tank-free ocean divers.

17  Media / General Games / Re: VA-11 HALL-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action on: July 15, 2016, 03:01:49 AM
I got curious after seeing Marty's comment. So I'm gonna watch the first 30 minutes of it because I'm morbidly driven to absorb fictional data.

Stream of Thought:

-Huh. Never noticed they advertise the very first line of their product as being "about waifus". That automatically sets my bar to the writing expectation level of '11 year old proud of their first smutty fanfiction'.

-Stating this now before I get it. I always have believed that if a writer feels the need to use Greek, Norse, or Roman mythology to generate names for anything in their world it shows a sheer level of laze that taints your product automatically. And a general lack of caring or research into the field of well...ANYTHING creative. Bad writers use this as a naming crutch like shonens use extended guttural grunts as 'enthralling time filler'. Anyway, let's see it.

-Less than a minute in and you're already labeling a faction in your world as 'White Knights' as a corruption force. Between this and 'waifus' this game is gonna try to utilize the internet like 00's Dreamworks uses Pop Culture isn't it? Throw everything in and just hope something makes someone laugh because 'Reference!'

-Default text scrolling speed appears to be waaaaay too fast for your average reader. Someone didn't Q&A this basic feature very well.

-I'm having a love/hate relationship with this setting. I love it because it gives me Snatcher vibes. The world needs a resurrection of Snatcher-level games. I hate it because they're doing quick/dirty Cyberpunk by the books. And as the live action Genie likes to say: "They hit every. Branch. On. The. Way. Down!"

-"This game is best played getting comfortable." ...as opposed to all those other games that are best played when you're irritable? Good to know Bar Sim isn't gonna be an e-sport.

-Oh, the game knows it's a game and is immediately gonna be blunt about it. ...biting my tongue here. This can go either way.

-By the way Anna, what did you just do? Did you pop out of the TV instantly like some sort of digital ghost? Are you a hologram-integrated AI with the bar? Are you just a bored high school girl trope who pre-timed that and just leapt up from under the bar? I know this isn't really important but when you get me curious about something that'd only take a single line of dialog to explain and then utterly ignore it for bland exposition you lose points.

-I'm going to guess hologram since you keep flickering. Either that or your nanomachines got drunk way before you have.

-"It was just a dream!" ...wow, less than three minutes and already a cardinal sin worthy of a "**** you, writer."

-"Your membership to Shining Fingered..." So it's a G Gundam reference AND a, I assume, masterbatory act all in one? Erm...okay. How about I just start keeping my own little 'Sin Counter' for Internet References Wildly Thrown.


-So Jill has a crush on her boss hmm? Well, I suppose could be cute. I wonder what else is on this scree-. *spots the pink T-Shirt with 'Slut' in the window*


-I do like how the Save/Load is integrated into the phone here. This really is a positive point. Although I do have to ask...this IS a Cyberpunk setting right? Should she be at least using something more future-tech than a Blackberry? Or at least near-future? Just saying.

-So we're in Glitch City hmm? Eh...I'll let this one pass. Mostly because I was expecting the Augmented Eye to be an Illuminati reference so I'm feeling merciful.

-...what's a 'John face'? I know the whole "You look like a (insert name)" shtick but John is pretty much code for 'bland/generic/universal'. Hence why every bad fake ID in the English language tends to use John Smith. That seems to be an odd thing to say about this design, which doesn't really look like it blends into a crowd.

-"Where's Boss?" Wait...so their name is ACTUALLY Boss? ...really? I'll sit on this one for now. Continue.

-There's digi-girl flickering on again for a moment. Either it's gonna be mentioned in a bit or this is just a cycling background.

-Hrmm...just a nitpick here. But neutering an animal isn't going to break your bank. The proliferation of budget spay/neuter places exists even in our current era. I'll give you a pass, but not without a wrist smacking. Especially since I'd say your drinking hobby probably costs more in a day than what cat care costs in a week.

-The character-given tutorial is fine. But why do you need to keep putting in '...' for Jill so often? It's kinda damaging the flow here. We pretty much auto-assume PCs go AWOL in moments like this anyway.

-Mmm....gonna ding Piano Man just because how often than tends to show up in music channels online. Only half a point though since it's popularity predates the net.

IRWT: 4.5

-Honestly loving the music. Might have to look into the OST for this later.

-Ahhh, so she DOES have a name. Gotcha gotcha.

-Pretty sure you just made Gil go clean the bathroom with a toothbrush. Even you didn't wanna say it outloud game since you KNOW how overused that is. No ding yet until I'm sure. Probably just gonna forget it though.

-Pot shot at New Jersey. Yawn.

-Alice_Rabbit. Double ding here. One for Wonderland referencing (about the same level of laze as mythology namine), another for Matrix Referencing.

IRWT: 6.5

-Overt referencing to Clickbaiting.

IRWT: 7.5

-While I want to give you credit for trying to pick up a heavier topic right out the game like Desensitization due to media overexposure of violence...you're also the same story that, again, first line advertises about your 'waifus'. Forgive me if I'm a bit dismissive about this going anywhere.

-Sodomization reference. Personal nitpick here, but ever since Ben-To I give any fictional work heavy strike makes that makes casual reference to Anal rape in a dismissive or comedic fashion. Heavy Strike #1. (I usually give a product about 4-5 of these before I just drop it outright; and I can count the number of fictional works that's ever hit this number on one hand.)

-*snerks* ...okay, I'll admit. Not gonna spoil the joke but the Gil follow up here made me laugh.

-From media violence to celebrity projecting. So basically I think what this looks like is they're just gonna chat about both sides of an issue without really doing anything more than surface skimming. Mmm, okays, seems like fair enough banter with a media mogul.

-Blow job references. Sigh.

-Investor rant. A thinly veiled disguise about Dev vs Indie publishing. *eye roll*

-Just because you use Sleeping Beauty's alternative name your reference isn't any more clever for it.


Annnnd, that's the half hour marker.

Eh, honestly if this was all I had to go on I'd probably wanna keep going. It's not ground-shaking fiction work but it's hardly the worst I've come across by any means. I'm actually curious enough that I'm gonna move onto the next part. No more SoT though; mostly to keep it spoiler free as possible. If I see any red flags like what Marty mentioned though I'll either edit it in below this or make a new post if it's been more than an hour.

I will say though the next four parts are labeled as follows:

-Orgy with 3 Women.
-Underaged Robots.
-KIRA!!! MIKI!!!
-Bad touch! Bad touch!

Soo...I don't expect this to take long.


Edit: Ahhh, THERE it is. Soon as the sleeping character wakes up one of her immediate assumptions is that everyone's a rapist and decides to be detailed about it. Two Heavy Strikes at once.
18  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Zero Escape 3 official on: July 11, 2016, 08:25:38 PM
Actually it's funny you bring up the comparison Fury, because I'd been thinking of listing this as a potential grumble but hadn't really felt like it since I doubted anyone here would have the knowledge to make the comparison.

I think half of the problem with ZTD ultimately comes from it trying to too heavily ape it's source material.

Officially, one of these sources is the Walking Dead games.

However I'm pretty sure 'unofficially' the writers/dev team watched Saw VI.

ZTD mirrors that particular movie more than just a little bit. To summarize:

-The whole Decision Game aspect is almost beat for beat William's Trials.
-The ending is basically the William Game ending both in direction and intended emotional/moral angle.
-The twists are pretty much identical.
Misdirection over who is in the game and who the game is for.
-Both demonize the 'clinical for the greater good' mentality.
-Both prominently feature incorrectly used
HF Acid.
19  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Grand Kingdom announced for the West on: July 05, 2016, 05:50:26 PM
I really wanted to pick this one up. But for the same reason as Overwatch, it had to go in the perma-scrapped bin. Just can't afford PSN plus regularly enough to justify picking it up. (I miss free online play. :( )
20  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Zero Escape 3 official on: July 05, 2016, 05:45:36 PM
Look at it this way then. Apparently a significant portion of people in the UK have no idea what the EU is. Doesn't mean the EU isn't important in shaping global politics.

Same deal here, to a much lower level mind you. Just because a fair portion of people dunno who Youtuber X, Y, and Z are doesn't mean their influence on the world is negligible.

I'm not trying to say one person caused 999's sales to go off the chart or anything. But it certain didn't hurt. Especially when the company itself acknowledged it. :-P


But that's enough if/and/why/maybe/∞.

Here's a kitty.

21  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Zero Escape 3 official on: July 05, 2016, 05:31:23 PM
I said the series is popular never said it sold well.  If it wasnt popular then why are they already remastering 999 and VLR on other platforms and adding voice acting to 999.  If the series had nothing going for it they would never go out on a limb and do that it would just be a dumb risk.  They know the reason why it might not sell as well as it should is because the games are stuck on the 3ds and vita until ZTD.  The steam version of ZTD easily trumps the other two and makes it way more accessible to a wider audience.  And I don't think the death of any YouTuber could make or break a game if it's good by its own standard, especially one I never heard of untill i just looked him up.

Remasters for Visual Novels aren't exactly bank-busters for expense. Just because something isn't popular doesn't mean you can't squeak some profit out of it. In fact I'd say it's pretty much a zero-risk venture because all you need to do is just be put inside of a Steam Sale rotation and it doesn't matter how good or bad your game is, you're going to make base-cover costs. I'm not saying it's a bad thing these games are being ported over mind you, but even lesser games with shallower audience pools can still chip out profits on Steam these days; because your new casual buyer type uses Whale-style purchasing patterns.

I also think you're underestimating what exactly YouTube does these days. JewWario was part of Channel Awesome (or whatever they're calling it now). And when he went, every single channel affiliated it ran something about it. (Including the Nostalgia Critic; who was one of the largest in the entertainment sphere at the time.) So the ripple effect wasn't insignificant. He didn't make/break the game outright, but the sphere of influence generated by that did quite a bit towards increasing awareness. A lot of people would've never even heard of the game were it not for him, myself included. That aside, Youtube, for better or worse, IS the make/break point for a lot of games these days. This is why Sponsored Videos, transparency there of, and so forth are major hot-button issues within the gaming community right now. All you have to do to explode your sales numbers is just make it onto one semi-large channel and boom. Instant overnight sales spikes. (Conversely, a negative video from any of these channels is pretty prone to sinking anything short of a AAA publisher.)

Really to prove my point about it's influence I only need to utter four words.

Five Nights at Freddy's.
22  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Zero Escape 3 official on: July 05, 2016, 02:46:52 PM

The series is popular, it has been getting stellar reviews...

No, it isn't. 999 & VLR both got high end reviews as well. But the game series is direly UNpopular. That's the whole reason ZE3 got canned and limbo'd for as long as it did. Japan's sales and reception were quite poor. The US had a niche audience but not enough to justify a western-based release either. The only reason we even got ZTD was by the good graces of a publisher; however the downsides of that has ensured ZTD's overall popularity is going to tank.

The publisher is likely the ones who outright insisted on the new cinematic approach in an attempt to cash in on Walking Dead popularity (they've even outright stated this during interviews) to try and correct the problem. However between the new cinematic approach, unneeded ret-conning (SHIFTers, changing how rules work, drastically re-doing character personalities into worse interpretations, ect.) they've effectively done two things.

1. They have not absorbed a new player base. Japan already had a lukewarm relationship with Walking Dead style gameplay to begin with. And anyone who 'was' drawn in solely by the new style would be chased away pretty fast by the fact that ZTD is a horrible jumping in point for the series. Imagine trying to get someone into, say for a quick example, Final Fantasy VII by starting them out on Disk 3. All the changes made for the sake of expanding the playerbase have done anything BUT. In fact...conversely...

2. These changes, in addition with ditching series-long plot threads all together (Santa, Outside Entity, ect.) Are undeniably going to fracture the playerbase they DID have. Sure, you may have liked everything. But you only need to glance around here to tell it's at minimum a 50/50 split for those who were immune from ZTD's faults. When you make a shift this drastic it's pretty much inevitable that you're going to alienate the players who were attracted to your original two products by virtually ripping out everything reflective of them in your third.

So, we then have to take all this together.

-Zero Escape was already a poorly performing franchise financially and unpopular even within its niche audience.
-ZTD's alterations have not drawn in a new fan base.
-ZTD's alterations are so drastic that existing fan base fracturing is inevitable.
-Meaning; ZTD's end-reception is going to be much worse than it's predecessors.

-If Zero Escape was already near-dead after the A+ performance of 999/VLR, it's certainly dead now after ZTD's lukewarm landing.


Heck, I'm going to pull out a blunt factoid here for a moment.

Let's be perfectly frank. The only reason 999/VLR did as well as it did over here, is because JewWario reviewed 999 shortly before his suicide. The retroactive viewings generated by that very minor (by internet standards, not to downplay the event) shockwave created enough awareness of the game to draw in people to at least try it. It's very likely that without his unfortunate passing that VLR might've suffered a ZTD-style fate.

As much as I do adore the series, it's pretty much absolutely Grandia'd.
23  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Zero Escape 3 official on: July 04, 2016, 05:20:18 PM
For reasons they don't really super explain, that doesn't seem to work. I forget which ending it is, but:

In one of the endings where Sigma lays dying in Diana's arms he's rambling and
accidentally calls her Luna. Amongst the random things he says, he mentions he can
no longer Shift because his connection to the timeline is cut; or something like that.

Basically it looks like when your other self is plucked for death replacement their own
Shifting powers are somehow canceled out. Which is weird, but ZTD says them's the rules.
24  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Zero Escape 3 official on: July 02, 2016, 04:49:50 PM
For the first half of the C-Team storyline I was really hoping

Junpei was being a dick because somehow his Shifter powers were enough
to have retroactively given him knowledge of the VLR timeline. So he actually
REMEMBERED that whole 45+ year chase and what Akane put everyone through.
Now 'that' would actually justify his animosity and give them a nice character
climax throughout ZTD as Junpei came to terms with several lifetimes of
hellish pursuit through time and space; while Akane would perhaps finally
realize that it's okay to feel a little guilt and show more than two drops
of emotion for what she put Junpei through.

But nope. Jumpy-hole because for some reason we needed two jerks. And Akane being...
an exposition box. Kinda fitting her status portrait because she really does fulfill the same
plot-role as 'Token Catgirl'.

Agreed though that the Sigma/Diana stuff really carried the story enough to make up for
this dire let down. Despite my complaint about the birthing circumstances of Phi and Delta
it really is fairly touching.

<.< A bit cheatery...but still touching. (I mean really, ultimately Sigma/Diana get together
because Sigma has a 'Diana Life Strategy Guide'. XD ) But to be fair, from what I remember
of the post-game files (which I was heavily skimming at that point), it does reverse upon
young Sigma's return. So at least it wasn't a one sided cheatery. :3
25  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Zero Escape 3 official on: July 02, 2016, 04:17:27 PM
Honestly I think the most likely answer for anything involving Mira is the simplest one.

The creator had major favoritism for her to the point of...ugh.

This is pretty evident when you read the epilogue Files you get for beating the game. Lemme just summarize the Q-team one for you.

Eric somehow convinced Mira to both go to prison to make up for her crimes AND
to marry him. So he spends years visiting her and somehow Mira's softened just from
his devotion.

Sean magically shows up and decides "This is a waste". So he punches out the wall so
the two can magically run off into the sunset as felons for life.

The end.

No...really...that brain bleach is the canonical postlude ending to that plot thread.

Come to think of it. The entire post-credits writing for ZTD is like a bad Oprah fanfiction.

You get a marriage! And you get a marriage! And YOU get a marriage!

While I'm thinking about it, another moment of end-game weirdness.

Why on earth did they suddenly feel the need to get all moralistic with 'What right do we
have to murder our other selves to escape?'

I mean...really? REALLY? What have you been doing THE ENTIRE GAME? You made it BEYOND
clear that you knew darn well each death-Shift was drawing in another still-alive version to eat
the bullet (sometimes literally) for you. It's be like getting to an end boss for Final Fantasy then
suddenly running into a 10 minute monologue about how 'Murdering is bad guys. Maybe
we should just let Kefka go.'

26  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Zero Escape 3 official on: July 02, 2016, 03:06:25 PM

- Alright, let's be real
Who the fuck is this super-terrorist that Delta cannot fucking catch.
The man is a 124 year old genius with the power to read millions of minds across multiple dimensions
and he STILL cannot catch this guy and needs the help of CQD to catch. What are we gonna do,
exactly, that he cannot. Not being able to SHIFT himself didn't seem to stop him conducting a
multi-dimensional death dungeon trap experiment with his other selves.

I was thinking about this today and honestly it really is the worst part of the whole story/set up. My complaints about cliche/laziness aside. Let's look at the pure logistics of it.

Delta has Mind Hacking, the ability to read anyone's mind, read out entire alternative histories
through memories even the user themselves might not be aware of via the morphogentic field,
and exercise physical control over a single person's actions against their will.

The trade off is, he can't Shift. However; he created a Quantum computer who which not only
can see an infinite amount of alternative histories, it effectively CAN shift via physical forms such
as Q due to being able to see these histories. It's not a Shifter in the traditional sense, but its
more than good enough.

So, in theory, his means if Delta wants to find someone, he can send Q-bots out on a global
search across every possible alternative history until locating the one in which a Q-bot successfully
finds Super Terror HQ. Then via Mind Hacking either terminate that person or do something to
completely delete their actions leading to a World End timeline.


The plot says 'he can't'.

Which means any number of the following things.

-Super Terror is immune to Mind Hacking.
-Super Terror can undo Shifts.
-Super Terror literally does not exist as a physical entity (it might be a 4D being living directly
within the Morphogentic Field, for example).
-Super Terror is both a Mind Hacker AND a Shifter, and a stronger one than Delta and his
quantum computer; therefore any contact made means Delta will automatically lose the

In either case...it's a very bland story element.

It's quintessentially the 'DBZ Problem'.

Once a villain has reached 'I can blow up the planet' levels it becomes gradually harder to
take future threats more seriously. When scaling reaches those levels, it no longer matters
because you're just spouting numbers to make things sound all bigger and badder.

"That's enough energy to blow up the planet 10 times over." = "I can blow up Earth."

Same threat, same song and dance, Villain C is just arbitrarily statistically higher than Villain A.  

Unfortunately this is what the Zero Escape universe has devolved into, and most mercifully
the series ends here or it's just going to get beyond stupid. The characters existing can already
mind control, flawlessly memory read, and time travel. Effectively they're gods. There's already
no real threat in the games because they're just going to Shift out of danger and nothing
sticks. It's the "Oh, you died? Here's some Dragon Balls. Again." Heck they bring this up
in the C route of ZTD directly.

To finally get around to answering your question though. This really means that the only thing
we can do, that Delta 'can't', is find more Shifters. As ZTD has re-written the lore that more
Shifters = Stronger Effect for all, even non-Shifters. So basically, to keep with the analogy,
Delta wants us to learn how to cast a Morphogentic Spirit Bomb.

This is why the plot needs to end here. >.>
27  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Zero Escape 3 official on: July 02, 2016, 01:10:57 AM
Here's another fun little factoid. If you treat your entire game experience thinking like Phi, the major twist was spoiled the second news about this game circulated the media.

Zero Time Dilemma

Zero Time Dilma
(I'm Zero.)

Te Dilma
(I'm Delta.)
28  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Zero Escape 3 official on: July 01, 2016, 09:43:12 AM
A random musing that just hit me. For anyone who's done both options of the Decontamination Rooms.

Is it just me, or is it kinda silly how ZTD completely forgets how Hydroflouric Acid really works?

You'd think this shouldn't be a nitpick but really, think about it for a moment. This series absolutely
REVELS in doing research into obscure, theoretic, and even pseudo sciences. Just so it can have
it's 5+ minute sessions utilizing these concepts. And it's not like it traditionally dumbs them down
or anything either. It intentionally treats its audience as though they're perfectly capable of
understanding all this with minimal hand-holding.

And then suddenly it picks one of the least speed-corrosive acids for a melting scene?

It's such an elementary flaw that it's almost akin to a mechanic suddenly trying to tell you
that combustion engines run on butter and bacon grease instead of combustion. >.>
29  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Zero Escape 3 official on: June 30, 2016, 02:38:05 AM
Okay, just finished the game. Let's just keep it simple and specific-spoiler free.

Final Grade: B- (For comparison: 999: A-, VLR: A+ )

-Game has major pacing and characterization problems for the first 12 hours.
-Characterization problems are almost never corrected.
-Plot does get pretty gripping for the last 7-8 hours and finally slows the **** down, but what you have to put up with to get there dampens this.
-The game's largest plot twist comes pretty out of nowhere, with minimal hinting. Leaves you feeling cheated, unlike 999's/VLR's.
-Final ending is by and large apathetic. Yes, it resolves almost every plot thread. But the lack of emotional investment in the end just leaves you shrugging your shoulders.
-Zero II never becomes a compelling villain.

In short, play it, brace yourself but mostly enjoy the ride, be relieved to know that a trilogy like this does actually see some measure of resolution.

Now to expand upon some of my issues in spoiler territory.


-Probably THE biggest complaint I have is the utter ruining of the Akane/Junpei arc.
Like Sigma/Diana this should've been a pretty big climax, bigger in fact since we've
been trailing this pair across three games now. Unfortunately...they went to such
great lengths to ruin Junpei as a character that I felt no joy in watching him finally
propose to Akane. If anything I called bullroar on it because he'd be acting
so out of character that there's NOTHING left of him compared to the
999/VLR counterparts. It was a very sour production to watch play out
across the entire game. And just when you think he might've improved
a little bit he still goes back into ragey-teenager mode shortly after.
Bad form game. Bad form.

-I mentioned it above, but I really do feel cheated by the revelation that Q-team
really had four people in it all long. Maybe if this were in 999 or VLR style this method
of sneakiness wouldn't have been such a cop out. But because ZTD opted for this
cinematic approach, just visually deleting a character from a scene entirely and
then trying to pull the "Oh, he was there all along. Just in some way far remote
corner over a dozen yards away we opted not to show you in order to keep it
a secret" is just...grr. It's like a magician trying to claim his rabbit-hat trick is
impressive, when what he really did was blindfold everyone right before
the trick so you couldn't see him put the rabbit in.

-It also felt like they had to ret-con their own lore for this entire story to take
place. VLR specifically explains that when you put a bunch of Shifters in a localized
area the strongest one essentially zaps the juice from the weaker ones to
produce a more powerful effect. That's why future Junpei wasn't getting much of
anything at all, and why Phi's Shifting was shakier than Sigmas. (Clover just wasn't
noticing because she's a sender, not a receiver.) Gathering them all there was to
specifically power-up Sigma and Phi through this leeching. So, because of VLR's
explanation, the ZTD scenario should not be able to happen at all. You cannot
have 6 functional shifters all in one group. One or two of the stronger ones
will pretty much zap all the field energy of the others.

-There we a few moments too that felt like the cast had to be force fed Idiot Pills
to have happen. Most are nitpicks, but the biggest one is easily the birth of Delta and Phi.
'Hey, we're locked in a shelter with a finite amount of food. Let's make babies.' Sigma and
Diana pretty much gave birth to two babies just to watch them starve to death. Probably
one of the most 'villain' things to happen in this series. And no, the transportation didn't
correct that. Remember the core copies stay behind in addition to the split copies being
sent off. And this was WITHOUT knowledge about what those children would become.

So, yeah, a very inhumane thing to do.

-Speaking of the Transporter; this is the only method given between all three games
now that allows physical transportation for bodies between timespace. ...which means
it has to be the method Clover and Alice mentioned at the end of VLR. ...which means
they actually NEVER returned to the past. Just their copies. Their mains are still trapped
in the dead-future. ...way to retroactively ruin your one bit of hope-spot for VLR there
ZTD. Drag everyone down with you why don't you?

-Also, they never did explain the anomaly at all. Which is quite irritating to say the least.
They made a small deal out of it in 999 and specifically devoted the very last scene of the
game to it in VLR. I'd thought for a moment that all the 'My body did something I didn't
want it to' moments were going to be about this anomaly. But no, that's all Delta's
doing. And it can't have been Delta at the end of VLR because he has no Shifting powers.

So essentially they took this plot thread and unceremoniously left it forgotten in the corner.

*golf clap*

-And ah yes, the 'reason' for all this happening...is very, very weak. For a game that adores
fleshing out its world, giving you every last detail about all the proper plot points...to suddenly
just resort to 'An unnamed terrorist kills the planet with generic bad-guy methods.' No details
on the who, no names, no dates, not even a remote hint on how the group is supposed to
find and deal with them. You don't have to pursue this outright but come on game...not
even a sliver? Just seems like you jammed this in there for quick-lazy justification for Delta
without bothering to fill in the blanks because you knew you'd never ever have to. That's
one of the reasons the ending just feels so emotionless. It's pretty obvious they didn't care
to elaborate. And if the creator doesn't care about their work, the viewer feels it and it

And for funsies, even though my second 'Called It' guess was very wrong. My first one most irksomely proved true.

They went and killed the dog. ;_;
30  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: The tri-Ace General Discussion (& Star Ocean 5) Thread on: June 29, 2016, 06:22:06 PM
Odd, I rather liked Dragon Quarter much better than the touted Breath of Fire 3. For some reason that one just never really clicked with me. Even IV I prefer above III and I'd rank IV and DQ evenly.
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