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1201  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: Maybe it's the weed - but I find this horribly amusing... on: July 18, 2010, 09:24:33 PM
Dices threads always seem to take a different direction than she probably indented...

I think the last one went off on a tangent about Indian food and now it seems to be going the way of drugs.

speaking of indian food, is a place considered "indian" if only indians work in said place but not have any association with food that originates from that country?
that was probably a bad, insensitive question but it's really been bugging me

I can genuinely say I prefer calmed stoners to drunken losers.

that seems a little unfair since I've heard of drunks that are friendlier while being drunk than being not drunk at all.
1202  Media / Miscellaneous Games / Re: Front Mission Evolved on: July 18, 2010, 07:55:06 PM
Yeah, in some of the more recent coverage of the game its a complete third person shooter, which kinda makes me cringe since ive always loved the customization of the mechs.

"third person shooter" makes me think dirge of cerberus, and believe it or not, I liked that game
I'm thinking about getting front mission ds this year because it is pretty cheap at gamestop.
1203  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: The more RPG's I play, the more I forget on: July 18, 2010, 07:16:52 PM
I love to forget the stories cause that means its time for a replay. I make it a point to not remember stories so i can always have something to play.

especially if something big gets spoiled
1204  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: Maybe it's the weed - but I find this horribly amusing... on: July 18, 2010, 02:26:43 AM

I'm only slightly tired and that thing about lack of apparent (or probably stereotypical) gay people made me do a facepalm mentally
1205  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: RPGFan Podcast Thread on: July 18, 2010, 02:16:38 AM
argh, I'm still finishing episode 3.
and this audio playing thing shouldn't be so small considering this podcast is really long
also because I keep getting confused so I end up going back a minute to 40 seconds just to hear a few sentences.
someone mentioned tales being turn-based, but I think it's real time/action.
1206  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: New Disgaea on PS3 on: July 18, 2010, 01:50:44 AM
I'm still just a few hours into afternoon of darkness, but I am excited to see reviews for this new one
1207  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: jeanne d'arc on: July 17, 2010, 04:10:06 PM
Yes, this game was the reason why I bought PSP. You will not forget the times when you played this game.

I was about to post the exact same thing, this game was one of the reasons I bought a PSP. I can't help it, I'm just a sucker for SRPGs.

at first, i mostly got it to play ff tactics, crisis core and star ocean
1208  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: Youtube on: July 17, 2010, 05:30:49 AM
this thread needs a few semi-intellectual videos
bill maher:
and christian fundamentalist arguments, except done by people that probably don't share these opinions:
1209  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Where Should I Begin? on: July 17, 2010, 04:26:36 AM
Oh and Bangai-O spirits isn't an RPG but it's fun.

wikipedia says: "Upon completing all of the stages under "Treasure's Best" in free mode, a brief cutscene will play, with one of the characters saying "We're only here because the fanboys would throw a fit on the internet if the game didn't have an ending.""
do you know if this is true?
if it is, I'm so going to get it someday particularly because of that line
1210  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Megami Tensei Topic on: July 16, 2010, 06:52:45 AM
I read something a while ago about some online, probably browser based version of Persona 3
how much attention is it gonna get from atlus?
source of information about The Night Before Persona 3
Persona Ain Soph doesn't seem to be working now
Digital Devil Arcanum has spiffy title screen music
"The Night Before" was supposedly only connected to Persona 3 by being set in port island.
and it also supposedly involves tartarus
and from everything I can assume about ain soph, it's associated with "infinity" instead of a number such 0, 1, 2, 3, or 4
and that's based on "ain soph" being spelled similarly to ein soph, a divine infinite being according to Wikipedia.
not sure if it's been talked about at all in this thread or not.
1211  Media / Miscellaneous Games / Re: El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron on: July 16, 2010, 05:40:17 AM
this sounds like a game I'd like, religious stuff and plenty of action
it does look like it's probably just a video game version of a bible story, instead of just being "inspired" by it
1212  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: Random and Amazing Pictures, Please! on: July 16, 2010, 01:45:26 AM
1213  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Where Should I Begin? on: July 16, 2010, 01:24:26 AM
I was gonna post something like this asking about ds games to get for christmas, because I don't have one yet.
based on those ones you picked, I would suggest:
Luminous Arc
Mario & Luigi
Super Robot Taisen
Summon Night
Avalon Code
and maybe:
Rune Factory
Wizard of Oz
The World Ends with You
Devil Survivor
Infinite Space
Disgaea (probably already played it, though)
also maybe a few more like blue dragon, children of mana, dragon quest/final fantasy, etc. but this list is starting to get pretty long.
edit: forgot to mention Chrono Trigger even though again, you may have played it already
1214  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: Youtube on: July 16, 2010, 01:01:20 AM
nerdy movies come to life:
1215  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: kingdom hearts re:coded gameplay video on: July 15, 2010, 06:16:22 PM
I feel that way too, but it's probably going to be really soon considering we've had quite a few non-main games since #2.
it'll probably be announced in a year or possibly two
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