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1681  Media / Multiplayer RPGs / Re: Final Fantasy XIV: ARR, a Thread Reborn on: September 23, 2013, 07:07:39 PM
The idea I've seen going around is to lvl both PAL and WAR.
Put 30 VIT on the PAL and he becomes your boss tanker.
Put 30 STR on the WAR and he becomes the trash mob kill them quicker.
Except fuck pld, they ruined my shot at fighting titan without paying for it. 150k to get my win and I had to fight AND we still wiped once.
1682  Media / Multiplayer RPGs / Re: Final Fantasy XIV: ARR, a Thread Reborn on: September 23, 2013, 06:32:36 PM
Alisha, being that you have better damage mitigation on pld, having extra hp is nothing but a blessing for all. More hits you can eat, more time to cure you, less likely to accidentally eat it due to a large group mauling you and most importantly, less cures needing to be cast so the whm doesn't have to start casting before you pull and thus reducing enmity generated elsewhere. It's a shame vitality has no merit outside hp though, as that would definitely put it in the running for best stat in game.

@Parn, didn't know shield oath had a 20% damage penalty....still have 5% more damage output while in use though, and hallowed ground. Goddamn paladerps.
1683  Media / Anime, TV, and Movies / Re: Robocop reboot 2014! on: September 23, 2013, 07:44:02 AM
Tch, stop hatin. This movie looks awesome, quit worrying about the finer details. This is far more logical anyway, how the hell would you let a couple of officers walk into a criminal hideout with such trashy equipment and get shot up worse than a paper target at a shooting range, then turn him into a nigh invincible walking death machine? At least the carbomb makes sense in terms of legitimate fucking over to super battle cyborg. My real  c
complaints are why is Lewis now a dude, and why are all the best actors in the film delegated to less important roles? Gary Oldman as the scientist who made him seems like such a waste...he would have been way better as the big villian in the movie...or even better as the head of OCP or omnicorp or w/e it's called now. I like Joel Kinnamin and all, but why such a no name for such a large budget? Slight grimaces, that's all, still looking forward to it.
1684  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: What's the haps? on: September 23, 2013, 07:32:30 AM
I think finding a connection to share between yourself and someone is part of the fun of a relationship. Knowing you have common ground is fine and dandy, but trying some new things between each other is fun. I met a couple at my gym who hooked by working out together, and it's comical because he's like 6'2" and she's maybe 4'10", and he's big and not fat but beefy meanwhile she's pretty lean and trim. But they enjoy working out together. It's cute really.

Off to my first day of work in almost 3 solid weeks. Gotta love being freelance, it's either feast or famine here.
1685  Media / Multiplayer RPGs / Re: Final Fantasy XIV: ARR, a Thread Reborn on: September 23, 2013, 07:20:59 AM
Best bet is to mark mobs, so as to limit hate accumulation between enemies. Flash is beans for hate accrual, so make sure you get the initial pull to start hate growth, double flash or even triple as you ready to attack, and after establishing hate on the first mob use your big enmity hit on the other enemies as needed since the whm or sch will eventually piss the enemies off (usually quickly). Having provoke helps you immensely. Worst case and none of this helped, upgrade your weapon. Higher str generally equates to greater enmity generation as damage builds hate exceptionally well. You guys are lucky as plds cuz you don't suffer an attack penalty while using shield oath, whereas war does. Also, fuck hallowed ground, it's cheating.

Who's idea was it to give marauders holmgang and have it do absolutely nothing useful? Seriously, 6 second bind that generally equates to you eating an AoE directly in the face and a ridiculous cooldown timer. It doesn't even build hate, AND it's only effective in melee range. It's easily the worst mrd ability in the game.
1686  Media / Anime, TV, and Movies / Re: Recently watched Episodes of TELEVISION BOX offerings! on: September 22, 2013, 11:37:37 PM
Checked out Dads and Brooklyn Nine nine the other day. Dads....is pretty dull actually. Martin Mull and Peter Riegert were the best parts if the show, Giovanni Ribisi is boring unless he's being creepy. Seth Green was Seth Green.....meh. I tell you what, Brenda Strong definitely pulled off the asian schoolgirl well as a gag, but her character has potential, especially after all those years as a disney bitch.

Brooklyn nine nine, however, was quite funny. Andy Samberg has never failed to get a quick chuckle out of me, and in this...he's not just stupid funny. Give it a watch, it's pretty good.
1687  Media / Multiplayer RPGs / Re: Final Fantasy XIV: ARR, a Thread Reborn on: September 22, 2013, 09:52:29 PM
I read that there will be dungeons that can take up to 2 hours to complete?!  Ughhhh,lol.
All the level 50 dungeons except Wanderer's Place are 2 hour limits, but that doesn't mean we're gonna take 2 hours to do them. Besides, old dynamis runs were ideally 2 hour runs back in FFXI. I'm not worried. If anything, I'd be scared of a dungeon that's only 30 minutes long, cuz you're likely to hear the shitty end of superbitching if you even consider doing something only half right.
1688  Media / Anime, TV, and Movies / Re: Anime/Manga Journal on: September 22, 2013, 10:14:33 AM
Ok, went on a bender and watched all of SAO, and I enjoyed it. The whole theme of fairies and stuff for the second half wasn't really that odd, and the love story was very Lunar to me, minus the goddess trying to destroy all mankind and such. I just felt that it was very quick, and the in game ending battle was meh, though I secretly wished horrors upon the asshole for what he did to "Titania" (spoiler evasion). My only REAL gripe was...

The fucking incestual thing with his sister/cousin was way creepy on her behalf. Not something tbat needed to be there AT ALL.

I really hope they make another season of it. I would watch it in a heartbeat.
1689  Media / Multiplayer RPGs / Re: Final Fantasy XIV: ARR, a Thread Reborn on: September 22, 2013, 10:08:51 AM
i stopped working on pld when i hit 50 because darklight + female = no. even pld af makes my char look butch as fuck
Could always play with hoplite stuff. Doesn't look too terrible and has a circlet for the head instead of a bulky helmet.
1690  Media / Anime, TV, and Movies / Re: Recently Viewed Movies Episode 2: The Vampire Bites Back on: September 21, 2013, 10:28:55 PM
Gemma Arterton is ridiuclously hot, and she was in the Prince of Persia movie.

Anyone watch Riddick yet? Really wanna see it still, but movie money is rare and movie theater is so far away.....
1691  Media / Multiplayer RPGs / Re: Final Fantasy XIV: ARR, a Thread Reborn on: September 21, 2013, 10:26:15 PM
Bought a heavy darklight cuirass because titan isn't happening until I have full darklight gear and etc etc. Someone actually bitched at me when I joined a df run because I didn't have a relic weapon, which I replied fuck you I came here to get my relic weapon. He promptly left. I love morons in this game,so many of them and they're so ready to buy what they want and pretend they're good. I had a bravura war with a warriors cuirass (level 50 relic +1 body), explain to me how to tank garuda on hard mode, only she was 100% wrong and the entire group told her so. Fucking hilarious.
1692  Media / Multiplayer RPGs / Re: Final Fantasy XIV: ARR, a Thread Reborn on: September 21, 2013, 11:47:16 AM
You look fucking terrible.

In other news FUCK EVERYONE WHO CAN NOT DODGE ATTACKS THIS IS FUCKING INSANE. 6 Duty Finders of titan and not a single victory. All I need is to drop his bum ass one fucking time and I have a Bravura....but NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO. Gotta get morons with level 38 accessories on and less 3000 hp and eat 1 goddamn hit and die.This sucks!
1693  Media / Multiplayer RPGs / Re: Final Fantasy XIV: ARR, a Thread Reborn on: September 20, 2013, 01:25:31 AM
So i'm 2/3 on the primal fights now, and just need 800 tomestones of philosophy and a titan hardmode kill for my very own bravura. So excited!
1694  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: What's the haps? on: September 20, 2013, 01:11:25 AM
This is why you make a huge blue galka in FF online games. There's no way in hell his freakishly large largeness and silly dancing would ever make me horny.

The 3000 miqo'te chicks, however....
1695  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: Nintendo's former President Hiroshi Yamauchi passed away on: September 20, 2013, 01:06:57 AM
He actually killed himself because he found out about Ash's 3DS woes
It's wrong but I chortled at this.
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