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946  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: The Last Story - FIrst Trailer Ever! on: July 08, 2010, 09:29:50 AM
That looks fantastic. Exciting too. Knowing my luck it won't get a PAL release...

I had to laugh though when they were ducking behind cover. Made me think of Gears of War... haha.
947  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: The Shiniest New Sword on: July 06, 2010, 10:14:31 AM
I haven't played Dark Cloud 2, but consensus is that for many gamers it wins the "most improved sequel" award.  Dark Cloud was seen as meh, even bad, but Dark Cloud 2 is considered by many to be one of the best RPGs on the PS2

I played both and didn't like either. 2 was at least bearable, but still extremely repetitive.
948  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: Good PSN Games? on: July 06, 2010, 04:08:05 AM
Cool, thanks guys. I'd forgotten about the retro titles too. Thanks for listing them Hoshino!
949  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: Games With Lots of Exploration.... on: July 06, 2010, 04:07:33 AM
Thanks for all the great suggestions guys! Gonna go check some of them out!
950  The Rest / General Discussions / Good PSN Games? on: July 05, 2010, 04:08:10 AM
Finally decided to take the plunge and buy a PSN store pre-paid card. I'm already planning to buy the LittleBigPlanet Pirates and MGS DLC. I'm probably also going to try flower.

Excluding DLC, what are some good original titles I should try out?
951  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: I have a PS3 (finally). Reccomend me stuff!!!!!! on: July 03, 2010, 10:14:21 AM
Siren: Blood Curse is a neat game, if you are a fan of the horror genre. It's on PSN, but I got a physical copy of the Asia version, since I didn't want a digital copy of it.

Australia got a physical copy! *points at the one sitting on my shelf*
952  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: Games With Lots of Exploration.... on: July 03, 2010, 10:11:20 AM
Ultima 4 - 7, dammit ~~~. But mostly 6 and 7 and the Worlds of Ultima games. Also Ultima Underworld 1, at least.

Arx Fatalis would probably work.

Gothic 1 and 2 would REALLY work.

Star Control 2 would SUPER DUPER work.

Everblue 2, Aquanaut's Holiday, etc, though your mileage may vary about how well you like them. I personally adore them both although AH barely counts as a game.

Yume Nikki, Seiklus, Nifflas' stuff.

Uru, or the Myst games in general, really, although moreso Uru and probably Riven than like, Exile, or Myst 4, both of which were sort of linearish.

Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl and Call of Pripyat. Call of Pripyat is soooo gooooood.


I'd probably also toss in Omikron though I haven't played that in ages.

Tell you what I liked so much about this list? I wasn't familiar with about half the games! Haha. The only ones I'd played were Myst and Gothic. I liked Gothic 1, but as cool as the exploration was, there were a lot of problems with it. The ones I hadn't heard of I went and looked them up and there some awesome looking ones. Not quite sure how I could get my hands on them any more though...

The Baldur's Gate Series was intense for how precise you could hover your mouse over the environments (literally like a pixel big).

Fallout 1 and 2 are way better than 3, depending on your luck you could find some crazy shit randomly wandering around the desert.

Yup, got BG series. I haven't played FO1 or 2, but I know we've got them in stock where I work. Might take a look at picking them up.
953  The Rest / The Bazaar / Re: Time to sell... on: July 03, 2010, 04:37:12 AM
Thanks for the suggestion, Sketch. I've never sold anything on ebay before, so I'm not really sure the best way to go about this. Do you think wanting to get $400 for all of these is setting my hopes too high?

You could get more than 400, I reckon. If you're lucky, some of those rarer ones alone could go for 50-60 each. Potentially even more.
954  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: Games With Lots of Exploration.... on: July 02, 2010, 08:28:37 PM
Dragon quest 8 and final fantasy 12 both instantly pop into my mind for their huge worlds.

I've got DQ 8, but haven't played much yet. FF 12 I have played and I really enjoyed the exploration (it was a pity the story and characters were not good).

Fallout 3? Although in fairness that could essentially fall under "Elder Scrolls" games. ;-)

Haha, yeah. I actually didn't like FO3. I found the world too bland.

Vice City.

The only GTA game I've played is IV. I didn't like it. Though I do hear the earlier ones are better. I might give it a look.

~ ~ ~

Any other suggestions?
955  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Which character ended up dating Lightning for you? on: July 02, 2010, 11:08:51 AM
I can't decide whether or not to interject.

I think I'll stay with "no comment".... :P
956  The Rest / General Discussions / Games With Lots of Exploration.... on: July 02, 2010, 11:06:35 AM
Having been playing through Demon's Souls, I've been reminded how much I love games were you can explore. Not necessarily open-world, but just ones where there's always something new or unexpected to find around the corner.

I'm now hoping that perhaps some of you can recommend me any games that feature great exploring. I won't list all the ones I've played, but a few of my favourite ones that jump to mind would be (in no particular order)...

- Demon's Souls [Lots of items and equipment to find + Interesting and varied locations to run around.]
- The Elder Scrolls Series [Requires no explanation :P]
- Shadow of the Colossus [Although there's not much to find, exploring the world is still fun.]
- The Legend of Zelda series, but specifically Ocarina of Time [The 100 Gold Skulltulas, magic bean spots, hidden locations etc.]
- Little King's Story [Quest-style exploration]
- Banjo Tooie [Damn there was a lot of extra stuff to find and explore in this one.]
- Katamari series [Though, admittedly, this is kind of crazy exploration...]

I'm sure there's more but that's all I can think of right now.

If anyone could recommend me some for PS2, PS3, PSP, DS, PC or Wii, I would be eternally greatful! :D But if any spring to mind that aren't on those platforms, I'd be happy to hear about them too!
957  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: I have a PS3 (finally). Reccomend me stuff!!!!!! on: July 02, 2010, 10:54:17 AM
My favourites on PS3 (though I'm sure there will be some disagreement) are...

- LittleBigPlanet
- Heavy Rain
- Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope
- Demon's Souls
- Uncharted 1 and/or 2
- Siren Blood Curse (if you like horror)
- Modnation Racers (I've been really enjoying)
- BlazBlue (best fighter on the system)
- Devil May Cry 4
- Katamari Forever (I LOVE this)
- inFamous (is pretty fun)
- Darksiders

That was way more than I was planning to list... :P
958  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Demon's Souls on: June 29, 2010, 07:44:12 PM
My first time with the game was entirely offline, in an empty house at night.

I've been playing online and, honestly, I think the messages and phantoms really take away from the atmosphere of the game. I would prefer to have been feeling like I was all alone--more like a survival game. Mind you, I could always play offline, I suppose. But I'm sure I'd die even more often...
959  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Demon's Souls on: June 28, 2010, 06:40:01 PM
So I've made it to the boss in 1-1 on my third try, fought it and lost. It's supposed to be weak against fire but I used all the bombs before getting there and I'm using a temple knight. Still trying to figure out what I should do about that. 

I'm a Temple Knight too. I had saved up all the firebombs, unaware of the battle, and using all 10 I had made that fight easy.

I'm struggling to get through world 1-2 though. There's a big difficulty jump.
960  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Trinity Universe Or Nier on: June 28, 2010, 12:29:39 AM
I'm currently working on the review for Trinity Universe.

you're doing that so soon after reviewing tales of symphonia 2?
you must be very very brave

Thank you, I appreciate that! Trinity Universe is better than Symphonia 2, but not by a whole lot...
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