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2746  Media / Anime, TV, and Movies / Re: Recently Viewed Movies Episode 2: The Vampire Bites Back on: December 05, 2012, 02:27:55 AM
The bane audio thing drove me nuts in theaters. He was always louder and his sense of presence never felt correct, like he was narrating instead of talking to other characters in the movie. Can't win em all I guess.
2747  Media / General Games / Re: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance on: December 04, 2012, 03:52:40 PM
I desire that plasma lamp. How much is the collector's edition gonna cost?
2748  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: What's the haps? on: December 04, 2012, 03:13:12 AM
Klyde, if I rock your tattoo, will it help me to defeat air man? (I know, should have used that as the original joke).
2749  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Mass Effect 3 (expect spoilers for the entire series) on: December 04, 2012, 03:10:33 AM
Please tell me someone besides me played Omega. I know it's $15 but I can't be the only one.
No ma'am. Sorry, but the dlc for ME3 can go to hell. I'm still infuriated about how they can release story content THAT WON'T CHANGE THE FUCKING STORY!!! Seriously, it's beyond me. Multiplayer dlc, I'm down. Extra events post story, sounds good. But anything that happens during the several days of time where shepard does his (or her) thing is a waste. Sorry if it makes me a hater... I already gave them like 30 bucks in ms points for spectre packs.
2750  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: What's the haps? on: December 03, 2012, 03:26:22 PM
If I only had the leaf shield......
2751  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: RPGFan Community Photo Thread: 5th Anniversary Edition on: December 02, 2012, 06:53:12 AM
Me after the shooting range. Sadly couldn't take photos inside the range, house rules. Also, I fired my friend for his picture taking skills....or lack thereof.
2752  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: What's the haps? on: December 02, 2012, 06:47:40 AM
So I went to the shooting range yesterday, filled with fear that the shotgun was going to hurt like a bitch when I fired it, especially since we were firing 70mm slugs instead of buckshot. It felt like I got punched by a little kid, barely even twinged after the first round, third round felt more like getting punched by a teenager, lol. Didn't know what type of shotgun I was using, but the rifle was a .22 ruger I heard the instructor say to someone else. If anyone here ever wants to try shooting, try firing a .22, it's very light and easy to handle, barely kicks at all.

Oh also, those shotguns are FUCKING LOUD. We had ear protection, because those shotguns would have definitely induced some hearing damage. Overall though, worth doing just for the experience.
2753  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: What's the haps? on: December 01, 2012, 01:36:13 AM
Shrugged 310 lbs at the gym today. For a fat guy, I'm getting very impressed with my development.

Going to a shooting range today, hunting rifles and shotguns. Got a groupon discount for it back in august, and my appointment is for 2, so my buddy is driving and sitting in. Looking forward to it, and will hopefully take a few pictures of it to put up here.
2754  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: RPGz you want HD'd/Remade on: November 30, 2012, 03:18:28 AM
I have a few of these actually....

Pretty much every ff title before....XIV as remakes, some with better story if possible (XII and XIII coughcough)
FFtactics as well...full remake is preferred but hd port is acceptable.
Chrono Trigger and Cross as remakes, god I would give my hands just to watch these being played.
Xenosaga series for hd ports would be cool, especially 1 and 3. 2 kind of just needs to be redone entirely.
Wouldn't mind Wild Arms 2 redone...1 got its remake already, and 3-5 were meh.
Super Mario Rpg. I miss Geno and Mallow.

I have more suggestions, but I am sure most of them will be mentioned sooner or later anyway.
2755  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, The Last 13 Days on: November 28, 2012, 04:33:04 AM
You can't forget the love for your buddies...the entire start of the game was to save your performance troupe friends who got turned to stone. If that's not love, I don't know what is!
2756  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: What's the haps? on: November 28, 2012, 04:29:57 AM
That Youtube issue that I mentioned the other day with Sega being assholes is becoming more widespread, enough that it has made the rounds on some gaming websites and made it big on Reddit:


I was kinda amused that two of the links referenced on that Reddit post are to threads I started where I'm doing what I do best: bitching.
I just caught this while browsing N4G, I see you've been busy parn.

2757  Media / Multiplayer RPGs / Re: FFXIV 2.0 - Holy Shit!? on: November 27, 2012, 12:08:25 PM
That's very simplistic thinking. You're not taking into account the sheer scope of most of their FF projects. The games cost boatloads to produce, develop, amd promote. XIV is probably costing them millio.s of dollars per month to maintain while they work on 2.0, and their other projects. Considering most of their recent ventures have been fairly low end in profit ( how many copies of XIII-2 did they sell worldwide?), and with their aquisition of eidos which probably cost a lot more than they've recovered as of yet, I doubt another catastrophe like XIV would be possible  without squeenix going bankrupt. Granted, I'm basing all my comments here on information I've read from forums and headlines on news sites, but I'd be surprised if my statements are far from accurate.

On the otherhand, assuming XIV 2.0 won't do well just because of the shitstorm of crap.XIV was is a bad assumption. SE's playerbase is dedicated enough to go and try it no matter how god awful it will be. Another benefit is the sheer lack of a good, addictive, current gen console mmo to play. XI os the only option as of now, and seeing as the PS2 support is getting cut soonish, I expect a large number of FF fans jumping ship to XIV. I know I'm gonna give it a shot at ps3 launch, and I spent the better part of 2 years being depressed at how shitty XIV turned out in the first place.
2758  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: What's the haps? on: November 23, 2012, 04:24:04 AM
Just bought a turtle beach headset for my xbob. Bestbuy and amazon have the x12 stereo headset for 35 bucks, 25 dollars chraper than normal. Not a bad buy, honestly. Almost tried for the little big planet 2 move bundle at bestbuy, which was 30 bucks for the whole move set and lbp2, but that sold out already online. This is the most black friday stuff I've ever done outside of working at radioshack the day of.
2759  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: What's the haps? on: November 22, 2012, 03:17:43 AM
Parn, are you fabulous yet?
2760  Media / General Games / Re: Halo 4 (or is that 8 now?) on: November 22, 2012, 03:16:26 AM
So I've been playing this for a couple days now, and I'm very pleased. It's halo in all its glory. The prometheans are less intimadating than the flood, but I felt to at home in this game that ut didn't matter. The new controls sadden me, but they're doable so I don't whine. The amount of weapons, the new enemies, the new vehicles, and the overall feel is so awesome...I love this game.

I recommend playing this on legendary with pals and never look back.
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